Our Love Will Grow is a farming game in the style of Harvest Moon with a different party to attend each week. Grow your farm, uncover secrets, and attract girls by presenting them with food and jewellery you make yourself.
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Release Date: Dec 4, 2015

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June 3

New Game By Us

Our most tremendous game is now on greenlight.


Please vote if you are interested in seeing the game on steam. Please refrain from voting if you're a career rpg maker greenlight gatekeeper. Thank you.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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April 29

Melting Hearts Released!

Melting Hearts: Our Love Will Grow 2 has just officially released. We're holding a 20% off discount for the first week to celebrate.


Love John Wizard

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About This Game

Our Love Will Grow is a farming game in the style of Harvest Moon with a different party to attend each week. Grow your farm, uncover secrets, and attract girls by presenting them with food and jewellery you make yourself.

He didn't need a fancy job or a woman who wanted to change him. The money he got back from the ring would be enough to start his new life. And this time, nothing was going to hold him back.


* Grow and harvest crops
* Cook food in your kitchen
* Mingle with townsfolk at parties
* Give gifts to women and get married
* Catch fish and oversee worker crabs
* Raise animals in your barn
* Collect materials for upgrades
* Uncover sacred items

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
    • Processor: PC with 800MHz Intel® Pentium® III equivalent or higher processor
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution
    • Storage: 114 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible sound card
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9.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 4, 2015
Ok so my first impressions when finding this game were 'sweet I love Harvest Moon type games!'

My second impression was 'Crap it's an RPG Maker game.'

But because of my love for this genre of game, I decided to give it a shot via the Demo on the games website.

My first impressions were actually, it's very good.
It plays well, there's no awkwardness figuring out what to do and stuff, just a little 'exploration' to figure stuff out, but that's half the fun and kinda a staple with the genre.

So I decided to pick up the game after playing the Demo for a short period.

There's lots to do in the game.
From standard planting/watering/harvesting, to cutting wood, digging clay, mining ores, fishing.
Searching for things that spawn daily that you can sell or use if possible, like Mushrooms and Sea Shells.

There's a good progression curve from what I've seen so far. But not sure how open ended the game is.
It hasn't hinted at any kind of an ending as of yet, but I'm hoping it's playable for as long as you wish to play.

The progression curve comes in through processing food/goods.
For example, trying to keep things relatively spoiler free here (just early stuff.)
You can buy strawberry seeds for a certain price, plant and grow them for several in-game days;
then you could sell them for a small profit.
Or you can invest in a 'Crushing Machine' which crushes the strawberries into Jam, and sell the Jam for a greater profit.
This is just a small example.

There is also good detail in the livestock system.
For example, at the start, you can buy up to three chickens. (your Coop can be upgraded to hold more when you have a combination of materials to build it, and money to pay the builder)
You then need to buy Feed to keep your chickens fed. But when you first buy your chickens they start as baby chicks :)
Once they grow, if you visit the chickens every day and keep their feed stocked, they will gain happiness, and more happiness equals eggs to be harvested.

There are just so many cool things in the game.
Another example is there's a broken Windmill on your farm, and if you can figure out how to repair it you can grind various things there; one being corn into Feed. So you can produce your own Feed instead of buying it from the store.

Also everyone in the town seems to have their own story, more or less, and they have their daily schedules.
One downside, and can be a little jarring at first, is whenever their schedule changes they vanish in thin air, and appear at their new destination.
But I'm sure it's due to restrictions in the Engine and I at least, am willing to let go of such a small issue.
Because it's pretty neat to see the schedules of the townspeoples lives; some might go out for lunch, to read out on a bench, while others work through it. One girl works many jobs so you'll see her at pretty much every location in and around town.

I've played a few hours now, as of writing this, and there are very few negatives so far.
One is there's slight framerate hiccuping, inherent to the RPG Maker Engine, but for me so far it's been quite mild,
and only around certain 'busy' locations, like your own farm. (busy as in script/engine busy; planting locations etc)

Secondly, there doesn't seem to be any sort of Seasons or Weather, which are usually present in these games, and would have added a very nice touch.

But due to the strengths of the game, and it's 'fun' quality, I still highly recommend checking it out.
And at $5 or so, depending on your regional equivalent; it's honestly a steal.

Sorry if I was rambling on a little, was trying to find a good way to describe the game without going into too much detail, or too little. Hopefully this gives you somewhat of an idea, even though I didn't touch on things like Marriage (which I've yet to experience), expanding your House, upgrading Tools, doing mini quests finding special items around the land, etc.

Recommend from me, despite being an RPG Maker game.
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Posted: January 10
A pretty decent homage to Harvest Moon and the closest thing to a true Harvest Moon type game I have seen on Steam so far. (EDIT: This review was posted before Stardew Valley existed which, if I'm being totally honest, is 10,000 better than this game and you should buy that game first.) If you've played the Harvest Moon games, you more or less know what to expect since there are a lot of similarities, but there are some very signicant differences that Harvest Moon enthusiasts will want to prepare themselves for going in:

Some of the major differences include a total lack of seasons, months, or days of the week. It is a land of infinite summer, where each successive day is just one more day. In some ways this is disappointing, since the changing months and seasons of Harvest Moon tend to keep the world feeling fresh for longer, but in other ways it's sort of liberating, since---for example---you don't have to worry about how soon the season change is coming in regard to planting/harvesting. You just plant and harvest without any concern for losing the crops.

Our Love Will Grow is very liberating in other ways as well. In Havest Moon you have limited inventory space, but in this game you have infinite pockets, so you don't have to worry about the size of your backpack or upgrading your shelf space. You are a walking Mary Poppins bag, so pick up as many things as you want! Another thing that's liberating compared to Harvest Moon is that you don't have to tediously select which tool to use, running the risk of swinging your pickaxe at your horse because you forgot to select the brush or whatever. Instead, you just stand in front of the animal or thing you need to maintain and press the interact button. The proper tool/action will be auto-selected. In the event that there is a sequence of things that need to be done, the game will auto-sequence as well. For example, if you stand in front of a patch of dirt and tap A, the game will automatically till it using the hoe, plant using a seed, then water using the watering can. And all you had to do was tap "interact"! It's so nice to not have to fiddle with tool selection so much.

There is one huge difference with planting/harvesting that I *hated* about this game at first, but in the larger scheme of things I am now kinda on the fence about. In Havest Moon, you have a huge field that is a grid of squares. You can pretty much plant anything on any square in that huge grid. But in Our Love Will Grow, you have a huge field that just has a few squares on it that are specificallly for planting, but you can't use the rest of the field. It's more like farming out of planters than out of the ground. This feels REALLY annoying and arbitrary at first if you are used to Havest Moon, but the longer I played it, the longer I realized that this is also sort of liberating in a way. Whenever I play Harvest Moon games, I have SO many squares on which to plant/harvest, that I get intensely focused on farming and can't bring myself to waste precious hours of my day running around town and doing other things. But since Our Love Will Grow puts a hard limit on how much you can plant (especially in the early game), it really forces you to do more exploring and gathering instead of being an anti-social bean farmer all friggin' day. And hey, maybe that's not so bad.

Speaking of exploring, there is definitely more nature to explore in Our Love Will Grow than in the typical Harvest Moon game. It's not the size of a Zelda overworld or anything, but whereas Harvest Moon typically has only 2 or 3 screens that are not town or farm, Our Love Will Grow has two or three times that amount. So it's good that you have more time to get out there and explore. And you'll want to get to know the lay of the land, since---perhaps on a more negative note---the game does not provide you with a map of any kind.

There are parties and town events just like in Harvets Moon but thankfully you aren't forced to participate in any half-baked and janky mini-games like in Harvest Moon. You show up, interact with the towns people, there is a judged contest of some kind involving no mini-games, and then you all go home. Nice.

Yes, there is the usual wooing of girls to take as a wife. Sorry, female players, but there is unfortunately (and perhaps unsurprisingly) no option to play as a girl who woos boys instead.

There are only two significant criticisms of this game for me:

1) Collision checks are huge and bizarre. There are huge collision rectangles around everything and--even worse--there are invisible collision walls drawn in some places where you wouldn't expect them (e.g. you can't walk around the sides of your house, even though it looks like you obviously can). This is definitely not ideal, but it doesn't take long to adjust yourself to it. There are occasional collision errors where you will be seemingly blocked by an invisible wall that was never there before and which disappears if you leave an come back. For example, I once found that I couldn't walk up the path to the mayor's house because something invisible was blocking the whole path. I had to exit the screen and come back. This has happened more than once, in different areas, but is not common. (I expect is has to do with an error in how NPCs teleport around during the day.)

2) Poor energy economy. Just like in Harvest Moon, performing actions costs energy. In this game you get an actual energy meter, so your energy is much more quantified than in Harvest Moon, which is good. But what's bad is that Our Love Will Grow docks you energy for a lot of things Harvest Moon doesn't. For example, picking up a mushroom off the ground in the woods costs nothing in Harvest Moon but costs energy in OLWG. Therefore, you run out of energy very quickly in this game. To make matters worse, there is no good way to recover your energy. In harvest moon, you can take a dip in the hot springs or eat some food that you prepared. But in this game, the only way to get any energy back is to buy yourself a snack at the tavern, which costs 100G (in addition to the time expense it takes to walk all the way back to the tavern), and the amount of energy you get for the expense is not really worth it. As a result, the only thing you can really do when your energy runs out is to just call it a day. (And since there are no seasons to worry about, there is no real harm in blowing off a day like this.) This leads to the absolutely ridiculous situations (but which you'll get used to) where you will sometimes wake up at 6am and end up using all your energy and going back to bed by 10am. Such a thing is unthinkable in Harvest Moon, but it will happen regularly in OLWG.

Overall, I'd say the game pales in comparison to an actual Harvest Moon game. It's a much more simplified Harvest Moon, which in some ways is good and in some ways not so good. But if you like Harvest Moon, I might recommend this game just for the experience of a game that is MOSTLY like Harvest Moon, but is much different in terms of how the economy and pacing work.

7) A classic, essential, and/or must-buy game that is worth full price.
6) A good game that is worth the full price.
5) A pretty good game worth checking out--especially if discounted.
4) A fairly good game, but I'd recommend buying it discounted.
3) Not great, but a few redeeming qualities. Only buy if heavily discounted.
2) Only worth checking out if you are dangerously curious.
1) Avoid at all costs.
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Not Recommended
25.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 9
If you're looking for a farming/dating/life sim you're better off just investing in one of the many many MANY Harvest Moon or Rune Factory games. You'll get better game play, more interesting characters/story and a more rewarding experience.
However, if you want a simpler, bare bones Harvest Moon-esque experience, I'd reccomend this game. It pretty much IS Harvest Moon, only much less in depth and with faster progression. It's fine, it's just nothing special and at times feels a bit hollow.

  • Fast progression, it's easy to accomplish a lot in just a few hours of game play.
  • A decently vast world that adds a bit of exploration to the game
  • While the bachelorettes each have a few character traits to make them each unique, there is no way to build relationships with the other NPCs. The bacheloretes frequently have moments that completely kill any charm they had and suck the fun out of courting them. It's also hard to tell when they actually like a gift or not, since there are no facial expressions and their dialogue can be very odd and unclear. "This is nice. Thanks." could be taken as earnest, or forced and polite, or sarcastic or passive aggressive. "WOW! I love you ten percent more now!" Awesome, I'm not only dating a robot, I'm dating a very shallow robot.
  • There are lots of little things about the game, from the map layout to the menu interface (particularly the inventory system) that are inconveinient and frankly tested my patience. It's the sort of thing where the game isn't taking more time to complete because of a challenge, but because the inventory system is a pain in the ♥♥♥.
  • A lot of aspects of the game become completely pointless further down the road because you'll run out of things to buy and you're just killing time until you can win the love of your chosen lady, marry her and "win."
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64.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 23, 2015
Addictive game, nothing overly complicated but enough to explore and do to keep you entertained for hours. And I mean hours, at at time... Lovely!

Things to note: The game displays in a small window, which can be made to a slightly large wondow, but not full screen. It is keyboard controls only, rather than keyboard and mouse, which took a bit of getting used to (though console controllers are an option). There also appears to be no way to save during a day, so you just have to keep playing! These are all minor things though and just things to be aware of rather than discourage you from purchasing.
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 19
Honestly, after playing this for a little while, it's a lot more clunky than most games of the genre/type. The controls are clunkier, the fact that certain things require tools to get and it's automatic instead of organic in nature is a bit annoying.

It's an okay game for something made in RPG Maker (yeah, I know the engines quite well having used them for the last, oh, 15+ years) but it was always going to be clunkier than anything made in a more versatile engine. I mean, you could actually make something more like Stardew Valley using RPG Maker but that would require a lot more effort than just making everything automatic based instead.

I'm not sure I like this game much, sorry, but eh, I've played a lot worse. It's decent, just the whole lack of feeling like you have any control bugs me a lot. I like the HM and RF series and this is pretty inferior in comparison. Not bad but not good either.
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21.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 12
All those hours in all those Harvest Moons, Not quite the same but Lets face it nothing ever will be. Not Rune factory not this but this is still awesome. I Look forward to putting in the Hours like I did with HM
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2.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 19
Not at all liek Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley. This game has farming elements but it's about romancing the girls and grinding for materials and crafting upgrades. If you're looking for Harvest Moon - stay away! If you're looking something simple and love crafting, slow progression, and not get overwhelmed with events or story (cause there isn't any) - this game is for you.
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7 of 11 people (64%) found this review helpful
28.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 4
Comparisons to Stardew Valley seem unavoidable with this game, but it's its own distinct thing. Sure, it's another farm-simulator with an emphasis on social interaction and with SNES-like graphics, but to me its scope is far less ambitious. It knows that it can't compete with the sheer openness and freedom of bigger games, so instead it allows you to focus your efforts in a more streamlined manner. Personally, I prefer this sense of direction the game gives me, as I often get way too distracted in more expansive games.
So if you're looking for a more directed and focussed game, but want something in the STYLE of Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, this is a game that you might like.
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53.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 21, 2015
I have been a fan of the harvest moon series for a long time now so when I saw this game I was fairly sceptical about it. I was convinced it would be a disapointment, especially for how cheap the game it. But I was plesantly surprised! This game is such a fun light hearted game, I would highly recommed it for anyone who enjoys the harvest moon series. There isn't as much game play as the harvest moon series but for how cheap it is how cares! Its a great game!
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14 of 25 people (56%) found this review helpful
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18.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 5, 2015
I know it is a total cliche to say, "I don't usually give reviews but I had to because this game is awesome." But what the hell, this game is awesome and there aren't any reviews so I just here I am being all cliche.

So, I don't usually give reviews of a game but I had to because this game is awesome. I usually don't care about the stories involved in a game but this one is charming.

There is an energy bar used and for the first day or two you are kind of wondering why it is there, "I did all my farming today but I've got plenty of energy left." Then you realize there is mining, fishing, upgrading, and love to buy (you gain love by giving gifts to girls in the village).

I've put 5 hours in already, and I will probably put in much more. You can tell the creators really put time and thought into this game.
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Recently Posted
18.1 hrs
Posted: September 18
This game has less content than the original Harvest Moon for SNES. Did not like.
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17.5 hrs
Posted: September 16
Beautiful game. Created with love and a must have for any harvest moon fans. It might be a small game but it is a lot of fun
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1.9 hrs
Posted: August 1
it is a cute game but it doesn't show or tell where the parties will be held or anything and i can't find the map either :/ it's good it's so cheap but i think you could have made the game little bit better cause on the other HM games there's at least a map
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Not awake yet
0.5 hrs
Posted: July 26
This game does not compare to Stardew or Harvest Moon. The controls are a little shaky and they do not tell you how to sell things outright. I am very glad I only got this in the Steam Sale.
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2.7 hrs
Posted: July 24
Product received for free
Okay everyone this game was no fun at first! But as I played it I started liking the game! So I will be doing more! And as you see more to the end I was starting to get stuff to grow and selling the goods! This game seem to be getting Better the more I play it! Thanks for making this game! https://youtu.be/osh-ms9k3m4
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10.2 hrs
Posted: June 29
I have only just started but so far I am quite pleased. The reviews were quite iffy so i was expecting a not very great game, I have played about 20 different harvest moon games so I have lots to compare to. It is a simpler version but of course it would be because its a cheap game (i got it on sale for $4). My thoughts: If you like Harvest Moon, you will probably like this to.
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Mongoloid Mike
3.9 hrs
Posted: May 19
RPG Maker is a cancer on gaming
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9.2 hrs
Posted: May 11
I think it is really creative to make this game in something like RPG maker. The gameplay is working fine and each day you can progress more and more. I don't get why it gets bad reviews because you totally get what you expect. It looks like an old school rpg Harverst moon game, and that is what it is. Which I think is great. :)
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13.0 hrs
Posted: May 4
Okay, so I'm on Day 50. No clue where that lies on the progression scale though. This game isn't great, but it's not bad. It's surprisingly glitchy for a final release. There are a few that are game-breakingly bad.

If you play with the dog then give up and go find the ball as your character, YOU TURN INTO THE DAMNED DOG. You can't interact with anything, and there's no way to turn back into the player character other than closing the game. Even if you try to load your save you can't interact with the 'save bucket' or whatever it is.

Speaking of reloading saves, everytime you relead, your chickens have layed less eggs. Not sure why, as everything else seems to be consistant.

Last major glitch, DO NOT walk behind the fences as you are switching map screens. You will get stuck and have to reload.

The controls are clunky but not attrocious, I play with my Xbox wired controller and the only problem I found is that it needs to be plugged in before I open the game or it doesn't register.

All in all its a decent time waster, I'll give the sequel a go and pray to the farm gods that it's more polished than this one.
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