A space trader & combat sim meets squad-RPG, large scale conquest, choice driven gameplay with fluid & punchy tactical real-time combat set in a dynamic open-world sandbox.
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Mostly Positive (96 reviews) - 73% of the 96 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Dec 14, 2015

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July 18

Android release!

The launch on iOS last month provided some much needed feedback on the mobile port, and I’ve taken in the responses and suggestions to improve the game further.

There’s now two modes of flight controls, giving players a choice to get comfortable in space. Bugs were killed and some more polish was added.

This build was ported over to Android and after testing on a wide range of devices, I’m happy to release it on Google’s Playstore!

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=halfgeek.sn2&hl=en

The recommended specs are there due to the thousands of devices on Android, but it also runs on weaker spec devices, just with some slowdowns during the biggest conquest battles.

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July 12

Update 1.20: Engine optimizations & Steam Achievements!

A recent engine update has fixed some compatibility issues with Steam SDK, so I've finally been able to enable Steam Achievements!

Worry not, the game has been monitoring your progress separately, via the Achievements menu (bottom right, Title Screen), so any prior progress will be tracked towards unlocking achievements. ie, it's retro-compatible!

The achievements are made to trigger within the Achievement menu due to this retro-compatibility design, so open that menu and mouse-over any achievements you've acquired and it will sync with Steam to unlock!

Also in this engine update, the code compiler has been improved. The result is better efficiency, or higher performance. If you are on a modern PC, it will use less CPU resources, especially in huge battles. If you're on a really old PC, it will run 60 FPS smooth more often.

A secondary optimization lowers the memory footprint, I've been able to get it to run on old notebooks with 2GB of memory and integrated graphics, as such, I've lowered the minimum system requirements.


Work on the next project is going well. I'm also going to spend some time to troubleshoot the MAC export to get Star Nomad 2 onto MAC for Steam.

Thank you all for playing and see you out there in space Pilots!


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“Whether you’re trading, exploring or simply gathering resources, Star Nomad 2 actually makes you feel as if you’re really part of a growing struggle in a vast and diverse universe.”
80% – WWG

“Combat is as tough as the likes of Elite: Dangerous despite the lack of 3D dogfights, because the AI is extremely clever.”
8/10 – Brash Games UK

“Depth uncommon for an indie game... able to carve out its place among the must-play for Steam.”
8/10 – The Shelter

About This Game

Set in a dynamic open-world sandbox with an evolving conflict between three major splinter groups of humanity, players can freely be merchants, bounty hunters, pirates, miners, smugglers or wanderers.

Your actions or in-actions, big or small carry consequences that are noticed by the inhabitants and factions. Empires will rise and fall, take a side, or sow the seeds of anarchy.

Be immersed in a universe that's alive with random events offering pilots an opportunity for exploitation. Be involved in dynamic economies with logistical supply & demand at the mercy of a capitalistic merchant or a menacing pirate.

Be the catalyst to decide the fate of humanity.

Key Features:

  • Squad RPG progression via skills & perks, upgrades & modules.
  • Deep trade system with dynamic supply & demand, affected by events, piracy & conflict.
  • Fluid real-time combat with tactical pause & a wide variety of weapons.
  • Resource gathering to upgrade to higher tier modules and looting of combat kills.
  • Factions will conquer & defend systems with fleet movements. Your actions, big or small, have a major effect on the tide of conquest!
  • Random events offer opportunities and also ensure no two game plays out the same.
  • Random encounters offer interesting side-quests or tough choices with major consequences.
  • Many classes of ships offer different tactical possibilities, including Carriers!
  • Clever enemies that fly their vessels to abuse their strengths. Fast & agile ships will flank and out-speed your big guns, large ships will broadside tank with their strong directional shields.
  • Take part in epic fleet battles with Capital Ships duking it out among support ships and hordes of combat drones!
  • Tweak-able Squad AI, never be caught flying with stupid, ever.
  • Challenging, but fair Rogue-like-esque gameplay.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7+ 32bit
    • Processor: Duo Core 2Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD3000
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Onboard or better
    • Additional Notes: Native 1920 x 1080 resolution (Full-HD, 1080p), up/down scale at 16:9 ratio.
    • OS: Windows 7+ 64bit
    • Processor: Intel i3 3Ghz+ or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD or NVIDIA dGPU with 1GB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Onboard or better
    • Additional Notes: Features native Fullscreen, Re-sizeable Window modes and capable of smooth 60+ FPS (depends on your Monitor). Supports 3D positional audio.
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77 of 86 people (90%) found this review helpful
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46.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 14, 2015
Short version : If you like Space Rangers 2, SPAZ, Escape Velocity (tho not that story driven), Starpoint Gemini 2, Starsector, you will like this game (and it's price).

Star Nomads 2 basically is true to its store description: 2D sandbox simulator, with meaningful economy, good space combat, leveling trees for perks and abilities (for you and squadmates), a good variety of ships and different weapon types and weapon levels (mk1-mk4), interesting quests, and different playstyles.

What I enjoyed the most is the way the game combines space roaming, with trading (also trade crysis) with pirate and zerkers (alien) invasion.

The easiest way to explain it is to give an example : pirates invade a system, they scare/destroy the incoming traders; the planet doesn't have food input from traders, so a food crysis starts; you go in, destroy the pirates(getting the bounties) then proceed to unload your cargo of food on that planet( at a high price), resolving the crysis; meanwhile all the fighting has atracted the aliens; their prolonged presence creates an invasion crysis- weapons and defense robots are needed; you wait/kill the aliens and save the day with a shipment of milspec robots(while lining up your pockets with fat credits). Also you can influence faction ship production through trading. A very dynamic system that involves pirates/trading/conquering planets.

You can have up to 3 squadmates, you can ally with one of the 3 largest factions in the game (Empire -humans, Starborn Federation- humans+alien, Omni Collective- borg-ish humans ), you can conquer the galaxy OR maybe you want to play a pirate and yaharrrrr the cargo out of the traders. Total freedom of choice. The game will end once a faction control the universe.

The space combat is well done: the ships have different speeds and turn rates based on race/size, the turrets have different turn rates based on size and weapon type, the projectile/beams can miss; the different weapons are fit for different enemies/roles. You can go full drone carrier and watch the beautiful drone AI swarm the living shiats out of the enemy, or you can go torpedo heavy+guns blazing, or you can mix it up. There are a lot of ships, to fit almost every role. ALSO...no matter how strong you get, if you jump between 8 enemy ships you will get shreded. No rambo mode in this game.

There is way too much to talk about so I hope at least I piqued your interest, because the game is GOOD. With future updates I think it has the potential to be a GREAT game. I wouldn't have beta-tested(for free) and gave so much input if the game was bad. If you look up my reviews, I gave SN1 a bad review because it was bad. Review still up. SN2 is another story. You can easily get 40-50 hours of enjoyment playing this game. Also very low price/content.

ps. What I love about the technical part of this game is that it works very well on crap laptops and pcs (aka dual core, hd4000 and reports of hd3000 performing well). I almost always game in window mode; I put in on pause and do other stuff, then I come back. Game did not crash once while alt/tab-ing, having youtube/twitch streams on, having multiple IDE on, or virtual machines.
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35.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 23, 2015
As an indie gamer and fan of space games, this title delivers!

There are many aspects you will find familiar from titles like Space Rangers 2, Gratuitous Space Battles, and SPAZ, but it brings its own unique take on space and combat to classify it as a game of its own. I’ll break down this review into two categories to fit the meta.


The combat is extremely satisfying! This alone makes this title worth playing. Ship control doesn't feel like you are skating on ice, and you have the option to have your weapons auto target, or manual fire for reduced energy consumption. You can find NPCs on various planets to join you, and the AI and control options are simple and effective. Getting credit for kills means getting the last hit, which gives a sense of accomplishment for good timing.

The game is designed to be simple, so it isn’t overwhelming to get started, but there is enough depth in character development, knowledge of enemies, and ship design to keep it from getting stale.

There are three sizes of ships, with a fair many hull choices to suit different play styles including faction specific ships. Weapon selection is medium, but each weapon type has its own damage, range, rate of fire, shot speed, etc to differentiate it from the other types. There are slots for engine, shield, armor, and other mods on ships that further develop how well it performs. Ship progression happens fairly fast but leaves plenty of room for late game speccing.

Trade is as simple as buy and sell based on prices in different sectors, and delivering goods that are scarce to regions in need. How well a faction is doing is directly related to trade and piracy, so you can affect your allies and enemies by making the right deals.

The Game Developer is super active in patching bugs, fixing game data, and updating with new and improved content. This is a great thing because while this game is good as is, it will be AMAZING with more work.


Of the three character starts, being a pirate isn’t really a viable option. Pirates aren’t a true faction currently and I can’t see how they fit into the game from a progress standpoint. They are mostly just there to mess with factions and block trade/military.

Combat is what it’s all about. Being a trader and mining are great things to do, but ultimately lead to a life of killing.

The greatest untapped resource in this game is the RPG element through quests that begin on planets. The only quests I have encountered are through or related to the NPCs you can get in your squad. I would love to see a robust level of chat dialogue, quests, and other happenings that would add immersion to this universe. Cut scenes, NPCs, unique bosses, and challenges outside of the typical skirmishes. No planet should be a boring port with little more than a few generic commodities to trade for. Give me enemies and allies that I can love or hate. At the moment picking a faction is just a choice and I don’t feel the struggle between them.

Like the pirate faction, the Zerker faction needs developed. They don’t own any space, and while I love how they behave in combat, they are just a bit too mysterious and lack any influence on the map.

Star Systems are all the same layout. I would love to see varied sized systems, with multiple planets and varied locations for planets on the map.

That’s my $0.02 on this title. Come for the combat, stay for the continual development.
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50.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 14, 2015
Guys i ain't no professional reviewer but Star Nomad 2 is a game that truly deserves love and was crafted with love too. I won't lie to you i was a beta-tester but i got very addicted. I play on roguelike mode since the beginning and i've got my butt kicked so many times when starting out as a noob, that i learnt the life of a bounty hunter can be pretty brutal. But now i'm flying a cruiser with 3 torpedoe launchers and 4 turrets and kicking butts, yep the game is still challenging and i nearly die at times.

Star Nomad 2 has nothing to do with the first title, it is a deep squad-based combat rpg and character progression, which means there is replay value even in your character build. I specialized in missiles combat and shields penetration but i plan to start my second playthrough as a drone carrier, drones are fighters in the star nomad 2 universe. You can even personalize and level up your squad members in a similar way to your own character, giving them different roles in your squad. The universe never feels empty and is extremly dynamic, even when trading, smuggling or exploring.

There's quite a lot of secrets too and things to discover. I'm over 40 hours into the game and still have lots of things to discover, and the developper Halfgeek has planned to add free updates to the game. You can join the pirates, Human empire, Omni, Union and Starborn federation, there is also a merchant and mercenary guild and the equipment/weapons sold (Called modules in the game) depend on the production of a star system and its economy. Pirates plundering merchants in systems will disrupt the economy and mess up with the goods sold in that system, etc..
It is what i meant by dynamic universe. I recommend normal mode if you don't want to get your butt kicked too much and trader is always a good way to make money without taking big risks early on, but bounty hunting attracted me since the beginning of the game. There are random encounters and events and you will often notice on your radar a ship marked with !, those are special encounters that you never know what the outcome will be, with the choice to take part of it or not.

Every choice in Star nomad 2 matters, so beware. I made other bounty hunters (Npcs) jealous by stealing all their kills and they hired elite hunters from the bounty hunter guild to assasinate me. Even the enemy may hire those hunters to terminate you. Pirates will flee from you at times, depending on your high and fearsome reputation, communication from the npcs will change too. I achieved the reputation of Elite and Dangerous which i was very proud of. I recommend this game to people who enjoy a deep and rewarding space combat and trading game, built in an oldschool and challenging fashion.
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17.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 14, 2015
I've played all the space action rpgs out there and each one has it's own flavor and feel. This one seems a lot closer to the "choose your own story" kind instead of the "hold your hand until you're op and you save the universe".

Fun game, takes a bit of time to get into and has a few minor annoyances, but the dev is super responsive (literally took him 4 minutes to respond to and give me a fix for a bug)

My first hour in the game was basically spent dieing as a hunter. I did the trading thing for a while, and once I got the merchant guild access it got a lot easier... but I wanted to be a hunter.
So in learning the combat system I spend a lot of time running around dieing, until I get the feel for the combat system. Now that I'm able to hit ships without the auto aim my dps has risen and I'm starting to pull in cash. Hopefully now I can start exploring and finding out new things about the game.

A minor gripe is that the starter hunter ship has shotgun weapons... but not enough speed to keep close to pirate ships who have long range weapons. This means you have to do some fancy flying to keep pace.
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36.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 14, 2015
Top-Down Privateer Roguelike with RPG Elements

  • Functional Economy that shifts dynamically
  • System events that can be exploited (fuel shortages, famine, civil unrest)
  • Skill Based combat
  • Roguelike Permadeath system (Optional)
  • RPG Style Skill / Perk Progression for player and squad members
  • Solid ship customization
  • Squad based AI (give orders to squad members to assist you in combat)

    What you should know
  • Bit of a learning curve, use the help function "F1" or ask for help on the forums.
  • Combat uses KB (KIlling Blow) system for bounty payouts, and this takes some time to master.
  • Appeals primarily to hardcore space gamers

    Overall the game is enjoyable, some of the systems are reminiscent of privateer and freelancer, the game starts off slow just trying to get a better ship, mostly going after small bounties or trading commodities between ports, , but as you explore more of the galaxy you start to unlock squad members and better equipment / ships and the game starts to find additional complexity, probably one of the most solid space trading experiences I've played in a while

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40.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 19, 2015
I've played about 40 hours in 4 days... yeah the game is that good and that much fun.

What you should know...

- The game is seriously fun and engaging. Active control use and not a casual point and click type of game.
- There are several creative twists and new mechanics to the game that stands it out from predecesors like SPAZ, SR2 and EV. BTW they are really well done and good changes.
- It's done by 1 independent dev, so doesn't have the big company polish of voice over by actors or a thousand micro options.
- The dev is highly engaging and proven he's willing to take community input by putting out around 6 patch and updates all community driven.
- serious RPG elements with 36 skill, multistacked. You need 119 skill points to master the whole tree and you only get 1 skill point per level. The tree goes through some level unlocks but by level 18 EVERY skill is open for you to pick and choose without restriction. No word on a level cap. So pretty expansive.
-There's also a galaxy map for conquest, 3 major factions, 4 minor factions and 1 ultimate kill everything alien faction.
-LOTS of potential and future plans. This is a game that in it's current state has replay value but with the future planned features will definitely me back for sure.

Worth the buy in spades.

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16 of 20 people (80%) found this review helpful
5.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 15, 2015
TL;DR: If you like Space Rangers 2, or EV Nova (minus the story bits) Then you owe it to your inner space trader/pirate/bounty hunter to pick this gem up.

This game is quite fun. I don't have nearly enough play time, but I'm seriously liking what I have played. I'm an experienced spacer with these kinds of games. I started with Freelancer, and moved on to titles like Elite, FFE, Privateer, Oolite, Asci Sector, Escape Velocity Nova, Transcendence, Rebel Galaxy, Starpoint Gemini 2, Elite Dangerous, Hardwar, Star Sector, X3 Albion Prelude, etc. etc.

What I mean to say, is that sandbox space trading games are my kryptonite.

So what sets this game apart? Its lacking a in your face kind of story, it seems fairly simplistic, and the graphics look like a flash game. What sets it apart is playability, and how it organically opens up around you. When you first launch from the planet you might notice the UI, which is clean and easy to use. (Slightly less so if like me, you are colorblind...) Next you will notice the super easy controls. WASD, and your mouse do 99% of things, with J for jumping. Each sector is about the size of an EV Nova sector, but once you hit the borders, you hit a 'wall' useful for finding things. The map is excellent, and as you join the merchants guild, it will give you alot more information for trading.

Combat seems difficult due to the bounty system and the way combat itself works. To be a bounty hunter you need to 'kill-steal' or get the last hit on a ship for the bounty reward. Capturing lifepods isn't nearly as lucrative. This makes for a rather tense game of knowing when to shoot, or when to manually use weapons to get the bonus. Enemy AI is fairly good, and fleet battles are downright terrifying to fly through. Again, the flight controls are quite intuitive, and you feel like an ace pilot after a few minutes of flying. Lots of weapons and skills to upgrade to create your ideal ship. Ships come in an abundance of types, from corvettes to cruisers and so on. You can also recruit a squad of wingmen and order them around.

Trading depends on a dynamic economy with events. You need to move around a bit, taking advantage of the same events that draw pirates and competing traders alike. Once you join the merchants guilds, you can see real time prices on goods throughout the galaxy. It makes for a fun trading aspect, with you finding lucrative routes, and abandoning them for an event only to fight pirates the whole way. I never got bored, it evokes memories of Ev Nova and Space Rangers 2.

Missions are kind of rare, with them being offered by NPC's in the galaxy, No BBS board or anything like that. The end-game seems to consist of you helping one of the factions rule the galaxy, but I'm not anywhere near there yet.

Overall the game combines playability with hidden depth, and pulls it off wonderfully. If you can look past the graphics and need a nice, relaxing, after work game with some complexity and a living galaxy, I highly reccomend this title. Where Void Expanse fails, this game succeeds with flying colors, it helps that the Dev is already planning the next update, and adding several features as players suggest them.

Fantastic game. Like Endless Sky? Get this. Wish you had a real-time SR2 minus the story bits? Get this. Wanna fly a spaceship and do all the fun things gameplay wise that Elite Dangerous is ignoring? GET THIS.

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41 of 66 people (62%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 15, 2015
I really really really wanted to enjoy this game, as top down space shooters are one of my favorite types of game. Unfortunately there is nothing that this game gives that is not simply done better by another game.
First off, the UI for the game is completely offputting and at times terribly obstructing.
The combat feels like a stripped down version of the combat from Starsector, but you are actively encouraged to avoid combat in the first few hours of the game because enemy ships will completely outclass you, and you only get credit for scoring the last hit on enemies. Good luck with that when there are several other NPC's in the area fighting the same ships as you as you actively avoid having fun.
Trading in the game is a weak version of what is found in Escape Velocity or Endless Sky, again marred by the lack of information in the UI.
The ships, while looking good offer little to no real variety, as you will simply be going for more/bigger turrets, more/bigger missiles, and more health. The dynamic That can be found in games like escape velocity, starsector, or SPAZ is completely lost here as in those games players could play with different playstyles based on their ship type and weapons, from fighters, to capitol ships, or somewhere inbetween with each ship having strengths and weaknesses. Mind you those systems hint at being in place in Star Nomad 2, but are either poorly implemented to the point of being irrelevent or not implemented at all.
There is simply no reason to purchase this game over any other game in the genre. If you like the genre, look for Endless Sky, Escape Velocity Nova, Starsector, SPAZ, or Gimbal.
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13 of 16 people (81%) found this review helpful
39.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 1
This is actually a pretty nice game. It's got a classic arcade feel to it; add to that a ton of variety in ships, systems, wares and guns, and it's also seriously replayable.

I like the way you can just *exit* and come back to it later; no messing around with save game files and churning through menu screen after menu screen to actually get into the game or exit it.

There are one or two minor things I'd love to see changed/added, but it was definitely worth buying.

Things I'd like to see:

1. When docking, changing the tick and cross icons to have an opaque background. Certain planets make it difficult to see the small tick box due to their textures and palette.

2. Some customisation of ship colour schemes; a simple *two colour* thing would do, like Homeworld.

3. Greater variety of additional ship systems; the pool seems to be somewhat small compared to the weapon pool.

4. Greater variety of weapons, especially missiles. What abour rockets? Something that trades guidance for extra damage?

Anyway, still worth it.
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13 of 16 people (81%) found this review helpful
5.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 18, 2015
My first impressions of Star Nomad 2.

An open world space simulation with a top down perspective. 30+ systems to roam with 3 factions, a fluctuating economy, pirates, and a mysterious race of over power aliens like the borg.

In this universe your free to do what you want whether thats trading, pirating, or bounty hunting. Build your team up to a large army and weigh in on some of the larger factions battles to attempt to swing the control of space in the way you desire.

-Trading with a fluctuating economy
-Randomized events both combat and trading related that affect the overall economy and standing of factions
-Several unique factions to build or ruin reputation with
-Large conflicts with moving zones of control
-Recruitment options for your own fleet
-Hordes of ships and modules for you to equip and use

Overall a damned good game for $13.00 and one I'll be enjoying myself.

Here's my 42 minute hads on video showing my first impressions and many of the games mechanics.
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Recently Posted
47.3 hrs
Posted: September 19
A gem in the rough. The dynamic economy that directly influence the factions 's forces, the character progressions and the gameplay is what kept me playing it.
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190.8 hrs
Posted: August 31
This game was created by one guy and I think for the most part he did a really good job. The combat in this game is no pushover. I have put in 165 hours currently and am still drawn to it. The combat is based around getting the final kill shot in. You kill it, you get credit for it and the cargo it was carrying. I think this is a refreshing approach cause you have to time your kills just right. It also solves another problem that alot of games have at the start, which is of course being able to kill anything being a complete whimp. You get experience for killing ships and smuggling. The game currently has 3 starting lines, Merchant, Bounty Hunter, and Pirate. It has 3 different difficulties ranging from easy to roguelike which just increases the penalties for dying at the higher the difficulty. It has quite a few different ships and several factions. The main goal is to currently join a major faction and lead it to victory. Your character gains levels as he gets experience and can spend skill points in different areas to increase your capabilities. The game in its current form I would rate at 4 our of 5 stars. It is fun, hard, and if you let your guard down even for a second on rogulelike your dead meat. If you play pirates, watch out for the bounty hunters they are pretty lethal especially early on. The price is pretty cheap for what you get, which is a fun game. Thx for the read sorry its soo long.
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4.7 hrs
Posted: August 7
It's nice..... but to buy the next spaceship with any reasonable amount of cargo spae (greater than 40) you need to have a 200 standing with any faction.... very hard to increase standing. Especially true when you lose standing faster for smuggling than you ever do for gaining... btw how do you gain standing???
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50.8 hrs
Posted: July 25
This game offers alot of content for its price. It has unique artwork, good music and interesting gameplay. The battles can be quite interesting and fun, IF the right weapons and ships are chosen.

There are only some minor flaws, especially the lack of a possibility to see mission description again after you get it, so don't click any mission windows away before you noted the location! You will never see it again. I suggest to copy the savegame on your harddisc before you start the missions. In normal game you got just one chance to beat them and if you fail, its permanent (unless you have the mentioned copy of the savegame). The other flaws are only some extra clicks in some parts and a few lacking options and descriptions. Nothing to complain about!

Actually this game is quite solid and entertains well. The developer keeps publishing updates and allows free and easy changing and modding possibilities for savegames!!! and properties of many main parts (ships, weapons,..).

This game is a must have for people who like playing 2D space games. Its definitly one of the better ones. And this game has been made by ONE person!
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46.4 hrs
Posted: July 24
This game has proven to be a lot of fun, the combat is both enjoyable and challanging. There are many roles a player can take on from being a trader to ravaging the star lanes as a ruthless pirate " Though that is not for beginers life is not easy when the whole galaxy wants you dead". There are several unique factions that will get you access to interesting ships, weapons, and tech. Each faction feels special and has its own attitude and way of fighting. There is a rich galaxy full of places to visit and secrets to find. I hihgly recomend this game to anyone who enjoys space ombat with a mix of RPG style development for your ship and pilot.
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1.2 hrs
Posted: July 23
I haven't put as much time into this game as I want to right now, but what I've played so far is excellent. This game is well worth a buy. The game feels very optimized, I haven't noticed any bugs yet. It plays very smooth. The music is very relaxing, and when the ♥♥♥♥ hit's the fan, it's quick and crazy. This game has the right balance of action and exploration. I really do feel like I'm a pilot of my own star ship, free to explore and learn more about the world, or I can go out there and just get into trouble. This game suits what ever your play style is. I recomend this as a must buy.
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6.1 hrs
Posted: June 15
I'm not a masochist, but I think being whipped for hours while strapped on a cross will be funnier than playing this game.

You start as a nobody with a crappy ship while everyone else will outclass you massively. It wouldn't be a problem if you were able to level up by trading, mining, exploring or doing quest like every kind of similar game. But here the only way to gain xp is by fighting. Which you can't do from the start because of how powerfull everything else is. The only way to gain xp early on ( and in most of the game it seems ) is to give the killing blow to a ship attacked by another NPC. No matter how hard you hit the ship before, only the killing blow will give you xp. BUT NPC will become pissy at you if you steal their kill. Do it one time too much and they will attack you, funny ...
Another thing, there is no gun safety, so you need to fire carefully, because if you hit someone you will damage them. And usually a second hit will take a huge chunk of reputation from you and turn them hostile. A third hit? The whole faction is at war against you. And gaining reputation is SLOW. And mostly combat based. Oh and NPC can fire at you by mistake and you just have to shut up, doesn't work both way. Ah a last thing, avoiding friendly fire while dealing the killing blow is really hard when most battles are done by mutliples ships at once, with beams and missiles flying everywhere right from the start of the game.

Can't really comment about customizing ships and items, because I was unable to level up and I think most items are hiddens behind a level requisite. And a faction reputation requisite. It's the only explanation I have as to why every station is empty of items and why capital planet only got base weapons and items to sell. But it wouldn't really matter because you also need rare material to BUY weapons and items. Yes, you need to provide money AND materials to buy more stuff. Because you have to provide bricks, cement and money to have workers build your house I suppose. It's another ridiculous mechanic here to gate and slow your progress because these materials are priceys OR mostly mined in system full of pirates.

The game isn't fun at all because the only way to progress is to hide far away from the action then have to be lucky enough to find a mostly dead ship you can blow from afar. It's really not my conception of fun at all but it's the main mechanic of this game, you suck and need to kill-steal to progress.
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3.3 hrs
Posted: June 14
Re-install after a few months break, unfortunately it stay what it is. In short it certainly feel like a mobile game port to desktop.

Things are just not refinied. Ui is not unified and need a lot more extra clicks and moving cursor to do what can be done in one click. Say you hired a mercenary, then you click the launch button to go space faring. Except you can't, you have to click on the mercenary dialogue box that's exactly the same everytime and contrute nothing to the experience. And you have to click right within the box, not just anywhere on the screen even all the button on screen are locked and not clickable.

Now imagine this happen every single time you trade, you pickup loot in space, you dock, bascially every interaction.

For the game itself the map is dynamic and got elements to play with, but what a player can do is really limited and will get bored real soon when there are so much potential. The battle is really mediocre and the last shot claim the full bounty and exp is really a turn down even you did 99.9% of the damage. And the random event don't felt like random, more like a queue that is extremely repetitive and way too frequent.

I certainlly hope that they will improve this game to a more finished level than currently is but looks like it's a done deal.

If you like this kind of free-roaming top down 2D space 4X game, Star Sector is a way better option. Even that one is still in development, the overall look and feel, and especially the control is way more refined and sophisticated than this unfinished product.
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0.9 hrs
Posted: May 23
This game doesnt feel like its finished.
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0.8 hrs
Posted: May 9
Fun casual space adventure! Love this!
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