Hack ‘n slash your way through this science-fiction-themed action/RPG. In the futuristic universe of GREED, the discovery of new interstellar travel possibilities has led to a new age of colonialization. The five largest colonial powers are entangled in a full-scale war over a new element called Ikarium, the recently discovered rare...
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Release Date: Jan 13, 2010

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"[It] offers thrilling Hack’n’Slash action paired with interesting RPG aspects."

— Game review database - 8 of 10

"The intuitive controls are foolproof and the difficulty is well balanced"

Onlinewelten.com - 7.5 of 10

"Not only fans of hits such as Diablo or Sacred should take a close look at GREED, but also for everyone else…"

— Gameradio.de - 7.7 of 10

"GREED delivers an atmospheric lighting only known from Diablo 3"

— PC Action

About This Game

Hack ‘n slash your way through this science-fiction-themed action/RPG.

In the futuristic universe of GREED, the discovery of new interstellar travel possibilities has led to a new age of colonialization. The five largest colonial powers are entangled in a full-scale war over a new element called Ikarium, the recently discovered rare source of nearly unlimited energy. As a former member of an elite military unit, you will fight a battle for your survival not knowing that your actions will lead the fate of all mankind into dramatic consequences…

  • Three entirely different character classes to choose from
  • A huge variety of different levels in three unique settings, each playable on 3 difficulties, inhabited by fierce and deadly creatures & screen-filling end bosses
  • Upgradeable skills in three categories per character class – the simultaneous use of these categories causes thrilling skill combinations
  • Upgradeable character attributes with direct game play effect
  • Hundreds of items to collect that upgrade weapons and amour
  • Online and local cooperative multiplayer mode for up to three players


Click here to download the Greed: Black Border Official Soundtrack for free! (97MB .rar)

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: 3.4 GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 3600+
    • Memory: 1 GB (2 GB for Multiplayer)
    • Graphics: Graphics adapter supporting PixelShader 2.0 and 128 MB ram, at least GeForce 7600 or Radeon X series
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB of free space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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75 of 98 people (77%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
57.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 2, 2013
With your choice of 3 classes(each with different trainable skill sets) you'll embark on a fairly uneventful dungeon crawler through three forgettable locales each with their own distinct mobs. While the classes and builds make for a bit of intrigue you'll quickly be mired in repetition as you clear room after room without much to distinguish each one from the last. In typical crawler fashion the game is broken into three acts each capped by an uninspiring boss encounter. The game also features an incredibly frustrating lack of responsiveness from the controls. Attempts to pivot and free fire are often ignored as you find yourself running directly into damage(and often death) instead. While it had the potential to be a good title there just isn't enough there to warrant the time commitment and achievement collectors will also be disappointed at the absence of any. Unless you are a die hard fan of the genre or have a fetish for poor controls I'd suggest spending your time elsewhere.
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60 of 77 people (78%) found this review helpful
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 6, 2014
Firstly, please note that my "hrs on record" is wrong because I play with Steam in Offline mode. I have finished the game and played all three characters up to the point where all their skills are unlocked.

I really enjoyed this game, so I wanted to offer an alternative view to all the negative reviews here! Firstly I think this game is pretty clearly inspired by Space Siege. This is perhaps a rather questionable choice in inspirations, but Greed is a much better game because it has character classes with skill trees for each.

The game has things that may grate with a new player. Enemies can be real bullet sponges. Level features are reused often enough that levels can seem a bit long-winded. Also items aren't randomised much at all and you will see the same armor and weapons repeatedly. Damage numbers on weapons you find are too low early in the game. Each character class is restricted to their weapon type (gatling gun, long range plasma rifle or flamethrower).

After experimenting with the different classes and looking over all the skills I decided to make a character based around maximizing my ability to spam my skills. (Skill damage increase with character level unlike weapon damage.) I did this first with the flamethrower guy and it was great fun! The fire effects in the game are excellent. The flames, smoke and burning sound effects combined with the ability to set large sections of the screen on fire was very entertaining. One of the top level skills is a long range flamethrower effect that reminds me of John Carpenter's The Thing. Making heavy use of skills made playing this character more like a fire mage.

After finishing the game the first time, I went back and played as the long range character and she also has some pretty entertaining skills. I appreciate that the game rewards a bit of planning about how you're going to build your character with some fun (albiet repetitive) action. So for all it's flaws, I still really enjoyed this game.

The game also does a bad job of communicating some important information. Useful tips for someone starting the game:
  • If your mouse is laggy go into the graphics settings and disable Post Render.
  • Make sure Highlight is enabled in graphics settings. It will help you find interactable containers.
  • In the Inventory screen, click the icon near your currency count then click on an item to scrap it. This turns the item into scrap which sells for less then the item, but stacks and only takes a single inventory space.
  • After you get to Act 2, an icon appears in the bottom right hand corner of your Inventory screen that lets you teleport back to the shop once every 5 minutes.
  • Leave skill points unallocated until you find a save point, then buy new skills and test them. If you don't like them, just reload to get the points back.

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30 of 32 people (94%) found this review helpful
17.8 hrs on record
Posted: February 25
This is an isometric action RPG. Everything you love about the Diablo games, or Torchlight, or Titan Quest/Grim Dawn has been toned down quite a bit here. Not as many classes or skills or equipment options. I haven't even run into any side quests yet. So, in essence, this is a poor man's sci-fi version of Diablo. However.... this is a poor man's SCI-FI version of Diablo. Fighting robots and mutants and aliens on spaceships and distant worlds is a very cool idea for this genre. The graphics aren't super great but they certainly aren't bad either. I am enjoying them just fine. And the soundtrack is techno and rock. Great music to blast enemies away to. The bottom line is, if you're a Diablo/Torchlight/Titan Quest fan and you find this game on sale, I recommend picking it up. The sci-fi theme and techno music alone make this a worthwhile buy for us action RPGers.
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40 of 51 people (78%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
9.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 15, 2014
I bought got this in the Indie Gala 3 bundle several years ago and only now got around to playing it. It took me almost ten hours to get to the end of Normal difficulty using the Marine. Ctrl+F "TL;DR" if you don't wanna read all this.

Before I start, I'll say two things: First, I'm going to make reference to the Diablo series quite a bit here. The second is that this is a not-recommended review because I didn't really enjoy it, not because of any particular flaws.

Greed: Black Border is Diablo in Space. You explore a set map for each area, you fight enemies, you get drops, you make money, you level up and get better skills. You start by taking your pick of three classes: The close-range Pyro-Soldier, the mid-range Marine, and the long-range Plasma-Engineer. Starting with a story sequence, now you're on a large ship and you have to go free your own little ship from impound. And on the way, you fight zombies and robots. Later on, you're in a desert area fighting desert critters, and finally you're in a cave fighting robot bugs.

Gameplay is fairly simple. Isometric view, you have a minimap in the corner, left-click to move, left-click enemy to attack, Shift+click to attack without moving. All of the classes are in some way ranged with the Pyro being the one most likely to get into a close-ranged fight and the Plasma sniping everything from afar. You're gonna do a lot of kiting. All classes have a regenerating shield, a set amount of health that doesn't regenerate by default, and an energy bar to fuel special moves. There's also a regenerating bar for dodge-rolls with WASD or the spacebar, though you aren't immune to damage during them. Not being able to spam dodge-rolls sorta harms their effectiveness since you don't exactly get very far away in the process.

All classes have skill trees. Raise one skill, unlock another, that sorta thing. What is interesting is that apart from your basic attack, you can have an active right-click skill, a passive offensive skill, and a passive defensive skill all equipped at the same time, so it's a matter of figuring out which ones are good and then dumping your skill points into them since unequipped skills obviously don't work unless equipped.

I wouldn't say it's a lootfest like the Diablo games. Sure, gear and money drop, but there aren't any magic items. You find gear that your class can equip only, but only basic things drop. This means that for the most part, the better stuff you find is just numerically better overall, nothing really different other than appearance, and there was no variety in weapon types. For the Marine, the only weapons I found were miniguns and I imagine the same situation applies to the other classes. You can add affixes and traits to items by putting in socketables, though there still isn't a very big variety of effects, mostly +X energy or maybe +X a set of skills or +X% damage. It took me until near the end of Normal just to find gear that had affixes already applied to them! At least everything shows up on your character.

There's a store, but you don't get access to it until maybe halfway through the first chapter. You get a device that lets you warp to him every five minutes, though his stock doesn't really update often. You can recycle your gear for a pretty generous return on money and a chance at making a new socketable, though I ultimately felt that money didn't have much point. I never felt like I had to save up money for something good, just that anything good the shop had I'd buy since I had more than enough anyway.

Maps are huge, like, they'll take you an hour for each one or so. There's no randomization here, and there are some puzzle elements, like reading a note and then using the numbers to get through a code console, or navigating over the safe spots on a damaging floor. There aren't many of these elements, though. A rather big problem I had was that this game only saves by checkpoints. And you have to manually walk up to one to save your game. It's very possible to just forget to activate one and lose several minutes of play. Or in an area where they're not common, lose time anyway when you die. I didn't find a way to scroll the minimap though I actually didn't get lost at all. There's only one running speed and outside of the final areas, no way to get around the map than just regular moving. There didn't seem to be any backtracking either, not that there was a good reason to back somewhere.

I didn't keep count, but I think there were maybe 30 varieties of enemies to fight. Like dropped gear, they didn't have any really remarkable traits, so you either fought the garden-variety mook or its upgraded version. There were bosses at the end of the three chapters at least, but each chapter was filled with cutting through a slog of the same enemies. They weren't very interesting, just a few long-ranged ones you could easily tank or evade and a lot of melee ones that you could easily kite. Granted, I did die a few times though it was more to environmental hazards/puzzles than enemies up until the final chapter. Watch out for those Gun Drone Overlords.

There isn't much for plot. You answer a distress call for a mining ship and your ship gets impounded, then you crash onto a planet and have to find fuel cells. That's basically it. There is quite a bit of world-building done given the story with the five colonies and you even get little news bulletins from the outside world as you play, though they're ultimately pointless, like finding the history books in the first Diablo. The setting is nice, a Diablolike that isn't a high-fantasy world but future space sci-fi and all. And of course the game ends on a sequel hook cliffhanger and nothing's probably gonna happen on that front. There is voice acting, though that too's not very remarkable. Your character makes some comments during the game but for the Marine, they were almost impossible to hear or understand, even after fiddling with the sound options.

TL;DR: I don't know. Greed isn't a bad game, it's just not good. It's average. Underwhelming. The things it does, other games do better. The game gave me zero issues like crashing or bugs or whatever, but I just didn't really enjoy my time with it. At least it's kinda pretty.

I'd say unless it was like 90% off, you can probably avoid this. It's still too bad, since it feels like the first episode in a longer game and there was nothing wrong with it outside of it not being remarkable. I might be convinced to go back and try Hard Mode for a little while though I have a feeling it's gonna be more of the same.
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Not Recommended
5.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 4, 2014
Awful. Simply awful. What originally started as a sort of simple dungeon crawler with a little charm to it, quickly became a nightmare with each moment grinding against what little patience I had left. The first chapter is fine, nothing special, completely tolerable. Once the second chapter, OF THE THREE CHAPTERS IN THE GAME, began, a lot of glaring issues began to emerge. First of all, controlling your character is broken. Simply broken. Your soldier will randomly stop, start, run in circles, fire at nothing, or just flat out kill himself. The characters themselves have less personality than generic sodas, and the class balance is absurd. The experience curve is ridiculous, requiring multiple playthroughs to "catch up" to the zones you wish to clear. Fortunately, you don't even need to care, as most of the enemies are easily bypassed by just running, assuming your character doesn't have a stroke. The shopkeeper must be a mythological creature, because I've only seen him in photos making out with bigfoot. Item "customization" is non-existent, with actual equipment being an afterthought. Skills have no weight and don't even feel like they do anything (except the nuke, which HAHA kills teammates). Co-operative play requires jumping through hoops to get a lobby to function. The game looks muddy, seems like it was made around 2001 but plays like something you would have bought for MS-DOS. The bosses are, to be frank, stupid. The checkpoint system lets you zerg bosses by simple resetting from checkpoint. I got this game for $0.49 during a steam sale when it seemed like a steal. But at this point, I would have rather bought 49 gumballs and choked to death. This is not a game that can even be enjoyed with friends who are just goofing around. If you feel like learning what being lynched feels like, grab this game from your local dumpster. It's probably in the one thats on fire, since only Satan incarnate would own this game to keep in his torture pits. Play Path of Exile instead, it's free and doesn't make me feel like I'm eating a truck's tire with a bendy straw.
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Not Recommended
28.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 9
This game had a lot of potential that it unfortunately did not live up to.

The Good
+ Great atmosphere
+ Good soundtrack
+ Sci-fi Diablo gameplay
+ Each class plays very differently, as advertised
+ Inexpensive

The bad
- Short; only three chapters
- Lack of variety in gearing
- Plot elements are really thin
- Feels unfinished

I'd like to recommend this game, but as it stands, I really can't. The premise is cool, and the game does an excellent job of setting the tone, but unfortunately, it just doesn't deliver. The game is short, it feels rushed, the gear is bland, and the levels are a bit grindy. If it had an expansion, it might get a better score from me.
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24 of 34 people (71%) found this review helpful
1.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 18, 2014
I don't know what all the thumbs down are for on this game. Graphics are decent, gameplay is simple yet fun, it's relatively hard, and the sci-fi atmosphere is well done. If you're a fan of Diablo style RPGs and/or sci-fi themed games, ignore the haters and give it a try. It's worth spending only $5.

P.S. To the haters: it's not really fair to compare this game to Diablo and say it doens't match up. Of course it doesn't, Blizzard didn't make this game. The only similarity is that it follows the platform and gameplay formats of Diablo. Other than that, nothing else fits the center of the Venn diagram. This game is not a "rip off" of Diablo.
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12 of 13 people (92%) found this review helpful
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6.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 7, 2014
So imagine Champions of Norrath-lite in space and you have Greed: Black Border. End review.



No, seriously though, Greed: Black Border is fairly good, in spite of some of the horrid reviews it has received. It's an isometric sci-fi action game with RPG-lite elements.

You get to choose one of three characters to respond to a distress call from a mining ship. Each has a different set of abilities, passives and combat style.

The presentation is pretty good. The graphics are definitely more than adequate for the game, with decent character modeling and particle effects for weapons and abilities. I REALLY like the interface. The general gameplay interface, the character, skills, logbook and shop interfaces are all well thought out, clean and easily accessible.

I played the long range character, and the actives and passives on offer seem to provide quite a few different playstyle options. So far I have opted for mostly relying on my range, though it seems as if she could be played in significantly closer quarters for those more brave. I can only imagine the capabilities of the other two. However the equipment options are rather paltry, with only head, chest and weapon slots available, though each slot has a selection of mods that can be socketed into them to add stats or boost your abilities/passives.

There is a decent variety of enemies. Just on the first map, I encountered several varieties of machine and humanoid enemies, all of which were well designed. Speaking of the map, the maps are HUGE. It took me three hours just to clear the first mission. THREE! And the final boss was just madness.

The audio. Oh god the audio. The game's music is awful. The music is really arcadey, and it's on a short loop that it gets annoying very quickly. I shut it off and played my own after about 15 minutes. The voice acting I have seen so far is passable, though, but nothing to write home about.

Only real complaints about the game are no gamepad support, and somewhat obtuse controls. With some time learning you get used to them, but it takes a significant amount of time to do so.

Overall, Greed: Black Border is a decent ARPG for the asking price. There are better out there, but there are also FAR worse. Definitely worth picking up on sale.
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11 of 14 people (79%) found this review helpful
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18.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 22, 2015
3 Different Character classes. Interesting loot and skills.

Firing these weapons at the zombies and robots as you uncouver new sectors of an awesome spaceship environment, is a blast for me.

Plus there are checkpoints so I probably play this game 30-45min a day and it fails to cease to amaze me.
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12 of 17 people (71%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
19.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 19, 2013
Greed: Black Border tries to be Diablo in Space (personally, I'd rather be playing Space Siege), but it ended up being a puzzle / action game that is closer to Titan Quest but with much lamer story line and a bit too blatant Diablo cloning without enough loot variations. Only 3 pieces of equipment: helmet, weapon, and armor. Most of the variations is in the "enhancement modules" which adds one or more attributes to one piece of equipment, and you only have one piece active at a time. There's a skill tree too and offensive vs. defenisve skills. However, loot is lame with almost no variations, and the arcade sequences like "walk through this field of killer forcefields without getting killed". After 13 hours, the grind is lame enough tithat I quit.
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Recently Posted
7.2 hrs
Posted: October 18
It doesnt get more mundane than this game. The controls are horrible, the hitboxes are weird, the story is terrible, the voice acting is awful,
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1.9 hrs
Posted: September 5
There is nothing more unintuitive than the control scheme in this game. Have you played a twin stick shooter? If you use your keyboard you would expect to move wi WASD right? Well in Greed , you dodge with WASD and instead move Diablo style , by clicking. That would have been ok , if they made a game like diablo , but you need to keep your crosshair on the enemy and keep pressing the mouse button to shoot. Not only that but if you want to shoot at destructible objects you need to hold down the shift key , otherwise your character just walks over to the object. This might have been an OK twin stick shooter , or an ok point and click ARPG , but its neither. The awkward combination between ARPG controls and twin stick shooter gameplay does not work at all. I dont know if its different members of the dev team had different vision about the game or something or if the development was cut short and they just figured "hey we need a control sheme ASAP lets slap something on!"

Just patch it , maybe add controller support and it might turn into a decent game. But I guess devs abandoned the idea long ago.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: June 24
Don't waste your money. This thing is broken
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0.0 hrs
Posted: May 28
Been wanting to play this one for a while, but not too happy about it. It's so slow, and the action just doesn't seem to be rewarding at all. I was completely bored after playing for an hour.
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Mr. Nibbles The Tech Badger
2.8 hrs
Posted: May 21
This game doesn't work on a deep level. It's supposed to be a traditional action RPG, but in space with guns, but the control scheme it has means you can't move and shoot at the same time. This results in you standing still while clicking on enemies, misclicking, moving, trying to click again, and so on. It screams to let you move and shoot, like every other top-down game with guns.

Add a lack of interesting character building, dark and dull graphics, tactically boring enemies, and you have no reason to play this dreck.
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4.7 hrs
Posted: April 29
Too slow. The whole game feels soooo slow

While the graphics aint bad, this was supposed to be an isometric shooter with fast action and mobs but instead you can feel yourself crawling on each level, the same formula, different enemies and instead of fast action (like zombie shooter or other similar titles) this one moves so... damn... slowly!

The controls are awful, why limit yourself to move only with the mouse? You can only use WASD to do a quick dodge and the wait for it to reload, htis is so damn unnecesary, if you where to move with WASD and just aim with the mouse this would become so much simpler.

Its such a task of a game that is not worth it.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: April 6
✔ OK
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12.2 hrs
Posted: April 4
It's a low budget, sci-fi themed Diablo clone.

It's not bad. It's better for newcomers to the genre than for those experienced with Diablo, Torchlight, Titan's Quest etc. It has a fairly simple equipment, experience and skill system that won't feel overwhelming. You can't make too many big mistakes building a character if you just plan ahead a little. The sci-fi setting is a nice and unusual touch, though the plot is bare-bones.

Some people have complained that the game is buggy but I haven't noticed any major problems.

It supports multiplayer and it might make for a better experience than single player. Total time to complete the campaign on Normal difficulty is a little over 10 hours.
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0.5 hrs
Posted: March 28
I've played a lot of ARPGs....This one might be the worst
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Tinnitus B.
0.4 hrs
Posted: March 17
Looks great and the music and atmosphere are great too but frame rate is poor and the controlls are sub-standard.
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