Urak, once peaceful, is now a land of darkness, chaos and death. The people yearn for a champion to drive away the forces of evil. That champion is you.
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Release Date: Nov 19, 1997

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About This Game

The evil sorcerer Balkoth and his horde of followers have laid waste to the pastoral lands of Urak. Once magnificent cities lie in ruin, and the Great Temples of the land once devoted to learning are now overrun by Balkoth’s worshippers. Those that remain pray for a leader to rise from the ashes.

Lords of Magic builds on the strategy template of the Lords of the Realm series and infuses it into a fantasy role-playing epic. Wield fantastic sorcery as you explore the lands, develop your abilities and form powerful alliances.

Lead an army into the darkness and prove yourself a true Lord of magic!

Lords of Magic: Special Edition includes:

  • The original Lords of Magic game
  • The Legends of Urak quest pack

Key Features

  • Blends classic fantasy role-playing with real-time strategy combat.
  • Build your empire and vie to control 8 distinct capitals, be it through conquest or allegiance.
  • Choose from 24 editable Lords, and develop them into warriors, mages and thieves.
  • Pit your armies in real-time combat against skeletons, dragons and other powerful monsters.
  • Take on epic adventures based on the legends of Merlin, Beowulf and Siegfried.

    Multiplayer notice: LAN and online play are unavailable.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NNVidia/ATI 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 with Hardware T&L support (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended)
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
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54 of 58 people (93%) found this review helpful
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Posted: December 3, 2015
I've used to play this game non stop when I was younger. One of the few games that I ended up getting super addicted. The game is basically Heroes of Might and Magic except a bit more tactical on the combat side. When this game popped up on Steam, I knew I had to buy this game out of pure nostalgia. While I still have the original disc, I wanted this version to play on Steam. To this day, I still rate this game pretty high. If you don't mind the game being wide screen and the graphics to be a bit grainy, get this game especially if you like strategy games.
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39 of 45 people (87%) found this review helpful
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Posted: December 20, 2015
Lords of Magic is the only successor to achieve a higher level of gameplay than it's predecessor Master of Magic. I have way over 500+ hours spent on this outside Steam. Though MoM has more depth with the spells and different dimensions what LoM brings you is a world that feels more alive with a main powerfull antagonist for that ultimate last battle, monster denizens that at higher levels are unique hard challanges with great rewards, you will come to cherish all your heroes because there is no ressurection and they really make the difference in battle, the espionage system is very fun with taking of hostages, stealth, diplomacy has lots of options but can be exploited, interesting city management based on Fame and Followers, magic research that requires hard work in order to get powerfull enough sorcerors to research at optimal rates, terraforming that can change world into your domain and give you a tremendous edge and Real Time Tactical Combat that is way more intense than the normal 4x Fantasy turn based system. To make replayability interesting after defeating the main antagonist you can play as him and really set terror into the world of Urak.

Additonally the soundtrack, voice acting and scenarios are also wonderfull. This game is an integral part of my childhood like many other great games but this is a game I still revisit once every two or three years and lose myself in the world of Urak.

If you have the friends I also highly recommend playing it multiplayer, it is a very cozy and competitive.

Urak is Mine!
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31 of 33 people (94%) found this review helpful
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Posted: December 4, 2015
So another classic arrives on Steam - as with many of these presumably the primary audience is going to be people that played them (often for many, many hours/days/weeks/years) when they were originally released, but as long as you can overlook the aged graphics and the lack of modern conveniences it should still be a fairly fun game.

When you start a new game you can choose to be a warrior, mage or thief and then you can choose to be any of the eight elements, give you 24 fairly distinct hero variations you can try out. Once you have chosen you will appear on the main game map where you can see various buildings and places to interact with, where you will find monsters to defeat, giving you the ability to summon creatures to aid you, hire more troops that can gain experience with you, wizard towars research new spells, towns where you can direct the locals to work in certain industries to increase your income of the various resources in the game (fame, gems, ale, etc), so you can support larger and better armies, and also other heroes to aid you in your quest.

You can also find a number of artifacts which give many different bonuses to your heroes (or not as some you will find will only be useful for classes/elements you can't currently recruit). You can conquer the town/temple of other elements which will allow you to hire more heroes of that element to aid you in your quest.

The one area I always found weakest in the game is the combat - it is played in pausable real time (one of the main ways it differs from early Heroes of Might and Magic titles), and while okay it largely reduces to just everyone attacking each other in a big blob (apart from the missile/spell casters). It never felt very strategic or interesting, and I always tend to autocalc whenever I can get away with it, as you end up having a lot of fights during a campaign.

Overall this is a fun title, if very old and creaky, but it does guide you along a bit at the start of the game, although there isn't a huge amount of hand holding here unlike most modern titles. The user interface is okay if a bit cryptic, but it flows fairly well if you are willing to work with it, so overall I would recommend even to people new to it if the overall theme interests them, and the feel and flow of the game are different enough to HoMaM that fans of that series will probably like it, as it is different enough to not feel like an older and harder to use entry in that series, while still being in the same ballpark in terms of overall gameplay.
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37 of 43 people (86%) found this review helpful
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Posted: January 10
One of my all time favorite games. a gem from an era of gaming where the game mattered more then the graphics.
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19 of 20 people (95%) found this review helpful
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Posted: December 5, 2015
This game had the best graphics I had ever seen on the PC when it first came out. I was 12 then and I still think the gfx are pretty good. That was the main reason why I shelled out $40 at the time, not knowing that it would end up being one of my favorite games of all times for other reasons too. Namely the excellent soundtrack, 3D world map that makes for interesting exploration (even though originally there was only 1 map in the game), immersive diplomacy, good thief abilities for spying on or stealing from the enemy (also it's fun decimating weaker enemies with just 1 thief as they can "hide in the shadows") and a ton of spells that I never even got around to trying most of. Many artifacts to find for the champions, although it's often annoying to not be able to use them as they are often faith dependent. The combat system is clunky and somewhat tedious but basically strategic with missile units and mages usually doing most of the damage. It is often simple to trick the computer by having it chase one of your melee units around while you fire on them with missiles, and the enemy doesn't evade well if at all. I suppose you could have an army of mostly melee units, but you'd better find the best ones in the game because most of them are pretty weak. The redeeming aspect of battles is the rpg-like element of experience points that levels most units (not all) up to 5, and champions much higher.

I always preferred playing as the Life faith, and it may be the easiest one to start with as they have the best missile units (archers) in the game. A tip would be to free your great temple as soon as possible (before the first 7th day) in order to start gaining followers for gathering resources and creating new units. New followers arrive to your empire every 7 days, depending on how much "Fame" you have gained.

I really hope they fix the "Pegasus bug" as I have already run across 3 of these level 8 creatures and it takes an entire army with my best champions to take one down, usually losing a couple units in the process. Not neccesarily a bad thing as it adds challenge, but I really don't think a level 2 hamlet is supposed to spawn this creature.

I really really hope they make a Lords of Magic II, or at least an HD update for this game!
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18 of 20 people (90%) found this review helpful
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Posted: December 4, 2015
One of my favorite games from the past. I put thousands of hours into playing this. I would love a sequel if it was made by the same people. Or an HD version of this one. I loved that if you beat the game you could play as the villain.
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Posted: January 14
Diablo was the first real computer game I really remember playing and thoroughly enjoying. This game would be the second. The game that itched every fantasy, tactics, and strategy need my pathetic young self needed was Lords of Magic. Then the patch came out that made the game actually run smoothly. a solid touch. The multiplayer never worked, and with dial up - why would it? But now...now I can see the limitless (actually limited) possibilities! I love this game and how random and wild it can be. I am an elf riding a raptor, forcing an alliance with a sea witch on an... ostritch? What about playing AS the last boss Balkoth (?) with the objective to terrorize and kill (or force alliance) everyone else?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Time to get to researching spells in Urak and trade the spells for favors!

"Everything will burn!"
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Posted: December 11, 2015
My oldest brother owned this game when I was a kid, and I would frequently watch him play on our Windows 98.

Lords of Magic is a classic game from the 90's, overshadowed by bigger titles such as Heroes of Might and Magic, King's Quest, Quest for Glory, and Baldur's Gate. It is a mix of strategy and RPG - you create armies that explore the world map, collecting resources, traversing dungeons and fighting neutral monsters/enemy factions to level up.

The game takes place in the high fantasy realm of Urak. Balkoth, the loyal discple of Golgoth, the god of Death, has gone on a rampage throughoutt the world, ravaging the kingdoms of the other seven faiths - Life, Order, Chaos, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. You pick one of the seven mentioned faiths and choose what role your Lord will be - Warrior, Thief or Mage.

When you enter the world, you will discover that you only have your Lord and a small army accompanying him/her. Every faith starts off in a weakened state, except for death and the faith "opposite" to yours (for example, Order's opposite is Chaos). Your first objective is to explore the area around your faith's capital, fighting neutral enemies and gaining strength. Once you are strong enough, you will need to take your faith's "Great Temple", which has been overrun with monsters. After you do that, your capital will swear fealty to you, and you will begin your quest to kill Balkoth.

Each faith has its own unique units, and they all have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, Life has some of the best ranged units in the game, with strong magical flying units. However, they have weaker melee units. Fire has units with very high attack, but low defense, and many of their units have low movement points.

The game does have some flaws, however. Combat has a tendency to be a bit clunky at times. The learning curve for the game, in my opinion, is very high. Finally, computer players will act oddly. For starters, they will often split their armies into tiny, easily defeatable groups. Secondly, there's diplomacy - the AI doesn't understand what a fair bargain is. Playing as Air, I once had Order ask me to give them my Air Drake (the legendary creature for Air) in exchange for a hound (an Order scouting unit). When I declined, my relations with them DROPPED because they were ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off with me.

All in all, I find this to be a very enjoyable game, albeit with a few flaws. It is a solid 8/10.
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Posted: December 6, 2015
Well strategy players, RTS players, RPG players, this is it. You're done seeking. You're done looking for the dragon you've been chasing since 2001. This game is it. It's the ultimate piece of art that belongs next to Dwarf Fortress and Pablo Picasso's wooden sculptures in the Modern Art Museum. Here we have a RPG strategy with RTS elements staring us in the face, and it has been staring us in the face since 1996. The DOOM players overlooked it and the Diablo players were so blinded by Blizzard's genius that Lords of Magic was thrown to the wayside, never looked upon again until now.

Here we have one of the greatest video games in the past hundred years. A true diamond in the rough in which all visions of modernity have built upon and supposedly improved upon but they fall short of its greatness.

Give it a try. I certainly will be playing it.
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Posted: January 16
This was the first video game I was ever exposed to. My dad used to let me watch him play it. It is the best game ever. Sure I can count the pixels on the screen but its just such a nicely done game. It's unfortunate that the multiplayer was never given the attention it deserved. This game would be great fun to play with friends. Still an amazing experience in single player. Was so excited to see it show up on Steam! I give it a 10/10 just for Nostalgia :D
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Posted: September 8
Game is brutal ! i used to play this when i was about 2 1/2 still getting wrecked at 29.
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5.2 hrs
Posted: July 14
Brings me back to my childhood!
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17.7 hrs
Posted: July 11
A fun game but perhaps to easy the A.I will rarely really challange you and even on hard if you get your great temple its going to be easy from then on.

the factions are poorly ballinced as well water fire and chaos are to flawed water has the problem of weak all but navy in a game were the only water is by them heck in over 50 games played i have never needed to build a ship.

fire and chaos share the problem of high attack low defence so your units die way to fast and you need to keep units alive

still overall i recomend
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0.3 hrs
Posted: July 3
The game itself is a great classic game, but sadly I cannot recommend it in it's current state.
Regardless of any thing I try, this game will NOT display properly. Though it works with my resolution, it stretches the graphics and clips out buttons and options in the game. And easy fix for this probelm would be to run in a window mode, but there is no such option! Can't even set launch options to do so! All of the troubleshooting options I've found doesn't work.

I hate that I have to give it a negitive review because of technical issues, since it IS a great game. If you can get it to work, awesome! Just tell me how you did it...
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358.0 hrs
Posted: July 1
Classic turn-based strategy and always a favorite of mine. I never did get much use out of the diplomacy, but a fun and sometimes lengthy game.
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3.6 hrs
Posted: June 23
I played the demo in the early 2000s when I had no internet and enjoyed it immensely. My first fantasy game. This game has a special place in my heart.
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31.0 hrs
Posted: June 19
My review for Lords of Magic http://shadwenreview.blogspot.ca/
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2.8 hrs
Posted: April 30
great game i have played this game for many years and have always loved it as soon as i seen it was on steam i just had to have the only thing that i would like to see is online play with others
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The Green Knight
14.2 hrs
Posted: April 27
Great old game. Used to obsess over it as a kid. Fairly challenging and lots of replay potential. Chaos is the best Faith.
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2.0 hrs
Posted: April 4
I owned this game once before, and only purchased it again thanks to the fact that it was in a bundle with Lords of the Realm 1 & 2. It is truly not very good.

Problems with this game pop up at the very beginning, when you are selecting a type of Lord to rule your people. This Lord takes the form of a powerful hero, but sadly not all are created equal. As a matter of fact some are completely unviable, such as Fire and Air Warrior Lords. These two in particular have such long parrying animations that if they become engaged with three or more enemies (which will happen often) they will spend all their time stuck in the parrying animation and be unable to strike back. This results in their eventual death, regardless of how feeble the enemy is.

Combat itself is awkward, and usually quite boring. The most exciting combat comes when you take a lone thief lord and spend the fight stealthing around to gradually kill off all your opponents. Otherwise you can expect a slug-fest that will eventually resolve itself with little input needed from the player aside from perhaps sending your melee fighters to a choke point. Note that managing units is generally unnecessary, as many Lords are sufficient to carry the game solo until the final battle.

There are cities which you can manage to a very shallow degree. There are other "Lords", though they provide little challenge. Most of the game revolves around delving into enemy infested lairs to gain valuable experience for the final confrontation with the Death Lord. It is only at this point you will actually need an army, since the Death Lord uses an instant kill attack which has several charges. You must keep your Lord away (death of your Lord is an instant game over unless you have recruited other Lords by freeing their temples before they were able to) and send an army in his stead... rather dissappointing for the climax. I'd prefer being able to have my Lord lead my army for the final battle.

There are a few special scenarios you can play based on old legends, such as King Arthur or Beowulf. These tend to be irritating rather than enjoyable, and ask you to jump through silly hoops to complete them.

Avoid this one. It is nothing short of infuriating by today's standards.
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