Space exploration adventure RPG where you command a crew in a story driven sandbox universe. Work to destroy the sensor network and reach the heavily guarded planet before Shavala corporation goons hunt you down, or just go exploring.
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Mostly Positive (89 reviews) - 71% of the 89 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Feb 11, 2016

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Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We're a 3 person dev team with no publisher working on this project full time. Without the support of our community through Kickstarter and early access this game wouldn't exist at all. That essentially means people are paying us for an unfinished game because they like us and they believe we will make the game they want to play. We also want to play that game so we're doing everything we can to prove them right.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The planned final version of this game is pretty ambitious and we expect to go through many iterations before completing the single player story and having the game world in a state we consider to be complete. We also want to be able to evolve the game over time in response to feedback so we are expecting early access will last more than a year.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Expect massive changes on a regular basis as we add features and new types of depth to the engine and the game world.

Our initial early access release represents multiple years of work put into getting the bare minimum framework of the engine and persistent world working as intended. During early access we plan to have many iterations where game-wide features are added, and then content using those features can be integrated into the game world. That means major updates will contain game-changing features and new content such as new zones, new factions, new story arcs, new world generations, new item types, new interface elements, and new game mechanics.

An example of something we plan to add in the future is the ability for EVA activities which will allow entering and exiting ships without using an airlock. It should drastically change how salvaging activities play out and will probably change how you interact with the entire game world.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game has an open persistent world with various space biomes for the player to explore. Each biome will have a different set of enemies and challenges in the form of enemy encounters, space-complexes to explore, and hidden treasures to unlock. The story driven elements are incomplete and more will be added with every patch, but for now the game is mostly a sandbox with some introductory story and setting lore.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The game might be slightly cheaper during early access. However if you want the best value for your money you are probably already avoiding early access games and we respect that.

We're here because we need income to continue development and if money were no object we would probably hide in our developer caves until the game was finished. The core benefit of buying into early access is participating in the development process and being part of the community that shapes the Zero Falls story and universe. This is not a "get the game for less money because it sucks" sort of deal, it is a "I think these guys deserve to feed themselves while developing their game" sort of deal, and we appreciate your support.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We have open discussion on our forums and we respond very quickly to feedback and bug reports. I once found, fixed, and uploaded a patch for a bug before the end of a live streaming event where the bug was revealed. We have backers who are designing ships to be put into the single player campaign, and we have been discussing modding tools with the community from day 1. We also sometimes host community ship design tournaments in order to stir up conversations and feedback about balance and game mechanics.

The truth is we're making a big open sandbox game with enough space for a lot of unique game play ideas and elements, and we want to put in every type of kitchen sink. Our time is probably split evenly between 3 tasks:

1. core engine development
2. core story and content implementation
3. tweaks, edits, and additions in response to feedback”
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Recent updates View all (34)

January 2

Patch Notes:>

3 small bug fixing updates went out over the last few days. I've not gotten around to uploading the notes until now because it's the holidays so leave me alone. Here they are!
  • fixed a bug where the hover text for warp gates was crashing the game
  • monsters will now wander around aimlessly inside stations when nobody is visiting and will no longer be found in the same place they were when you left
  • significantly increased the number of monsters that spawn in most space dungeons
  • reduced the ratio of monster spawners such that there will be less than before
  • fixed a bug where icons could draw outside the boundaries of the mini-map
  • gate defenders no longer spawn directly on top of the gate
  • fixed a bug where higher difficulty gate enemies could spawn on top of each other which sucks if they are turrets
  • fixed a bug where warp gates were not being detected correctly by the universe map after their first use
  • added code to mitigate the effect of a bug that will likely prove very hard to hunt down. It was causing low FPS. The low FPS has been reduced for now while I hunt for the bug's source.
  • asteroids were made slightly less bouncy for AI ships. They need help because they are dumb.
  • the monster spawning algorithm now tries its best to not spawn monsters near airlocks
  • reduced the aggro radius of ships that patrol inside dungeons to be on a similar order to the size of the room they are patrolling
  • increased the harvest value of crystal genes so it's less difficult to get a single crystal from harvesting them
  • fixed a bug where loot wasn't being properly placed inside ships spawning in the current session. This also fixes a bug where space dungeon defender ships would have no loot.
  • added another orange zone prefab type
  • updated the tool tips for crystal components to say "crystal gene" on them so you know what they are
  • fixed a bug where space dungeons didn't remember that they had spawned things already if you reload the game from a save file
  • the new movement changes have made it very hard for the AI to dodge rocks during time compression. I like the new movement system, so I am removing the time compression component from travel drive and returning it to a simply go faster drive.
  • Monogame simply does not provide support for drawing chinese text characters. In order to display chinese text we would need to extend the monogame framework or replace our text rendering with a different framework. This can cause crashing when (for instance) a number or a date was being rendered in game.
  • every instance of debug string drawing was rewritten to protect against drawing invalid strings. It will no longer display the string at all.

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December 23, 2016

Welcome to the yay 2016 ends soon update patch notes.

  • you can no longer activate a blueprint by equipping it to your hands and pressing fire
  • the held item slot is no longer a real slot, it is now a reference type slot
  • using the quickslot keys no longer moves your items around unless you attempt to quickslot an armor or a nano aura
  • minor changes to world code which makes explored sectors of the map drop out of memory a little slower and preload a little quicker
  • the team aggro list now clears when you die which should slightly help the problem of crew members attacking things. A better fix is planned for the future.
  • significantly remapped the home station interior
  • increased the range of allowed destinations for trade aborts when searching for a better buyer of the existing goods
  • cut in half the number of attempts trade ships will make at finding a new trade job before giving up and taking the best one they have found so far. This should significantly reduce the amount of time they spend docked at stations looking for their next job.
  • made trade job logic more robust. traders which reach their destination and fail to trade will eventually get frustrated and look for another place to unload their cargo, if they fail to find another place to trade their cargo they will grow even more frustrated and simply destroy their cargo so they can pick up a new job. failing at that will result in the council of elders judging the trade ship captain and its crew very harshly and they may be despawned entirely.
  • built a new system for factions to broadcast their aggro tables which should help resolve some issues where faction aggro tables doesn't retain the correct values
  • seriously nerfed the value of crew weapons and crew armor relative to trade goods
  • neutralino shards were disabled and no longer place farm plots
  • farm plots are still in the game but all means of creating them have been removed because they are officially deprecated
  • built a system which allows for the highly abstracted passage of time inside the interiors of things which aren't currently in memory
  • fixed a bug that could rarely cause ships to despawn too fast if they lost their crew without ever having their mass calculated
  • the game will no longer pop up the "dock now" dialogue in instances where you can't dock because the airlock is occupied
  • fixed a bug where shards could be rarely created from ships in a way that caused them to never despawn
  • dead ships no longer despawn immediately when you leave the sector
  • dead ships leaving the sector will now despawn only if their despawn timers have less than 30 seconds remaining
  • upgraded many data formats for many things to be more future proof and to store some new fields
  • ships outside of the current sector now store their despawn timer and check periodically if they should despawn
  • sectors now perform a check for missing icons every time they load their terrain allowing them to add icons for things which didn't previously have icons due to being an old save
  • freelancer faction upgraded to support turrets around their economy stations
  • neutral peace keeping turrets have been added around most economy stations. They respond to local acts of violence and defend against pirates
  • added a new map mechanic: interdiction fields, which creates an area where travel drive can't be used
  • added interdiction fields to the SSC shipyard zone
  • removed interdiction missile fighters from the SSC shipyard prefab
  • cruisers in the SSC shipyard prefab were given weapons that they are worse at aiming. This is meant to be a chase, not a slaughter
  • significantly reduced the frequency of interdiction fighter attacks on the player while they attempt to escape the SSC station
  • optimized threat sharing between members of the same faction to trigger less redundant aggro calls when you shoot enemies in a group
  • added a flag which will prevent ships from getting pissed off at things not in their aggro table
  • used the above feature to prevent some helpful badguys from attacking the player during a key quest
  • the character is now mostly invincible during the respawning screen in case you decided to do something silly like use debugging commands to spawn monsters inside your home station
  • fixed a bug where walls prevented player movement even when the walls were 100% destroyed
  • you can now place a waypoint for yourself anywhere, not just at economic stations
  • fixed a bug where ship profiles with invalid or deprecated weapon types equipped would crash the ship editor
  • overhauled how ship acceleration and top speed works. Ships now have drag based on their mass and acceleration based on their power to weight ratio. There is no longer an arbitrary limit on top speed aside from the fact that drag increases with speed. The goal of this change is to make the flight model easier and more intuitive to control, and to make the relationship between ship size and engine output more intuitive for ship designers
  • added a bit of code to make the AI a little better at avoiding asteroid collisions...I only said a little though, this is like placing a bandaid onto a cup of spilled milk...wait no better than that slightly
  • increased the quantity of loot in space dungeon stations slightly
  • added shader support for flickering lights inside ship interiors
  • tied flickering lights shader to screen shake on impact
  • added shader support for interior explosions
  • added a method which allows crew to be outfitted with gear depending on how difficult of a challenge they are meant to be
  • improved the gear equipped by SSC mercenaries. They are trained fighters and should not be naked and unarmed in their warships.
  • added a new method for spawning ships which allows them to spawn when you enter a sector thus allowing faction AI freedom to make more dynamic content
  • a mastery talent which once increased top speed has been modified to change acceleration instead since top speed now depends only on acceleration
  • farms are currently not useful. Harvesting them gives a currency which does nothing. The currency will be relevant in a future patch.
  • farms now exist inside the same rendering space as the player ship interior
  • removed the farm screen entirely
  • mining laser is used to monitor growth of crystals and harvest them
  • spores reworked to drop crystals inside ship interiors
  • new crystals grow based off of their genome, a fractally arranged grid of genes with each gene having a simple function
  • crystal genes are once again put into loot tables, but are no longer research based
  • added a slot to player inventory screen for modifying the player's crystal genome
  • farm crystals can grow on dirt
  • farm crystals grow even when the player is not inside the ship/station with them
Space Dungeons
  • replace existing random stations on the map
  • have data nodes built in to allow scripted events controlled by AI factions
  • more space combat involved with exploring abandoned stations now
  • ability for abandoned station facilities to re-populate after being explored and looted by the player
  • ability for abandoned station facilities to have other types of events in the future
  • ability for abandoned station facilities to be used in story progression elements of gameplay
  • difficulty of abandoned stations can now scale with the story advancement so they remain relevant
Warp Gates
  • placed across many sectors
  • need to be discovered
  • defended by goons
  • explore inside their data centers to power them up
  • once powered up they allow instant travel between other activated gates

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About This Game

Our goal was to make a game simulating space combat between large capital ships at extreme detail on the scale of individual crew members. We've spent multiple years building a custom in-house engine capable highly detailed ship interior simulations while still supporting real time combat between large numbers of ships in an open persistent world.

The result is a massive open world where any ship, station, asteroid, artifact, or wreckage can be entered by the player and controlled in real-time. Space battles are epic and immersive because there are no hit points, instead you have to try and survive as pieces of your ship are physically destroyed and ships can be cut in half or filled full of holes. Play as a renegade shooting up neutral supply convoys and scooping the cargo that falls out, or disable and board enemy ships to take back to your hideout. Research technology and upgrade designs to make your favorite ship into the ultimate war machine. The universe is full of loot and enemies and things to explore, and your character will have all the tools needed to design the ultimate ship and put together the ultimate crew.

We also look at progression from the perspective of RPG mechanics. Even though the game is a deep and detailed simulation, we want gameplay to have progression, customization, and specialization much like a character based roleplaying game. Instead of unlocking talent points you will find crew members that add unique utility to your ship as a whole, or you might find module blueprints that allow you to customize portions of your ship's design to suit your play style.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista or later 64 bit os
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.60GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 / AMD Radeon HD 7850
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible on-board
    • Additional Notes: makes extensive use of multi-threading and 64 bit features
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 x64
    • Processor: AMD Phenom II x6 or Intel i7
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 / AMD Radeon HD 7850
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible on-board
    • Additional Notes: makes extensive use of multi-threading and 64 bit features
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