DinoSystem is a 2D ecosystem and survival simulation that allows players to manage the ecology of an evolving island and survive in it as a human, dealing with realistic survival mechanics and a deep character progression system.
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Very Positive (86 reviews) - 88% of the 86 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jun 25, 2015

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Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Selling DinoSystem in Early Access allows us to invest more time into the development, and get precious feedback from the community while the game is being developed.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“There is no current ETA for the final version, but you can get an idea of the current development stage by checking the game version: for example, v0.70.0 means the game is 70% complete.
We want to continue improving the game even after the Early Access, so as soon as all the core features and content are in place, we'll release it as a full product, but the development will not stop.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“As stated above, there are some core game systems missing, like the asteroid event, the God Mode interface and tools, and content.
You can assess the progress towards the full version on the development roadmap page.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The current alpha build offers an already exciting sandbox survival experience, which lacks variety and content (especially craftable items). God Mode (game mode where you manage the ecosystem) still lacks a proper GUI and tools to interact with the world, but the ecosystem mechanics are in place, and you'll see animals reproducing, seasons pass and vegetation spread.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“No price change is planned.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We value all feedback and always check the forum for suggestions and bug reports. We will adjust our development plan according to the feedback received, when necessary, as we already did in many occasions.”
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Recent updates View all (36)

October 18, 2016

Update v0.73.0 - Digging, Paths, Auto-search, tons of fixes!

This update IS compatible with savegames from previous v0.62+ updates!
But starting a new game is always recommended, as the amount of changes is massive.


Digging skill + Expand pond bed action:

- Added a new skill: Digging, which influences actions like unearthing/burying objects, creating paths and expanding pond beds.
- Right clicking on a pond or pond bed allows to perform a new action: expand the pond bed, which requires a Shovel and is influenced by the Digging skill.
- By expanding the pond bed, you can allow it to contain more water (when it rains) or, if it is dry, you can find some water still preserved beneath it.

Added Path + terrain condition influence speed:

- To create a Path, go in the Craft/Build screen and select "Path": you need Digging lvl 10 and a Shovel, no other components are required.
- Path allows to move fast when terrain condition would prevent it, it also serves for orientation.
- Paths gradually fade away over time as nature reclaims the land (especially with rain), but using them prevents it.
- Movement speed is now influenced also by terrain condition (such as snow or water).

Added the ability to auto-repeat the search actions + improvements:

- While performing a search action (get leaves, branches, stones, resin etc) hold down the Sprint key (default Shift) to automatically repeat the action.
- Since this function allows to search in a faster fashion, drop chances, skill increase and effort spent have been reduced to balance it.
- Some additional improvements to the search actions.

Made some important changes to Health, Stamina and Fullness:

- The formula used to calculate maximum Health no longer takes into consideration Metabolism.
- Health recovery now scales 100% with Calories and Hydration: this means if you have 0 of one of them, there is no Health recovery; to balance this, Health damage from low Calories/Hydration has been strongly nerfed.
- The formula used to calculate maximum Stamina now takes into consideration the Endurance skill as well, and less Metabolism.
- Stamina recovery while sleeping now partially scales with maximum Stamina: this means a very long Stamina bar won't take too much to refill, and a very small one won't refill too quickly.
- The formula used to calculate maximum Fullness now takes into consideration body muscle mass (ratio is 4x from metabolism, 3x from fat, 1x from muscle).
- Some additional improvements to the character metabolic mechanics.

Some more major additions:

- If not holding items with the right hand, most weapons will now be used with 2 hands, dealing more damage and pushback.
- Added the ability to bury dinosaur skeletons (need a Shovel).
- Small trees can now be cut down also with a BIG Sharpstone.
- Many other improvements and minor additions.

Main fixes:

- Fixed the infamous bug that caused the character to get stuck when pulling a carcass and on some obstacles!
- Fixed a bug in the animal AI that caused animals to sometimes get stuck not knowing what to do.
- Added a workaround that makes a tree shadow invisible if it is too intense and the character is beneath it, which can prevent the player from seeing a damn thing.
- Fixed Wood never turning into Charcoal when burning, as supposed to.
- Fixed character sprite turning (towards mouse cursor) being glitchy and inaccurate.

These were only the most important fixes, there are tons of other fixes in this update, check the full changelog for the complete list!


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September 7, 2016

Update v0.70.0 - Controls rework, many improvements & fixes!

This update IS compatible with savegames from previous v0.62+ updates!
But starting a new game is always recommended.

FULL CHANGELOG <--------------------

Movement controls reworked:

The system now uses W, A, S, D (default keys) to move the character directly towards the direction of the related key (or key combination), just like in the game "Notrium", this means that there is no longer the need to use A and D to turn the character, and direction change is instant. Also, character body always faces the mouse position, so you can keep attacking in a particular direction while moving in another.

In "Normal" difficulty you can now sprint while facing the opposing direction of your movement, but in "Realistic" difficulty, you still can't sprint backwards. While moving backwards, attacking or jumping give you a chance to stumble, depending on your Athletics skill and other factors; meaning you no longer stumble just for moving backwards, but only if attacking or jumping while doing so.

In addition to this, an option has been added in the controls settings screen to change the movement direction from "Absolute" (using directly the keys), to "Relative" (moving towards the mouse position, like the the old "Mouse Turn" system, but improved).

There are also many minor improvements to the movement animations and mechanics. This should finally solve one of the main problems most players have with the game, that is pointed out in many reviews (both negative and positive) and that really prevented some users from enjoying DinoSystem!

Map Zones system expanded:

Added a new option in the Settings screen (enabled by default) that automatically names map zones as you explore them in Survival Mode (you can always rename them later). To allow new characters enjoy this feature, a new option has been added in the character creation screen "Reset Zones" (disabled by default) that allows to reset all map zone names when starting a new Survival adventure in an existing game.

Also, the previous "Map Names" option in the new game screen has been renamed to "Map Zones", and can be set either "Unexplored" or "Explored", the latter only selectable if starting in God Mode.

There are many minor improvements to the Map Zones system, like new zone names (if the auto-name option is enabled) and new fixes.

Performance improvements:

A system has been implemented (only in Survival Mode) that prevents generating tree canopy sprites when they're too far from your view: this should improve the performance, because the game won't have to calculate all island tree canopies with their wind movement and fake-3D parallax (variables and tree "biology" is in the "shadow" sprite, so no worries!).

Many minor optimizations have been done to try improving the performance, but should be counter-balanced by the increased depth of the game mechanics.

Many improvements & fixes:

As always, there are many additional tweaks, improvements and fixes in this update, check the full changelog for the complete list!


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“It is clear that CapriByte Studios is offering some truly distinctive options for a dinosaur survival simulator.”
3rd Strike

“Dinosystem is shaping up to be one deep simulation game.”
Pixel Judge

“Screw the T-Rex!”
Indie Game Mag

About This Game


If you have a decent graphics card and still have bad performance, it's possible your card is not being used to run the game. Try enabling your graphics card for run_game.exe (the game launcher), here's a guide for NVIDIA and ATI.


What is DinoSystem?

DinoSystem is a 2D, top-down ecosystem and survival simulation that allows players to either manage the ecology of an evolving island (inhabited by dinosaurs), or survive in it as a human, dealing with realistic survival mechanics, and with a deep character progression system that tracks how your character's body adapts over time.

An emergent, living world:

Everything on the island is subject to biological and physical rules, and nothing comes from nothing: will you hunt the last dinosaur of its species for a steak, or will you protect it from extinction and make sure its eggs hatch? These are the dilemmas you'll face in the game, as long as YOU don't get extinct.


To see all the features planned for the full release and the ideas we are considering, please check the development roadmap, and feel free to join the discussion and make suggestions!

Game Modes:

  • God: Manage the island ecology, change the weather, trigger devastating events, and see how the ecosystem adapts. NOTE: God mode still lacks a proper GUI and tools to fully interact with the world; expect it to be expanded throughout the Early Access phase.
  • Survival: Join the island as a stranded human, see how long you can survive as part of it, and how your body changes in the process; the game offers the option to play either with "casual" or "hardcore" difficulty. NOTE: there is no story yet as a background for the Survival mode, we're still working on it, and you can help us find a good one!

World Features:

  • Ecology simulation: the game simulates a Cretaceous ecosystem populated mainly by dinosaurs, animals and plants don't "spawn"; they are born, then grow, reproduce and die.
  • DinoSystem uses a complex seasonal model that calculates day/night length, relative position of the sun, and influences the weather. Seasons transition is gradual, no sudden change between two seasons.
  • Realistic weather model that takes into account variables like time of day, humidity, temperature, and pressure; generating weather conditions like rain, snow, wind, sand/snowstorms, thunderstorm and fog.
  • Thunders can trigger huge wildfires, burning down entire forests.
  • Realistic water cycle: rain creates puddles that can either evaporate or grow into ponds and lakes. Evaporation takes into account air humidity, temperature and sun exposure.
  • Terrain changes according to factors like presence of water, weather, vegetation, and location. Any area can become fertile or arid, new forest or grasslands may form or disappear over time.
  • Fire (from torches to campfires and wildfires) consumes available fuel, releasing heat and light, and it's influenced by air humidity and wind; you body and all objects near a fire are heated up. Fire can spread to nearby vegetation and trigger a wildfire, if ambient conditions are favourable.
  • Animals AI allows them to survive in their world and adapt; they'll reproduce, care for their youngs, look for protection or compete for food and mating.
  • Each new island is randomized at game start, based on parameters set by the player.
  • Everything, from dead animals to branches, decomposes based on factors like temperature, humidity, and location. There is no "timer" after which an item or a carcass disappears.

Survival Features:

  • Deep, complex and rewarding character progression system: metabolism, body muscles and fat change according to your lifestyle, and even your character's sprite changes in appearance to reflect this. Get fat to survive winter, get slim to be lighter and swifter, or get muscular to be stronger in combat and more capable of hard work, but make sure to eat enough proteins...
  • Needs like thirst and hunger are not just bars that drop at a constant rate: everything, from performing actions to metabolism and body weight, influence the rate at which you burn calories, consume water or get tired. For example, high temperature or intense activity make you sweat, requiring you to drink more water.
  • Dozens of skills, both mental and physical, that raise as you perform a particular action; but can also decay if you don't use them for a long time (only in "hard" difficulty!).
  • Crafting system allowing you to create items and weapons, advancing in technology at each step. NOTE: few items are craftable in the current Early Access build; expect many more to be added throughout the development!
  • Foods with different nutrition values: meat is valuable because of proteins, but make sure you cook it...

Many more features will be added throughout the development! Again, check the development roadmap, and feel free to get involved and suggest new features.

About Capribyte Studios:

We're two italian guys based in Capri, one of the most beautiful islands of the world. I, Daniele, am the lead developer and work on all aspects of the game, while Giulio helps me with various graphics-related stuff, along with creating the website, moderating the forum, and taking care of all bureaucratic affairs. Additionally, there are some external people contributing in different ways, see the credits in game for the full list.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10 (32/64bit)
    • Processor: Core i5 2.0 GHz (or better)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 550 ti / 570m (or better)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: If using a laptop, make sure to enable your dedicated graphics card for run_game.exe (the game launcher) from the Nvidia/Catalyst control panel
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