"Age of Steel: Recharge" is a 2D strategy with a view from the side. You're taking the role of commander, who was entrusted the management of the military base. Your mission is to defend a base from the waves of enemies at any price.
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Release Date: Jan 6, 2016

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About This Game

In the near future the world is consumed by the great crisis. The resources of the planet are to end, the traditions mean nothing anymore. It leads to many wars, one after another - places where one could live in peace and not worry about the fact that he can be shot immediately were almost gone.

The planet was ruined. Years of endless wars almost destroyed countries which we know today. More and more powerful armies were created. The first non-governmental army was called The Opposition. Its' views were clear enough - its main purpose was to create a new society. Without war, without violence, without tyrants. But it was possible only by complete destruction of the old world and civilization.

The remains of the largest contries were forced to create an organization that could repulse the Opposition. Its name was the Alliance. The Alliance's leaders believed that the Opposition's actions would lead to complete destruction of the Earth and dissapearance of humanity. They belived that because of such actions the restoration of civilization in the future would be impossible. The Alliance protected knowledge that was accumulated by humanity during it's existence. It's leaders considered that the humanity should stop that war.

You are the commander of the Alliance. Your goal is to take control of the bases in the hot spots and to resist the advancing enemy.

Gameplay Features

  • Complete the campaign of 14 levels and show what you can in the Survival mode!
  • Develop the base to gain access to new units, turrets, methods of support. As a result, the base may become a flying fortress!
  • Use tanks, aircrafts, ships against enemy and powerful bosses.
  • Improve your units by increasing their defensive characteristics and fighting abilities.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista+
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GT/s 4xx or Equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Mouse
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Not Recommended
4.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 7
This game is similar to tower defence games. The resource mining is automatic and you can use resources to buy defence units (turrets, tanks, planes) or to upgrade the units. Or you can upgrade the base to get different units and more upgrades.

This game plays on three floors, the ground (turrets and tanks and shield), the middle air (airships) and the top air (planes) and every floor has its own units. Generally each unit only fights against enemies on the same floor but there are bombers (defender and attacker) which drop bombs from the top to both other floors and there are air-defence turrets which can hit planes and airships.

The game play is fluent and interesting. You can only build one unit at a time and you are limited to 12 so you have to build wisely. But you can destroy misplaced or unused units. You cannot build while upgrading and the other way around, therefore you have to plan in advance.

Every level in the campaign plays about the same because the attackers are always the same and they always attack on the 3 floors. At the end of each level there will be a different enemy boss which is not very hard to beat.
On later level you will start with an upgraded base and get a special defence units which might be helpful against the enemy boss.

I like this game but the content does not justify the price.
The campaign is very short (about 3 hours) and the survival mode is boring because you start with a fully upgraded base and the enemies don't get harder.
Also it is not possible to replay the levels in the campaign. You could reset your progress in the game but be warned: This does not only reset the campaign, it also resets the records of the survival mode and everything you might have unlocked. So there is no real replay value.

Great visuals
Good sound
Polished menu
interesting game mechanics

Campaign too short
Survival mode boring
No support for touch screen
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54 of 86 people (63%) found this review helpful
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2.9 hrs on record
Pre-Release Review
Posted: January 6
A very fun stylized 2D strategy game. Don't expect too much depth with this title, but its a fun way to burn some time.
The price is a little steep, but watch my video below to get a better Idea if this is worth a purchase.

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Not Recommended
2.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 9
Played the game for two hours, finished the campaign 100%.

The game is very repetitive. You need one strategy and on every map you can use it. It is always the same on each and every map.

The only difference is when there is a boss fight, but that does not count.

I didnot try survival mode because i don´t expect anything from it.

There are some special weapons on each map, i only used them on the last map, where you need Titans as fire support to bring down the final boss.

Should you buy it?
If you want give some east european devs some money - do it.
If you want to kill some time - do it.
If you expect some sort of strategy master piece you can play for hours and hours and try different ways - forget it.

One strategy to rule them all!
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1.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 8
Tldr; Fun to play and fairly priced.

-Text screens need slowing down
-Few typos
-Game freezes for a second when bosses die
-Cannot unselect unit type to deploy sometimes

I would like to see a way to delete turrets (lemmings style would be fun) as this could let you lose your game if you have max units deployed and an enemy gets though. Please seperate music and sounds in the options menu, and also the bullet sounds are pretty dull (wet farts). UI wise the right sidebar blocks a lot of the action and should really be integrated into the menu bar by reducing icon size... could there be an option to shake the screen but not the menu bar?
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10 of 15 people (67%) found this review helpful
12.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 6
AoS:R is a Construct 2-powered cross between a wave defense game and Armor Alley. Depending on the difficulty level chosen (implemented as of an April 2016 patch), you will spend between 4 and 10 hours pitting your jolly ol' machines of war against opposing forces on three height levels simultaneously (ground = tanks & structures; large battleships; smaller planes). Your role is building and upgrading your units and structures, with no direct control over units beyond a self-destruct button, which is essentially if you need to free up a unit cap slot to build something else.

The Russian Quaint Emerald developers listen to player feedback on their game's Steam forum and have even been observed fixing bugs within hours.

For $2-3, a fan of casual defense games can't go wrong with this.
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7 of 11 people (64%) found this review helpful
9.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 25
Hold the line!

Age of Steel: Recharge is a pretty standard tower/lane defense. Basically the entire game revolves around building land and air units, aswell as upgrading your base in order to defend yourself from waves of The Opposition’s troops. You are in charge of an allied mobile base and in each mission, the goal is to defend key areas to the Alliance in its fight against The Opposition.

The gameplay is pretty simple. There are three different types of Units, the first one moves on land and that’s where you got your tanks, turrets and walls. The second Unit type is in the water and on this lane the only thing that moves are ships. Finally the top lane is where jets and other aircraft move. Assuming it isn’t a bomber, a Unit cannot attack Units on another lane. This brings some strategy to the game, which makes you manage the amount of units you have on each lane and if you’re able to defend your base from that lane effectively.

Now, there is a few things I found weird about the game, such as the Steam overlay doesn’t work (Fraps framerate counter also appears not to work) and also that there is no way to check the objective for the mission you’re playing. The objective only displays at the beginning of the level I believe. That said, things like having the ability to queue multiple units for construction and clever hotkeys for building specific units are also not present, which I find rather odd, especially on a game like this.

  • Good looking pixel art (reminds me of Risk of Rain)
  • Neat music, suits the game really well
  • Easy to learn, very low skillcap
  • Runs on a potato (tested it)

  • Typos in the dialogue which are rather annoying
  • Short campaign (3-4 hours long)
  • It can get repetitive on long play sessions

Overall thoughts

I feel like the story is there just for the sake of it. The Opposition, the first non governmental army, wants to dominate the world and create a new society in order to achieve global peace and prosperity. On the other hand, the Alliance wants to free the world of The Opposition because they believe their campaign will eventually lead Earth to its demise. If you were looking for a rich setting, you probably won’t find it here.

To sum it all up, this is not a bad game, but it also isn’t a very good one, the features that are present do what they have to. If you’re looking for a time waster or something to play while you’re bored or in short periods of time, this might be the game for you. If you’re still unsure about it, get it on sale.
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6.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 12
Key provided by developer/publisher. This does not effect my review.

"Age of Steel: Recharge" is a 2D strategy with a view from the side. You're taking the role of commander, who was entrusted the management of the military base. Your mission is to defend a base from the waves of enemies at any price.
Tags: Strategy, Action, Indie, Casual
  • Simplistic pixel art for buildings and units. I feel that this point the focus more on strategy than looks, which is always nice. The explosions and pixel effects are satisfying.
  • Varieties of units and turrets available as you upgrade your base (first upgrade unlocks walls and tanks; other upgrades allow you to enhance your units, build more ground units, and also deploy air units).
  • Well-designed menu and UI
  • 2 modes: survival and campaign. In campaign your goal is to simply beat the levels (there are 14 of them); in survival you have to defend your base from the enemies as long as you can. As far as I know, the levels for campaign and survival correspond.
  • 6 different land/air vehicles and 5 different buildable defensive structures.
  • 3 layers in which your units and structures can be deployed. Land (tanks, walls, ground turrets, ect.), Low altitude (light ships, heavy ships, and carriers), and high altitude (bombers, birds, and jets). This means you will have to fend off waves of enemies coming from 3 different sources instead of one (like a traditional TD game).
  • Very reasonable price ($7) for the hours you can spend in this game.

  • Automatically producing resource system. Because this is a tower defense game, these resources would be more appropriately gained from building collectors, scavenging, or destroying enemy waves. This may not bother some people, but in most levels I end up having an overwhelming abundance of resources that I have no need of.
  • Cannot go back and replay levels you have completed in campaign mode (maybe this changes when you beat all of them?).
  • 2D means fewer options for unit and structure placement. This is one of the main limitations this game has, but despite this, it still manages to be as challenging and fun as it is.
  • Fans of super hardcore TD games that are emphasized on strategy and placement will be disappointed with this game’s approach. The units are not placeable, only deployable. This means that they travel by themselves and sometimes get shot down instantly. Units and turrets also fire constantly, even when an enemy is not around.
  • Limited placement. I mentioned some of this above. There is a limited “zone” where you can place your ground units, except tanks (you have no control over the deployable units). Everything outside that zone (2/3 of the screen) is red, and units cannot be placed there. There should at least be the option to place mines or other defensive units (mines are not in this game, I am just using them as an example. Maybe they should add mines though…) in these areas to help slow down the oncoming units.

This is a solid TD game, but not without a few flaws. I recommend that they add achievements (even a few would be nice), allow for more control in unit placement, have a few more ground structures (like mines or machine gun turrets), and make recourses a little more limited.
I recommend that you buy this game on sale, or at its full price if you are so inclined.

My implemented rating system:
Run away! 1-2/10
Handle with caution… 3-4/10
Buy on sale: 5-6/10
Every day purchase: 7-8/10
Must buy: 9-10/10

This game’s rating: 6.5: best bought on sale or everyday purchase if you feel so inclined.
Read the full review here on our website: {LINK REMOVED}
Visit our steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vantom
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18.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 9
Im entirely enjoying this game

Reminiscence of grade school days of scribbling GiJoe war on binder paper durring recess (Im an 80s kid)
Its simplistic in its approach as you see (no Im not saying I finish campaign in 2 hours omg.. Im at 78% in 3 and still having fun) the soundtrack and explosions are enjoyable and gameplay keeps you on your toes
I personally can say I got my $6.29 of fun out of it already and cant wait for more content (after finish camp.)

What I can say is dont let reviews decide for you, if you think this looks fun check out google vids. ect and
make your own choice.
It makes a good fill-in for when your tired of playing more graphicly intense/expensive games others may more appreciate. I dont play many "tower defense" games as you seem to have less time to react then alot other overhead "mobs on rails"? themed ones...
Multiplayer would have been interesting (though not sure how they'd implement it) I just wish was more games like this
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1.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 7
Not bad, not great but not bad. It's your usual Tower Defense-esque game, think Age of War with a good selection of units and plenty of fast paced enemies ready to bring your whole base crumbling down. It's simple, you build units and towers to hold back enemies while attempting to complete objectives. You can build buildings, upgrade units and unlock more units the more resources you obtain over time. There are some nice things like the graphics which is your usual low rez 16 bit that has become rather popular in indie games nowadays but there are also some rather annoying things like the ludicrously small unit cap or the fact that there even is a unit cap in a game like this. You're already limited in the amount of space in which things can be built, which is fine, but also considering turrets and actual units both occupy unit cap, it gets annoying rather fast. Also, survival mode isn't as good as the campaign so it seems that once everything is complete, there isn't much else to do. Hopefully, as the game is developed, there will be more replayability added to it.
My final thoughts, I don't regret buying it, it's not bad if a bit overpriced. I think an even 5 bucks or 4.99 would be a more worthy pricetag of the current product because this isn't really anything you haven't seen before in a game like Age of War.
Gameplay Impressions:
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 23
Good small game with some decent ideas. The upgrading and flying base for example, is pretty amazing. Great pixel art and solid presentation overall. The options feel pretty limited so it feels like there is a right and wrong way to build. Its a bit too simple and basic stay interesting for more than a couple of hours, but worth picking up for a few bucks on sale.
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Recently Posted
Lord Erec
2.0 hrs
Posted: October 23
First off, the good.
The game is polished, with a neat pixel art style and an interesting 3-level battlefield.

Unfortunately, the actual gameplay leaves a lot to be desired.
Generally units can only attack units in their level on the battlefield, but the top level is the exception. There are fighter bombers that can attack everything and can do a lot of damage, so generally there isn't much reason to build anything else.

Projectiles fired by your units seem to miss more and have shorter range than what your enemy throws at you. I've had instances where I've had several upgraded units destroyed by one lower level enemy unit simply because it flew in slight above the firing arc of my units.

You only have one production queue for everything (building units and upgrading). Furthermore, the enemy can spawn multiple units at a time leaving you scrambling to get even a basic defense set up between upgrading to get the units you need and building stopgap defenses to deal with the enemies swarming you. There really aren't breaks between waves so once you get behind there's a good chance you've already lost the battle. I found myself with huge piles of money and because of the production queue issue I couldn't spend it as fast as I was earning it.

The game is quite short which is fine, but this means that the difficulty ramp is much steeper than it should have been. The later levels are insane with the number of units they throw at you and many times you have to already have built the correct defenses, there's no time to react.

Overall, with a rebalance and some new units (antiaircraft tanks for ground, helicopter gunships and AA ships for mid level for example) this could be an interesting game, but right now I can't really recommend it given the major gameplay issues.
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1.1 hrs
Posted: July 26
This game reminds me of playing army men as a kid (those green army soldiers from toy story (stupid new generation with there istuff)).

Your base is left side of screen and you build and they get up and walk to the right side of the screen - gameplay. strategy comes in the item build order and unit streaming out.

I recommend this game if your into rts games want something easy to mod as it presents itself so.

This game would be awesome if the developer did a few things differently maybe automate it a little so theres continuous battle. make the battlefield a little larger. If the base had a little underground area ie base starts on a hill. then you build hangars that spawn out of the base. 3 areas of combat.. Air , ground and below ground.
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12.1 hrs
Posted: July 22
I personally like this game. It was a tower defense like game, and for the price it was good. Of course its not great, practically no story plot to conclusion. Very short campain and a bit confussing in the beggining especilly with the shade of color they decided to go with on your menu. It dig have some good gameplay and was really easy to very difficult quick but never lost an act. Overall I enjoyed it and to me it was worth the money.
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9.6 hrs
Posted: June 24
the idea of this game is quite decent with neat graphics and music but the game itself...not so much.
actually i would even say that the soundtrack is the best part of the game.
i can't recommend it and in fact i feel a little bad about it since the dev seemed to care and fixed a couple of issues but there were no updates for almost three months and he just doesn't seem to get the game under control.

this game is pretty much like a tower defense game like you played in your browsers years ago.
however there are two major problems:
a) the game starts easy but gets insanely hard later on _unless_ you discover the one and only strategy you need to finish both campaign and survival from start to finish without any problems. yes, i wrote about finishing the survival mode. that brings us to:

b) like bugs. there are some and some annoying ones indeed. sometimes the bullets just change direction in midair, fly back to your own units and damage or kill them. imagine how much fun it is to see your units kill themselves with their own bullets during or prior to a major attack on your base.
in unrelated news i've beaten the survival mode on one occasion. the enemies just stopped coming after about 50 minutes and that was the end of the story. 50 minutes sounds like a long time but it's easy when spamming the one unit you need to beat the game. of course i wont spoil it! but i guess some autoclicker software could play this game just as well as anybody else.

maybe the game will be updated and fixed in the future but i don't see me coming back to it. there's just no real reason to do so.

but if you feel generous then go ahead and buy the game for the soundtrack. that's quite a tune.
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33.4 hrs
Posted: June 3
The actual gameplay can be very fun, but it is also very frustrating due to enemy unit composition and there's usually a bottleneck of having to spam one certain unit to retain superiority on the map.

Fun for a few hours, but not really worth the price. Maybe pick up at a sale if you're really interested.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: May 28
Pretty Gay
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8.2 hrs
Posted: May 12
Production value is very good. Gameplay is still fairly low level, though. Lack of balance and variety. Good for a short time and a cheap price.
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3.0 hrs
Posted: April 13
Fairly typical base defense game where you defend onslaughts of enemies that come from 1 general direction and try to destroy your base.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: April 13
Very confusing!
It does not give a clear indication of what you can build or how many, (not even sure if I am correct), it seems that if you have too many units, it just greays out all build icons, so you can not build anything else!

Very strange game!
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