It is the future, and the world is in grave need of oil. You and a crew have set off into the ocean, reclaiming old island drilling sites for oil production as you work for the UOO, the biggest oil supplier in the world. The working conditions are dire. You have no choice.
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Mixed (115 reviews) - 69% of the 115 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jun 22, 2010

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“I've had a huge amount of fun with The Oil Blue, and with good reason - it's challenging, it's gorgeous and it's by far the most unique experience I've played in a good while. This is something to officially 'be excited about' - I know I am.”

“It's not common to see a tycoon game that goes for atmosphere, but The Oil Blue does just that, and it does it well....What it lacks in complexity it more than makes up for in playability and raw intrigue. The Oil Blue looks great, plays great, and will suck you in for hours at a time. An excellent release from Vertigo Games!”

“Games like The Oil Blue are always a pleasant surprise. We often expect nothing from them and they deliver an experience that is nothing sort of a joy. Vertigo games should be proud of what they’ve created here, and anyone interested in playing something great should check this out.”

About This Game

The Oil Blue is an indie action-sim that has you drilling for oil in the world’s oceans, selling barrels of oil on the market, and exploring new islands once you completed objectives set by your employer, the United Oil of Oceania company. Set in the oceans in the future, the world’s dependency on oil has grown to an even larger amount. It’s up to you and a crew of men to travel the ocean, find abandoned oil drilling islands, and reclaim them for the United Oil of Oceana company.

Once you land on an island, you have a set amount of days and oil barrels to make during your stay. Fire up those old drilling machines and start making oil underwater, watch the oil barrel market and sell at the highest price, repair machines and do it all within the time you’re given, or the UOO will boot you off the island for a better crew. Sell more barrels to achieve higher ranks and perks, upgrade your machines, and conquer the ocean!

The Oil Blue was released in 2010 to enthusiastic reviews and acclaim, including being a part of the "250 Indie Games You Must Play" book by Mike Rose. This Steam release contains all new extras, including:

  • Original Windows release of the Oil Blue, patched to 1.041. This patch was never officially released until now, which contains fixes that help improve gameplay input.
  • Steam Trading Card support, with all new HD art by Camille Kuo.
  • Steam Achievements, unlocked using the included Oil Blue Achievement Unlocker/Helper App. Simply boot up this program and it will scan your save files for achievement unlocks, including old game saves you can transfer from previous releases!
  • Includes the original game's soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC file formats by Jonathan Geer.


Note: This is a legacy release. The game's original source code was corrupted years back, to where I can no longer patch the game. However this game release contains all of the patches made up to this point, which fixed numerous bugs, added new features, etc. This game was tested on Windows XP, 7, 8.1 and 10, and while it works great on the machines we tested it on, there is a possibility of it not running correctly on your machine. Please view the official troubleshooting guide before purchasing for more information. Thank you!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or Higher
    • Memory: 500 MB RAM
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
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MOAR kubikill
1.8 hrs
Posted: September 25
This game is pure micromanagement hell (No surprise, since it's from the folks who made Cook, Serve, Delicious!). It's hard and quite complicated. However, it has nice visuals, a good soundtrack and unique gameplay. Check this one out and definitely buy it when it's discounted.
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0.6 hrs
Posted: August 12
Collection of several simple mini-games, each with little to no actual interesting elements. Most free flash games are better than this.
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2.5 hrs
Posted: July 29
Very good game, I'd Recommened it to any one interested in these types of games!
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2.1 hrs
Posted: July 5
too much to do, not worth the effort.

im all for micromanagement. but this game arent 1 of em.
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8.8 hrs
Posted: June 21
Do you want to manage your very own cluster♥♥♥♥ while hearing *beep beep* every 2 seconds? If so, than this game is for you!
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0.2 hrs
Posted: June 6
A semi-satirical sim about being a lonely oil-drilling technician working for the worst companies on the planet doing the worst thing to the planet. True story: The creator of this game went on to make Cook, Serve, Delicious!, because the only thing more stressful and soulcrushing than working oil fields is ♥♥♥♥ing foodservice.
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9.4 hrs
Posted: May 21
I thought this was a time management/strategy game, but it is not. It is a button mashing panic game; shame on me for not doing enough research I guess.

The premise of the game is to click between your various drilling rigs pressing specific buttons to drill oil. At the end of each day, most of them break down requiring you to fix them by playing a mini-game. The mini-games are very dumb and do not add anything at all. Even the main game does not really appeal to me, you go from rig to rig putting out fires and there is little thought in it.
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14.2 hrs
Posted: May 14
A Paladin’s Steam Review: The Oil Blue. Intensive Drilling Micromanagement That Requires Almost as Much Work as the Real Thing.
  • Genre: Micromanagement Multi-tasking Strategy Game.
  • Developed & Published by: Vertigo Gaming Inc.
  • Platform: Windows only
  • Business Model: Single Purchase.
  • Copy Purchased by Myself
Overall Gameplay Thoughts
Meet The Oil Blue, a game published in 2010 by the developers of Cook, Serve, Delicious. It’s a game about micromanaging up to four oil drilling machines in an ever continuing quest to make max profits from previously used drilling islands. Set in the near future, the world has become even more dependent on oil and corporations are racing to meet the staggering demand. One of the largest corporations, the United Oil of Oceana, has tasked the player to reclaim previously drilled islands and find enough oil within a certain time period. All the while, the player is able to race up the corporate ladder gaining more upgrades and features to make the job easier. Failure to drill enough oil in time means you get booted off the island with no continuing reward for your hard work. It’s a paper thin narrative and is largely unimportant to playing the game. It’s enough to give some atmosphere as to why you’re doing all of this.

There are two shifts to TOB: the early morning shift and the regular day shift. In the early morning shift, the player has a limited amount of time to repair and upgrade equipment. As equipment is used during the regular work hours, stress will accumulate and damage the machines. This early shift gives you the chance to repair that damage through different mini-games and QTEs. The challenge of these mini-games increases depending on how much damage the machine sustained. Once the day officially begins, the player is able to sell oil and manage the drilling machines. The player has approximately 15 minutes real-world time to drill as much oil as possible. However, the player can only store so many barrels at one time. So, a watchful eye must be kept to prevent overfilling the storage and losing oil. In order to reach the quest goal, you’ll need to use as many machines possible as long as possible, making sure none of them build up too much stress at the same time. It all creates a pretty intense micromanagement system that will require the player to develop a rhythm and keep ahead of any problems. Which can be really fun or too much stress that a potential player may not be looking for. There really isn’t a “conclusion” to this game, it just keeps on going.

Gameplay Examination
Read the review on A Paladin Without A Crusade to see what I thought about the game mechanics for The Oil Blue. It won't fit in Steam's review character limit.

PC Settings and Audio/Video
Game Options:What the User Can Configure:
Resolutions: Not Configurable.Fullscreen on/off. Art will stretch, creating black bars.
Graphical Options Included: V-Sync, AA, Rendering Quality.All options are on/off toggles. Rendering is if you need more performance but you should be fine.
Colorblind Supported.Console lights can be changed from green to blue.
Audio sliders: not included.Music is on/off switch. SFX can go from 0-100%. Music should have an audio slider.
Steam Cloud: Not availableSaves can potentially be deleted by the achievements app, it’s a random bug.
TOB is built on an older, now corrupted Game Maker 7 Engine. As such, that means that features unique to Steam such as achievements, overlay and cloud aren’t available. TOB has worked for me during the 12 hours that I’ve played it but I’ve had a few problems with it. First, after opening the achievement app that’s included with TOB, my saves vanished, costing me several hours worth of gameplay. Secondly, I’ve had a couple of occasions where the music and SFX wouldn’t work properly. A Windows restart and a few days away from TOB seemed to get it to work again. Finally, despite getting a single achievement for running the separate app, I never got any additional achievements. I’m not sure why. I would rate this app as slightly buggy and potentially unstable in the future if Windows makes any significant changes. Since the developers are unable to make any significant fixes to the game’s code, for now, it raises a question about how long it’ll continue to run. For the time being, it runs. Just be prepared.

Graphically, The Oil Blue goes for a realistic yet slightly stylized look that, despite its age, still looks pretty good. The machine control panels are fun to look at and control. The game in general pulls off the aesthetic well. It cements the idea that you really are drilling for oil on all of these islands and doing “hard” work. Even if it is largely about pressing buttons a lot. The soundtrack is pretty decent, going for an atmospheric electronic sound. The tracks play a little too often though so you may end up playing your own music instead at some point. But the game does a good job for itself.

Final Thoughts
The Oil Blue is an interesting first outing for Vertigo Gaming and gives players an approachable, enjoyable yet still intense micromanagement game. If this genre appeals to you, TOB is worth considering picking up. It’s still got good game mechanics, if some aspects of its management such as workers is limited. It looks good and sounds good. It’s intense if you really want to be good at it too. Of course, there are the concerns about its stability and some of the bugs I ran into. Its too bad the story is paper thin and you can’t spend your money on anything. But, all in all, The Oil Blue is a fun game that I enjoyed for the 12 or so hours I put into it.

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Awkward Seal
5.9 hrs
Posted: April 24
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1.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 8
Product received for free
Basic Information
Title: The Oil Blue: Steam Legacy Edition
Developer: Vertigo Gaming Inc.
Publisher: Vertigo Gaming Inc.
Genre: Economic Simulation

General Impression
Ever wondered what it’s like to be a “roughneck” (slang for an oil rig worker)? Well this game won’t give you an answer to that. What it will do (and quite effiecient, if I may add) is to teach you the basics of running a joint in a rather cutthroat domain: the oil business. The petroleum industry, if you’re feeling fancy. The Black Gold has been fueling humanity’s progress for nearly two centuries and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Not much can be said about The Oil Blue’s graphical interface. It serves its purpose and the sounds are by no means any less effective. The game’s “story” serves more as a background and the drilling for oil part, takes center stage. In every mission (consisting on a certain island, each time) you are given control over oil drilling machinery and assigned the task of accumulating a certain value in revenue, over a limited period of time. Regardless of your early success, the more you progress, the difficulty was scaling much faster and the need to constantly supervise both the machinery (through a set of mini-games) and the oil market (in order to sell at the highest bidder) proved more trouble than it’s worth. The lack of a proper scaling and the rather thin on content, tutorial represent the game’s only con. Other than that, you have a very competent economic sim with an attractive price tag plus Cards and Achievements. I fully recommend The Oil Blue to anyone interested in micromanagement.

Strong Points
+ Fully functional gameplay with a shifting economy.
+ Pleasant sounds and drawings.
+ Steam Achievements & Trading Cards

Weak Points
- Difficult and with little support from the tutorial.

Rating 8/10

This review was submitted for Imperial Reviews.
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94 of 104 people (90%) found this review helpful
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2.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 6, 2015
At first I wasn't expecting much from this game, it was 4 bucks when I bought it and there were no reviews for it yet. When you first start, the tutorials help you get the basics of the game but thats really where it stops. Sure as you level up it teaches you how to operate the higher level machinery, but actually producing the sheer amounts of oil this game requires you to in order to "claim" the island and get its royalties is much harder. Learning how to balance each machine and still get all of the upgrades and sell your oil before the market closes is a challenge. This game wasn't at all what I was expecting but for the price, it is well worth. Have fun spending hours collecting oil in this unique story that'll have you wishing you had become a petroleum engineer instead of an IT person.
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75 of 84 people (89%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
3.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 15, 2015
The Oil Blue is a time management game developed by the same guy who brought us the oh so glorious Cook, Serve, Delicious. In The Oil Blue you play as one of the many people employed by the United Oil of Oceania company in a world in desperate need of more and more oil. Your job involves you travelling to different islands where oil drilling once took place in order to reclaim the equipment for UOO and use it to complete objectives set for you for that specific island.

Please take a couple of things into consideration when you read my review. Firstly, the original source code for the game was "corrupted years back" meaning the dev cannot update the game beyond what he already has, this means the negatives in my review have very little chance of ever being rectified. Secondly, in case you hadn't guessed, this game is pretty old and therefore it's doesn't have amazing graphics or HD resolutions, if this is a glaring problem for you then it's best not to bother with this review because I quite like how it looks.

+The drilling machine interfaces are well done and are, for the most part, easy to use though a few things here and there are slightly confusing (such as some of the displays aren't clearly marked as to what they are)
+The backgrounds visible behind your drilling machine interfaces are all very nice and there's a good amount of variation when it comes to the appearance of the islands
+The game's tutorials, presented in the form of earning your licenses, are very helpful and give detailed instructions on how to run each machine
+The game has a fairly good upgrade system. When you're using the machines found on any island you gradually earn experience points for each individual machine as they are used, once you have enough experience on a machine it levels up, granting you some form of upgrade to it but these upgrades only last while you're on that island. A few people have said the fact the upgrades are only temporary are stupid, I on the other hand think it's rather clever, considering the fact you take over different machines when you get to the next island. However, there are also permanent upgrades which can be purchased for each type of drilling machine, though you do need to be a certain rank (ranks are for your character and are completely separate to your machines) in order to unlock the ability to purchase upgrades
+As mentioned the game also has a ranking system for your character, new ranks are unlocked by earning a certain amount of money and each rank gives you some form of a boost, such as a higher chance to find a certain type of drilling machine
+The price of oil fluctuates between $100 and $200 constantly in the game which adds a nice bit of risk as judging when the right or wrong time to sell can have a serious impact on your profits
+Although you leave behind an island and all the work you did there when you reclaim a new island for a new objective you do still get money from those islands in the form of royalties
+Though your time on each island is limited to however long you're given for your objective there is no end to the game, you can carry on playing for as long as you like meaning this game has near endless content, though of course there are only so many upgrades for you to get
+The game's sound track and sound effects are good and fit in with the game well

+/-The game has a huge difficulty spike where the first couple of islands are relatively easy but then after that they increase in difficulty incredibly quickly, personally I would have preffered to be eased in to the more difficult levels but others may not feel the same

-The game has a stress system for all but one of the drilling machine types which adds a nice layer of challenge but, when your machines reach a certain stress level they have to be shut down in order for you to repair them (you can also perform repairs before turning the machines on when a new work day starts), the problem I (as a few of the other reviewers have mentioned) is that the repair mini-games you find yourself tasked with often feel far too difficult and in some cases purely rely on chance that you hit the right button combination to successfully complete the mini-game
-Steam achievements can only be unlocked by using a tool provided by the developer which scans your save games in order to find which achievements to unlock. Any achievements you have earned will be unlocked at the same time meaning it can end up looking like you've cheated with your achievements
-Due to the game's age the Steam Overlay doesn't work properly which means you can't use the Steam Messaging system or take screenshots

Worth Purchasing (7.5/10)

The Oil Blue is a great, if not a little chaotic, time management game with a nice look to it, a good upgrade system and lots to do. If you're a fan of other time management games, in particular Cook, Serve, Delicious then you're definitely going to enjoy this one!

No drama, Just Reviews.

El K.
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27.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 7, 2015
What is it?
This is a neat little game that sits somewhere between casual simulation and frantic time management! You will be sent to a randomly generated island which will have an assortment of different equipment panels for you to use, and you will be given targets for a specific period of time (e.g. drill/sell 150 barrels in 7 days, or make a certain amount of profit). It is up to you to juggle (sometimes frantically) between the different platform control panels without missing an opportunity to suck more oil out of the ground, but at the same time leaving no machine unattended beyond its stress point, otherwise you will be spending more of your next shift fixing rather than drilling - and there's no profit to be made fixing! You can use your profits to buy upgrades that last for the duration you're at that particular island, but a new island means new (and very basic) equipment, and with a harder objective to meet!

What's good about it?
What this game does REALLY well is emulate basic controls of different pumping equipment such as groundwells, pump-jacks, oil derricks and rigs, and there is a real challenge in reaching your target objective. How realistic they are, I don't know - but the important thing is that they feel industrial and clunky which creates a great illusion of some kind of reality if not actual reality. The screenshots above really don't do it justice; the panels for operating the machinery and the mechanical sound effects create a surpisingly convincing environment. The 'islands' are randomly generated and infinite, so you'll not run out of scenarios to play (each new island starts your equipment at its basic non-upgraded level). The game has that quality of "just one more go" about it - and just LOOK at that price! Bargain! Oh, and it runs in Windows 10.

Anything not to like?
The only frustrating parts of the game are a couple of the 'repair' mini-games that can be very hit-and-miss at first, and sometimes are solved purely by luck (I suppose the lesson here is "don't break the dratted drills then")! Be warned that meeting your island's objectives becomes hard real quick so it pays not to be too fond of meeting objectives 100% (just play for the fun of it anyway). Once you reach rank 10 or above, it becomes much easier again. There are areas where I think the game could be improved to be an even bigger and better game: adding a competitive AI company or two; using a map that players must conquer by buying up drilling rights for each island, and making more of the oil selling price. However, this is an older game recently released on Steam and I believe the original assets no longer exist, so this game is truly in its final form - but that isn't a bad thing as it's still a fun, enjoyable game.

In summary
This is a really neat little game for the price and shows again that originality and creativity sit in the hands of indie developers who really deserve support for titles such as this. It's an ideal diversion game when you're not in the mood for something bigger. I would recommend this game even at twice its price and I hope there will one day be a sequel with more ideas squeezed in.
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43 of 49 people (88%) found this review helpful
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1.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 6, 2015
This is an interesting game. An Oil Company management sim where you obtain more oil by using a variety of different oil extracting tools. Each tool has a specific function but extracts oil of varying amounts and each is maintained and used via 'mini-games.' After extracting the oil from an island, you sell it on a market that is constantly fluctuating in price and complete challenges that allow you to move from island to island. The tutorial does a great job at explaining how each machine works and how the game is played. Aesthetically, the game is cool, relaxing and has a very peaceful calm demeanour about it... I could probably go on for pages about the aesthetic of the game alone. Simply put, this is a very interesting title that has been rereleased for Steam and I like every bit of it so far. Definitely recommended.
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48 of 59 people (81%) found this review helpful
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8.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 11, 2015
Played for a bit, made so much oil that the U.S. Army invaded my steam account!
11/10 would have the U.S. army bless my steam account with democarcy again.

Serious review:
At first, I only bought the game to make a funny review, but this game is good and deserves some real insight:

The game is about going to abandoned islands with oil extracting equipment on it. Each time you reach an island, you get an objective such as produce and sell x barrels of oil in y days, or make z amount of money from selling oil in y days. After y days, you either fail or succed. In either cases, you move on to a new island, if you succed you get bonus cash per day for the rest of your compaign, or royalties.

You manage up to 4 different types of machines, at the same time, and each one of them has its own method of operation. you can have 2 and maybe more of the same machine on one island. The machines produce oil depending on how well you manage them, and they are prone to get damaged. If you put too much stress on a machine, you'll be forced to repair it, which leads to a handful of mini-games to make your repairs.
The main goal is to produce and sell oil barrels.

This game is not for multitaskers. It wants your undevided attention, and some times your soul. It's not hard by any means, but it gets hectic when you have to manage 4 different types of oil producing machines at the same time.

The music is fine and you can hear it for hours without problems. However, the alert sounds can be confusing sometimes.

7.9 / 10
Very decent for its pricetag, although some sounds and interface issues should be fixed.
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5.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 11, 2015
I watched someone play this game before buying it. They said it was relaxing.

This game is nothing short of absolute chaos,

But it's a fun chaos.

The kind of chaos where if your concentration happens to slip at any point, or if you're not in complete control, your entire flow is thrown into jeopardy, and in turn you risk jeopardizing your assigned task, or at the very least making it much more difficult for you to hit your objective. As a result, there will be doubt at the end of each work day. Failure is not an option at any point here.

The kind of chaos where you're constantly second guessing yourself... 'Did I check that already?' 'Can I leave that alone?' 'Should I power that down now? or wait?' 'What about this, should I use this? Or will it be too much?' 'Did I sell those barrels left over from the day before already? Should I do that now or wait until the market's better?'
Until it all stops... And the work day is finally over.

The kind of chaos where you're running around yelling and screaming at bells and whistles while various bells and whistles are yelling and screaming back at you. You can imagine your character scrambling to hit this button, release pressure on this machine, start transferring oil from that machine, fiddle with this other machine.

10/10 Micromanaging is tough

Note: In the video I watched, the guy said it would be very cool to see this game in a touchscreen environment, which I can agree with. I personally think a VR environment would also be really cool, albeit it might be a stretch to implement. Special VR version perhaps?
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6.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 6, 2015
All I can really say is, wow! i never thought that i could be sucked into a simple(not simple) indie game so fast. The over-all concept to this game is TIME MANAGEMENT. Though the oil pockets are generated at random, if you manage time spent between rigs, swapping cells, and repairs.. you may very well find yourself achieveing your quota a day ahead of schedule. Good Luck and happy drilling.
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1.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 18, 2015
I've actually owned this game for quite a while, but only recently got a steam copy of the game. I first owned it as a standalone/desura game from an old bundle (I don't remember which one, I don't think it was a humble bundle).

Anyway, the game is best described as a multitasking/time management sim. The idea is that you are running a variety of oil drilling machines to reclaim a set number of barrels of oil within a set time limit. You basically manage your time between two different machines (to start out) and by managing your time efficiently you pass the scenario and get to go to the next "island".

Things I liked about the game
  • It's rather unique. There's not many games focused on time management skills.
  • The machines are just complicated enough to make using it interesting
  • The mood/atmosphere of the game is relaxing

Things I didn't like about the game
  • You have to run a separate app that awards achievements
  • All controls are done via keyboard and mouse; there's no controller option
  • it runs at a very low resolution in a window, and if you make it full screen the resolution is still pretty bad
  • Some of the "self-explanatory" stuff isn't extremely self-explanatory. It's not that complex though.

As you use each machine you gain experience on it which allows you to speed up the extraction of oil, speed up the transfer of oil from a tank to barrels (in cases where a manual transfer must be initiated) and a few other benefits. Basically it allows you to draw out more oil, but also increases the time management challenge.

Also, some of the machines break down and require repairs. This is the "not-so-self-explanatory" part. they give you a couple of examples of how to fix a machine in the tutorial but it never explains anything and you're left to just figure it out. Maybe that's the idea. You're supposed to figure it out and thus have more of a feeling like "I fixed it" rather than "I ran through a set of steps so I can use the machine again". Of course this feeling doesn't last long because there aren't THAT many variations on how to fix a machine.

Graphics are rather minimal (a crappy little drawing of an island surrounded by water, and the rest is nothing but the user interfaces for the various machines) but it works, and it helps to give a sense of atmosphere. The game seems locked at 30fps but it's not the kind of game where 60fps would make a huge difference anyway. I still feel like this game could benefit from a graphics overhaul though.

The music is rather mellow and I guess it's meant to keep you calm while you're trying to manage several machines at once. Nothing I'd find myself humming at work, but also not annoying or anything. Again, it suits the mood of the game.

All in all, the game is somewhat fun, but it's not something that will keep you riveted to the screen for hours. I mean, maybe if you're really turned on by the idea of multitasking...but part of the thing that gets me is that you can only look at one thing at a time. In reality I would have several windows open at once and I'd be zipping back and forth between them. This limitation in the game is kinda what hampers my ability later on.

If they ever thought about making a sequel to this game, it should be a series of windows for each machine (allow me to decide where I want to move the windows), and maybe support additional monitors as well..or VR with Oculus rift and HTC Vive support... yeah that's me asking for too much from a simple indie game.

I just feel like navigating the menus in the game is most of what slowed me down. If it was just me manipulating several machines at once, this would be so much cooler.
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3.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 7, 2015
Even 5 years later, I'm having just as much fun with this game as I was when I first bought it. Part puzzle, simulation, and rhythm game, Oil Blue just feels great to play. The design of the machines have this great feel to them, with each press causing a lovely click, hum, or buzz. Despite the game looking quite dark and gritty, I would say that it's charming.
The gameplay itself lives up to the aesthetics. While it may not look like a lot, even with just three or four machines to manage, things can start to get hectic if you don't keep an eye on things. As I said at the start, once you start to get into the swing of things, it begins to feel like a rhythm game, with you having to manage and the timing for all the machines, while trying to get as much oil as possible without overworking your machines in to disrepair.
One downside I will say is that while the methods of running the machinery is engaging without becoming too predictable, the repair minigames almost feel like an afterthought, with some of them coming down to blind chance, and others being incredibly simple, leading to a weird disparity in difficulty.
A second point I will mention that may not be true for everyone, the system for selling oil doesn't quite hook me in as much as I think it was intended to. Throughout the day the price at which oil can be sold fluctuates through the day, and sometimes there will be special events that can boost, sink, or otherwise cap oil prices, and while I felt like I should be monitoring these prices, strategically selling high, All I did was either sell whenever my storage was full or at the start and end of the days.
However, these are just a few minor complaints for a game that's fun way to spend some time, either having a quick session, or sinking hours at a time in, especially for the price.
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