When stargazer Zach watches the sky one night, he sees a star fall and land in the nearby woods. He rushes to check it out, only to find that out the star was actually a girl, and with her, magic returns to the world.
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Release Date: May 28, 2015

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July 26

Stargazer Christmas

Hi Guys,

Merry Christmas. We've added Stargazer Christmas to greenlight. Hopefully it will get through in time for Christmas.


Please vote if you are interested in seeing the game on steam. Please refrain from voting if you're a career rpg maker greenlight gatekeeper.

Thank you.

- John Wizard

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June 13

New Game By Us - Please Vote :)

Our most tremendous game is now on greenlight.

Please vote if you are interested in seeing the game on steam. Please refrain from voting if you're a career rpg maker greenlight gatekeeper. Thank you.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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About This Game

When stargazer Zach watches the sky one night, he sees a star fall and land in the nearby woods. He rushes to check it out, only to find that out the star was actually a girl, and with her, magic returns to the world.

– Over 200 quests to find and complete for rewards
– Customize Aura’s magic abilities by finding meteors
– Seek out puzzle caves for additional rewards
– Three possible weddings between party members!
– Travel by boat, by underground train and by firewing

System Requirements

    • Storage: 130 MB available space
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Mostly Positive (50 reviews)
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33.5 hrs
Posted: August 14
Stargazer is one of the better rpg marker games I've played. Combat is well balenced, no random battles. Most of improvement is done with equipment rather than leveling ie all your damage and defence is based on your gear. The story is interesting enough to keep you play, a bit silly but light hearted. I'd recomend it if your like these rpg maker games and you want a good one. Full discolsure I did pick it up on sale for a buck 64 canadian. So pick it up if it's on sale if you can unless your really into these kind of games and you don't mind paying full price for it.
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0.8 hrs
Posted: August 11
It's a good game, but when i go into a battle and win it freezes up and crashes...
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0.6 hrs
Posted: July 16
This game only had a decent intro, but skip the tutorial because a bug makes a quest menu appear when you finish and try to close it. Then there are a series of very boring fetch quests, to dissolve whatever interest I had in the intro fight, especially considering its slow walking speed.
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13.7 hrs
Posted: July 12
idlemastered. bout 8 hours.
actual playtime. 5hours

i'm going to go for a nice stroll. a nice walk. i'll come back 100+ hours later from the walk with a hand missing for some reason.



here's how they did it.

annoying constant go back and forth quests to progress the cutesy starcatcher movie robert D near O like story with hardly any and easily avoidable combat.

hardly in 'chapter 3' or so because of it.

almost every other rpgmaker game has run mechanics since no one likes walking simulator games... usually. sadly this game is stuck with the default walk like a snail speed.

typical rpgmaker combat. nothing special. one thing that was "special" is how you can't tell how much mana someone has. it's just a blue bar that you notice going down! theres no counter to it unlike the health bar does!

annoying to farm mechanic. almost every enemy killed leaves a corpse for you to loot. individually. for a chance of maybe money or whatever.

the music is great, some original, some of it is typical rpg maker music. at the least the cave musics. harsh fast string instruments vibrating typical of rpgmaker cave areas.

creators woulda done great in germany 50+ years ago. first 3 playable characters are very light skinned blue eyed. hardly any differences between them.

i'm tired of this game. if i want to walk i'll take my chiweenie outside. not on my computer.
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games guy
6.1 hrs
Posted: July 3
Just a few hours in, but enjoying the game so far.

The good:
Good story and humor. The first hour of the game is spent running around town (which I'd usually dislike), but I found myself laughing a number of times at the clever dialogue. Aura's joining a gang of seven-year olds was quite entertaining. :)
Looks to be fairly long - 5 hours in, I've not reached the second peak yet.
Beautiful graphics! It's also nice to see the old-school bright colors that used to be common and now have become so rare.

The so-so:
I'm not usually a fan of JRPG's, due to some common time-wasting elements, such as random fights, backtracking, and slow travel. This game has some of these, but less than most I think. Enemies on the map can often be walked around, which is nice for avoiding fights. Fast travel and/or a map would be nice at some points, but not essential.
Often a quest will require the group to wandering around hunting for a person or object without a clear direction. (No quest pointers here!) This can mean multiple visits to each area, sometimes while searching for something that's somewhere else entirely.
Some spots have high and low areas, creating a bit of a maze. As far as I can tell, this is an intentional part of many JRPG designs, but it's not to my taste. On the flip side, the game has good pathfinding (if using a mouse), which can be used to take the edge off the mazes.

The bad:
Scarbeck's sprite looks manly, but his close-up looks rather feminine.
There's no explanation of how Aura's spells work. Yes, that fits the plot, but since this is character building, it would be nice to know what one is doing. A helpful list can be found at: http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15599-meteor-skills-list/
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19.6 hrs
Posted: June 21
Didn't care for the art style. Thyme is really irritating. Encountered one minor bug.

...Loved it! Best RPGmaker game I've played. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it at full price. On sale, it's a ridiculously great value.
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46.2 hrs
Posted: June 15
This was a very good game! I enjoyed it very much! Some of the quests seemed a bit juvenile but overall it was great. In the beginning, it is somewhat difficult to obtain the money you need to upgrade gear but it does get to be quite a bit easier later on. It had an intersting story line and visable monsters, both of which are a must have for me. All in all DEFINITELY worth the price!
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2.6 hrs
Posted: June 10
Fantastic! Not overpriced like other rpg makers games and is suprisingly actually decent but not perfect, dialogue may be weak in some places, but with the overall music and atmosphere (25-35 hours long game)

Overall 8/10
Music 9/10
Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/20
Length 9/10 (Length is measured on the length that fits game, 60 hours fit Final Fantasy but 5 hours fit COD campaige)
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29.6 hrs
Posted: June 1
My playtime: 21:31:48 based on internal clock (i think it's a 100% save), normal difficulty.

Note that i buy this when it's on 90% sale and the price is... around $0.5.

Stargazer is a RPG Maker game with beautiful graphics and tons of quests. Although i said that it's a RPG Maker game, it's quite different from other RPG Maker games. Most of the systems are customized, and surprisingly, you can play it with a mouse (although i rarely use it).

The story starts with a meteorite which struck on the ground. A guy who loves to gaze at the stars (and fonds of meteorite) chases "it", only to find out that it's a girl. He decided to take care of her and together, they find out who the girl really is, and do what must be done. Maybe the ending is quite cliche, but trust me, you'll enjoy it. The dialogue doesn't really focus on that a lot; rather, it focuses more on the quests, which doesn't really mentioning about that story too much. The dialogues mostly only covers about some light conversation with some jokes on it, which can bring a smile on your face.

The only thing that confuses me is how some characters are shown without any sorts of introduction (i mean the 2 girls), and suddenly becoming allies out of nowhere.

Well, i'll be blunt: the music is awesome. I especially love the music on the first area and the first town. It sounds pleasant and hypes me up. There are a lot of areas with different music and all of them brings up the atmosphere.

Well, if i said that the music is awesome, then so is the graphics. Most (if not all) the graphics are custom made, and it looks great to my eyes (especially the trees!). The details are very high compared to the default asset and each area has their own set of sprites. The color is choosen perfectly, although i have to admit that the lighting in lovey dovey town is too bright (after finishing the area). I also am somehow dissapointed with the "travelling" sprite (both by the bird and ship) because it doesn't cover much detail. It's still awesome though.

The UI is also very well made. Did i tell you that the UI is customized? Well, for starters, you can see your health bar without even opening the menu. Also, if you are lazy, the mouse control can help you getting what you need: saving, exiting the game, opening the options, anything! The battle system also brings out our character's handsome and beautiful faces right on the screen. I love with the way they are designing the UI, although i got confused at first with the wording since they are not using general term (i mean.. that "Battle" and "Profiles" menu, which i usually take as "Party" and "Status").

The mappings are done perfectly. Each areas mapped differently and has their own charm. I can see the effort that the devs put into it (especially in Rosegarde, the biggest town). The town is very big and i tend to get lost there (okay, maybe that's just me). The dungeons are designed not to be too hard nor too easy, which is good if you don't enjoy getting lost in dungeons. However, the transition between some areas, especialy if there is a change with the music, are quite slow which makes the game looks like lagging.

The first thing that i want to say is: there is no random encounter! Yes, i have to admit that i am one of those people who hates random encounter because it can break my concentration. The monster will reset as you move between the screen. The battle can be hard or easy depends on your difficulty, and i must say that it's quite hard on normal difficulty. And while we are at it, i have to point out that you can choose difficulty in this game (if you haven't notice it already, that is). If you hate long battles, i suggest you to play the easy difficulty. In late game, your healing will be outed by enemy attacks, and some of your character can die easily (some of them die a few times when i play it). You'l also have to use items in order to beat the last boss (or maybe i'm just suck at it).

You can't revive your characters by resting at the inn. You have to revive them first either by using skill or item.

There are 7 playable characters with their own unique skills which will be unlocked on main quest progression. However, you can only use 4 in battle. Well, at least all characters (even the non participant) will get exp after defeating a monster.

The only thing that i have to complain is the long the transition time between and after battle (especially after battle). I prefer to finish battle fast and the transition is quite slow for me.

There are 2 types of quests in this game: main quest and the optional one. However, both aren\'t listed differently, which made me confused at first as to where to go next. At that time, all of my optional quests can\'t be finished if i didn\'t progress the main quest and i somehow miss the main quest on the quest list).

There are a lot of quests. There are 200 quests in total (+1 if you are counting the "slay the final boss" as a quest) when i finished the game. Some quests are simple and a continuation from the previous quest, some can only be unlocked by finishing a certain quest (well, there isn't that much of this type), and some will require you to reach some point on the main quest first in order to finish it. The huge number of quests can make you bored, but hey, there are lots of thing to do, and it also means that there are a lot of content in this game.

Although it's not the main dish in this game, there are some puzzles. Some are quite easy and some are quite challenging (it's not too hard though). I enjoy doing the puzzles and although there are quite a lot of them, i still hope that there are more puzzles to solve (maybe as much as the quests).

- Tons of quests
- 7 playable characters with their own unique skills
- No random encounter
- Auto save on every screen
- Custom difficulty

- Lags after changing screen (especially on the areas where the music changes)
- Slow transition before and after battles.

It's a great and enjoyable game to have and play. Make sure you have a lot of spare time when you play it though, you'll need it.

Should you buy this game?
A discounted price would be awesome, but i can also say the same for the normal price, as long as you content with buying a RPG Maker game for such price.
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Ruthless Ruler Of Rectums
26.4 hrs
Posted: May 25
THIS GAME. Is one of the most beautiful gems I have EVER played. The story was amazing, the graphics charming, a good sense of comedy and laughs. An all around complete joy to play. I would play through it again in a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ned heartbeat.
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0.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 11
It's a good game, but when i go into a battle and win it freezes up and crashes...
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Not Recommended
4.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 19, 2015
Yup, that's right, this is another RPG Maker game. And that's not a bad thing, per se (just take a look at the most brilliant To the Moon), but there are so many bad RPG Maker games out there that nowadays, it makes you cautious.

Stargazer starts out with a very straightforward premise. A young man named Zach loves astronomy. So much so, that he spends most of his nights out in the forest looking up at the stars. His nickname, predictably enough, is the Gazer. Until one day, a star falls from the heavens, and Zach hurries over to the crater. Except it's not just a lump of red hot rock, it's a blonde young woman called Aura. Nicknamed Star. The town is ruled by an evil old man called the Chancellor, and of course, he's after the star. So the pair decide to flee and tour the world, visiting all the summits they can to go look at the stars from an elevated height. To do so, they smuggle aboard a pirate ship.

Sorry, just give me a second, I'm having Stardust flashbacks.

As gameplay goes, it's nothing to write home about, pretty straight forward turn based JRPG style. You equip your characters with gear of varying stats, and everyone takes a turn to whack at the baddies, whether that's badgers, bears or foxes. So far, I've only recruited the Star, the Gazer, and the Detective, but I hear there are few more, that your characters interact, and you can even have weddings in your party. When you take a look at the cards, however, there's something profoundly disturbing: they're all white. And they all have blue eyes.

So far, there's been very little to grab me, to be honest. For starters, the premise is such a huge déjà vu, but the developer adds insult to injury by sending you on a series of fetch quests in the first hour. The fetch quests are a bit grating, as they reinforce inane stereotypes. You play as Aura and she runs into a young girl who immediately wants to recruit her into her club, the Princess Butterflies. And of course, surprise, surprise, the girls are at war with the boys who keep slinging mud and teasing them. The girls' response? To steal a "prized item" from the boys' hideout and to capture the leader and kiss him. I don't even know where to start, there are so many things wrong. Predictably enough, Aura gets into a heap of trouble, arousing the suspicions of townsfolk after being specifically told to lie low. I'll grudgingly admit that without this, the game would lack impetus, but I can't help but wonder if there could've been another way to get this storyline moving. The Chancellor's goons tracking Zach and Aura from the crash site to his home, perhaps?

As it is, the game doesn't have any major game breaking flaws, but it's a series of small and not so small offenses that are its downfall. All in all, I didn't *hate* my time with Stargazer, but with some many other wonderful games waiting for me in Backlog, however, odds are I won't be returning to it.
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12 of 13 people (92%) found this review helpful
68.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 24, 2015
I am an old-school RPG gamer from way back, beginning in the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest days, and I like Aveyond games. This one is in conjunction with John Wizard, which seems to bring the best of both creators to the game. This game has all the qualities I love about about fantasy--magic, mystery, and a good story line. The character interactions are really fun and sometimes hilarious. The love stories are fun too. I love that there are so many side quests. I am currently on my 4th time through the game. Ordinarily I am a console (PlayStation) fan, but I haven't had the time to get into anything deep lately. For fun and relaxation I've been pleased with the quality of Aveyond and John Wizard PC games, and think Stargazer is every bit as good as Lord of Twilight. I have set Aura's magic up diffently each time, and it's been a treat to see things I didn't notice on other times through it.
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8.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 14, 2015
An interesting, fairly typical rpg. Worth playing if you like old school top downs with turn based combat. Now about 5 hours in (mostly off-line so the timer doesn't show it) and enjoying it.
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2.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 25, 2015
I bought this game on sale. I actually played it through which took me around 22 hours. However I think Steam only logged me 2 hours of playtime. (I mostly play offline.)
I chose this game because I liked the “art style” and to be honest the premise of romance in the whole story. Since I’ve seen quite a bit of trashy RPG Maker games, my expectations weren’t so high otherwise.

STORY: Well, you probably read the short description, while there are some “turns” there are no “twists”, it doesn’t really improve from there. The party just runs kind of aimlessly around and finds some clues about Aura’s origin until the final battle against the bad guy. However I still had fun doing all this. Maybe it is the mix of the character dialogue that I found to be quite entertaining, the change of scenery (which can be ridiculously drastic) or the gameplay. (About the characters: They are all nice and I enjoyed them except for ONE that is. I did not like her, did not like her part of her sub-story, did not ever use her again nor was she ever of any importance to the story – I really do not know why she is in the game at all.)

GAMEPLAY: I played on normal. For what I experienced the game is more about … well, the experience and story? To be honest, this game doesn’t excel at any category, not the story, not quest variety or battles. However the mix of it all is charming and it does not need to exceed to be fun. And most of it is optional, though you might have problems money wise from time to time if you only follow the main quest line (It is to a certain degree all about the equipment.) Back to being positive, the mix of sub quests, battles and searching for hidden meteors or solving puzzles is fun.

ART: I liked the whole presentation, everything was so cute. And I liked the little details e.g. being able to change Aura’s clothing colour, the scenes played out when re-entering the house of a party member … And while I mostly play with sound turned off, when it was on, I liked it pretty much.

In conclusion, I really like the game and I am probably going to replay it (and skill Aura differently). I think it’s cute and fun. But I personally was a bit disappointed in how you unlock the second wedding and quite unhappy how the third “wedding” turned out to be. If I had not been intrigued by not one, not two, but three weedings, I wouldn’t even mention this, but well … it did. (I was on team Scarbeck-Kala, man) Ignore this, if you are not girly like me. And the rest still makes up for it all.

Even though I probably sound quite negative about this game,
I recommend it, especially on sale.

I hope this review was of any help to you.
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3.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 26, 2015
Stargazer is a superb RPG with a fantastic story and music, definitely worth it.

I feel like the combat is a little lacking, although that could just be me and in no way is it something that causes any issues. The one thing that does bother me slightly is the many many "fetching" quests however that's only due to me having very little patience for that type of thing.

Overall score: 9/10

Graphics/animations: 9/10

Story: 10/10

Gameplay/Mechanics: 8/10

Music/sound: 10/10

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41.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 24
Worth the money , I did it in more than 34h cos of time solving puzzles in more.

You’re Aura, a falling star who’ll be hosted by Zach a star gazer. He talks like a prince charming to Aura “you radiate”., but their conversations are felt with love then.

- a bit of current history about wars, the chancellor’s profit and Aura’s role.
- a lot of fun stuff: the lazy bear watchers, scientists become stupid, bird matchmaker, pirates throw you a bomb, a nonsense clubs guerilla. .. You’ll laugh at the cat mail!
- captivating inquiries with the inspector: greed, envy, lust
- ghosts quests on fame and “redemption”
- love matters like prepare a date and giving back faith in love to someone
- characterization: Thyme, a pretty dark-hair archer who complains a lot, and Grayson a retired soldier who’s bitter and wise
- 2 weddings
I loved most places: Oakhaven and the lost arrows, Red Paw village, Hilgarth mist is well done! Pirate island, dark love island. The bird to travel fast selecting the direction is practical.
- Puzzles are a “stand-by” to solve but must be done for meteors and stars
- Battle mode: portraits of the party with smile to making a face

It’s the best Aveyond game to my mind, not counting the next ones!
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20.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 28
Fun game, very entertaining. The puzzles are good, and some of them are quite difficult. The storyline isn't surprising, but a lot of the dialogue is very funny. A nicely executed JRPG, all in all, well worth the price, since it gives you over 10 hours of gametime, even if you rush through and only play once.
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12.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 22, 2015
A pretty solid Classic JRPG with some good music. Damn worth a play thou wait till it's on sale as $15 is a little bit too much.
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4.0 hrs on record
Posted: April 3
Interesting game so far, but it has many collission bugs. One even got me stuck and forced me to reload my save.
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