Captain a fleet of ships. Meet new races. Explore other star systems. Discover and explore anomalies, asteroid fields, nebulas, suns, comets and more. Can you find that rare Rainbow planet that is teeming with mass amounts of resources? Play as any of the 45 races. Earn Achievements to get rare in game artifacts!
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Release Date: Jun 5, 2017

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July 9

Patch Notes for Release version released on July 9th 2017

This was going to be released on the 6th but it was delayed a few days.

Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash if the player tried to start a game on difficult or insanely hard levels.

Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash if the player tried to use a percussion bomb III while in battle.

Did a lot of AI combat balancing. Combat will now be much easier early on during the game. The size of ships each race uses is now calculated differently. Prior to the update it was very much dependant on your maximum ship size which gave the player no real advantage to getting larger ships quicker.

Now each race’s maximum ships size is dependent on the star date. All races now start with just small ships. Then they can unlock medium ships. At that point their fleet will now be made up of small and medium ships. There is a gauge on the diplomacy screen the shows what the current ship sizes are and how close each race is to getting to the next ship size. This is on the race info popup window that appears when you mouse over a race or rebel group in the list.

Once a race unlocks medium ships the gauge will give you a good idea of how often they will use small versus medium ships. You can think of the gauge as a percentage chance to get the ship size. If the gauge is halfway between small and medium then the mix will roughly be 50/50.

The gauge also shows you the star date that the race will hit the new ship size. Once the new ship size is hit then the player will go up a ship size. The section below shows the progression.

Useable Ship Sizes What the gauge shows
Small ships only [Small ---> Unlock Medium]
Small and Medium [Small ---> Medium]
Medium and Large [Medium ---> Large]
Large and Huge [Large ---> Huge]
Huge Ships Only No Gauge

These changes will effect all saved games. So when you load a game the ship sizes for all the fleets of all the races will change! But you will like this change as it will make things easier. You will also get the new gauges as well.

We are still working on the new Bay Modules mentioned in the previous post. These should be in the next patch.
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July 2

Sneak Peak at Next Patch Update

Just thought I'd fill everyone in on whats coming in the next patch which is still a week or so away.

Players will be able to pick up stunned life forms with their planet lander. You can still use the transporter which will transport the life form directly to your fleet saving you cargo space on your planet lander.

All ship types except the battle cruiser will be getting a 2nd bay item. All of the additional bay items will have 4 levels just like the others.

The cargo ship will be getting a Charge Drone. This will immediately give the targeted ship's weapon and bay item's recharge a 10, 20, 30 or 40% increase over what it currently is at. For exampe the targeted ships main weapon is at 50% and you use a level IV booster it would then go up to 90%! The other weapon and the bay item would also go up by 40% too! Anything that results in the recharge being above 100 will be capped at 100 but can then immediately be used.

The Science Vessel will get a virus probe. This will randomly infect one of the two weapons which will drain it's recharge back to 0. The higher level ones will also have a chance to drain the bay item and stop any special ability the targeted ship is currently using (except for Cloak of course). This will now make the science vessel a much better ship to have during combat.

The Transport ship will be able to use a Shield Generator on a friendly ship. This will create a shield around the targeted ship for 2, 3, 4 or 5 seconds depending on the level. While a ship has this shield the first shot that would have damaged the ship is rejected but the shield is then destroyed. This will make transports a bit more important during battle.

The last is the Fighter Carrier. It will now have the ability to launch a missile barrage. Unlike all other attacks which are resolved immediately, the missile barrage will act more like the fighter squad. After you launch it you can control it's direction just like a fighter squad. It will be much faster than the fighter squad but can be destroyed by the enemy with a single hit. It will do 10, 20, 30 or 40 damage depending on the level. It will explode upon impact on any ship or fighter squad (friendly or foe) or turret that it makes contact with. So be careful using it around your ships.

Those are the biggest highlights. Look for it the middle of July!
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About This Game

You're the captain of a small fleet of 3-5 ships. Your mission is to pass through a small sector of the galaxy to hunt down the enemy race. Along the way you will encounter other races along with their associated counterpart rebels. You will also encounter space pirates and pirate outpost. You will explore anomalies, asteroid fields, comets, nebulas, suns and worm holes. Worm holes become star lanes that let you travel greater distances instantly once you have explored them using research probes. Most encounters will result in a small 15-20 second mini arcade game.

While traversing through star systems you will also come across damaged or distressed ships. Helping these ships will grant you precious resources. You must also make orbit around planets and send down your planet lander to explore them. Find metal, gas and fuel resources as well as animal life forms. Some will be dangerous while others not so much. You can also discover shuttle craft crash sites, ancient ruins and military burial grounds. These too provide you will rare items. These can be traded to other friendly races for race credits. You can then use these credits to purchase or upgrade your ships.

Combat is a unique blend of real time with the play stopping while the player or the AI makes tactical decisions. Which way should I face my ship so it won't be flanked?Which weapons should I use and on which enemy ship? When should I use my ships special ability? When should my Fighter Carrier's deploy the fighters? Which enemy ships should I fire at with my Battle Cruisers dirty bombs? What ship should I repair using my Cargo Ship's repair drone? And finally what enemy ship should I target using my Research Vessels Research Drone to allow for the most Research Units to be stolen?

Completing achievements is no longer just a passive thing that has no real impact on the game. Completing them in SFARA earns you special Achievement Based Artifacts that you can use when you start your next game. These are artifacts that can't normally be found while playing the game.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or Higher
    • Processor: Intel 2 Duo 1.8 GHZ or AMD Athlon 64 2.0 GHZ
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128 MB
    • Storage: 150 MB available space

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