Earthworm Jim, spineless superhero, wriggles back into action as the Groovy Guardian of Goodness in an incredible journey of cheese-curdling proportions. Left unconscious by a massive cow-induced blow to the head and clad in his indestructible, high-tech super suit, Earthworm Jim continues the battle for truth, justice and well aerated...
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发行日期: 1999年10月31日



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Earthworm Jim, spineless superhero, wriggles back into action as the Groovy Guardian of Goodness in an incredible journey of cheese-curdling proportions. Left unconscious by a massive cow-induced blow to the head and clad in his indestructible, high-tech super suit, Earthworm Jim continues the battle for truth, justice and well aerated soil. He sure is going to need your help to guide him through his 3D fun-house of a brain.

But beware, the is an evil lurking, a presence in his mind, a dark unseen force at work - Jim's brain is a dangerous place!

In the game you can enter Jim's psyche where he comes face to face with his own fears, happiness, memories and fantasies. Each environment has games-within-games, ludicrously large levels where you go wild pig-sliding, grandma wrangling and much more. You will face the weird enemies like Psycrow or the Disco Zombies. Explore any area you choose while keeping the trigger ready for action.

  • The wacky worm is back in a massive 3-D serach for sanity.
  • 4 brains to navigate
  • 5 evil bosses to battle including: Professor Monkey for a Head, Psy-Crow, Bob the Goldfish, and Fatty Roswell.
  • 13 weapons including the Groovy Gun, the Chicken Gun, Banana-Myte, and the good old hair flamer!
  • 15 levels + final mega-boss showdown!!!
  • 40 of Earthworm Jim’s allies and enemies!
  • Hundreds of puzzles to solve


    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: Pentium 133 with 3D card. Pentium 166 without hardware acceleration.
    • Memory: 8 MB
    • Graphics: 256-color SVGA video graphic card
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This port is absolutely horrible. Glitches Galore, missing sound, Music, Constantly Crashes, Bad Controls. This is a good game, but this version is nothing short of broken and unplayeable. You're better off buying an N64 and Physical copy of the game.

Everyone who purchased this deserves a refund!!
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I do not understand how this game can be made for kids!! The games audio is close to broken (it actually started playing music from Frogger 2 during the game because it was in my disk drive.) The pace is really slow and tedious. I'm not even past the first level and now im stuck at the FIRST BOSS because the game controls are also broken and weird. Not to mention, apart from it crashing, Sometimes the game promts me to "reinsert the CD-Rom" which is unbelievable. I get it's an older game but that s**t is too much. Only thing I liked was that it was only $3 so I dont completely hate myself for actually spending money on this garbage.
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it's an OK game, but the steam version lacks the entire sountrack and has awful keyboard/mouse controls. You can get this game from GoG for 6 dollars without the sound issues and including extra stuff. Best avoided along with the rest of the Earthworm Jim collection
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This game was bad on the N64.
It's worse now, and the music doesn't even work.
The controls are so bad that the first boss is nearly unbeatable.
Go get Psychonauts instead.
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It ♥♥♥♥ing lacks both sound and crashes often, thanks to steams amazing porting skills. If you have Windows 7 or anything newer then Win 98, don't even bother. Also the camera and everything about this game has always been bad. Don't do it. Spend money on a Sega or somthing consumable.
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This is a great game, one of my best childhood game-related memories. It's challenging, but rewarding. Good creative setting and characters, awesome music and entertaining gameplay(though the controls are tricky at times). The steam version is missing all music files, so be sure to look the fix for this up before you start playing. It can be found in the community page for the game. A 64-bit era classic.
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Earthworm Jim, a game from my childhood that i never thought i would see, let alone play again. The PC version has several flaws, The camera controls are awful, the music doesn't exist (In all honesty, You wont notice after awhile as there is still ambient noises), and a game breaking bug.

The game breaking bug, is that you need 74 Golden udders to win, But sometimes even if you collect them all, it still states you only have 73. This is fixable however, If you head back to Fear - poultrygeist - Try to recollect the udders you already have. One will activate again and you will have 6/5. If that doesn't work, Do the same in Boogie Nights.

This and starshot are the two main games i remember that i struggled with as a kid, Coming back was an interesting experience. I'm not sure if it's the nostalgia talking, however i did find the overall game enjoyable, Even though the boss battles are like beating yourself in the face with a brick. Overall: You are not missing out on a lot if you don't buy it, But it certainly is a blast from the past. 8/10
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The king of werid imaginations and creativeness in a game. Whoever thought up this game didn't have a entirely sane mind. It is because of its strange content a one of kind amazing game and very fun to play.
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Hilarious Fun with Earthworm Jim! Works with controller for easy play.
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Could very well be one of the worst games ever made. Gameplay, controls, camera angles, plot....everything. This game is to the Earthworm Jim saga is what the first Hulk movie was to the marvel be forgotten.
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One of the best N64 games of my childhood on Steam whenever you want it. who could resist shooting hedgehogs and getting underpants for a chicken general? Hmmm?
This game is incredible... get it... stop reading this review... GET IT!!!
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Its a ok game, But it is the worst port, Luckly there are patches on the fourms, but thats ok!
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Weather!? , I thought you said feather!
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Fun and immersive as other N64 platformer collect-fests from that era. Signature EWJ humor provides much-needed weirdness to the genre, though.
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Games itselves are iconic and funny. But ....

Earthworm Jim 1 and 2 are just DOS box versions, instead of X-Box 360 and PSn where you can have the HD versions.
Even Earth Worm Jim HD on Windows Phone is for free:

Tested just now the Demo on 360, damn it looks much better as on STEAM.

And Earthworm Jim 3D works with 360 controller but not the L and R triggers.
Also I do not have music in the game and searched that online. I have to patch it.
Seriously, I have to patch an STEAM game?? Poor !!!

So even the offer from 10 bucks makes it not better. I feel a little bit like cheated.
I should have read the other recommendations. :(
Wasted money because of nostalgia.
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Some sound effects aren't there and sometimes the soundtrack wont even play. If you plug in an xbox controller, it's a ♥♥♥♥♥ to move the camera and theres no other way to move it other than map two buttons to pan left and right, no up or down. I played this 3 times at intervals of 10 minutes and it frustrated me how much of my nostalgia I was losing, since I remember playing this on the Nintendo 64. This is bundled with the first 2 Earthworm Jim games and only the first one is worth playing while the second isn't. 5 minutes of Earthworm Jim 2 and I couldn't get past the first level because it didn't explain properly how to play it.

I bought this because I loved the N64 game and wanted to play it again but after this....this....If you can put up with the above issues, go nuts otherwise this is a waste of money. It's broken and incomplete. I would sooner recommend Revelations 2012 than this and the sad thing is I'm not joking.
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It does not matter if the controls, audio and visuals were butched on this PC port, Earthworm jim 3D is not a very good game.
It's very slopply designed with no cohesive structure what so ever, and Jim feels very taxing to control.

I don't want to go into further detail, Earthworm Jim 3D, no matter where you play it, is an aweful game.
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its a good port but missing the soundtrack witch can be found quite easy and it has controller support 7.5/10
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What an unplayable piece of ♥♥♥♥.

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