Sacrifice is the acclaimed real-time strategy game that focuses on combat instead of resource gathering. The only two resources you'll need to worry about are mana and souls. Need more units? Capture the souls of your enemy. Cast spells of awesome power.
User reviews: Very Positive (149 reviews)
Release Date: Nov 1, 2000

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About This Game

Sacrifice is the acclaimed real-time strategy game that focuses on combat instead of resource gathering. The only two resources you'll need to worry about are mana and souls. Need more units? Capture the souls of your enemy. Cast spells of awesome power. Choose which gods to support and you will be rewarded with a different selection of spells.
Banish your enemy by sacrificing one of your allies at his altar...

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: Pentium 300Mhz
    • Memory: 64MB
    • Graphics: DirectX
    • DirectX®: 7
    • Hard Drive: 650MB
    • Sound: DirectSound
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Does not work.
Posted: September 25
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Sacrifice is a game that is old, but still looks good and is perfectly playable, even online.
It is a third person perspective... RTS game :)
You play as a sorcerer who can summon creatures, order them to follow, move, attack, etc.
Your units are very unique and the best part is, they are given to you by the gods, that give you certain missions.
If you work against certain gods, you can forget about their units, but you get others instead.
And they don't behave the same, they have different skills... You can often alternate or even redeem yourself in the eyes of angered gods, which allows for a very replayable game.
The resources for summons are souls, which can be re-used for your creatures, or captured, for enemy creatures.
The AI are good, that makes the game hard. Very, very hard :)
Plus, the voice acting is kind of legendary in this game. There really is no urge to skip the lines of the gods, they are fantastic :) I played the game some time ago, but it seems like Steam version works, but doesn't offer full HD. My version had it, possibly a third party patch?

I highly recommend this game.
Posted: October 5
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I bought this game in its original big cardboard box + jewel case (who remembers those) when it was released back in 2000 (just looked in my cupboard and the cardboard box is still there ha), and man i can honestly say this is 1 of the best games i have ever played. I lost one of the discs over the years and then it popped up on my radar on offer here on Steam and i just had to pick it up.

This game probably has one of the best stories ever (not just for when it was released, but even nowadays). Obviously the graphics are dated at this stage, but back then games were made with quality, not like these days (hell looking at the cardboard box now, the effort alone put in to the art on the box is beyond anything iv seen in recent years)

If you want a game that has 5 different endings and hours of narrative story dialog. Then pick this game up. Back in those days i did not have proper internet so never truely got to try out the multiplayer, only ever managed to do skirmishes against the AI. Now that i have this again on Steam i seriously hope it has an active MP base to play with.
Posted: August 18
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This is a masterpiece, indeed. For people who love unique strategies like Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, this one is a musthave. It was very unique experience, I've replayed it couple times and enjoyed every mission. Graphics may look outdated, but idea behind and its implementation is awesome.
Posted: May 12
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Such a brilliant and entertaining game, used to play this with my brother when I was a lot younger, unfortunately steam overlay doesn't seem to work with this game but can't fault the game itself, so happy to have found it again :D
Posted: May 14
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This is likely a classic of a game, but I cannot recommend STEAMS version because of what appears to be a complete lack of compatibility support with modern operating systems.

So if you happen to own such an operating system, be smarter than I was and go buy it from
Posted: June 27
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You better just shut up and buy this right now.

It's that good.
Posted: June 23
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Tedious, slow, great for falling alseep.
Posted: September 22
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This game is just tedious and boring. I can't imagine why people like it so much. :/ I couldn't get into the combat nor the magic casting nor any of it
Posted: June 29
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OK so I like the idea behind the game. By all means was I interested in testing it out and seeing what it had to offer. Unfortunately that is as far as that wish got. The game crashes for a number of different reasons. Some just need you to change a few of the in game settings, but these only yield minor success. It was just taking too long to get solutions and I had yet to see the end of the problems. So I have set this one aside for now maybe I'll try and tinker with it again in the future.

The problem is that Interplay went under long ago. There is no way for them to come back and tweak the game so that the compatibility problems can get fixed. Sure there are third parties that have put out some material that can be used with varying results, but that shouldn't be necessary. Long story short even though I love Interplay I can't recommend this game.
Posted: May 16
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BF4 had better graphics 0/10
Posted: August 19
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this game was bad influence there is only one god jesus christ amen bless him burn blasphemers
Posted: July 6
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Despite being 14 years old this game has aged very well. The fact that the world and the creatures look like something designed by Hieronymus Bosch is part of the reason why this game still looks unique and interesting. But the voice acting is also very well done. In fact if you look up the IMDB page with the voice cast of this game it reads like a who's who of voice acting. If you've been watching cartoons or playing games in the past fifteen years there's a good chance you've heard their voices many, many times. Tim Curry is probably the most well known, but veteran voice actors like Tony Jay and Michael Bell (Legacy of Kain), Tara Strong (Harley Quinn in recent Batman games and cartoons), Dwight Schultz (Murdock on the A-team and Luitenant Barclay on several Star Trek shows), Frank Welker (Megatron in the movies and the cartoon series) and Rob Paulsen (Yakko from Animaniacs, Stanley Ipkiss from Mask) are just a few of the actors that deliver the voices heard throughout the game.
The game is also a lot of fun to play. It's a real time strategy game where you are a wizard who has been driven from his own universe and is now a drifting mercenary for hire. Each level you can choose one of five gods to work for and this god will grant you two of their minions to summon and spells to cast. This makes for great replayability because all the minions have different strengths and weaknesses. Because some of these gods hate each other working for one god will make other gods dislike you. So if you choose the same god several times some of the other gods won't be available.
Once you start a level you'll need manna to cast spells and souls to cast creatures. Each level is a tug of war between you and several other wizards who are all trying to grab as many souls and as many mana fountains as they can. Only by destroying the altar of an enemy wizard you can really vanquish him from the area. This makes for some frantic gameplay where the tide of battle can suddenly take a change for the worst.
Shiny also infused the game with their unique sense of humor. For instance each time you cast a spell you'll hear your wizard shout out some magic words. Some of these sound a lot like "klatuu barada nikto" a command used in the classic scifi movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951) which is often referenced in games and movies (like in Evil Dead 3 where Bruce Campbell has to use these words as a spell to calm down the Necronomicon). But there's also a spell which will summon a huge cow which will crash down like a meteorite and create a large crater. One of the gods (Stratos) has a head painted on a balloon comming out of a bottle of helium and James (the god of earth) looks a lot like earthworm Jim.
After a while most battles will feel similar because the basic strategy never changes. But there's an interesting story being told in between the levels and the constant addition of new spells and creatures helps to keep things fresh. The game got rave reviews but didn't sell well. So back then I bought it cheap and had a lot of fun playing it.
Posted: April 29
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All you need to know is one you play as a wizard that can get insane powers over 5 elemnts from gods he power of earth,fire,air/storm,death, and life. The game is at its core RTS you make units go out fight and destroy the others sanctuary/base. But this game has twists that are awsome. to make units you use souls yes souls that you can get from your and your enemy's dead units. But an enemy soul you first have to convert with a cool spell and unlike most RTS when you want a unit if you have the material it can be made anywhere at an almost instant speed. This is just your units the spells you get to fight using your wizard are epic as you level. you can if you do the path of death call an angel of death to kill everything in range you can make a dragon of pure flame and storms depending on the element. The graphics are dated and the story is kinda weird since you can hop gods and go from working for death to life in an istant but for this same reason it is really got a go replay value since you can do hundreds of paths. Great game Buy it
Posted: May 2
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It's rare that I play games through and finish them. It's far more rare that I finish them half a dozen times. It is yet more rare that I go back a decade later and play it through the end yet a couple more times. Or rather, this might be the only game I've ever done that with. Someone needs to remake this using current graphics and make it Coop!!
Posted: May 12
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23.2 hrs on record
classic game to many missed out on it when it came out the first time dont miss out again
Posted: May 31
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8.3 hrs on record
great game
Posted: May 15
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2.0 hrs on record
underrated as hell
Posted: May 18
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11.3 hrs on record
This is one of the greatest Third person RTS's of all time. Sacrifice is a must play. Still highly enjoyable even with the dated graphics. Shiny Did an awesome job with this game and needs a remaster HD version or even remake it with no unit cap. I can't say enough that this game is awesome.
Posted: June 27
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I had bought this game but then never played it until recently - wow is it so ahead of its time, this game is fantastic and so very underappreciated, it even has the voice of Tim Curry and Paul Eiding. So much replayability as well.
Posted: May 7
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