Into the Void is a strategy RPG and exploration sci-fi game with an epic story and intense battles. Travel through space and discover the origin of a cosmic threat which destroyed Earth centuries ago. Fight or cooperate with the different factions; be a leader !
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Release Date: Dec 4, 2015

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July 30

Version 1.8.1 and INTO THE VOID -75% sale

Into the Void is in the WEEKLY DEAL ! -75%

Version 1.8.1 brings:
- Link to the official Mozg Labs group added to the main screen
- Engine is updated to Unity 5.3.4
- Minor balance improvements and fixes

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May 23


Into the Void is in the WEEKLY DEAL ! -50%

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About This Game

Into the Void is a strategy RPG and exploration sci-fi game with an epic story and intense battles. Travel through space and discover the origin of a cosmic threat which destroyed Earth centuries ago. Fight or cooperate with the different factions; be a leader !

Fully command your faction. Build your fleet, arm it with tons of weapons and make all of your enemies’ burn.
You are responsible as a leader of all your choices, your people count on you.

Perform expeditions to outer space; gather ressources and take care of your crew's morale as it greatly influences your power.
You will choose the path through the stars and will discover many surprises.

Research tons of techs. You can't open all of them in one play-through, as there are lots of combinations. Choose your style of combat, adapt your strategy to your ennemies and arm your fleet.

Fight with different opponents. Each faction has its own tactics and technology stack, so you should plan your fleet equipment carefully.
Don't underestime the factions : En Eire, Kalthem, Auslia or The Brigadier's of Armageddon.

Space is a serious business. In space, there's no place to mistakes. So choose your options wisely, as turn-based system fully allows that.
There are no "good" or "bad" choices, only consequences.

  • great Rpg/tbs Mix With Unique Depth.
  • Randomly generated universe - each mission is unique every time you play it.
  • Long and interesting storyline.
  • Battle against 4 different factions.
  • Epic space turn-based battles.
  • Laser, Kinetic, Plasma and Explosive weapons: each with unique pros and cons.
  • 16 main missions
  • 20 sub-missions
  • Lots of battle ships with modifications
  • Over 100 technologies in 4 different branches - choose them wisely.
  • Tons of different items, from engines and shields to drones and infiltration squads.
  • Great visuals

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP SP2+
    • Processor: 1Ghz+
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256Mb
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.8+
    • Processor: 1Ghz+
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256Mb
    • Storage: 2 MB available space
    • Processor: 1Ghz+
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256Mb
    • Storage: 2 MB available space
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Not Recommended
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 5, 2015
The game is cheap enough, but I think it is not finished. It doesm't SEEM finished because the story it very weak and the game itself is incredibly repetitive.

The best description of the gameplay is a very bad copy of the combat system in Endless Space, but you can never retreat after a battle starts.

I am sorry devs but it feels as if I have wasted 10$ and 2 hours of my life. It is rather like watching a bad movie in the theater.
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Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 5, 2015
Very limited settings, but since it is originally a mobile game that is not that surprising.
UI is far from good, leaves much to wish for, not very intuitive.
Some spelling and grammatical mistakes, not that it matters that much other than as an annoyance.
The battles didn't feel thrilling at all, extremely mediocre.

If the review was for the mobile version it would most likely be better.

I'll look for something else, preferably not made with mobile in mind.

Oh well, considering the refund policy, just try it if you are curious ;)
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21.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 20, 2015
In this game, a type of miasma that wiped out earth has created a destructive field you are searching to find out clues as to why it's spreading. You will be tasked with building a fleet to discover what is going on. You will need to gather resources and use them to open new technologies and then can study and add various parts to your ships as you continue along. There are various factions that you will need to pick and choose between, as you will be pitted against others by working with or choosing not to work with them during your main questline. I have not found a whole lot of significance in picking or not picking one over another so far, but I am not very far into the story itself, so I am not sure what effects this might have later on.

The plot itself takes place in space, and the visual style is very appealing, I think. I also find the music to be very relaxing and not too overly annoying, even after listening to it for long periods of time. Some game music will grate on me after a while and I start to notice it too much, but this one is fine so far for me personally. Anyway, as you move forward and investigate various plot elements, you will be presented with dialogue and choices, which will advance it further along.
The key is to find a balance between the ships in your fleet, returning to base periodically as you gather more resources to further enhance your current build as you progress through the storyline. The mass of various types of ships, and what classes of weapons or equipment that can or cannot be added will determine what roles your ships will likely fill, and as you unlock more technology, you will start to get a better idea of what kind of build fits what you're trying to do. Again, I will emphasize, the key is finding the balance you want, and keeping the fuel levels adequate, while dealing with random buffs and debuffs that happen as small events during your travels in space, which I really enjoy. I have not been able to find any way to save ships if you don't want them to be actively in your fleet. You have to remove their equipment/weapons and dismantle them from what I can tell, but it would be nice if they could add a feature to save ships if you wanted to use alternative formations.

The battle system is not too overly fancy, but the way in which you can use various weapons and ship builds to engage in combat is an interesting aspect to the game. You can set individual ships strategies to be more balanced, or offensive or defensive, depending on what their strengths and weaknesses are. You can choose to let the battles happen on their own at a faster rate with the Auto button on the right side, but I have found it difficult to play with the auto battle settings on so far. The AI doesn't seem to work as well as if you manually battle, so I end up trying to toggle between speeding it up on auto during the opponent's turn, and going to manual before my attacks. It would be nice if there was a way to set up and customize how your AI fights battles in a general sort of way, prioritizing certain attack patterns or strategies.

One thing I do not like about the battle system is that each turn takes a bit too long it seems, in my opinion. After you select an attack, the speed and wait between attacks beginning and ending is a bit too long. I am not sure if there is any way to make this faster, but I've found no option as of yet. Another thing about combat I think should be fixed: if you pick an attack in manual mode and switch to auto before the attack actually happens, the move will cancel out, and it will pick its own attack sequence. I find this a bit problematic if I hit the auto button too fast on my last attack of a sequence, and hope this can be fixed at a later time.

The weapons can have varying effectiveness as well, depending on type. Most direct hull (ship's HP) damage weaponry is shorter range, in general, so you will likely have to take out the front line of ships first, and then the bigger support and defensive ones after. You can attack the hull directly, which will mainly go after the shields, depending on the type of weapons used, or try to lower the numbers on individual parts of the ship you target. Lowering the shields first will help most of the conventional weaponry to take off bigger numbers to individual parts of the ship, and I have found taking out the armor to generally be the most effective way to eliminate a ship from the battlefield.

Each turn, you can attack or defend, and weapons consume power every turn. This is alleviated by either waiting in defense mode each turn, or using support ships to give energy to other ships when they are too low to use various attacks or skills on their given turns. I really like the resource gathering system in the game, and gaining new tech as I go. Each battle yields a little of each of the types of resources, and once you have ships in your fleet capable of using probes, you can try to scavenge planet bases, as well as directly salvaging materials from the planet itself to gain even more resources. If you run out, you can simply go to another planet and return and this will replenish your probes. Returning to base will accomplish the same thing, restoring your fleet completely back to normal.

This is great to do in the side quest mode, which you can basically use as a sandbox mode to gather as much as you want, while fighting battles as you go. I have had a glitch happen as well to one of my ships where the power was stuck below a certain amount, so I could not attack, and I had to return to base and remove its equipment and then re-equip it all in order to get the number to return back to its normal amount.

The missions seem rather simplistic, and in a lot of ways I think this is a good thing. I like the dialogue that is involved, . It is nice you can go back to previous acts if the new ones seem to be overly tough. I've spent the majority of my time so far in free roam gathering resources so far, and this aspect of the game is quite addictive, in my opinion, and I'm having a lot of fun learning new technologies, and collecting resources to learn the various blueprints and then add them to ships. You can also create an extended version of the blueprint, raising the stats of each type of number, but at a cost of more mass. There are various types of equipments to increase aspects of the ship such as hull, mass, power, etc.

In summary: The game is surprisingly fun, not too flashy, and visually appealing. The music is a plus, since it is subtle and relaxing, and for me it fits in with the rest of the game well. The basic gathering aspect is highly addictive and fun, and the progression is a bit slow, I think. It seems to speed up as you hit new acts though, as the need for more resources continues to increase. I enjoy researching new tech, and it's quite rewarding unlocking new ships and weapon and equipment blueprints. I would like to see the battles go by a little faster at times though, and your AI be a little bit smarter about how to attack the enemy fleets. You can gather in side missions until you are ready to move forward, so you can pace yourself in a non-linear way. I'd love to have more options in prioritizing the AI during the auto battles, and/or have ways to speed up manual battling. I'd also love to see a hangar feature implemented to save ships you may not actively want in your fleet instead of having no choice but to dismantle them. A couple of possible bugs are the regenerating probes, and the one ship's power number getting stuck where I could no longer attack. Another possible bug is the cancellation of the manual attack if you switch back to auto mode before it has gotten to a certain point in the attack phase.

I give this a solid 8.5/10 out of what I've played so far. Great game!
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Not Recommended
10.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 12
A mobile game that tries it's wings on Steam - and gets hamstrung precisely because of it's roots in the mobile - roots it has not been able to get rid of or alter enough to make up for it shortcomings in a very tightly competetive environment that steam is with it's large plethora of lite-scifi games.

So is it really that bad then? No. a neutral review would be in order if it could be possible but this game just doesnt have much reason to be positively praised either. Terrible UI (you really need to put some effort into learning what is what - there are no tooltips or anything. Read the few guides that exist!). Weird mission system. Stranger than stranger colony management. No information on enemy movement. you basically just try to grab as much as you can and survive by beating up weaker fleets with stronger or optimized ships. Meanwhile killer enemy fleets grab your colonies - and you can either go there and take them back - or hit into a massive armada and be forced to watch it get trashed until you can reload. Ditto for putting your nose too close to enemy colonies. Eventually the repeating tasks you do gets tiring as there is too much guesswork on what to do next. On a positive side you can move around pretty freely and collect resources as you see fit. Luckily so because tight time limits would be absolute killer for this game due to little information on what needs to be done or where you are lacking vs. enemy factions.

So in the end i give this a Negative because it doesnt give much of valueto the player. No feelings of accomplishment. It is simply too bland and competition is tough.
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26 of 32 people (81%) found this review helpful
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14.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 8, 2015
I usually let my videos speak for themselves, but have to say that I've been thoroughly addicted to this game over the past few's been helping me pass the time as I deal with this sudden bout of costochondritis. While the missions do tend to get repetitive, I find that I actually enjoy it. The best past is unlocking new ships and tech and trying out new combinations with the resources you earn. I also like that you can grind out enemy ships in free roam in the previous system should you find your current one too challenging. It's not as in-depth as other space RPGs out there, but I like it for the same reason I like Sid Meier's's relatively easy to get into after getting through a short learning curve.
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17 of 18 people (94%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
25.0 hrs on record
Posted: April 6
This game had so much prmise when I bought it. I liked the description and the screen captures looked nice. But once you get into the game it is a nightmare. There is no real story that I have been able to find and the "tutorial" is simply some popup text bubbles pointing out what the symbols on the hub mean and then you are thrown into the game with a metaphorical "good luck a-hole" your ships slowly drift from planet to planet encountering enemies along the way to gain resources to build more ships and upgrade the ones you have.

But when you encounter an enemy it clearly shows you the enemy fleet and their combat stats but there is no option to run or opt out of the fight so if the enemy fleets stats are higher you have to sit and slowly watch your ships be torn apart turn by turn. The best you can do besides alt-f4ing out of the game is click auto in the bottom right corner but that only speeds up your destruction a small ammount and takes away any tactics you could have because the game attacks for you.

And lastly it appears that this is an abandoned project anyway because i just tried the game again after uninstalling it a year ago (the reason I am writing this review) and not a single thing has changed.
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5.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 31, 2015
Into the Void is a interesting strategy game with RPG elements set place in the future. The plot in short is: people had to leave Earth because strange radiation infected the planet. This radiation started to grow and our goal is to stop this.
The game first been released to smartphones, but now come to the PC too. Because this at the start I haven't expected much, but the game was a surprise to me. The gameplay is simple enough, we should explore the cosmos, collecting resources, developing our own base and fleet to be strong when we fight with enemy. The ship developing is deep enough , we can upgrade the fleet in a lot of different ways depending of what tactic we want chose in a battles. Battles are turn based; if you want this to pass a little bit faster, you can choose the auto battle. Graphic is simple, but nice and easy to see through. Music is good, relaxing and not annoying. One of biggest negative in a game I think is a tutorial system. Not informative enough, forcing the player to discover stuff by trying.

So my verdict

+clear graphic
+good music
+deep ship customization
+steam achievements and trading cards

-a tutorial system is quite weak
-some bugs

So what I should say? This game not perfect, but good enough. If you like the 4X Sci-Fi games, I think you should try this one. The game have a relaxing music, enjoyable gameplay and good customization at ships. The biggest minus the tutorial, but I think if you like that game types its shouldn’t be a big problem for you. The price for this game at the moment I think a bit high especially if you not a fan of this sort of games, but if its get good discount I think you should try this one even you're aren't too familiar with this genre.

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3.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 7
Product received for free
Basic Information
Title: Into the Void
Developer: Mozg Labs
Publisher: Mozg Labs
Genre: Space Fleet Simulator

General Impression
It’s hard to pin Into the Void to one single, predominant genre and I consider this a very fortunate exception from the rule. Far too many Sci-Fi themed video games focus on just one gameplay aspect and leave other parts, less developed. This title mixes near flawlessly the strategic elements with those more commonly found in roguelike RPGs while the randomly generated campaigns maintain the sense of mystery between each new playthrough. The cel-shaded graphics engine is a welcome change from most strategic space sims and the soundtrack didn’t disappoint either. A tutorial could have been more fleshed out but I was never overwhelmed by Into the Void’s difficulty. Sure, some choices lead to inevitable losses within you fleet but I consider that an important lesson on the many compromises you must endure as a leader. Onto the subject of the ships themselves you have a rich variety of armaments and technological advancements, giving you an edge over competing factions. I never understood some of the reviews claiming the unresponsive controls or the inflated price tag. I stand behind none of these claims since I consider the game decently priced, given its scope and replay value and I was never hindered by the control scheme (in truth I wouldn’t have known Into the Void is a PC port, until I read it in some reviews). Some repetitive combat animations and several non-game-breaking bugs are the only cons I will acknowledge. You have a competent fleet and space exploration simulator, also offering strategic and personal choices. What more could you ask?

Strong Points
+ Beautiful art style and sound effects.
+ Rich story and diversified missions with freedom of choice.
+ Steam Achievements & Trading Cards

Weak Points
- A few bugs and glitches.
- Some repetitive animations.

Rating 8/10

This review was submitted for Imperial Reviews.
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12 of 14 people (86%) found this review helpful
7.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 12, 2015
This game was a surprise to me. The first thing that caught me was the graphics, they are clean and elegant and fit the theme of the game very well. The next thing was the surprising depth of the game. You see Into the Void is a mobile app that has been ported over to the PC. Because of this I wasn't expecting much from it, having had bad experiences in the past with iOS or android ports. I doubted that a 4x style game designed for mobile could hold my attention on the PC, especially considering the user interface, which is very obviously designed for mobile, and a limited 4 sets of resources. But this game surprised me with a rather deep ship building and management system that really allows you to customize your fleet.

Certainly the game's mobile roots show through, with most options being hidden over to the edges of the screen, and with buttons that are more akin to thumb or finger pressing then a mouse. In addition the necessary simplicity does show through at times. Yet, through it all, I find myself coming back to play this game again and again, several times, despite having other games sitting in my library waiting to be played.

The biggest flaw this game has, is the monumental learning curve at the beginning of the game. The game doesn't give you much in the way of tutorial, simply describing what some options are and letting you go. But even this isn't insurmountable, and there is no punishment for replaying old missions to farm materials so that you can try out new strategies and build up your forces.

Is this a perfect game? No, far from it. However it is a very good game, and well worth the price if you want a medium depth 4x sci fi romp.

NOTE - I was given a free copy of this game in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
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13 of 17 people (76%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 5
Product received for free
Into the Void Review
Into the Void is a fish out of water, hanging awkwardly in a limbo between mobile and PC in terms of its gameplay. A great game for mobile standards, but stands out like a sore thumb amidst the other indie games developed for PC. Scoring for this game will be based on what I expect from a PC game asking for $10.

All in all, Into the Void bites off more than it can chew and is hindered by its focus on mobile platforms rather than the PC. I highly recommend getting this game on mobile instead, where it's in its element.

Gameplay 2/10, lacks variation, has interesting ideas but poorly executed.
The player takes the helm of their own fleet, being able to click on locations on the map to travel to different galaxies and visit planets within the solar system. This function is somewhat similar to the Normandy in Mass Effect 2, in which the player controls a scale model of their ship from a top-down angle, navigating the map to decide where to land on.

Occasionally, the player's ship will fly across hostile territory, marked with a red sonar pulse around planets. This is when the player's fleet engages in combat. The combat is comparable to FTL, allowing players to target different parts of the enemy ship. After the ships exchange fire, the player is brought back to the same screen in order to select a ship to target. If the player is victorious, he/she will be rewarded with materials and research points. Research can be used to develop new weaponry, while the materials are used to construct the upgrades that you want to attach to your ship.

From what I notice, crew morale can be brought down if the ship performs badly in a battle. Unfortunately the game doesn't even provide the player with a tutorial on how to use these relatively unique game mechanics to their advantage. I have no idea how such factors are effected, or which component of the ship I'm supposed to target to gain an edge over the enemy. To make matters worse, I found the targeting process to be extremely time-consuming so I gave up and used the "Auto(missing: target??)" function.

While waiting for the combat animation to finish, I had to opportunity to set off to meet the love of my life, settle down and grow extremely close to my grandchildren. The combat animation is dull and gives the player no reason to stay seated and watch, nor does it provide any option to skip the animation entirely.

The reason why these games are more successful on a mobile platform is because it's targeted at a much more laid-back and casual crowd. Mobile games allow for on-and-off gaming, allowing the player to put down their phone, look away and continue with their work. If I sit down on my PC, it means I'm planning on playing a game which keeps me occupied. It means I am dedicating my time to play the game. Into the Void keeps the player occupied by frequently getting stuck in the combat animation as it begins to loop endlessly, with restarting the game being the only 'fix' for this issue as it forces the game to jump back to its last autosave.

A chunk of the game is evidently underdeveloped or missing and navigating the god-awful UI is painstakingly inefficient and disorientating. These buttons were obviously made for a left and right thumb, not a cursor. Additionally, even free mobile games offer an in-depth tutorial covering all aspects of the game. Into the Void's tutorial is poorly explained and doesn't even provide any guidance through the usage of visual pings, something which could have at least given me a basic understanding of where I should be clicking, and why. All the confusion adds up as the player gets more lost in the game, with no idea what to do or where to go. 45 minutes into the game and I've already grown sick and tired of it.

Simply put, the game just doesn't cut it for a $10 PC game and its gameplay just isn't something that PC players will find acceptable. Honestly, the game has no reason to be ported to PC, it simply doesn't fit and there's no reason to play this game on PC instead of on mobile, which is the platform the game was developed for!

Story 1/10, scrapes a point for the idea of grand space factions, but is poorly presented and unoriginal.
Here's a basic rundown: Earth is ♥♥♥♥ed, but people are still alive. There are factions but their traits are quickly forgotten, the player is unsure of which faction he's a part of because the game simply throws all of this information at your face in a slideshow which serves as the game's prologue. How were these factions formed? Why have the humans been scattered across the stars, especially when an alien threat has just consumed Earth? It's almost as if these plot points were forgotten during development and being only 45 minutes into the game, I simply forgot all about the story in my boredom.

Honestly, it's a massive flop and it's been lazily presented to the player. A failure even for a mobile game.

Visuals 4/10, offensive UI, inconsistent texture quality.
This game awkwardly uses the fullscreen function on the computer, and the graphics options only allow the player to choose from "high, medium and low". No borderless windowed mode or plain windowed mode, the game is locked at fullscreen by default and intends to stay that way. The in-game camera pans about the same angle over and over again, making it extremely annoying during the unskippable and lengthy combat animation.

Limited by its nature as a mobile game and frustratingly linear camera angles, the game hurts itself by restricting the player at a certain angle, forbidding a 360-degree inspection of the admittedly detailed and well-designed ships. This decision is confusing and I expect developers to at least modify their game to better fit the PC audience and making use of the PC's hardware. Instead, the game just stands as a mobile game being awkwardly projected on a bigger screen, with the cursor being the only difference between the mobile version and the PC release.

Ultimately, the game's faults can all be blamed on its mobile-based development. Just because a game is nice on mobile doesn't mean it's automatically worthy of a PC port, it's a sickening trend that I hope does not grow beyond controllable proportion.

The developer is on the right track to producing a proper mobile game, but the game's principle and core mechanics fail to satisfy PC users. Into the Void is a shoddy PC port of an unfinished mobile game and I hope that eventually, Mozg labs will come to their senses and put in effort to show off their creativity by making a proper PC game. The game does not leave a good first impression and in the end, there's no incentive to keep playing it.

In case anybody is wondering, 45 minutes were spent on the first Act. The game repeatedly crashed on me, bugged out and the combat animations lasted up to 5 whole minutes, forcefully stretching out the playtime. It was a painful to play and honestly, when the game already shows this many flaws within the first 30 minutes of playtime, something has to be wrong.

7/30, it's game designed for the mobile platform unnecessarily ported to PC

NOTE: This is a review for the PC port of the game, the game stands as an impressive MOBILE game packed with content.
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Recently Posted
1.0 hrs
Posted: August 29
Played this game just long enough to realize I'd wasted my 10$ and was better off not wasting my time too.

I don't know how it plays on PC, but on Mac this game makes no sense. Despite the many annoying popup tips, I couldn't get a battle to work and trying to do so taught me that the battles (even if they did work) would be very uninteresting to me in the long run.

This is so obviously an iPad game converted to PC, the virtual buttons are tediously "touchable" in the same way console games end up tediously real-button-heavy when ported to PC.

Read some reviews from people who actually figured this stinker out and played through the campaign before giving up completely, but if you want the honest reaction of someone who had hopes for this then move on ASAP.

FWIW: NOT AT ALL an OSX alternative to No Man's Sky. Get Elite: Dangerous if you want a decent space sim, many people recommend it. I tried to save cash because I wanted a simpler game, but this isn't simpler it's dumber.

If anyone knows a good space sim for OSX that will give me some of that new-age flying-through-space experience of NMS please leave a comment!
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3.0 hrs
Posted: August 24
Into the Void - a strategy RPG and exploration sci-fi game with an epic story and intense battles. Travel through space and discover the origin of a cosmic threat which destroyed Earth centuries ago.

Pluses and minuses after ~ 1,5 hours of a game

  • Good music
  • Presence of the atmosphere of space
  • Traiding Cards (...)
  • throughout all time strummed by me I didn't notice bugs in general
  • Good graphics
  • Possibility of construction and upgrade of the ship
  • Linux'a Support - for that special thank you

  • It would be desirable to vuvidet the initial tutorial better
  • It would be desirable to see slightly more equipment and various technologies
  • Slightly to reduce the price (It personally wash a whim)
Good game, I recommend for purchase)
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7.7 hrs
Posted: August 21
Product received for free
I'm really shakey about this game I've spent a few hours in this game and I'm still playing. This game looks really good, it's crisp clean with stunning visuals. You have much to learn with it's complex RPG elements, all in a good way, it's a good way to demolish boredom once you get into it.

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1.7 hrs
Posted: July 28
Looked great but I felt that you made a lot of decisions about research, upgrades and equipment but all in all they don't differ that much. For instance; in combat it almost always the best to just target the enemy hull. I can't really choose which resources I want to get untill I can build colonies which just make the resource handling feel plain. Overall great potential but kinda lack real options, prioritries and the likes to feel intresting. Combat is a repetetive and boring, and since you sometimes can't retreat; you might lose the game to an unavoidable non retreatable combat. But maybe I'm just bad at the game.
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Grimm Spector
10.6 hrs
Posted: July 27
Excellent game overall so far. Unsure why the poor reviews!

Strong strategy elements, though the localization could use some work. Tutorial is somewhat spare and there's no real indication of what various numbers mean.

For those that like to experiment this isn't a deal breaker, and none of the odd choices of phrasing make a significant impact on the gameplay or story overall.

I'd definitely recommend this game to anyone who really enjoys strategy games! Artwork is pretty good. Tech tree and concepts are interesting. The only con is that a lot of tech is poorly described and you have to try it in action to get an idea how it works. This is OK for some, and leaves some replay value!
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5.2 hrs
Posted: June 21
Product received for free
Not Horrible game , not great either . If u like space strategy/rpg you can try it .
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Big Daddy Cool Majere
6.3 hrs
Posted: June 18
Into the Void is yet another clone entered into the gaming world. While it has Great Idea for how the game should be it sadly falls far short. Your fleet from what I have played is 6 ships of your choice (when classes unlocked and buildable) from battlecruisers to your typical Super Capitals these types of games have.

The Combat gets stale quickly as the same visuals are seen in near all the fights. Any Intense fighting it advertised I did not encounter in its Turn Based Combat. Issue Order to each ship individually as its turn arrives, choose which guns to fire, at which ships, click end, wait for next ships turn. Each animation has the ships turn the guns at each other.... Each and Everytime and then they open fire. After your 10th time broadsiding the enemy (all you do is Broadside) you would think the crew would keep the guns trained instead of aligning them back across your Bow. But, nope, Each shot... Guns turn towards the ship you have been engaged with for over 8 minutes... fire its volley, and recenters itself forward. Maintain Targetting solution does not exist in this game.

While you can Colonize planets and take over bases, that is about as far as it goes. When you have Resources Click the upgrade on the Structure you put on the planet for mining, harvesting antimatter, farming, or Entertainment centers. Each of these assists in its obvious areas. You get One Structure Per Planet. Your Resources gather each day, click and forget. No setting up supply chains, gaurding transports that might get under attack, nothing further to manage. They might come under attack havent had it happen yet.

Research and Manufacturing are Instant if you collected enough points. These are gathered from Raiding enemy fleets, bases, or probing planets. Once you have enough points, you click what you wanted and you have it. The same goes for building any ship, If you have the points Its Insta built.

Fitting the ships is done in a few clicks. Drag whatever weapons onto the matching Colored box and you have it equipped, upgrade it if you can fit it. Each module has mass and power outputs. Get to heavy and respond slower in turns, Have to little power and you cant fire. Modules of course Exist to boosts anything from Damage to power generation. Larger classes can use fleet boosting modules.

Your missions are a few multi choice questions, then go and enter combat somewhere. Use Autocombat (which cant kill anything quickly) or manually select your choices as mentioned before. After you complete the final missions you automatically return to base. You can return to base at anypoint you want, Even when low on fuel, your magically refilled and made the multiple refuelling trip back in a single click.

This game could become something if it made the combat more exciting, expanded on planet management or even let you run multiple fleets. Some others have mentioned this game was a Mobile game and it would fit in well with those style of dumbed down content that exist on the mobile platform. But when you can get other games like this for cheaper or equal pricing that offer better, its hard to suggest to anyone to purchase this.
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Posted: June 8
Product received for free
see for real i liked the game and it was something i have never seen oh call of duty i have seen it in cod 13 lol cod is stealing

no but the gamplay is nice first i saw the photos of the game and it was nice but THE TRAILER OMG PHOTOSHOP!

the game is nice but the markiting sucks like you make a nice game and you put a bad trailer for it then they dont buy it

some pepole say oh this game looks like a mobile game okay what are you trying to say about the mobile games

and pepole ♥♥♥♥ on this game becasue of that but the most say that well it is good IF YOU LIKE RPG GAMES GO FOR IT IT IS A NEW WAY OF MAKEING AN RPG GAME NICE WORK YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW THE DEVING GAMES IS VERY HARD !

9/10 ign
8/10 gamespot
9/10 me
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