From Evil the Cat’s’Circus of the Scars’ to the planet of Meat, join Jim on a madcap chase across the galaxy. Saving cows, thwarting lawyers and outsmarting Psy-Crow are all in a day’s work for Jim. Are you up to the challenge? Can you handle the awesome new weapons? Excellent! Then stop reading this. Try it now!
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发行日期: 1996年4月30日



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From Evil the Cat’s’Circus of the Scars’ to the planet of Meat, join Jim on a madcap chase across the galaxy. Saving cows, thwarting lawyers and outsmarting Psy-Crow are all in a day’s work for Jim. Are you up to the challenge? Can you handle the awesome new weapons? Excellent! Then stop reading this. Try it now! Trust no one, play it yourself.. or EAT DIRT!

  • Over 5 new weapons to choose from! Guns, guns, guns, guns!
  • Untraditional level designs that only Shiny Entertainment was capable of creating!
  • Returning favorite characters: Princess What’s-Her-Name, Psy-Crow, Peter Puppy, Bob the Goldfish, and several new villains as well!
  • See Jim disguise as a blind cave salamander (no, really… we’re not kidding on this one!)
  • Whip, run, jump, fly, and Snott swing your way to victory!


    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: Pentium 133 with 3D card. Pentium 166 without hardware acceleration.
    • Memory: 8 MB
    • Graphics: 256-color SVGA video graphic card
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One of the funniest and best platform series of the 90s. EJ 2 features more level variety and weapons than the original. It's the one I played the most as a kid....... I didn't have issues running it on my Windows XP system. The controls and gameplay were responsive when I used keyboard or joystick and I completed several challenging levels. It has CD-Quality sound. The accapella intro is so classic ! Fullscreen is broken, however (I checked and I couldn't fix it with dosbox). You will need to use an external zoom app to view it larger. Also, I bought the EJ 1, 2, and 3D bundle. Although Steam lists the games separately in the library, Interestlingly, when I installed the first game, Steam downloaded the files for all 3 games. When I installed the others, Steam quickly did a "discovering existing files."
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DAT NOSTALGIA TRIP IS HERE, 10/10 would blow the dust out of the game again.
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Don't fall for this, its a trap.
I remember as kid playing a fully windows Version of EarthWormJim 1 (special edition) it was a fully working windows ewj1 game, is there anything like that for Earthworm Jim 2 in this steam game version ???? Answer = NO.

Steam version is a poorly D.O.S emulated pack (dosbox), I cant even turn volume music down on ewj2, is so loud that i can barely listen to the in-game Sounds :/

as an EJ2 fan, i'm very doged, wow :'(
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As a fan of Earthworm Jim growing up this is an interesting case of nostalgia hitting up with what amounts to a lousy port.

Back in the SNES days Earthworm Jim was considered a fun game due to it's unique charm. Excellent gameplay, responsive controls, outrageous humor, terrific song and music, and fair difficulty. It's everything you want in a game, something that doesn't take itself too seriously and if you screwed up it wasn't the game's fault it's because you weren't good enough.

Some are present here, however the port wasn't a clean one.

Hit detection can be dodgy, missing levels, sounds that just aren't plumb there. Even among the poor ports out there this is probably the worst of the bunch.

If you want to get Earthworm Jim, I'd recommend the SNES/Sega/SegaCD ports. You're missing out by getting this even if you are a fan of Earthworm Jim.
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A some-what nice version of Earthworm Jim 2, the color pallet sometimes messes up when you go into fullscreen, which can be fixed, but it's a long process. This is the best game out of the EWJ Pack. One problem though, this version of EWJ2 doesn't have the second level, Lorenzo's Soil. This is also the DOSBox version of EWJ2 from The Whole Can 'O Worms pack for the PC, not that it's a problem, but it makes things a bit more pixelated.

Note: I have Windows 7, and this works fine.
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As I stated in my review for earthworm jim, this game is butched on the Pc.
DO ALL YOU CAN TO BUY IT ON A CONSOLE. Neither versions of these games are worth it.
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Great game! I dont know why people say it's a Bad Port. its great! Great classic game!
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all time classic. reminds me of my childhood days. with great 90's nostalgia
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The best Earthworm Jim game, and worth the price for the trip down memory lane. But man, I wish that there were more options - like a resolution change or a way to make the Pause button work on my controller.
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Earthworm Jim! Groovy! nuff said.
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This game upped the ante from the last one. Just like the last one, it had no full screen option. Regardless, it's a great game! It treats you with everything from raining old ladies to fighting a man-sized fire-breathing steak on a giant pizza. Ending's kinda sanity-destroying, but thanks to Sam & Max (and watching a let's play), I was prepared for it...That's pretty much all I've got for ya. Off to 3D!
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It is just dos box! you could use a snes or genesis emulator and get the game for free!
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After being lavished with kudos prior to its release, Shiny’s creation finally enters the congested 16bit arena. Boasting spectacular visuals and a myriad of playful innovations, Earthworm Jim clearly has the capacity to impress.

The product of Virgin coder Dave Perry and his band of Virgin defectors, collectively known as Shiny Entertainment, Earthworm Jim appears to contain all the ingredients for a superb videogame. Like Virgin’s Aladdin, the most obvious focus for admiration is the spectacular animation: the movement of Jim and the other characters in the game is sprightly and inventive, and there are lots of genuinely funny sequences that act as a real pull in the early stages.

Buy this game, enjoyable, superbe and a jewel of the gaming industry !
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It ♥♥♥♥ing lacks both sound and crashes often, thanks to steams amazing porting skills. If you have Windows 7 or anything newer then Win 98, don't even bother.
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So how come you have that much in your wallet?
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