Planet Diver is about an adventurous daredevil tackling her newest obsession: Interstellar wing suit diving. With her close robotic companion Buddy she'll travel across space to seek out the most dangerous planets and their respective chasms to dive in.
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Release Date: Nov 30, 2015

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“In conclusion, this game is cool as hell and no one knows about it.”
Super Bunnyhop

“Planet Diver is crazy, fast, intense fun.”
The Australia Times

“Overall we had a lot of fun with Planet Diver and can certainly recommend it.”
Game Ramble

About This Game

Planet Diver is about an adventurous daredevil tackling her newest obsession: Wing suit diving. With her close robotic companion Buddy she'll travel across space to seek out the most dangerous planets and their respective chasms to dive in. You'll dive through a variety of deadly and exotic planets, fighting off the flora and fauna of each locale, while collecting valuable star stuff to further fund your adventures.

Use your hard earned rewards to fly to more distant planets, as well as to acquire new outfits and special ability modifiers! Along the way you can compete online for the best dive or try to unlock rewards by completing tough challenges. Careful how deep you dive though... Who knows what slumbers within the planet's core?

  • An extensive campaign made out of 3 planets, 9 biomes and 75 unique missions with a quirky story and challenges.
  • Carefully crafted, randomly generated chasms that make each dive unique!
  • An endless arcade mode for each planet that pushes the challenge to the limit.
  • All planets have their own special biomes, obstacles, enemies and bosses!
  • Fast paced gameplay where you need to avoid, brake and speed up like a pro!
  • Unique obstacles and enemies like bats that follow your every move, lava that slowly cuts off your escape or a... giant whale?!
  • A lot of terrifying boss fights that require fast reflexes and a sharp mind.
  • A vibrant setting with a fun, quirky story to explore in the depth of space!
  • A cool astro shop full of unlockables like diving suits, modifiers and music!
  • Competitive leaderboards for the score junkies out there!
  • Plenty of hidden easter eggs that can be found throughout the extensive planet surfaces you explore!
  • NEW: Speed running mode to compete for the fastest completion of each mission!
  • NEW: Black hole mode that allows you to customize your dives by adjusting the chasm generation!

The goal's simple, dive down while collecting all the star stuff along the way! Along the way you'll need to take the offensive or defensive to survive... This game might be easy to learn, but it is hard to master! The faster you go, the higher the star stuff multiplier. There are 75 missions to explore, and each level pushes you to new limits with specific goals you need to accomplish.

In your dives you collect star stuff, which is essential to your progress! You can spend it on outfits or modifiers that adjust your abilities! You can also spend them on star maps unlocking distant planets with new missions, obstacles, biomes and enemies!

Are you ready to tackle the vastness of space and become the raddest, intergalactic chasm diver? Yeah, of course you are! Get diving!

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System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • OS: OS X 10.6
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04
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Pre-Release Review
Posted: December 1, 2015

Planet Diver is an action game about diving through planets using a wing suit. Diving through these planets will be dangerous and you’ll find many obstacles in your way but fear not, for you have Buddy with you! Buddy is your robotic companion of amusement and will be of use to you on your perilous adventure.


Planet Diver’s graphical style is quite hard to describe, it’s almost as if it’s being displayed on a relatively old analogue TV, well not really but you get the idea. Anyway, this graphical style not only fits the game well but also looks damn good! While fairly simple, all of the models in game look great, particularly some of the more colourful enemies you’ll face.


Taking place on three planets each with three different biomes, Planet Diver’s 75 missions is reasonably varied and with an endless arcade mode too there’s a good amount of bang for your buck. The core mechanics of the game are incredibly simple. The levels have different lanes your character can travel in. As well as having the ability to move left or right into a new lane you can also speed up or slow down (the speeds and number of speed levels vary depending on what Buddy mods you have but the default is three different levels of speed). Speeding up (boosting) just before hitting an enemy will allow you to fly through them, i.e. kill them. Slowing down (braking) is used as a way to dodge as well as a way to recharge your boosts (default number of charges is three).

Okay so it’s not quite that simple. For a start you have two health bars, meaning you can take three hits before it’s game over. A health bar is depleted whenever you hit or get hit by something without dodging or boosting. For example if you fly straight into one of the many unfriendly creatures found in the game you’ll lose one health bar. But fear not! Health bars can be recharged by killing creatures or by collecting star stuff. Star stuff is a resource found throughout the game, the amount found depends on your speed and how far into the level you are, the more you collect the more your health bar is recharged. Star stuff is also the game’s currency and can be used to purchase new skins, Buddy mods and soundtracks. As well as all of this the tunnel you fly through isn’t smooth with nothing in it, there are often obstacles in the level which you’ll need to dodge if you want to survive.

Back to those pesky creatures I mentioned earlier. There are some. You’ll find them throughout each level and more often than not they’ll do their damn best to make your life a misery. What they do, of course, varies with each critter. Some of them will follow you and then dive bomb into you while others will sit on the wall of the level and shoot webs that slow you down at you. As well as these, you’ll find yourself in boss fights at certain points in the game. The bosses are damn well challenging I’ll tell you that, even the best Planet Divers will struggle a little here.

The last thing worth mentioning about the gameplay is the fact that each level has a challenge you have to complete in order to progress with each challenge having three levels: bronze (the minimum needed to unlock the next level), silver and gold. Generally these are relatively easy to do without going too far out of your way in any given level though some of them are rather challenging. While I did like these challenges I did feel as though some of them were a little too harsh considering the fact you can’t progress without completing them. For example the first boss fight’s challenge is to only get hit three times for bronze, something that’s incredibly hard to achieve. Now you can of course avoid the challenges thanks to something I’ll mention in the next section but I didn’t want to take the easy way out and I imagine most people won’t.

  • While there’s not much of a story in the game there is dialogue between Buddy and the diver before the start of each level and it’s often rather amusing.
  • Store prices felt a little steep to me, I wasn’t able to purchase my first item until about two thirds of the way through the first planet.
  • The soundtrack fits nicely with the game but does get a little repetitive after a few hours of gameplay.
  • This should be obvious but the game relies pretty heavily on your reaction times so if you’re particular slow when it comes to reacting to games you might not have the best time while playing.
  • If you fail a level a fair few times in a row you’ll be given the option to do a super easy run. You won’t be able to keep any of the star stuff you collect but you’ll be able to complete the mission.
  • The price of Planet Diver is considerably less than I expected when I was playing and reviewing the game, at this price I really can’t see any reason for you not to buy it.

Want to know what the game looks like in action? Check out this short gameplay video:


Worth Purchasing.

Planet Diver is a fun and often challenging action game where you’ll plunge through narrow levels using your wing suit. The graphics are nice and the gameplay is relatively simple but very entertaining.

Review Copy Provided.

No drama, Just Reviews.

El K.
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4.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 8, 2015
I was supplied with this key by the developer, this however did not affect the review. All my developer sponsored reviews are positive because I review games that I like!

one look at the screenshots tells you what this game is about, but under that simplicity there is complexity to it.
the premis is that diver wants to dive through each planet just for fun, this leads to a carefree atmosphere to the game, and some funny dialog exchanges between the diver and buddy.
gameplay wise it is a top-down scroller, but with several factores affecting it it becomes more by opening up ways for different play styles; unlockables and varied enemy types will allow you freedom of play where speed is not the only solution to every situation, nor is it the best.

  • art style: pixel art, but seems like a filter aplied to it to make it look like its being played on an old TV.
  • sound design: music choices and how it sounds lends to the old TV feel the game is going for, and the game sound effects are clear, and distinct, to allow you to rely on them for sound cues.
  • unlockables.
  • references to other works of entertainment.
  • considerable amount of levels to keep you coming back.
  • likeable characters.
  • enemy variety.
  • simple controls: you can play with either hand alone without inconvenience.
  • arcad mode for competitive play.
  • addicting gameplay.

  • limited choice of unlockable music: its a con because after a while, the music you hear all the time starts to get irretating.
  • movment: moving left or right doesnt feel natural or smooth, its more like etching lane by lane, which is good for precise movment, but breaks the flow of the movement.
  • key bindings: because some actions have more than one key bound to it, and some keys more than one action bound to it. this causes some inconvenience, but also provides alternatives to those kind of problems.
  • minor glitches from time to time.

Score: 8/10

fun, addicting, and plenty of content for its price. this is an excellent time waster with not a dull moment.

For more recommendations by LL's Game Giveaways and Reviews on quality indie games or ones with high potential follow our group curtations here!
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3.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 6
More people need to know about this game. Skydiving through planets at breakneck speed, killing bats and getting starstuff on the way, dodging asteroids with a little robot at your side: WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? The twitch reflex movement and quick pace make this an addicting and exciting experience that should absolutely be played by everyone.

Plus: you can dress your diver up like Zelda and Samus.
Game. Set. Match.

tldr: 10/10, would gather sufficient starstuff to purchase again
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4.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 23
~~Key provided by developer. This does not affect my review, these are my honest opinions.~~
Tags: Indie, Action, Arcade, Pixel Graphics, Sci-fi, Fast-Paced, Funny, Female Protagonist.
Points of interest
  • Colorful, appealing retro graphics that look like they are displayed on an analogue tv screen
  • Starstuff is the currency, which you earn by collecting in stages or completing certain goals in story mode. You can use it to buy the unlocks.
  • Fast-paced gameplay that demands fast reflexes
  • Story mode (where you have to complete certain objectives each dive) and arcade mode (to brag about your highscore in kills, distance, and starstuff, which is the currency)
  • In story mode, there are three levels of objectives you can complete: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The harder challenges award more starstuff, but only bronze is required to pass a level.
  • Several different maps to play on and dozens of upgrades to enhance your gameplay, both cosmetically and mechanically. You can unlock new areas to explore, new mods for your robot buddy, alternate appearance for your suit, and new soundtracks.
  • 2 important things that you will have to manage: health and energy. You can take 3 hits before dying on a full heath bar and you can replenish your health by collecting starstuff. Your energy bar is depleted when you use the down arrow key to boost and is refilled when you use the up arrow to slowdown.
  • Well-designed UI
  • Affordable price tag ($3.99).
  • Hard to play for long sessions of time. In my opinion, it is best played in short, 10-20 minute periods.
  • Upgrades have an unreasonable price which discouraged me from buying some of them. Then again, they can keep you coming back for more.
  • Difficult to control moving from left to right. The arrow keys need to be tapped multiple times to move from side to side. I think it would feel more fluid if you had the option to hold down the left and right buttons instead of tap them several times. You also use up and down arrows to perform your special abilities. By default, up is used to brake and gives you brief invulnerability. Down, on the other hand, sends you rocketing forward at high speeds, smashing through any obstacles and enemies along your way for a few seconds. The up and down arrow keys feel ok, it’s just the right and left keys that are awkward.
Planet Diver is a fast-paced, Sci-fi arcade game. It has 2 different game modes, colorful graphics, reflex demanding gameplay, and several different maps. Suffers from some control issues, but other than that, I highly recommend you check this game out($3.99 is an excellent price)!

My implemented rating system:
Run away! 1-2/10
Handle with caution… 3-4/10
Buy on sale: 5-6/10
Every day purchase: 7-8/10
Must buy: 9-10/10

This game’s rating: 8/10. This is an excellent game to pick up if you want to have a blast and kill some spare time.
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12 of 15 people (80%) found this review helpful
18.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 2, 2015
The game is fun, but controls are jerky. Tapping left or right needs to be fixed. having to tap a key a lot just to move left or right is very frustraiting.


Give people the ability to map their controls
Add controller support
Add collectable powerups

7/10 for the moment. nice little Retro game goin on over here!

Edit: Now that i've played with a controller, this is really fun!
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4.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 16
You're relaxing in the lounge of your spaceship when the bucket list app on your phone alerts you to the fact that there is something you still have not yet done in life: cliff dive into the deepest caverns on alien planets. So you grab your A.I. companion drone, wing suit and rocket boots and get ready to jump!

Planet diver is a different take on the minimalist "runner" style of games. You're on a non-stop collision course with the finish line (unless you're in a survival mode where you just keep falling), your weapon is either your limited dash or your companion (depending on upgrades), and your job is to avoid or destroy obstacles in your path while gathering "starstuff" to buy new upgrades/costumes/music.

Controls are very simple: left and right or A and D to move left and right along your track, down or S to perform a dash attack and increase your speed, and W or up to perform a dual purpose "evade-brake" that both evades obstacles and drops your speed to the lowest rate.

Each fall (run) takes place in a semi-randomly generated pit divided into invisible lanes, littered with a variety of enemies, obstacles, and starstuff. Enemies and mobile obstacles, such as boulders, can be evaded or destroyed, while immobile obstacles, such as protruting walls, separated walls and flame geysers, must be avoided entirely. falling through starstuff collects it to be used at the shop between falls, with your current speed acting as a collection modifier: the faster you are, the more you get per collection.

The character has two gauges: Health and Dash. Depending on upgrades, the character han have 1-3 health and 1-4 dashes. Striking any obstacles take away one health, which is restored by collecting starstuff or destroying enemies; striking an obstacle while at less than one helth ends the run. Each time a dash it performed, one point of the dash gauge is consumed; dashes regenerate over time and by evade-braking.

Beyond regular gameplay, there are also per-level missions, a speed run timer, and planetary bosses. Level missions are objectives attached to each level, such as "kill X bats" or "keep an average speed rating of X", that award starstuff and rating stars upon completion. The speed run gauge tracks how quickly you complete a fall and is purely competitive. At the end of each planet is a boss with its own mechanics to beat; defeat each boss to unlock the next planet and ultimately complete story mode.

While I have some personal qualms over the dialogue character design, overall the game is fun. I highly recommend this game to any reflex gamer or anybody loooking for a "coffee break" game, and hope to see great things in the future If this is the expected quality of this developer,
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
5.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 14
I picked this game up based on George "SuperBunnyHop" Weidman's reccommendation, and I'm glad I did. I don't know what it is about this game, but it just makes me matter how frustrating it can be at times.

+Superb music and sound
+Pixelized aesthetic that ADDS to the game's visuals
+Tons of replayability with game modifiers and other stuff to buy
+Endless charm and endearing dialogue
+The game has a Transistor reference AND a Metroid reference.

-Price of a lot of the items in the game are rather steep
-Difficult for those that don't have lightning quick reflexes
-Repeatedly failing the same challenge over and over and over again is incredibly frustrating
-Can be impossible to navigate at times due to inconsistent camera positions
-Needs more fanservice

Overall, excellent game! Great for when I need a quick break.
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2.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 15
Good casual game, you can play it in short bursts, it is speedy and has some diffrent modes for play and style.
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Posted: December 5, 2015
The jazzy track reminded me so much of Gravity Daze's "Pleasure Quarter" that I just couldn't NOT buy the game.
Also Diver looks a bit like Kat too.

And this led me to noticing Gravity Daze's remastered version is coming out soon and the collector's edition is amazing and sold out everywhere and then I googled for a few hours before finally finding it for a reasonable price and now I am a very very happy person all thanks to this game.


So, uh, Planet Diver. Right. The gameplay feels still a bit confusing at some points after about an hour of gameplay, but the game itself seems really polished. There are many different sorts of quests (as in, objectives for each level) to keep the game interesting despite the repetitive core gameplay; funny dialogue between Diver and Buddy; a ton of mods to actually change the core gameplay a bit; interactable objects in the menu view just for fun; unlockable cosmetics and songs, and so on and so on. For such a cheap and simple game, it's surprisingly vast. Definitely recommending it, 10/10.
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1.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 4
Product received for free
Pretty fun little game. Got it for free with my copy of Indiebox that came with Galak-Z. Personally, I find this even funner than Galak and that was supposed to be this month's big game. Surprised I haven't heard of Planet Diver sooner. Definitely give it a shot if you been wanting a very fast paced game that has you falling through caverns. That's really where this game shines in my opinion. Just how fast it is. I been wanting something like this for quite a little while now. It's rather cheap so why not give it a go?
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Posted: May 8
This game is joy incarnate.
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Posted: March 29
This is fun little game so far when you have some down time. You should pick it up.
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Posted: March 10
boring mobile port
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0.9 hrs
Posted: March 9
Fast paced, intense, fun and with lots of charm.
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4.2 hrs
Posted: March 6
Really nice and funny game.
Love the soundtracks.
There's a bug at lvl 24 that prevents me from getting the gold star, when the Spider Quen is defeated with one or none hits taken, she keeps following me and the level can't end. It happens sometimes with more hits taken too.
I would be glad if dev fix it.
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5.7 hrs
Posted: March 1
Awesome. Just awesome fun. The speed is just unbelievable and the characters are fun, too. If you don't like this game, you don't like fun.
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13.1 hrs
Posted: February 26
A lesser developer would have been content with the simple concept of dodging rocks while hurtling along at nearly unmanageable speeds, but the team at Fabraz have expanded from that baseline admirably.

Full review:
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