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Release Date: Feb 18, 2016

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“Soviet Corps is a fantastic expansion”
Final Boss Fight

About This Content

Welcome to Russia, Comrade. Failure is not an option.

Expanding upon the award winning Panzer Corps game system, Soviet Corps puts you in command of the forces of the Stalin’s Russia and expects nothing less than Total Victory!

Can you resist Operation Barbarossa with defensive actions such as at Bialystock-Minsk and Moscow before counter-striking to relieve and encircle Stalingrad and start the reclaiming of Soviet soil? You will also see action in Finland, The Crimea, Romania and Hungary before breaking down the doors of Berlin itself.

Panzer Corps: Soviet Corps is an expansion for existing Panzer Corps owners and a full stand-alone for new players.

Soviet Corps includes more than 25 new scenarios in a branching campaign stretching from Murmansk to The Crimea and from Khalkhin Gol to the banks of the Elbe.

Players will also have access to over 60 new regular and special elite units including the PT-34 variant of the T-34, GAZ-67B jeep recon, G-11 glider and even the IS-3 Heavy Tank!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
    • Processor: Pentium 4 or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 64Mb Video Card
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
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27 of 28 people (96%) found this review helpful
Posted: February 19
So Panzer Corps is back, and finally we get to to play as the Soviets.

I played Panzer General over 20 years ago, so that welcome feeling of comfortable old shoes is there. Sure, not much has changed since then, other than you, me and the rest of the world.

Soviet Corps looks, feels and behaves a lot like its ancestor completing the European campaigns of Panzer Corps.
As a DLC, there’s plenty of content, 26 scenarios for a fully fledged campaign, the usual huge variety of units, maps, heroes and so on.

I foresee a bare minimum of 50-60 hours of gameplay on the first playthrough.

Only this time it’s different, because keeping your beloved units alive is quite a challenging task.
Enjoy a walk in the park as you stroll through Japanese units in the first scenario, squash Poland and defeat hardened Finnish snipers, then, behold, it’s Barbarossa, and there will be blood, plenty of it.

Best campaign after Afrika, well done.
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25 of 31 people (81%) found this review helpful
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Posted: February 18
Dont get attached to your units, sacrifices must be made to stop the blitzkrieg.
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15 of 15 people (100%) found this review helpful
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Posted: February 19
Excellent expansion for Panzer Corps. Full Soviet campaign included from Khalkin Gol '39 to Berlin '45. Brings back memories of the old Allied General Soviet campaign. New equipment list is comprehensive and historically accurate, campaign is a challenge, propably more so than the earlier ones. Enough new content here to recommend a purchase for Panzer Corps fans.
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6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
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Posted: April 22
This was the whole reason I even picked up Panzer Corps in the first place. The scenarios are challenging, requiring the player to carefully observe the map and be able to have some forsight which unit which won't immedietely be of use the first few turns, but critical in the last few turns in any given scenario. The level of complexity of some scenarios will definitely give veterans of Panzer Corps a run for their money, this is not just a random cash grab, a lot of thought and research was invested in this expansion. Of course, my favorate part about this expansion, is the mid to last selection of scenarios where battles are just unbearably huge, you can just immerse yourself in the game and enjoy every critical moment to obtain victory for the mighty Russia. Looking from a stand-point of someone who has already played plenty of the other expansions of Panzer Corps, it is very difficult to gage their enjoyment out of Soviet Corps. Arguably, this can be compared to the Allied Corp expansion, for others it might have the feel of the Afrika Corps expansion. Ultimately, this expansion will deeply appeal to those who have to play as the CCCP and crush facist army until Berlin. For others who may have a light-hearted approach to this expansion or lack interest in the battles of the Eastern front might not enjoy Soviet Corps. Nontheless, I recommend it because without this expansion, I wouldn't even have picked up the game in the first place.
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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
Posted: February 20
Been playing it today and have absolutely loved it. It is great to play the Soviet Side. All I want now is a full co-op multiplayer campaign where you can do 1 vs 1 from start to end, taking your units with you. It would be epic.
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8 of 10 people (80%) found this review helpful
Posted: March 5
Hi Steam community,

First, this is just a quick review of SC. I have a review of the main game, which is more thorough. Please see that for a decent review of the entire game, which by the way, really is more like 6+ seperate games all rolled into one huge package. For the potential buyer: there is Panzer Korps, Afrika Korps, Allied Korps (that refers to the Western Allies, not the Allies in general), Soviet Korps, Grand Campaigns, and grand campaign "Sealion". Now onto this game. Ooohra!!!

In my view, this is the very best of Panzer Corps. The developers did such a great job. Here are the major positive, neutral and negative points. VERY IMPORTANT: if one is sensitive about one's nations participation in WWII, if it involved the eastern front (Soviets vs. everyone else) then I suggest thinking twice about this game. The game is very historically accurate, and far right leaning individuals may find the historical references (battles, alliances, ect) to be VERY OFFENSIVE.

1) everything great about the greater game, is replicated here:
--historical accuracy
--complexity and depth
--amazing combat system
--great re-do of the super old graphics
2) no ideological indoctrination, or even bias, in the game. this is remarkable given that the protagonists are Soviets (communists, of if you want to be dead accurate, state capitalists)
3) many experimental units that never actually saw combat, let alone wide spread combat (Rota/Polk strength)
4) fictional story ending:
--enter the field of battle against a Western Allied-National Socialist alliance
--this battle represented one of the great hopes of the Nazi regime (Soviets kill W. Allies, W. Allies kill Soviets, yay!)
--entirely fictional of course, unlike virtually everything else in the game

1) Fight many of the powers/organizations on the Axis side in WWII, not just Germany. I don't want to spoil it, so no names. There were 6 axis powers fighting the Soviet Union on the eastern front, and quite a few more "partisan" fighters.
2) The different axis fighters you encounter during the game could very well upset people from certain cultures, as the game follows a much more universal version of history that is not always approved of by certain groups/countries

1) there is only one campaign (although it is quite long...)
2) the mission briefings are short compared to the Grand Campaings. Slitherine answered this perfectly, but they are still short
3) this should have been done long before!! Too awesome to have waited this long


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Posted: March 3
This expansion may be the best that Panzer Corps currently has. Playing as the Soviets, especially in the early stages of the Campaign, brings about the kind of excitement and dread that can only be captured by the Hex based Isometric game. To explain, many games can offer sweeping scale and top notch effects but none of that can match the sheer panic and dread that is captured by the first appearance of the Germans; literally units you have been training and hoarding for just this moment are being exterminated in a matter of turns. The loss and hopelessness of your defences is so well captured and for this alone I highly recommend this expansion for any Panzer Corps players and if you are turned off by prices of DLC (which is quite high) then simply buy this one only. You won’t regret it..... or maybe you will when you are throwing units at the enemy and scraping by the skin of your teeth, just like the USSR in WW2.
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Posted: March 3
I like the eastern front, and I got this game exclusively just to play as Germans in multiplayer with the new scenarios. I do not like single player campaigns all that much.

However, a couple of maps in the unbalanced scenarios are bugged for germans, the stalingrad map comes to mind right away. The creeping frontline thing traps units in the back area, making them useless. I like how instead of putting down new units you get them as the frontline approaches, though.

Always having 0 points in most scenarios is also a little frustrating, the only way to get more points is to make the enemy units surrender or capturing back a city that was just taken from you. However, you are usually given enough units to utilize an elastic defense with local counterattacks to hold out long enough to win, as in Allied and Wehrmacht mp late war scenarios.

I wish more people played multiplayer. I always see the same few guys since I got Allied corps. It's challenging and fun.

My only real recommendation for the devs is that this game needs a LENINGRAD scenario. There is no leningrad map to choose for a multiplayer game, which is the only thing that really disappointed me.

Also I'd like to have multiplayer campaigns.
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Posted: February 19
Is only for masochists/brave sons of the Rodina.

Are you of one in the aforementioned?!

Are you of lose troop to win viktory for Motherland?

Are you of sacrifice conscript in destroy panzer to become hero of Soviet Union?

Do you want to be of brave komandant brigade or komisar polka?

Do you rejoice in fascist rounds bouncing off of your KV2 armor?

Are you of happy to smash the fascisti back to Berlin?

Then this cheeki breeki is for you. Nu davaj suka blyad, it's only 150000 rubly, very cheap for opportunity to fight for Russia.

19/41 best die for the Motherland simulator ever
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
Posted: May 24
Another gem of a DLC, been waiting long time for it. It was great finally play as the Russians, some great maps and expect have to use different play style to all the others.

I would recommend buy it don't read reviews!
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Recently Posted
Posted: May 24
Awesome DLC for an Awesome game!
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Suredeath Hellman
Posted: February 22
It's ok but it feels like their creative energy is sputtering out. The German campaigns were epic and felt awesome idk why but this one didn't seem to have as much substance.
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Posted: February 19
Remember Tovarish Stalin's orders my friends:
If you are behind enemy lines and do not retreat to Soviet lines, you will be shot for aiding the facists.
If you retreat to Soviet lines after being behind enemy lines, you will be shot for aiding the facists.
If you fail to carry out an order, you will be shot for aiding the facists.
If you retreat without explicit orders to do so, you will be shot for aiding the facists.
If you release the un-edited version of "Ivan the Terrible 2", you will be shot for aiding the facists. (Sergei Eisenstein only)
If you are captured by the Germans or their allies, you will be shot for aiding the facists.
But remember my friends, this is a war that will be won easily! So relax and push those facists back!
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