Sail the Caribbean では、荒海で略奪の限りを尽くしたり、船長となって船とクルーを統率して財宝を探します。どのような人生を送るかは、あなたしだいです。 しつこい敵と戦ったり、疑うことを知らない村人を襲撃したり、美人の花嫁を口説いたり、追跡の手を危うく避けたり、財宝を発掘したりしましょう。 歴史に名を残す伝説の海賊を目指してください。
リリース日: 2005年7月11日

Sid Meier's Pirates! を購入する


Sail the Caribbean では、荒海で略奪の限りを尽くしたり、船長となって船とクルーを統率して財宝を探します。どのような人生を送るかは、あなたしだいです。 しつこい敵と戦ったり、疑うことを知らない村人を襲撃したり、美人の花嫁を口説いたり、追跡の手を危うく避けたり、財宝を発掘したりしましょう。 歴史に名を残す伝説の海賊を目指してください。


    最低要件:Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP、Pentium® 1.0 GHz 以上、256 MB の RAM、1.2 GB のハードディスク空き容量、ハードウェア T&L 対応の 64 MB ビデオカード*、Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP 対応のサウンドカード*、DirectX® バージョン 9.0b(付属)以上
    * DirectX® バージョン 9.0b 以上に対応している必要があります。
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Classic game! I'll review this game in sentence fragments:
Fight Pirates.
Battle ships.
Ransack towns.
Sail the open sea.
Get booty.
Get other booty.


Seriously, it is a really great game. If you're looking for the ultimate pirate experience, I wouldn't say this is it but it is pretty darn close. If you like pirates and/or you just like games in general, I would give it a try; you can't go wrong. Plus, it has the almighty Sid Meier name on the game so you know there's a quality game here.
投稿日: 2014年2月16日
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i had 300 girlfriendss and retired at 50
it was nice
投稿日: 2014年3月30日
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If you ever get the chance to buy this game at a reasonable price, for instance in the recent humble bundle sale or sale, DO IT! This game is my childhood so perhaps I'm biased, but for the 2,50€ I paid for this game it's a steal.

Although relatively short, you'll finish it in around 15 hours if you don't waste too much time, Sid Meier's Pirates! includes a variety of era's to play (1600-20, 20-40, ... , 80-1700) each with a different twist to it.

As you progress your difficulty will be ramped up slightly if you want to, however for people who want a real challenge I dare you to try out swashbuckler without losing a ship.

Good aspects:
-Variety of Ships to take
-Ability to conquer cities and create your own 'world'

Negative aspects:
-Repetitive mechanics (Dancing, Fencing, Naval warfare)
-No 'endless' mode available
投稿日: 2014年3月1日
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9/10 Fantastic Game
2nd favoirite pirate game only to AC4.
My only criticism is that dancing is pretty freaking hard.
投稿日: 2014年2月13日
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I downloaded this game with the Sid Meiers humble bundle. I wasn't originially very excited for it, because I had only bought the bundle for the civ games but after playing this game for a few hours, I'm happy it was included.

The game is a little confusing at first, but after playing for a little it becomes a bit easier to understand. However, I still have no idea what the main objective is besides the fact that you're a pirate looking to save his family (that much is clear from the intro). As far as I know you don't have to follow the main quests or any of that really, you can just plunder riches or charm governors daughter until retirement.

After about 3.5 hours, I'm still not bored with the pirate life. I still haven't fully discovered all of the game, but the parts I have discovered are what makes this game addicting. I fully recommend this to anyone who enjoys strategy or even just pirates.
投稿日: 2014年2月19日
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This sim game from 2004 could easily win a 10 from me if it had a couple of drunk wenches in the taverns and had less posh governor's daughters who ALWAYS criticize my dancing skill (yo hot mama, if you happened to be into the new style on da street, you'd see how hip I can be while you stand there hopping like a Harry Styles fangirl.)

So it gets a 9 for the sword fighting mechanic, naval battle (obviously trivial to the latest AC title), and the excellent portrayal of a pirate's life without the STI.
投稿日: 2013年11月26日
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