Virtual Desktop is an application developed for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that lets you use your computer in VR. You can browse the web, watch movies, Netflix or even play games on a giant virtual screen.
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31 marca 2016

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15 grudnia

Beta Update 1.8 - Cylindrical layers, WMR Support, video player compact mode, additional languages, 3D Anaglyph support

Starting with version 1.8, new updates will now be announced and pushed to the Beta branch for a few days before making it to the public branch. This will allow you to revert to a working state in case something isn't working as expected and give me time to fix any issues I might have missed.

Now onto the new features in this release!

Cylindrical Timewarp Layers on Rift
The latest Oculus SDK added new layers that lets us draw user interfaces at a higher quality. The screen in Virtual Desktop now uses this new feature which improves image clarity. The Mip Mapping option has been split into 2 different options: one for the screen and one for the environment. This gives you better anti-aliasing control.

WMR Headsets Support
Windows Mixed Reality headsets are now officially supported. You can configure button mappings in the Bindings tab. The Win + Y banner will now disappear when Virtual Desktop starts up. Make sure to install the latest Windows updates to fix stability issues.

Video Player Compact Mode
The video player now features a compact mode toggle which will reduce the size of the window when playing videos. Elapsed and remaining times have also been added.

3D Anaglyph Support
Anaglyph is now a supported 3D mode. This is useful to play 3D games using Nvidia 3D Vision configured to use Discover glasses.

Additional Languages
Virtual Desktop now supports English, French, German and Japanese. This includes displayed text, messages, voice commands and vocal feedback. You can change the language with the small flag button in the upper right corner. Other languages will be added in the future.

GPU Usage
When trying different options it is always nice to see how it impacts the performance of your system. If you have the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, you'll see a new GPU Utilization indicator at the bottom of the window. This lets you know how much GPU Virtual Desktop is currently using.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where controller clicks would sometimes stop working
  • Mouse clicks and wheel scrolls now keep the overlay active
  • Fixed fake Dash monitor appearing when Multi-Monitor was enabled on Rift
  • Fixed performance drop introduced in the 1.7 update
  • Fixed environment sounds not stopping when switching environment
  • Fixed controller interaction with screen to be more accurate and work with the Head Lock feature
  • Fixed laser pointers orientation to be more natural with WMR, Vive and Rift headsets
  • Fixed errors at startup on some systems
  • Removed Allow Injection option on Windows 10 since it is now obsolete
  • Removed SBS Direct modes since they no longer worked with recent SDKs
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3 grudnia

Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) Support

There are a couple issues with the new WMR headsets that prevent Virtual Desktop from being a worthwhile experience. Mainly controller interaction with the desktop and stability. This announcement is to let you know that those issues are being looked into. I am working with Microsoft to have those resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
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“These are the kinds of programs that change the way people look at technology. In this case, it’s a program that, for some people, might actually make virtual reality a enjoyable, even practical, replacement for their monitor.”

“It's an incredibly polished app that take minimal resources to provide a number of functions that feel like they should be a standardised part of the VR experience coming to consumer homes.”

“This is the first program you should buy for your Oculus Rift”

Update 1.1 Adds Multi-GPU and Optimus Laptop support

The latest version now works with Multi-GPU configurations and laptops. Check the release notes for more information.

Update 1.0.7 is now live!

This version fixes some compatibility issues with the upcoming Oculus 1.7 runtime and contains stability improvements when swapping in and out of VR games such as Assetto Corsa. It also attempts to fix some stutter issues with the HTC Vive introduced in a recent SteamVR update.

Update 1.0.6 is now live!

This update adds support for animated environments. The Solar System is the first environment using the new functionality. The update also fixes an issue with the Video Player not showing some options on some computers. It also changes some default options: MSAA and Xbox Controller are now disabled by default.

Update 1.0.5 is now live!

This release fixes SBS support on ultra-wide (21:9) monitors and Over-Under on regular (4:3) monitors. It also fixes an issue where the GPU usage could spike when the application was idle with the Rift.

Update 1.0.4 is now live!

This update adds a couple requested features and basic support for various controllers.

  • Added support for rotated monitors (aka portrait orientation)
  • Added new Mip Mapping option for Rift users which greatly reduces text aliasing on screen
  • Added basic mouse emulation with Vive touchpads
  • Added basic mouse emulation with Xbox controller and Oculus Remote for Rift users
  • Fixed crash with Over Under option in some environments
  • Reduced CPU usage and fixed leak when application is idle with Rift

Update 1.0.3 is now live!

This update adds more 3D viewing options, new MSAA settings and some minor fixes:

  • Simplified 3D / SBS Options panel
  • Added support for Over-Under 3D movies
  • Added support for inverted Left-Right eyes for SBS and OU movies
  • Improved performance when playing full screen 2D games
  • Added MSAA toggle and slider

Update 1.0.2 is now live!

This update adds a new Environment Store along with small improvements and bug fixes:

  • New Environment Store which allows artists to create and sell high quality environments. With the launch, 3 very cool environments created by community members are available:
    Purchased environments will also be available from the Oculus Home version if you have a Rift but you will need to run Virtual Desktop on Steam first after you've made your purchase. Note: The store only works with Chrome at the moment.
  • Added ability to delete photos directly from the 360 Photos tab
  • Fixed issue with subscribed workshop environments not loading when VRD is installed in a non-default location
  • Fixed certificate issue with some users when pasting YouTube 360 videos
  • Fixed black screen in home theater when multi-monitor was enabled

Update 1.0.1 is now live!

This update adds Steam Workshop integration along with many improvements and bug fixes:

  • Steam Workshop integration (Steam will need to run for new environments to be downloaded)
  • Increased process priority to help with framerates and audio glitches when running games
  • Executables are now signed which should solve the issues with Anti-Virus software
  • Added a Force OpenVR option for Rift users (using OpenVR doesn't bring much value at the moment)
  • Vive controllers will now appear at the right position when the Floating option is checked
  • The 360 video Open Dialog will now restore the last directory

Now Available!

Virtual Desktop is now available to Play!

If you encounter any issues, please let me know in the discussions section.

The Workshop integration is partially there: you can create and submit your own environments, users will be able to download them in a future update.


O tym programie

Virtual Desktop is an application developed for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that lets you use your computer in VR. You can browse the web, watch movies, Netflix or even play games on a giant virtual screen.

Other features include:
  • Hardware accelerated 360 video playback
  • Ability to play/stream YouTube 360 videos
  • Browse and view 360 photos
  • MilkDrop support for music visualization
  • 3D Side-By-Side video support
  • Game launcher with voice commands
  • Multi-monitor
  • Environment Editor to create custom environments
  • Steam Workshop integration for environments
  • Dashboard integration so you can see/use your desktop in any VR game

Wymagania systemowe

    • System operacyjny: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
    • Procesor: i5-2500k
    • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: NVidia GTX 640 or 980M or ATI HD 7000/Rx 200
    • DirectX: Wersja 11
    • Miejsce na dysku: 700 MB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • Dodatkowe uwagi: Disabling Aero can improve performance on Windows 7. If you are using a Windows 'N' edition, you will need to install the Media Feature Pack.
    • System operacyjny: Windows 10
    • Procesor: i5-2500k
    • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: NVidia GTX 760 or 980M or ATI Rx 200
    • DirectX: Wersja 11
    • Miejsce na dysku: 700 MB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • Dodatkowe uwagi: Windows 10 is highly recommended as it provides better performance. The Anniversary and Creators Update add 8K video and some H.265 support.

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