Humankind is on the brink to discover the secret of eternal life. Fearful of their existence, angels and demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse enabling them to materialize on earth and fight the humans.
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Mixed (43 reviews) - 53% of the 43 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jun 1, 2015

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About This Game

Humankind is on the brink to discover the secret of eternal life. Fearful of their existence, angels and demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse enabling them to materialize on earth and fight the humans. SoulCraft lets you play as an angel and it’s up to you to decide who will win the war – the Evil itself from hell, God in heaven or the humans.

With over six million users SoulCraft is one of the best Action RPG games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone - now it is also available on PC!
Have you ever levelled up a ranged hunter or a wild melee fighter in good old Hack ‘n Slash fashion? Collected loot en masse and upgraded countless equipment to epic proportions?! Felt good, didn’t it? Then now it's time to fulfil your destiny: Do your duty, be a legendary hero and fight for the balance of life itself and be a beacon in this darkest of times in the action RPG SoulCraft. Become an arcane legend and bring back order into a world of chaos. Unleash your wild blood!


  • Action RPG that can be played completely OFFLINE!
  • Playable via GamePad, Mouse, Keyboard or Touch.
  • Simple Action RPG game with lots of hack n slash and dungeon crawling
  • Combat demons in real locations such as Venice, Rome & Hamburg, New York & Egypt. More locations coming soon!
  • Five different game modes in legendary quests including time run, arena, hellgate, crystal defense and boss fights
  • Battle lots of different and diversified enemies and fight with lots of weapons, swords, items, spells, equipment, gear and loot. Kill like a knight of heaven (aka angel).

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 150 MB available space
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118 of 128 people (92%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
2.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 5, 2015
This is obviously a cellphone/tablet port. That wouldn't be a bad thing. However, the original game was obviously a classic free2play bait where the difficutly rises faster than your ability to fight. Pretty soon, you have to buy more powerful weapons and abilities, rather than wait for them to unlock in the course of the game. I personally hate this kind of games and it's reason enough for me to rate them abysmally low. Here, however, we have something worse. The whole thing got ported without the f2p feature, so without an option for you to buy more stuff. You get gold every day, if you navigate to the proper button, yes. But I'd like to play a game when I'm in the mood, not having it sit on my hard drive for a week just collecting the daily "gifts", just so I can afford a decent attack and progress.
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56 of 62 people (90%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
4.0 hrs on record
Posted: September 20, 2015
This game is a port of a mobile game yet still manage to be somewhat fun... for just about an hour, and then you realize how terrible everything is.

-There's a bunch of unlockables.
-Combat while simple is somewhat satisfying.
-The environment's pretty good, I really like that tokyo arcade.

-Almost all unlockables are pointless.
-Combat isn't balanced (instant-gibs, stunlocks & unavoidable damage?).
-Game isn't finished.
-TERRIBLE scaling.
-LOTS of pointless grind.
-LOTS of crashes & bugs.
-No settings or options whatsoever.
-Some achievements are bugged out.
-Item descriptions are misleading and do not represent exactly what they do.
-No developper feedback.

This game would be simply bad if it didn't have so many issues (error/bugs/non-working achievements). Please avoid like the plague.
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35 of 38 people (92%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 9
You port a game from mobile to PC, ask for five bucks, remove the micro-transactions and forget that your whole game is Pay2Win, so without micro-transactions it's pretty much unplayable after the first 'level'. Of course you could wait a week and grab the daily rewards to get the gold needed to buy new items and upgrades, but that's exactly the reason WHY mobile games are F2P and have micro-transactions.

The game itself is a dumbed down ARPG which could be fun if not for the really obvious paywall. If you sell your game for a price instead of making it micro-transaction based at least adjust the difficulty setting! Really just a waste of time (and money if you haven't gotten it in a bundle).

Edit: Turns out the daily free gold reward is broken. This game isn't working properly and should really be removed from Steam as asking for 5$ in its current state is really a bad joke.
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8 of 10 people (80%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 15
The art direction and gameplay gives a good first impression. The short levels and simple gameplay makes a good job at getting you caught in the beginning of the game. But soon it comes to a full stop as you realize how arbitrary the leveing is, how there are no more levels/monsters/bosses/items. Everything is reused. There is an utter lack of content. This game is completely unfinished and manages to hide that fact for about an hour.

Avoid completetly or buy only if cheaper than $1.
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9 of 12 people (75%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
40.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 5, 2015
English review below the French one.

Les développeurs ne s'occupent hélas pas du tout de ce jeu, la seule mise à jour qu'il y a eu n'a rien corrigé mais a par contre supprimé nos sauvegardes (j'étais niveau max). Disons que c'est un jeu moyen parce qu'abandonné par ses développeurs.

Liste des bugs - Bugs report.

The developpers have absolutely forgotten this game, the only update which has been released hasn't fixed anything but has deleted our saves (I was at the maximum level). This is an average game because its developpers have abandonned it.
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 30, 2015
Recommend? No.

- Kinda nice graphics, warcraft-esque.

- Mobile port.
- Bugs! BUGS!
- Micro Transaction-fest.
- REALLY linear. No gameplay.
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
9.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 14, 2015
Update 12/15/15: Though my initial review of the game and its mechanics stands, some glaring issues have forced me to revise it to a not recommended. That said it's a middling not-recommended and if the game and its mechanics appeal to you, chances are there's still fun to be had. The issues are that there are a number of gameplay bugs and a handful of bugs for achievements (won't pop-up no matter what, and this isn't just me, they're widely documented) that really bring it down. Normally this wouldn't be enough to bring a game down for me but the fact that the dev has gone completely silent and refuses to talk about it speaks incredibly ill of them. So changing this to a negative review has more to do with shady business practices, not wanting to support a dev that forgets its buyers and a handful of bugs than it does that standing games worth.


I’m not entirely certain where the hate is coming from, save that it’s a mobile game and there are certain people who just hate mobile game ports, even decent ones.

So yeah, let’s get that out of the way. It’s a mobile port and if that bugs you then you’re probably going to dislike this game. Though it’s been retooled for purchase on the PC there are still plenty of signs it was at one time a mobile game. The graphics, the controls, and definitely the gold and daily-quests mechanic.

That said as far as mobile ports go this one has seen a pretty solid revamping. The controls have been reworked to play like any other ARPG, the combat is simple but satisfying. Though the gold mechanic remains the way you gain it has been drastically altered. You get an acceptable amount of gold simply by playing the game, and unlike I imagine the mobile was, a lot of mechanics used to gain more gold are in fact free here.

There is definitely a grind to be had, but then that can be said of plenty of games. If you hate grinding then again the game isn’t for you, but at no point have I felt like the grind was excessive to the point of frustration. The early game moves quite quickly, and though scaling results in a longer grind later on the short missions (none lasting more than five minutes) ensures that you never get stuck doing one thing for too long.

Though this game isn’t made for the story as someone who likes to know this I’ll include it for others. The story is 100% forgettable and nothing you’ll remember in a month or two. But for what it is it’s serviceable. It moves you from one objective to the next and isn’t so horrible as to be painful like you might think.

So long story short I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the game. It won’t be your new favorite game, and it was clearly a mobile game at one point. But it’s a decent game and a decent port, and for the price there’s nothing truly objectionable about it.
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4 of 7 people (57%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 6
Started out a fun little game, played twice, got stuck in scenery twice and had to quit game twice.
mobile port, come back tomorow for new stuff kinda thing.
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12 of 23 people (52%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
0.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 28, 2015
Mobile games on PC are certain disaster no matter how you dice em.
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12 of 23 people (52%) found this review helpful
1.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 8
I’m a fan of action RPGs. I’ve poured hundreds upon hundreds of hours into the likes of the Diabo, Torchlight and Titan Quest franchises to name just three. I like too many games across too many genres to be able to claim that I’m a master of any one genre, I’m closer to a jack of all trades, but if there’s one that I could almost make that claim for it would be action RPGs. Therefore you can imagine my curiosity and my interest when I got the opportunity to cover Soulcraft for Steamified. Of course, it had registered as a game that I put on my wishlist when it came out back in June of last year but with so many big budget even bigger time investment titles released around that time (e.g. The Witcher 3) I simply hadn’t gotten to it until now.

If truth is completely told then I would have to tell you that SoulCraft is not a great game. It may not even be a very good game. But, and this a pretty big but, I legitimately enjoyed my time with it. This is really one of those guilty pleasure games for me. I had no right to enjoy this game as much as I actually did. I very rarely feel this way about games. There are a litany of issues that plague this game but at the end of the time that I allocated towards it I was still having fun with it. Sometimes that’s all you can possibly ask for from a game.

There were a few things that I kept playing for. The first was that although rather simplistic I found the actual fighting in the levels to be enjoyable. Battles – entire levels rather than just individual fights – are rather short and quick affairs that provide sharp, short bursts of gameplay. You could easily play this game in 10-15 minute spans if you so chose to. Given that the game is a mobile port that is most likely the way that it is supposed to be played. It’s not until you sit down for lengthier sessions that all of the faults in the game become so apparent (although they’re there and sometimes undeniably so). The second thing that I really enjoyed was the fact that there are so many unlockables. You rarely go between fights without the ability of upgrading a piece of armor, a weapon, a spell/skill or what have you. It can make the game downright addictive and classic ‘one more turn, let’s see what I got this time’ type gameplay.

The biggest problem with the game is that it is a mobile port. The PC game still carries with it the mobile strategy of it being a free to play game with microtransactions driving the game’s income. Once again not enough is done to eliminate this system before the developer slapped a buy to play price on it and called it a day. For once I’d really appreciate seeing a gaming developer call a spade a spade and if they were going to put their mobile freemium game onto Steam to do the same. Put it up for free and enable microtransactions to those who want to advance further or faster into the game. I’m not ashamed to buy some in game credit if two conditions are met. First, that the money I’m spending does aide those that developed the title. I know your game costs money to make and even if you put it up for free you need to have some way of making a profit from it so if I am going to be putting money into your pocket to either maintain the game or so that you can develop new titles then that’s fantastic. Secondly, I’d like to know that what I’m buying in game is actually going to be worth it. It will help me and give me the sense that I’ve helped myself as much as I’ve helped you. If you need an example of games that do this well on Steam look no further than a couple of the clicker games but to narrow it down to one Adventure Capitalist. Some players wouldn’t have been able to complete the Christmas special had they not purchased in game tokens. They got the reward that they wanted and the developer, Hyper Hippo Games, profited from a well thought out campaign. A smart move for the developer and their addicted paying customer.

The next problem is that the unlockables are rather pointless. There are so many of them and they come so quickly that you’re often swapping them in and out more quickly than the game can keep up. I didn’t find myself using in game gold (which I’m sure of the two currencies is the one that is the most expensive in regards to microtransactions on the mobile platform) but rather the ‘skulls’ currency which too comes quick and fast especially when you purchase an in game animal who collects the in game drops before they vanish. This both decreased the difficulty of the game to the point of making it trivial at some points but also makes me not worry about micro transactions. Having not played the mobile version I wonder if this is a similar case and if it is then I worry that the game isn’t making the developer enough.

Combat too can feel a little unfair at times. Instant stuns, unavoidable damage and at higher levels instant-death plague the game without you ever having anything to do about it. This might be a consequence of the game being a mobile port – encouraging people to spend money – or it could just be bad code. Either way it’s more than a little frustrating and equally disappointing. You need to give your players a chance. That is what makes games such as Dark Souls so popular. As difficult as they are the player knows that if they learn how to play each encounter the right way that they should eventually win it.

SoulCraft is an absolute guilty pleasure in that it’s not a great game but I love returning to it. It’s also a game that is flawed but could serve as an example to freemium mobile developers to learn from. Either keep your game free to play with microtransactions which other Steam games do or develop the PC version in such a way that the mobile pay wall doesn’t impact negatively against your PC players. Players will support you if you do it the right way.

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Recently Posted
9.2 hrs
Posted: August 30
This game is a port from android version. There is a bug with daily gold claim, also the model was pay-to-win. At android version you need to pay real money in option to advance more your character and to gain strongest weapons. In pc version you gain to slow gold. There is no opton for paying real money to purchace gold. The only option u have is to play the dayly quests and u gain every 5 quests about 50-60 gold. I do not recoment this game or any game for this reason. Pay-to-win model is not fun for gamers.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: July 24
Too simple for my tastes, feels like a facebook game.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.9 hrs
Posted: May 28
If you like darksiders and want to play a watered down version of that this game is just right for you. Everyone else is better off playing darksiders. This game hads a locked view and is very repeditive. and the charactor has a limited number of abilitys for an angel gardian.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
4.3 hrs
Posted: May 16
Very simple game where you do combat, earn rewards and level up. Didn't play long enough, but felt like it would eventually cost money to progress.

Out of courtesy to developer, rating up.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: April 1
✔ for good mobile port
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1.2 hrs
Posted: March 24
If you're om PC.

Don't bother with this.
It's a good game but only if you playing it on mobile.
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0.7 hrs
Posted: January 9
Bad mobile game port, it even hand for a sec once a whlie on i7 and 980Ti :D
very simple game focused on brainless gringinf and ulocking/ upgrading your grea, leveles are small and not very interesting, compat is very very simple but what you can expect from smartphone game.
Overal don't buy it, don't even take it for free, if someone pay you to take it and paly then you might consider if it worth it :)
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