It’s been a generation since you vanquished the evil that plagued the Land of Ehb, and now…a new menace has awakened. In Dungeon Siege II, the sequel to the best-selling RPG from Gas Powered Games, you will be called on to again wield sword and spell to save the world from a growing abomination many years in the making.
User reviews: Very Positive (314 reviews)
Release Date: Aug 16, 2005

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About This Game

It’s been a generation since you vanquished the evil that plagued the Land of Ehb, and now…a new menace has awakened. In Dungeon Siege II, the sequel to the best-selling RPG from Gas Powered Games, you will be called on to again wield sword and spell to save the world from a growing abomination many years in the making.
A thousand years ago, the crusaders of Azunai crossed swords with the legions of Zaramoth in the final battle of a century-long rebellion. As the tyrannical god Zaramoth struck the final blow through Azunai’s trembling shield, the earth shook. In that moment, the forces of magic were unchained, and both armies were consumed in a brilliant cataclysm that stretched for leagues across the Plain of Tears. Only a scarred wasteland remained as final testament to the First Age of Man.
And for a millennium, magic has continued to spread to the farthest corners of the world, freely flowing to any who would command it. But the tide of magic has begun to wane, heeding instead the call of an ancient legacy. From the Plain of Tears a new heir beckons, and with each day his strength grows. Consuming those who submit, eradicating those who resist. With none to oppose his ascendance, the circle will be complete, and an ancient age will begin anew.
What fate will befall the Second Age of Man? The time for judgment is nigh.

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP1 or newer
    • Processor: 1.0 GHz equivalent or higher processor
    • Memory: 256 MB of system RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon™ series 7000 or better/Nvidia® Geforce series/Intel Extreme Graphics 82845, 82865, 82915
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available hard disk space
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Posted: February 7
Hey people! Dungeon Siege 2 is one of the finest RPG games i've ever played, and do not worry, even though Steam does not make it Broken World Available, you can go over to the workshop and on guide section and you'll have an tutorial to enable it, so what you are waiting for? I've created the guide!
This game is a piece of art, buy it!
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Posted: January 25
Is it just me or did anyone else who's attracted to women fall madly in love with Taar? I've been hooked on Dryads for years because of her.

The game has some age on it. It's not super complicated like others that are available now, but it didn't have to be. Trying to keep your party alive in a skirmish was enough to make you wish you had a diaper on. The story was great and most of the characters where likable. The voice acting was ok.

I think it's way better than the 3rd installment.

The dryad Taar had an INCREDIBLY sexy voice. Srsly. She could read a dictionary to me any time.

Make sure you know where your hot key is to use potions as well as the hot key to select specific members and the whole party. Health drains fast. Even faster when a caster's mana dries up.

There are different skill levels for the game. They encouraged you to up the skill level in an interesting way. Not sure if they're the first to do it or not, but it was effective - you could have more characters in your party if you choose a higher challenge.

Which leads me to one of the greatest things about this game! The dialogue!! (Oh, and do yourself a favor and find the mod that takes care of the issue where everyone stops talking and you miss out on that part of the story if a bad guy walks up and attacks. Which happens ALL THE FREAKIN TIME!) The inter character banter is flawless. No matter what combination of characters you have or how many, they all interact naturally in conversation. They seem to develop sort of complex relationships between them. They say different things to each other depending on who's there. I've played the game through a billion times over the years and I'm constantly hearing new things.

Someone needs to make a NPC follower of Taar for Skyrim and all other sandbox games I like. WHERE IS THE FUNDING FOR THIS!?!?

The game does have a massive inventory of weapons, armor, rings, amulets, shoes, reagents, bathroom accessories, nicnacks, etc etc.. Also, look up the mod that changes the size of your stash box to 255x255 squares. There exists one to do the same with your pack mule and your own inventory. Bump up the resolution and collect some loot!

It's also a pretty long game. You're not going to beat it in a few hours. Even if you cheat via the console, it'll still take a few days. There's SO MUCH territory to cover, puzzles to solve, banter to listen to, cut scenes, missions, shopping.. The boss fights are also super long. Not that they're oppressively hard (though they can be on Legendary), they just require a lot of tactics and strategy. And the bosses have insane HP pools.

Games as of late have really lost the charm this little gem has. Yeah, the graphics aren't what games have today, so don't get your hopes up if you come across a mod that makes all the girls sans clothing. Though the world does look pretty good. It also doesn't have much in the way of DLC and fortunately you don't have to bust your wallet out and type in credit card numbers every five seconds to get one item you need to progress like those lamentable "free to play" crapsterpieces. When you enchant items, you don't need a doctorate from MIT like the spells in Lichdom.

But, you do have to be careful where you spend your skill points, lest you ruin a character. You do have to plan ahead. You do have to be quick on the keys. But most importantly, you are definitely rewarded for it all.

If you've made it this far, you prolly will buy and play the game. I'd like to leave you with one piece of advice that will save you much frustration, and it has to do with elevators:

When you put your party on a lift to go up or down into a new area, there is one glitch in the game that will bone you. Even if you get all your characters on the platform; for whatever reason, when you trip the lever to move, one or more of your people will say "I'm out, peace!" and walk off the platform before it stars to move. Often times dumping you into a mob of baddies you simply can't beat with only half your members (or even sans one).

So here's what you do. Arrange all your peeps on the platform. Move one of them right next to the lever and use them to pull it. This way, when you go down, if there are a billion bad guys, you can use that same character to bring your party back to safety before anyone dies.

If you can't get them all to go up or down at once, and this happens, here's the strategy that I have used for years.

Set everyone's AI to aggressive. Try to get your magic users to all go down. Leave the Melee and archers behind except for one (which you will keep selected and control) next to the lever. The reason why you do this, is because a melee character will run off the platform as soon as it touches down and end up toast. The magic users will stay on the platform and hit everything from a distance.

KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON HEALTH!! If you're fighting low level creatures, come up once the lowest health meter is at 1/4. If you're fighting high level creatures, come up as soon as the lowest one is close to 1/2. If they're super high creatures (and this is actually a good strategy to kill them period) then go down and only say there long enough for your mages to charge their spells. They'll continue to pelt the baddies as you're coming back up. While you're in your safe zone, use that time to heal and let your mana recharge.

Love and cherish Taar. She is the soul and conscience of your group.
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Posted: December 26, 2014
Great game that I replayed many times.
DS1 was a great start to this series and DS2 expanded on it wonderful with still a great deal of freedom in character/group construction.

DS3 destroyed the series compeltely when they removed all of the good points and added many horrible additions.

DS2 tho? Great great game.
The only reason I can't go play DS1 every once in a while for fun is because DS2 is just so much better/expanded off of it.
Pause combat at it's best (if not a little old).
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Posted: January 24
This is a great game. I like this game a lot as I played it when it first came out and I hadn't played it since then until the Steam version came out and I bought this game a while back. Yeah the graphics might be dated and other things but I love the pause feature in this game and ability to mod it.

Even just playing the regular game without mods is very fun and I have spent quite a bit maxing out characters. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone who wants to hardcore game on it because this game is more like you grab the good items as you go along and rarely needs farming ever. I really love how it is not a grind and I can continue just going through the story and relaxing back while playing.

I also see people complaining about no multiplayer. Do you really expect a game made over a decade ago to have multiplayer? That is a waste of money for the company to host servers on a game this old.

Overall I'd recommend this to anyone looking to relax and have fun time playing a game instead of being in a constant grind for items and levels.
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Posted: April 20
damn is goooood
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Posted: December 27, 2014
Expansion not included, not cool.
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Posted: October 12, 2014
To start, DS was a decently cool game. Basically, it was 3D Diablo 2 with a party. The graphics were awesome and there were seamless transitions into the underground/dungeons, you only loaded initially and using teleports.

However, this Steam release has two extremely deal-breaking drawbacks. The first is that the expansion pack is NOT INCLUDED. Unlike games like Age of Empires 2, where they incorporated the expansion into the vanilla game itself and made an entirely new one, this game does not even include the expansion, nor is it available for purchase as DLC. Thanks to the wonderful world of licensing, it's gone forever.

The second issue is that MULTIPLAYER IS DISABLED. This is because the legacy DS2 servers were hosted by GameSpy, which no longer exists (right? I thought the spyware would make them last forever!), and it seems that GasPowered did not believe this release would not generate enough money to justify a server of their own. What this means for you is that YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO EVEN CREATE LAN GAMES. It is conceivably possible to violate the Steam EULA to replace the .exe file with an old no-cd replacement and modify your hosts to not try to check in with GameSpy, but you will still run into This Bug. And so far, no one has found any solution to this problem, so in all likelihood, you will be playing in single player. This is really disappointing because, at least this problem, would have been a super easy fix on GP's part.

That said, this does not make the game unplayable if you want to do single player again, or if you've never played it before, you can have the single player vanilla experience for only $6.99, which is not too bad for a game with this much content. But for me, personally, I feel it's a disappointment and false advertising.
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Posted: November 27, 2013
Oh man. This game. This ♥♥♥♥ING GAME.

44+ hours put into this monster. Most of my time was recorded "offline," so really it's more like 50-70+ hours, 100+ on the outside. And guess what? I'm only halfway through Veteran difficulty after spending god-knows-how-many hours trying to get through Mercenary. And time of completetion on Mercenary? Somewhere in the ballpark of 15+ hours for me at least, because holy ♥♥♥♥ I was grinding so hard and I enjoyed every. ♥♥♥♥ing. Second. Of it. Was still a grind, but it was a very fulfilling one, I'll admit. Yes, I was trying to kill mobs so I could get this one drop that would make or break my build, but when it finally DID appear...oh man, oh MAN did I feel like everything was worth it.

That should stand as a testament as to how damn addictive this game is, which is pretty damn good. Really. DIABLO(tm) is and always will be the king of Hack n' Slash Action RPGs, but this game gives the king a run for its money.

A classless, skill-tree based progression system is the star of this title, having built on the framework of the first title. Now, you can tweak your builds to your liking. Combat Mage that deals ♥♥♥♥tons of AoE damage? Go for it! Melee tank that uses greatswords for massive crits? Baby, you can do whatever you want~~! Ranged character that can snipe from halfway across the map? Yes, please! Nature Mage that can makes enemy projectiles tickle like they're nothing but feathers? Oh, darling, you know how to get my motor running~~~!

However, be warned! Multiclassing is nigh-on impossible, so take the game's advice to heart and stick to one class. Not that you can't do it, but it's ill-advised nonetheless.

Also revamped is the town system. Instead of just being a checkpoint, you actually have a *reason* to go back to town. You can sell-off your vendor trash a *lot* easier. You can portal back to town. You can buy that one sword that gives +5 cold damage and has a chance of proccing a massive blizzard from the merchant. Sure, it's pretty bare-bones compared to other games, but gawddamn this title needed this sort of system badly.

I know that a lot of Hack n' Slash Action RPGs already had this feature, and this was definitely missing from the first title. It was basically GPG realizing that they screwed up in that respect on the first title, so to see them rectify it is refreshing.

Overall, this title is amazing. It's $6.99 USD or your regional equivalent. Don't even wait for a sale. Get it now. You owe it to yourself.
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Posted: July 12, 2014
Do not buy this game on Steam. Yes it is a very good game and one of my eternal favorites in the rpg genre. Except for one problem, the Steam version has no multiplayer. Yes the servers are disabled and everyone expected that but the issue is that they disabled the entire multiplayer function; including LAN.
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Posted: April 4, 2014
What a beautiful game. Every now and then I run across a game that just nails its genre. The Age of Wonders series makes me feel that way for example, and more recently, Mark of the Ninja -- a game that's just an absolute pleasure to play because the makers lavished attention on it to make it a joy, and the player wants it to never come to an end. Dungeon Siege II is one of those games.

Everything that makes a fantasy action strategy game fun to play is in this game -- gorgeous artwork, evocative soundtrack, user-friendly interface, fully customizeable characters, great gear, generous loot drops, secret rooms, interesting and complicated quests, and far more gold than you could possibly need. Dungeon Siege II is like Torchlight's older brother, just as likeable but more grown up. Well, as grown up as a fantasy romp can be.
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Posted: September 19, 2014

- .exe is different from the original, because of this mods and the modding SDK will not work
- multiplayer is disabled
- there is no integration at all with steam
- 50% of the time it won't even start a game because of new graphics card
- the game has a 4:3 resolution which mean it won't work on modern monitors (which are pretty much all widescreen)

Better throw the 6$ in a fire, will be a better use...
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Posted: July 7, 2014
The Game is great, but the WHOLE multiplayerpart is disabled. Not only the Gamespy part for internetplay but also the LAN part. If you want to play online anyways then have a look at this Guide:
and then download GameRanger (, copy the whole DS2 folder from steam to anywhere and add it under Edit->Options. Click Host Game and wait for People to join. Start and thats it ... :D
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Posted: December 7, 2013
I bought this game in a bundle with Dungeon Siege 1 and 3 and didn't expect DS2 to be my favorite. This brought be back to the old Baldur's Gate style games with enough differences to keep it engaging. I fully recommend this game.
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Posted: October 13, 2014
Just put it to rest after a lost weekend of it. I like it. I am a story person and as such I order my DSs 2>3>1. 1 didnt do it for me: I never finished. 3 was good although in retrospect having played it before 2 I realize it was short and mildly less absorbing than 2.
-story often engrossing
-raising my pet to adulthood by feeding it swords, armor and accessories was delightful
-at least 50% of the banter was charming, voice acting was generally good
-pretty landscapes
-plenty of play hours per dollar
-important villain dissolves into (what looks like) black feathers at his demise; I approved.
-sometimes button mashing and the resultant monster dismemberment just hits the spot.
-grind, mountains of creatures to fight and fight and fight to excess. Sometimes I began to wonder if the story would ever resume
-with so many enemies piled on each other in their eagerness to finish me off on the detailed background and smeared with the varied colors of lightning, fire, death and ice it often was difficult to see who was living and who was dead.
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Posted: October 11, 2014
Wish they would get access to the expansion. It's well worth it.
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Posted: January 8, 2014
It's hard to express just how much fun I had with this game. Really refined from the first entry in the series, and adds a lot of depth to character development. Managing a party instead of just one character allows you to experiement with several builds at once, and you'll unlock larger parties at higher difficulty levels. The structure of quests and sidequests often have you exploring areas you couldn't access earlier in the game, giving some good variety in where you'll be going and why.

Overall a very worthy dungeon crawler standing toe-to-toe with DIablo 2 or Titan Quest
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Posted: December 25, 2013
“I hear you’re off to cause some trouble. I don’t suppose you’d care for the company of the best fighter on the island?”

Dungeon Siege 2 represents an excellent squad-based action role-playing game, that contains all of the best elements of its predecessor, and introduces novelties like the class based super powers and class related skill trees.

It is rounded out by smart combat mechanics, an impressive storyline and immersive atmosphere. The higher difficulties will keep you entertained with new challenges, while the loot will be improving continuously.

From the Dungeon Siege series this game – in combination with the add-on Broken World – is definitely the strongest one, and a remarkable example of an epic dungeon crawler.

Fun fact: You are the only one who can stop the evil reign of Chris Taylor in the secret pillow fighting chamber.

My rating system consists of six categories in descending order of importance:

- Atmosphere
- Combat & Controls
- Details
- Tactical gameplay
- Characters
- Story

Based on the performance each category will receive one of the following grading:

- S-Rank: excellent
- A-Rank: very good
- B-Rank: solid
- C-Rank: satisfactory
- D-Rank: inferior

If the S-Rank is awarded, a quote from the game or personal comment will be added as a token of my respect (in brackets).

Atmosphere: S-Rank

(Your thirst for destruction is powerful. You would impose your will on the world; you are not so different from Valdis. You could have joined with him and basked in the new Age of Zaramoth! That mistake will cost you your life. Now I will avenge my wizards.)

Combat & Controls: S-Rank

(You’ll only gain experience in a class by fighting with its associated weapon type. If you fight with a melee weapon, you will gain melee experience and if you fight with a combat magic spell, you’ll gain combat magic experience. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Before you proceed, choose a class and stick with it. If you switch weapon types too much, you’ll become a weak jack of all trades and then those cursed Dryads will eat you for breakfast. Not that you wouldn’t deserve it, heh heh.)

Details: S-Rank

(Do not forget about ‘columnarius sectorus’.)

Tactical gameplay: A-Rank

Characters: S-Rank

(Have you made your funeral plans? How should we bury you? Or maybe you’d like us to burn your corpse, as it is the Dryad custom. Personally I think we should put you out on the river in a flaming raft. That would be something!)

Story: S-Rank

(But unknown to either warrior the sword and the shield had destinies of their own. The sword shattered the shield and sparked the Great Cataclysm. The land split open and the souls of the warriors, ripped from their chests, rushed into the river of souls that flowed beneath the land; splintering it into a thousand lay lines. The shockwave was felt in every part of Aranna. Even the lives that were spared were changed forever. The stars shifted and the Second Age began.)

There are no achievements to conquer.

Achievement difficulty: none

Dungeon Siege 3 (PC) – Action role-playing game + Hack & Slash
(Fantasy) – 2011
Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World (PC) – ARPG + Squad-based hack & slash
(Dark Fantasy) – 2006
Dungeon Siege 2 (PC) – Action role-playing game + Squad-based hack & slash
(Dark Fantasy) – 2005
Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna (PC) – ARPG + Squad-based hack & slash
(Fantasy) – 2003
Dungeon Siege (PC) – Action role-playing game + Squad-based hack & slash
(Fantasy) – 2002
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Posted: June 25, 2014
This game, though not first person and not quite as advanced as some rpgs like Skyrim, is truly the best RPG ever made. Excellent character skill trees to make truly unique characters. This game is just so much fun that once you start you can't help but play it all three times through...

If you consider yourself a fan of rpg, games like Sacred or Diablo, or even a PC gamer in general, you should think otherwise until you have played this game at least once in your life! Speaking of which, if you are any of those, chances are you'll LOVE this game!
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Posted: August 7, 2013
A great overhead RPG with a simple combat system and a great story. the graphics aren't the best and the inventory system can get sort of cramped, but hey, at least they're voice acting.
And i could have sworn there was an addon for this called "Broken World"... oh well.
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Posted: January 27, 2014
I like lots of things about DS2. I like that item shops are useful, that they tried to give your companions actual characters, and that the female models wear sensible armor. I liked the design of several boss fights, and the efforts they went to (in some areas, anyway) to disguise the basic linearity of the game.

Unfortunately, DS2 is one of those games where you had to buy the DLC to get the actual ending - DLC that doesn't seem to be on Steam. So this game gets to the climax and goes "HAHANOPE". Completely unsatisfying.
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