Discover a vast world full of mysteries and action in this Metroidvania-style game inspired by the classics of the 16-bit era.
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Release Date: Feb 17, 2016

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May 23

New update available!

After weeks of work, new update of Inexistence is finally available!
So, what's the news:

- Added Time Attack to show at the world that you are the fastest (the scores are registered on the Steam page)
- Added two new languages: German and Spanish
- Possibility to skip cutscenes using the "Menu" touch
- The Map now shows your location in the castle
- Fixed bug that sometimes blocked the hero after dodge back or against some bosses
- Fixed other minor bugs ...

However,I had to completely reprogram the load levels system, to prepare export on Wii U and PS4.
I spent many sleepless nights in beta testing so that everything should be ok, but it's possible that some bugs have passed through my vigilance, please, if you find some, minor or not, feel free to send me right away an email ( or post a message in the HUB of the game, so I could propose quickly as possible a patch, to avoid the least inconvenience.

Good game !

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February 26

Steam Cards and Badges available!

Little update to inform you that the Steam Cards and Badges are now active! Good luck to collect them all!

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About This Game

Hald and his sister are "Keepers", chosen by the gods, their existence maintains order and balance in the world. But peace is not something everyone desires... Claos, a man filled with dark purpose, decides to plunge the girl in a deep slumbers, in order to break the balance and made evil. His younger brother, Hald, decides to find Claos and break the spell, regardless of the means used. For this it will have to cover a vast world full of mystery and danger...

Inexistence is an independent game developed by Jonathan Brassaud, currently in development for PC.
Discover a vast world full of mysteries and action in this Metroidvania-style game inspired by the classics of the 16-bit era.


  • Many varied places, in a pixel art style worthy of the great hits of the SNES era
  • RPG Elements enabling customize the stats and equipment of heroes, and get new abilities as you go
  • Varied bestiary, with imposing bosses
  • Many annex quests and hidden places
  • Multiple difficulty levels.
  • Many Steam achievements, trading cards, and badges, for lovers of challenges and collection.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: Processeur Pentium 200 Mhz
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
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( 2.5 hrs on record )
Posted: June 27
Shallow and Bugged.
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( 3.1 hrs on record )
Pre-Release Review
Posted: June 25
good game
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( 5.0 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
Pretty fun game, short and not without gitches though. There are these 7 puzzle pieces throughout the game, thought I had them all so I checked the menus to see that I was missing one. After watching a youtube vid to make sure I can count to 7 and rechecking all the spots, come to find out the game dicked me one. Had them all, but game said I didn't. past that there are these dragon things that I would thing are suppose to be floating around so I can hit them, but they are under the screen, can just see the top of them.

So 6 bucks for like 2 - 3 hours of game, maybe a little more if your an achievement ♥♥♥♥♥, not worth
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( 1.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 23
Fun with and easy to play, the game takes a Castlevania type of approach and does an excellent job at that. Respect to the creator, good controls, great gameplay, and to fun to play.
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( 3.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 21
Fun jump n run with action adventue elements and a lot of interesting hidden treasures.

+ 3 hours in the game and not finished yet.
+ Cute pixel graphics.
+ Good controls with XBOX controller.
+ Motivating level-up with the possibility to grind enemies.
+ Plenty of hidden treasures.
+ Replayability of levels.
+ Good dodge feature.
+ Huge bosses.
+ Achievements and Steam Cards.
+ Reminds me of 2D Zelda.

I am really happy that I bought it for 3 EUR. It is a suprsingly short, but good retro game in Metroidvania style light.

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Stacks VII
( 4.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 21
Pretty solid game in my opinion. It's a cheaper game so don't expect the most epic boss fights or anything of the sort. However, because it's cheaper I can give it some slack. Some of the dialogue is mispelled and can be grammatically confusing. The combat can feel somewhat clunky and repetitive. The music is decent, but nothing mind blowing. The length of the game is pretty short which isn't a bad thing. Since it's shorter and has a single ending, the repetitive nature of the game can be ignored as can the little dialogue that happens. None of the cons feel overbearing or gamebreaking to me, and because it's a cheap I had an overall good time with the game. If I had to rate the game out of 10, I would probaly give it a 6.5 and encourage you to give it a try if you got a couple bucks to spare. Love it or hate it, it's not gonna break your wallet and that is always a plus.
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Spawn of Totoro
( 3.0 hrs on record )
Posted: June 21
It was on ok game, though a short one. Finished in 3 under hours. Would most likely be longer for someone who goes for all the achivements and tries every difficulty level.

Ending wasn't too good, honestly, unless I am missing something.

I do not feel the game had much replayability, but at the price I paid ($2.99) it was worth it.

Seems to have been a little bug in play through. Despite going to all the puzzle pice locations (double checkedon youtube), I seem to have been missing one of the pices and could never locate it. This prevented me from finishing that part and getting an item. The item didn't matter though as I beat the game anyways.

If you like old school games (Nes/Snes), then you may like this. If you are hoping for something more modern, then this isn't the game for you.
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( 2.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 19
Beat the game in an hour or less. The rest of my play time was from leaving the game open while I was out of the room.

The movement and combat is choppy. Every enemy is fought in the same manner, enemies are recycled and the ending promotes ♥♥♥♥/incest?

You can glitch a few ledges, You can die when moving from one screen to the next if you go through at the right point (not dying from anything actually in the game), you can die during cutscenes. If you change any options such as sound and then die the options will be reset to what they were the last time you saved.

The final boss will just stand there and let you hit him. Enemies attack away from you and let you kill them. The leveling and items have little to no effect on the game.

I got this on sale for $2.99 and it was not money well spent by any means. To call it a metroidvania is a joke. The game is about as linear as Super Mario Bros.
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( 0.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 18
This review is based on less than 30 minutes of gameplay.

I love metroidvania type games. They usually grab my attention immediately through a compelling intro sequence. That was not the case for Inexistence. Right off the bat I'm seeing a large dude with large ♥♥♥ weapon hovering over what looks like a sleeping girl, only for this half pint to try and stop him? Not compelling. I don't know these characters just yet for me to like the hero or be invested in saving what appears to be his sister.

The game's music is nice, but get's a little repetitive quickly. Unfortunately we're not listening to symphony of the night level of music. Also what's up with that jump sound? It sounds like the kid's got rockets strapped to his feet and he's lifting off with every press of the jump button.

The low resolution style would be great if it weren't for a few eye catching problems.
1. The monsters encountered didn't seem to quite match up with the game aesthetics.
2. The overall resolution was pretty poor. I didn't know what the native resolution was, and I played it at it's smallest to compensate for the fuzziness I was experiencing.
3. Every time I opened a chest, I couldn't tell what I had received as the text box was out of frame. I initially thought this was a resolution issue.
4. The mine section had weird black out sections for the background. This might have been a light flickering technique as I saw lanterns. My gripe is that the lanterns & flames were static so it just seemed unimpressive.

I thought the platforming controls were good. Yet controls for combat are poor. Why can't I crouch attack? That just seems like lazy designing.

Bottom line I wouldn't recommend this game. When you start seeing names like "Sahasrala" as a village elder, you start to wonder how much the creator borrowed from other games.

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Not Recommended
1.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 18
It was not a bad little game, just very short (and I usually don't have a problem with short, but 1:20 on the first run of an adventure-style game is very brief) and standard. There are a few things that you can buy, but all they really do is make the few attack options you have tougher. The levelling does the same.

Basically, you start the game being able to do a 2-hit combo, in the next level you get a really wimpy shoot. Then you spend the last hour of the game choosing which of the two you want to make reasonable. Most bosses can be rushed down with the basic sword attack and the few that can't simply take jump and poke. The story is very minimal and the ending does't make much sense.

Again, not a bad game. I bought it for $3 and am not sure if it was worth it (I'm leaning towards "not")
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3.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 21
Fun jump n run with action adventue elements and a lot of interesting hidden treasures.

+ 3 hours in the game and not finished yet.
+ Cute pixel graphics.
+ Good controls with XBOX controller.
+ Motivating level-up with the possibility to grind enemies.
+ Plenty of hidden treasures.
+ Replayability of levels.
+ Good dodge feature.
+ Huge bosses.
+ Achievements and Steam Cards.
+ Reminds me of 2D Zelda.

I am really happy that I bought it for 3 EUR. It is a suprsingly short, but good retro game in Metroidvania style light.

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Not Recommended
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 27
Shallow and Bugged.
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
2.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 14
Great game, totally recommend this to anyone interested. It does lack much of a story but is still really fun. The controller support works really well, played the whole thing on it and had no problems other than the intital figuring out the mapping.
My only real complaint was a bug that breaks the game right at the end... Literally. It happened as I was beating the final boss. When I killed him I'm guessing I was still holding left on the control stick (was using a gamepad) and it locked my controls as soon as he was dead which forced me to run off the edge, killing myself. When the respawn screen popped up it was in a different language (presumably the devs native language) and wouldn't let me click on anything. It was just frozen on that screen. I had to manually close the game and restart it to get it working again. After that it worked fine and let me load up my save I made right before the fight.
In all honesty it really just made me laugh cause it was unexpected, It wasn't that big of a deal to re-beat the boss as I was already well prepared for the fight. And even with this bug it's still a good solid game, very short, but very much worth the play.
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
2.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 15
I saw this game on my list, also on discount. Pixelart? Looks like a decent metroidvania? Reminds me of 2D Castlevania? Ok, im sold.

I play this with keyboard since my controller is broken. Controls are good, not floaty. It feels like Castlevania, which is a good thing.
Hey, this guy mentions Castlevania a lot. Why? Because this game ripped it off. Or was inspired by it.

Story: Your sister was put to sleep by some huge guy, let`s give him a good beating and murder some monsters.

Enemies: Reskinned Castlevania squad

Locations: Plains, caves, castle and such

Bugs: I already found some. GAMEBREAKER: In the castle, the Bow-Enemies who resemble the angel snipers shot some arrows. Nothing new so far. But these arrows suddenly became homing and reckt me without counterplay possible.
The reskinned Catoblepas enemy revealed a secret passage with it`s breath attack.
The reskinned huge knight enemy twitched around and was stricking left and right at the same time, but not hitting me.
Sometimes the hitboxes appear to not match the sprites.

Translation: All your base are belong to us, seriously. I chose German since it is my langue. Not even Google Translator level. Google translator would not spell words wrong. Also they used words a sane Person would never use. No clue how they translated it. It is entertaining tho.

Hey, you are blaming this game a lot, you salty kid. Why the positive review?
Just think of it as a downgraded 2D Castlevania experience.
You think a game has to be bugfree and stuff? Chances are you will feel like wasting your money. Also 100% in like 2 hours is easily doable if you know this kind of game.
I personally think my 3€ are well spent, since I am entertained.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
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Not Recommended
1.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 18
I don't know how this game has so many positive reviews. Its garbage. Seriously. The movement is just gross feeling, the targeting and AI movement is just way off. Its a good....first try i guess, but as a first try i think it should of started on New grounds or something.

There is also ZERO story. The moves you pick up have zero to do with combat or beating bosses or anything. The dodge move is Cute. Its works half the time. The other half is because you are in a small pathway the size of the Character.
I got up to the Ice Area and was just done with it.

I tried and didn't like the feeling of it. I am a Die hard Metrovania fan. Good luck on your next game.
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Not Recommended
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 25
I dislike giving negative reviews, but there are far too many significant issues with this game for me to ignore them.

The overarching issue with Inexistence is that there's just not much to it. There are less than half a dozen boss fights in the entire game and roughly 15 different enemy types, including palette swaps. The only magic spell in the game consists of shooting out a single underwhelming blue bullet in a straight line and acquiring new weapons does not change your attack pattern nor, to the best of my knowledge, the appearance of your weapon. You can perform a double slash by pressing the attack button at the right moment, but that's the full extent of your melee capabilities. There's a backflip, but it doesn't grant invincibility frames and you'll get knocked out of it if the ceiling is too low so it's often better to just slash away at enemies to kill them before they can attack in the first place. What little plot there is could use a better English translation and has a conclusion which is both disappointing and unearned. The actual length of the game is also ridiculously short; it took me well under two hours to finish the game and that was with collecting every single piece of gear and getting all 7 hidden jigsaw pieces without the use of a guide.

Balance and level design are also major issues here. Nearly every part of the game consists of a series of bland, horizontal corridors with no gimmicks, no traps, or anything else other than a handful of monsters sprinkled about. The few bits of platforming which exist tend to be trivial and, to be blunt, extremely bland. As to balance, you gain two stat points every level and I found that putting all of them into strength trivialized nearly every enemy and boss in the game. Gold is also unbalanced as enemies and random blocks often give 1 or 10 gold pieces, but several chests exist which give 1000 each; before even reaching the halfway point of the game I had purchased every single item in the shop, including the best armor in the game. The handful of abilities you gain are also acquired relatively early on and even the best weapon is easily acquired near the start of the game's second half, leaving the remaining 30-45 minutes of this 90 minute experience as a bland key-collecting slog as you slaughter your way through the castle.

As far as first games go, I've certainly seen worse, but I absolutely cannot recommend spending money on this. There is far too little here and what is here consists almost entirely of bland level design, overly simplistic gameplay, and unbalanced progression. I did not attempt Hard Mode, but nothing about my initial playthrough gave me any desire to do so.
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2.1 hrs on record
Pre-Release Review
Posted: February 17
Please note: This review is for the release version of the game, your mileage may vary.
First impression after 15 minutes of gameplay:

So far, the spritework seems okay and the animations are a little stiff. I would like for some of the enemies to really telegraph their attacks a little better, to give time for me to react. There is a plant in the first stage whose tell is a 2x2 square mouth opening before launching a large fireball. The tell doesn't quite fit the attack in this case. However, in the cave stage, there is a deer that rears his head full back before launching an attack - that's perfect.

Despite my nitpicking the art side of things, the platforming is quite good, the controls are responsive (I'm using the suggested Xbox 360 gamepad) and I do like the basic premise of the game. I shall continue to play after posting this first impression, and then I'll get back with more feedback later.

First Edit - 49 minutes of gameplay:

I stand by my statements about the solid platforming, though I have to admit that the art and animations get both better and worse. I feel that the enemies of the castle stage (which would be about stage 5 by my own numbering system) don't seem to fit with the art direction of the rest of the game and seem to come from a different artist altogether. It's not exactly bad, as the animations are much better than the earliest enemies in nearly all respects.

I've fought three or four bosses now, and I can say that the fights are decent, though I won't lie and say they were all that challenging. I just beat the boss guarding skill #4, and I found that fight to be quite fun, so we'll see if the future fights improve.

I might take this moment to talk a little bit about the UI and such - the localization is not perfect. Achievement popups come in French, one of the main menu options is still in French, there are a few English typos, and the translation isn't perfect. It's completely readable, and doesn't really ruin the game in any way, but there are people out there who can't stand any sort of localization errors, so I thought I would mention it.

For some reason, right at the beginning of Stage 2, you'll meet Sahasrahla, who is taking a break from helping out Link and helps out our friend Hald in this game, bringing with him a shop. Not a huge deal, a little weird, but Sahasrahla sold me Excalibur, and wants golden puzzle pieces. How did the sage from the Legend of Zelda get Excalibur, and why does he want Banjo Kazooie's Puzzle Pieces? I don't know. I didn't ask.

Still, a solid game overall. I've been having fun. I am a little worried that I'm coming to the end of it, though. Next update should be a complete run.

Probable Final Edit: Main storyline finished. (2.1 Hours)

So I just finished the main plot of the game, and while I did leave a few things behind, I ran through the levels multiple times trying to locate them, and eventually just couldn't be bothered to keep running them. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the game at all, but folks who know me (or can simply observe my profile) know that I'm not much of a completionist, don't really care about achievements, and do not often repeat games or levels.

I kinda wanted to find the puzzle pieces, but I left 2 of them behind somewhere. Perhaps I'll load up my save at some point and figure it out, but meh, I had my fun.

All in all, I really think it was totally worth the $6 USD price of admission, and I liked it. Here's a quick rundown for the TL;DR crowd:

Solid platforming
Doesn't wear out its welcome
Good mechanics and balance
Funny little Nintendo nods
Interesting premise, if not entirely fleshed out.

Imperfect localization means some clumsy grammar and typos
Some animations are a little stiff
Some art doesn't quite "fit"
Kinda short

I'd give the game a 7/10 and say that fans of the genre will enjoy it, but it's probably not everyone's cup of tea.
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4.0 hrs on record
Pre-Release Review
Posted: February 19
Dear Developer:

Please be informed that your game has been cited for three (3) violations of the "Action Game Standards and Practices Committe" (AGSPC) guidelines. The violations are as follows:

1) Rule 3, section 2, sub-section 4: Developer shall not force players to sit through long-winded, non-cancelable boss rants before each attempt at killing him, her, it or them.

2) Rule 7, section 1 sub-section 3: Developer shall avoid implementing "knock-back" that exceeds 1/5th of the screen width.

3) Rule 7, section 1, sub-section 4: If developer ignores rule 7.1.3, then it is mandatory that no boss fight take place atop pillars or other structures where player can too easily and uncontrollably fall to their death.

Please correct these issues in any further games you develop, or risk losing your good standing with the AGSPC.

Thank you,

President, AGSPC.
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Not Recommended
0.1 hrs on record
Pre-Release Review
Posted: March 12
Attacks feel weak and pitiful, enemies don't seem to have stun or knock-back, they just sit there.
You don't either which means you can get ♥♥♥♥ed pretty hard, pretty fast, and without invincibility what hope is there?
The art is lazy even for pixel style.
Music is..... there? It's generic, forgettable and boring.
For a Metroidvania this game sure has a lot of death pits too, I couldn't tell what was progress or death right away and that's not a good way to go about it.
I can't recommend this to anyone, it's pretty awful.
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