Blessed Ones: The Magic Wolves is a silly little fairy tale about wolves (magic ones, obviously) and pigs and adventurers, coming in the form of a japanese-style RPG focused on strategic turn-based combat and party building. It is goofy, flexible, difficult, emergent, and open, in more ways than you might expect!
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Release Date: Dec 4, 2015

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What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We're doing Early Access for two reasons: first, because this has been very much a labor of love of two people who really love RPGs, but one we've done with no real financial support or budget. That means both that we'd like to involve more people who love love love RPGs, get their feedback, and hopefully make a better final product, and also that we'd really like to get some income off of it so we can finish it in a reasonable time frame. The second reason is just to get something out there for marketing and word of mouth purposes, because indies thrive off of that, and in the glut of milquetoast japanese-style RPGs available, we hope people don't lose hope.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“There's two more major version updates. They'll be released as they're finished--the better the game does, the more motivation we'll have to work on it. It'll be done, some day, that much I can promise you. Unless one of us dies or something. But aside from that, not much could stop us from finishing it eventually.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Well, the early access version has a level cap because some of the higher level hybrid skills aren't implemented, and so people don't grind up to the top and negatively affect their later experiences when patches roll around. The final version obviously won't have the level cap, allowing the players to learn a full retinue of skills.

Depending on the version, there will be many more ways to head from the starting area in the final version--at least 4 exits that lead directly to some unrelated, unique content or story. Those themselves may then branch off for even more. So, while the initial release is fairly linear (and some of the later paths are present, just closed off), the later release will be much more open, allowing the player not just to build their party how they want, but also to go where they want. There's also quite a bit of different possible iterations of scenes, that vary on a large amount of previous triggers, so as the game grows even the old areas of the game will get some new, previously unseen content (if you do things in a certain out of order or with certain followers.)

The final version will also have way more optional fights, more followers, more quests, and more options to customize the experience to your enjoyment.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“We're in version .8 now, which contains, I'm guessing, somewhere between 40 and 60% of the game. It's definitely not half, though. Each major version update (that is, .9, and 1.0) will add around the same amount of content in terms of areas, monsters, bosses, and items, as version .7 contained. It was intended for each one to be about a fourth, but, well, that didn't quite work out the way we intended. So each one is about a fourth. Going from .8 to 1.0, we'll be updating it in smaller chunks--so .9 will still be what we wanted .9 to be, just with each detached bit getting added separately!

This seems like a good spot to add a complete breakdown of each version:
-Raise level cap from 3 to 4
-New tier of Hybrid skills
-Balancing in response to comments from version 0.7, if we get any :p (we didn't, really)
-Class Badges, consumable items that let you learn an extra skill for specific classes
-New Areas:
---Mortimer: The main dungeon for this version is a formerly docile giant Whale named Mortimer, who has recently gone berserk for reasons unknown (but they're probably wolves.)
---Faerie Forest Clearing: A group of Lumberjacks work here, reluctantly lead by Emma Wolf
---Chateau Exterior: The outside of a large hotel
---Portsburg: A quiet fishing town, recently destroyed
---New Portsburg: A town inside of Mortimer
-New Follower: Emma Wolf, a grandmother Alpha Wolf. Debuffs enemies at the start of battle. Lots of NPCs are too scared of her to do anything for the party when she's around, but she'll also open certain doors (metaphorical doors--opening doors is Albrecht's job) and ease some fights.
-New Follower: Kendra, a little girl from Portsburg. Has a chance to find various items after each battle, some that are unique to her.

v 0.9:
-Raise level cap to 5, the maximum level
-New tier of Hybrid skills
-Balancing in response to comments from version 0.8, if we get any :p
-Cookies, too
-New Areas:
---Chateau Umbre: A multi-floored hotel that's full of ghosts. Well, the ghosts are the regular customers, and you're the intruders.
---Forested Path: Between the Chateau and the City of Bays and Bridges is a little clearing with a nice, quiet resort...
---City Outskirts: The edge of the City of Bays and Bridges, currently allowing no visitors
---Faerie Deep Forest: If we have time, the interior of the Faerie Forest will be added. If not, it'll be in v1.1
---???: Maybe some more areas, if we have time. If not, they'll be in v1.1
-New Follower: The Crimson Knight, a mysterious knight who wants to protect the citizens of the City by night, and presumably lives a more normal life by day. She buffs allies at the start of battle.

v 1.0
-Final tier of Hybrid skills, so you can finish your build! Whee!
-Balancing in response to comments from version 0.9, if we get any :\
-Political debates
-A Princess
-New Areas:
---The City of Bays and Bridges!: It's the final dungeon of the game, and it is absolutely gigantic, and full of mean, mean Magic Wolves and Pig Nobles.
---Princess Tower: The Pig Nobles are part of the royal family, whose last member is the Princess. She sleeps at the top of her tower. You can go talk to her if you want. She's not like, locked up there. She could leave.
---???: The very last area of the game, where Mayor Wolfen will meet his end. Or, well, not.

v 1.1
-Some endgame stuff we won't have time to add when working on v1.0, most of which is gonna be optional boss fights against super powerful encounters, and some finishing touches on various sidequests. A few parts of the game might get kicked to here if there are time constraints we can't meet for some of the optional stuff. Polishing everything also takes a ridiculous amount of time--there's a stupidly large amount of text most people'll never see, so 1.1 can be considered the "polish" update, as well.

And that's it! If the game does well, we're interested in doing some goofy stuff for a 1.2 update or DLC, even, but it's a take-it-or-leave-it thing for us.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Yes; each major version update will raise the price slightly until it reaches its final price. We don't really have plans to do future sales post-release-sale, at least not until well in the future, or participate in any bundles besides with our own games that we'll be making down the line, so now is your chance to get it on discount.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Lots of ways, but mostly just by, you know, talking to them, seeing what they like and don't like and dislike, and responding to that by improving the game. We'd like to do some special behind-the-scenes style streams of things people often overlook in game development (like level design, balancing, writing, and beta testing) as well.

I pretty much jam any ridiculous idea that enters into my head into the game, so I'm sure I will get plenty of those from interacting with community members. The more people who want to be a part of the process, the more people who get to be.”
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Recent updates View all (2)

February 2

Version .8.MAGFest


We updated the game!

There are a ton of changes in this update, but they're all really tiny. Mostly numerical tweaks, fixing some graphical glitches, a few crashes, and some other assorted things. Still, this is a pretty big update for the general playability of the game; it should be a lot more palatable early on.

At the very bottom I also try to give a vague picture of what's next for us as a company, but find it difficult, as the future is always in motion.


  • Infinite Durations of abilities!

    Almost every ability in the game that had a duration now has an infinite duration. This includes Heal over Time (turns?) effects, Damage over Time effects, and others. This notably didn't touch Artificer's Wither, though.

  • Lowered basically everything's HP, and many things' PDEF and MDEF

  • Raised base DEF and EVA stats for some classes

Honestly, that's the only main things I can think of off the top of my head. On to more interesting fare.

Feralist Rework
I reworked Feralist, because I always found them to be a bit lacking, but I usually resolved this by only using a few of their abilities. That lack of luster shows later on into the game, though, particularly when it's time to learn your third Feralist ability.
It was also pretty apparent that they didn't even really fit what my original vision of them was, so I did some stuff to make them feel a bit more like the Barbarian Slot Machine (...ew.) they're supposed to be.

  • Abilities that give Woozy & Ferocity now say what they do instead of making you refer to the manual that no one seems to know about

  • Focus:

    Now gives two charges of Ferocity rather than one, and raises SPD and ACC rather than SPD and PDEF. I don't know what was going on with this ability before.

  • Double Swipe:

    Attack twice with low accuracy; successful attacks grant bonuses.
    Evidently Double Swipe B was just flat better, which I never paid attention to really. Now, both versions of the skill attack twice, have high miss chance, but when you hit with type A it gives you a stack of Ferocity, and when you hit with B it increases your SPD and ACC.

  • Quick, Quick!

    I deleted this terrible skill and replaced it with:

  • Fury Slash

    An attack with increased crit rate. Critical hits trigger additional actions.
    One thing this class was definitely missing was a way to instant pay-off on Woozy's Ravage; what I always want when I play the class is a simple skill with increased crit chance, so I can take better advantage of turn 1 Woozies, for instance.
    Type A attacks again when it crits. And yes, those attacks trigger additional attacks on Crits.
    Type B stuns the enemy when it crits. This has the advantage of not eating every charge of Ferocity, and also, damage mitigation.

  • Devour

    Trigger point was increased to 40%, and its effects were buffed.

  • Malice

    Fears a group of enemies, making them unable to act occasionally. Also lowers their PDEF, or also lowers their MDEF.
    Basically I merged Malice and the old Howl. Nothing fancy, but with this, Devour, and Fury Slash, they have a nice secondary role of "DPS with a side of mitigation."

  • Howl

    Raises party's SPD and EVA, or raises party's SPD and ACC.
    I think I moved what used to be Animal Instincts over here, kinda? I don't even remember what that skill used to be, it was so terrible.

  • Fierce Swings

    A: Psychs up the party, giving them double damage for one attack.
    B: Psychs up yourself, giving you double damage for one attack. Also gives two charges of Ferocity.
    A is for party-wide DPS comps (which are kinda dangerous, so I don't mind it being a bit overpowered), and B is a more offensive replacement for Focus.

  • Animal Instincts

    Raises an ally's crit rate, and restores their MP or HP at the end of battle.

I think this gives them a couple interesting builds in and of themselves. I haven't had much of a chance to play around with it, but I'm expecting them to be a bit overly strong in certain mixes now. in any case, they have a lot of fun abilities on their own, and that's cool.

What's Next?!

So it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone following the game here, or on twitter, that the last update was almost a year ago at this point (about 9 months.) The reason for this is twofold: first, the game wasn't making enough money to keep me alive, and second, life forced me to focus on things that were way more important, like having food and shelter, as well as things I just preferred doing, like learning how to animate and working on Lolita Pinball.

The second point was, obviously, largely fueled by the first.

So, after much deliberation on this subject, here's what we decided to do for The Magic Wolves in order to ensure first that it gets completed, and second that it doesn't dominate a probable extra year of my life (I really cannot even begin to say how much writing is in this game; it's massive absurd huge large mcbig):

We're skipping what was originally planned for v .9, and working directly on v 1.0. That is to say, we're gonna finish all the skills, and I'm gonna write the last area of the game, the City of Bays and Bridges, rather than the Chateau Umbre (Ombre? I don't remember) because it's where most of the important variations in the game happen, and because it's where the final boss is.

On top of that, the City is already more completed than the Hotel!

There will still be incremental updates, since the City's split into a few easily divided areas I can add piecemeal.

After the release, if the game goes well, I'll work on the Chateau. If not, we'll move on. There is certainly interest in the game, but I can't eat interest.

When this is gonna drop, though, I honestly couldn't say. I'd bet 2017, but I'm not a betting girl. Right now, after this, my priority is to work on the prototype for Lolita Pinball, which has been in that "nearly done, I just need to finish the cutscenes" stage since, oh, October. After that, I'll probably work on The Magic Wolves and Lolita Pinball as I so desire. So maybe a small update within Winter still. That'd be nice.

Anyway, I hope you guys have fun playing my game. Going to cons to show my game was an incredible experience, even if I didn't really get "success" in any measure, because it made the fact that I made a giant, pretty kickass game a lot more apparent, even if it's not apparent to others :p

Have fun!

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About This Game

Blessed Ones: The Magic Wolves is a silly little fairy tale about wolves (magic ones, obviously) and pigs and adventurers, coming in the form of a Japanese-style RPG focused on strategic turn-based combat and party building. It is goofy, flexible, emergent, and open, in more ways than you might expect! Build your party as you explore rural Sleeping Owl Island, finding treasures, making new friends, saving the day--or just ignoring all the problems and gunning straight for the final boss!

The story centers on a group of new adventurers, hired by the cutthroat businesspig Higgeldy Piggeldy to rid his property of a tribe of evil Magic Wolves, who banded together from several packs to elect their leader Mayor, and thus the ruler of rural Sleeping Owl Island, putting them in complete control! Everywhere they go there is trouble to be found, usually in the form of a carefully constructed boss encounter to provide an experience unique from every other in the game. The story is broken up into a series of interlocking vignettes, finishing one of which has ramifications for other ones, meaning every route causes the experience to change in unexpected ways. Sleeping Owl Island is loaded with more minor troubles, as well--you can help Mirra become the greatest witch of all by finding a mentor, you can show little Kendra the world's a lot bigger than her tiny town, you can help Emma Wolf learn to change her ways (or not) even late in life, heck, you can even help Higgeldy become a megalomaniacal land baron of the entire island, if your heart's really in the wrong place.

The game's built in a custom engine, allowing for a huge number of possible skills with both really subtle, nuanced differences, and huge gigantic differences. There's over 140 skills in the game, each with two different possible versions to learn, and each character gets to learn about 27 of them. There are also six unique classes instead of boring stuff like Knight and Thief. Why be a Knight when you can be a grave digging Peacebringer, who can drop half their HP to damage everyone, which increases if using the move kills you? Why be a Thief when you can be an Artificer, and cast your spells from items, saving MP, but also allowing you to fill up your inventory with special items that have unique effects? Why be anything the heck else when you can worship the dead and roll with a bunch of ghosts as a Venerant? Or cook delicious pastries as a Chef? There's no reason.

Also, you can play a pig named Bernard, or Samuel, or any other weird thing that comes into your head. And one of your characters is a princess! Or she can be. I mean, you don't have to pick either of them.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP with Service Pack 2
    • Processor: Anything within the past 10 years
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: At least 256 MB of VRAM. I mean, you're probably good.
    • Storage: 50 MB available space
    • Sound Card: You're probably fine
    • OS: I recommend one, yeah
    • Processor: this too
    • Graphics: hmm... my tablet can run it, and I doubt it has a dedicated GPU, so nah
    • Sound Card: You're still probably fine
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