Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is a 2D African Fantasy Action-RPG which seeks to innovate in this genre. The dynamic gameplay partly inspired by the old school "Tales of" series, focuses on 2D real-time combat sequences while the narration and its environment both draw deeply from African culture.
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Release Date: Apr 14, 2016

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October 25

An African Fantasy RPG game in Hollywood ?

Hello dear Aurionics, we hope you are well. Just to share this awesome and epic news recenlty published by The Hollywood Reporter: "African Video Game 'Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan' Gets Movie Treatment".

The treatment is running by Good Fear Film, a company managed by Chris Bender and Jake Weiner who have picked up the rights of the game. According to Chris and Jake, "This is an incredibly unique entry into the fantasy genre and we are as inspired by Madiba as we are in the world that he has created".

How did it start? When the film will be released ?
Read more on our website

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August 12

Aurionic patch 1.2.1 (Fighting shorter & offline mode ok)

Some have asked, Kiro'o Games made changes. Well of course we still had some sissy () who have not completed their aurionic pilgrimage and are beaten by some Trakas!? We will allow you to better assimilate your aurions in order to become true warriors.

Remember to follow the teachings of Ju'u StC@mus Souleyris, he will always guide you in your quest.
So in this patch, we have good things for you:

  • Resolving a feature that prevents the execution of the game in offline mode
  • Rebalancing warriors data to avoid long fights
  • Changes in the consumption of Enzo magic points
  • Fixed some bugs on game

Ancient aurionics, reincarnate the king of Zama and with your queen, redefine your legacy and rediscover what king you are for your city, show the way to newcommers so everyone focuses on his pilgrimage.

PS: We awaiting for your feedback!

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“Eventful, well paced”
14/20 –

“A masterpiece that everyone should experience”
9.5/10 – Geek Under Grace

“Quite unexpected twists, to an epic final which is eaten with relish”
7/10 – Gameblog

About This Game

Aurion is an epic action RPG set in a wonderful African Fantasy world with a unique, open and dynamic fighting gameplay.

Enzo Kori-Odan, the prince of Zama is a victim of a coup d'etat orchestrated by his brother in-law on the day of his coronation and wedding with Erine Evou. The royal couple is then exiled and decides to go around the world in search of allies. They will especially have to reunite Enzo’s warring legacy in order to retrieve their throne.

Beyond retrieving their position, the dethroned Royal couple will precisely discover the geopolitical and existential dilemmas attached to their functions of King and Queen. They will have to find answers in order to secure the fate of Zama.

Aurion is at the same time a mystery and an evidence in the Auriona planet. This energy was discovered a long time ago and is manifested in various ways (battle, handicraft, etc) in daily life. Those who use it in battle are called Aurionics letting them increase their power and have access to untold fighting techniques for a short time interval.


  • Epic and strategic Real-Time Fighting, visual evolutive Combos!
  • Gather your Legacy and merge the Aurions to create new ones (21 aurionical transformations can be done!)
  • Powerful duels with immersive fighting dialogues
  • Unique scenario & lots of powerful enemies and bosses

System Requirements

    • Processor: Core Duo 1. 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB, DirectX 10 Support, ATI Radeon HD 2000 Series / Nvidia GeForce 8800 Series
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Processor: Quad Core 1.3 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB, Directx 10 support, Ati Radeon HD5000 Series / Nvidia GeForce 600 Series
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
15.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 4
One of my favorite RPGs to date. Beautiful hand-drawn visuals and a fast-paced DBZ style combat system. Animations could be smoother, but honestly that hasn't stopped me from enjoying myself. I just hope they port this game to Linux/SteamOS because I no longer use Windows. This game would be perfect on a Steambox/Steam Machine.

Love the fact that it's African themed as it's rare to see African lore as a focal point of games.

Keep up the great work Kiro'o games! And please please please port to Linux soon! A lot of my friends who don't use Windows are dying to purchase this after seeing the gameplay on YouTube!
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 20
The Best indie game I have played this year..
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49 of 58 people (84%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
3.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 15
First and foremost, I backed this during Kickstarter because... well... it's historically the first African-themed Action RPG in the world. Made by a small studio based in Africa, no less. To be honest, I only expected to be involved in this to own a quaint and quirky little game in my collection. I mean, the Kickstarter was a success, sure, but it was only a marginal success with just enough funding to get this game through the door.

What I did NOT expect was a full-fledged powerhouse RPG with very strong cultural thematics and combat controls that AAA studios could learn a thing or two from.

I'm 3 hours in deep and I feel that I have barely scratched the surface of this game. The world seems huge and simple combos are pretty easy to pull off. I believe, with more practice, I could probably kill a strong enemy without it touching the ground after launching it into the air.

Now, for the criticisms; constructive, of course.

1) I've praised a lot about the combat because, outside of it, the controls need some improvement and the environment needs more interactivity. During the prologue phase, moving the good prince around was a chore as the analog stick was way too sensitive. Truth be told, I was expecting that kind of level of control throughout the game because my expectations wasn't way up there in the first place, expecially with a fledgling studio. I am pleasantly surprised that it got WAY better after the prince became a king and had a wardrobe change. I guess it's good to be the king and not wearing pants helped.

2) I'm not sure about the Francais dialogues but the English ones were suffering... a lot. I could still get what the characters were talking about but there was quite a handful of missing spaces and punctuations in the sentences. Loads of grammar mistakes as well. I understand that English is not their native tongue but it's not mine either so...

3) I only started to REALLY understand the level of detail and attention put into the combat mechanics after spending 2 hours in the game. Seriously, guys, a tutorial AFTER beating a boss character? I should be glad that you tried something different but... geez...

Anyway, get this game if you're into RPGs, Action RPGs, African culture & music, like to pull off sick combos, a Fighting Game enthusiast who wants to tinkle your toes in the RPG pool or an RPG afficionado who wants to try a little Street Fighter action wihout all the nitty gritty technicalities.

Not recommended for grammar nazis until they further proofread and edit the stuff though.
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31 of 35 people (89%) found this review helpful
27.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 17
This game surprised me in many pleasant ways. The setting is vibrantly colorful, a refreshing change from the industry standard of Medieval Fantasy Europe. The art is beautiful, with excellent character designs and gloriously painted environments. Combat is solid, simple to learn and rewarding to master. The writing is excellent, with good characters and an excellent overarching story. The translation is rough in places, and it has a fair number of crashes. But even when the language barrier reared its ugly head, or a crash knocked me back to the desktop, I found the game's story, characters, and combat were more than enough to keep me loading it right back up again. Also, every time I found a crash or bug, I posted on the discussion boards for the game and received prompt responses from the development team, and they have been unflinchingly professional. As of this moment, I have 24.3 hours of play in this game, and all of that has been in one weekend. I found it impossible to walk away from once I had gotten into it. Though yet unpolished, make no mistake: this game is a gem.
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34 of 46 people (74%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
13.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 25
Product received for free
Short Version: 2D Action-RPG that aims high and succeeds in many ways, but misses the mark as often as not. This is a unique game that you should consider experiencing for yourself, but due to awkward translation and a somewhat clumsy battling system, playing through it might feel a bit too much like a chore for leisure-time.

Concept/Story: 6/10
+ Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan's big claim to fame is being one of the first games from an African studio brought to a wider audience. Accordingly, the cultural background and mythology drawn from are much different than the usual Asian or Western settings and lore, which makes for a flavorful experience.
- The translation of the story into English leaves the writing feeling dry and forced, with plenty of unusual cultural elements and unfamiliar terms thrown at the player from the very start to further confuse things. (Why on earth is everything in 'caloo' plants, from food to spoils of battle to magic crystals?)

Graphics: 5/10
+ Very pretty, as can be seen in the vibrant screenshots. There are also some incredibly nifty dueling 'cutscenes', which show off the many flashy abilities in the game at their best (using scripted attacks), and the power in these stunning fight scenes is almost tangible. This would easily be 8/10 if not for...
- The animation of said vibrant screenshots is unfortunately lacking; It almost feels like the game is skipping frames. The resulting graphics are reminiscent of animated games from the early '90s, with semi-static figures bouncing choppily between a few seemingly handdrawn frames. This wouldn't be much of a problem in an adventure game, but weighs down the rapid battles in Aurion.

Audio: Meh/10
- The music is ok... just a little repetitive, and cut out on me now and then. The sound effects are also a bit uninspired.

Gameplay: 5/10
+ Neat 2D action, which starts out simple but quickly introduces a variety of complex systems (stances, ultimate abilities, etc).
- The aforementioned complex systems get *too* technical, and don't feel very intuitive (even using the recommended controller rather than keyboard/mouse). Plus, the choppy animation and floaty controls result in messy battles where it is hard to tell what is going on, which makes button-mashing on the 'easy' difficulty seem appealing.
- The game crashed on me a couple of times for unknown reasons.

There are some very nice positives to Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, but they are unfortunately balanced by equal negatives. My recommendation is similarly teetering between the up/down thumb.
(*Sidenote: Where-oh-where is our 'neutral-sideways-thumb', Mr. GabeN? )

On the one hand, I believe that for a small studio's first game, Aurion should be considered a relative success. This game was Kickstarted for a reason, and fully delivered on those users' expectations. Aurion has pretty visuals, deep gameplay mechanisms, awesome scripted fightscenes, and brings an under-represented cultural perspective to the gamemaking business. On the other hand... the game just didn't seem all that fun.

In the end, despite Aurion's positive qualities, I had to lean towards thumbs down when I realized that trying to enjoy the game and story felt more like work than play. Still, your mileage may vary (the many positive reviews for Aurion attest to this fact) - so if you'd like to support the developers and give this unique game a try, by all means do so.

Received a free copy for testing/reviewing purposes. This review is part of the Steamified Community Review program. For similar reviews and fantastic giveaways please visit
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18 of 20 people (90%) found this review helpful
16.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 24
I was a Kickstarter backer for Aurion during its campaign but I had heard of and had interest in it for some time beforehand. I backed it in part because the devs, Kiro’o Games, are from Cameroon and basically the whole continent of Africa has practically a nonexistent presence in the industry so I wanted to help out. It also looked good and the game was a clear labor of love, the devs have been making this game for well over a decade and they all taught themselves.

Aurion takes place in a fantasy world inspired by African cultures ranging from Cameroon, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Saharan nations such as Mali and Niger. The two protagonists are the newly crowned and married King and Queen of the peaceful and isolated island nation of Zama, Enzo and Erine Kori-Odan. During their wedding/coronation day Erine’s brother Ngarba invades the city with his army and overthrows his sister and brother-in-law. Now exiles, Enzo and Erine are thrusted into the rest of the world in order to find a way to get their kingdom back.

Aurion is an action RPG more in the vein of JRPGs, it plays like a cross between Tales of Symphonia and a sidescrolling beatemup. You play as Enzo, who’s primary attacks is his sword, but you eventually gain special moves as well as Aurionic Legacies, super modes that grant powerful magical attacks such as Water, Fire, and Darkness through Enzo’s spear. Erine acts as straight mage, teleporting into the battle when you summon her, she can both heal and act as an offensive mage. The combat is fast paced and fun, though perhaps the tutorial could be a bit clearer. (Like I didn’t realize that I could charge my MP until a few hours into the game.) There is also problems with FPS drops, mainly when bosses do their super moves, which can cause you to get hit by them. The ending area also can tank the FPS if you do certain things and can cause the game to crash. Those are things that can be fixed though and aren’t a major detriment.

The writing is similar to the JRPG mold but it’s executed well and is actually solid and interesting, it kept me engaged the whole way through.Though for the first half of the game the English translation is pretty rough. Kiro’o is Cameroonian so French is their stronger language so the translation starts off janky. For the most part it’s still decipherable, but there’s a lot of grammatical errors and stuff like that. The translation does actually get much better as the game goes on though. Kiroo is also currently working on improving it, so it’s not a deal breaker at all. The setting is also a pretty neat one a nice deviation from the stock Western European fantasy well that games tend to draw from.

While it may not rival the two non-Japanese JRPGs greats currently on Steam, LISA and Undertale, Aurion is still a really nice game well worth playing. Hopefully the game will be a success for Kiro’o because they deserve it after all the years of hard work and dedication.
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16 of 19 people (84%) found this review helpful
83.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 22
For lack of a better words to describe what this is, this is a JRPG. It also draws on Shonen genre of manga. It has a structure similar to many of the older japanese RPG games. This is a very vague term to use though, because there are a diverse set of games under that category. Regardless, if you have played that sort of game the gameplay outside combat will be immediately familiar. It even has overworld bits where you walk a tiny sprite between towns.

Finally, I say it is Shonen because it is reminiscent of a certain kind of manga and anime for young males. You pretty much play African Goku. You do not pilot increasingly larger robots but you do sorta gain Stands. Whether that appeals to you or not is a matter of personal preference. If you like badarsery, this game has you covered. Very powerful people perform superhuman feats and have very flashy duels after frankly talking about why they have to fight. A young man discovers himself and his place in the world. Lessons are learned. It is that kind of tale.

The combat is real time and uses a lot of the mechanics of beat-em-ups and fighting games. While stats improve your performance and your equipment provides some benefit, success in combat relies more on execution, especially early on where you aren't basically the strongest being on the planet.

That only tells you what this is, and you might have been able to find this out yourself from this store page. What do I think of this game? Well, I really liked it. Taken as a whole, the game is pretty good.

However, for fans of JRPGs, some of the parts that make up the game may not rate highly when compared to the greats of that genre. Some play JRPGs to master the systems and break the game, some like a good grind for bigger numbers. In these respects, the game is not particularly strong.

The mechanic where you can call in your wife to help you do combos is very cool though. It reminds me a little of Marvel vs Capcom. Unfortunately though, you can't reverse those roles to mix things up, with Erine leading the fighting and Enzo assisting (like you would switch between your 3 characters in MvC). While unfortunate, the assist stuff is really cool on its own. Erine is extremely useful and compliments what Enzo does very well.

But, if you are the sort of person who grinds triple triad cards before getting Ifrit in FF8 you may feel disappointed in that facet of the game. I did not grind once, the fights you end up in just going through the various areas of the game with enemies in it suffices for getting enough power to clear the game.

For me, this was a positive. I prefer to just get on with the game itself rather than worry if my numbers aren't high enough. The game is more than its combat, Like any JRPG worth its salt it has characters, story arcs and an overarching plot that are interesting and tie the entire package together. I feel this is the strongest part of the game. The story and character writing is great. I actually came into this with low expectations for the writing, but I was very impressed. Unlike the combat, I am confident that fans of Shonen manga and anime will enjoy this.

What impressed me most is that the story and characters mesh very well. Each villain is gross in their own way, and have actual reasons for being their particular brand of gross. Each character is easily believable as a product of their era and place in the world. Big political issues are encountered, they are dealt with in a depth I did not expect. The history of the characters and their people is fully explored, from their own actions and guiding philosophies and those of other involved parties, to the material conditions that these spring from. It does this without descending into a morality play. None of it is contrived because it all relates well to the overarching plot, it also serves to give each story arc some flavour. None of the arcs on the way to the conclusion of the plot were weak and forgetable.

It is quite long for a game with little padding, even though the game lacks time sinks like grinding or optional goals and subplots I ended the game at around a days total play time. I did talk to pretty much every NPC I could, though. The 2d art and animation is pretty decent for a game of this price range, and there is a lot of it. The music matches the art well, however there aren't as many tracks as big budget JRPGs have. I liked the music but each track is used so often that it is hard to really associate them with any specific location and character.

So, to sum this all up, this is a solid debut title from a smallish team, I enjoyed it a lot, warts and all. Well worth a playthrough and the price of admission. It might even end up being my personal GOTY for 2016. Good stuff.

edit: I have removed the first paragraph, on localization, to reflect that the english localization is no longer placeholder.
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11 of 13 people (85%) found this review helpful
14.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 14
There just are not enough video games based and themed around African culture, not only on Steam but video games in general. It’s an all too often forgotten and unexplored setting. While it doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to understand the reasons why this is the case it is still disappointing. I am a huge fan of world cultural studies. I like to understand the way that people from different cultures think, behave and act. I like to understand their worldview. One of the best ways that we get to explore a worldview is through their written and shared experiences through reading books, watching movies and playing video games. This is doubly important for those of us who cannot jet off around the world at the drop of a hat because we want to understand what the people of Kenya, Namibia, Cameroon, the Sudan, etc. think and what they experience. Thus when I am granted an opportunity to play a game that features such culture and which has such wonderful production and cultural standards as what Kiro’o Games’ debut game on Steam, and the very first video game fully developed in Central Africa, I take it with both hands open and an even more open mind.

Playing Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan was a treat from the very beginning. The opening sequences demonstrate that the developers acquired some of the inspiration for the gameplay and presentation from Japanese anime style action RPGs. It works very well with the game. While I may have appreciated a bit more gameplay early in the game I do understand that the developers felt the necessity of extended cut scenes to establish the story. The main storyline, there are several subplots throughout the game, focuses upon the main character, Enzo, and his quest to reclaim his throne as the king of Zama after his new wife’s brother takes control of the nation and ousts the younger and weaker king. Enzo and his wife, who helps Enzo during the battle with her brother, travel throughout their land recruiting other Aurionics who are people who are genetically super powered who can educate Enzo into how to best control and develop his own powers.

The greatest pull to the game beyond the culture is the utilization of emotion in the storytelling and the dialogue throughout the entirety of the game. The game attempts, successfully most of the time, to pull on every emotion possible. There is every emotion from imaginable bottomless depths of sadness to tremendous highs of happiness, a number of pieces of crass humor, anger and frustration, arguments and many cases of legacy aspiration which is countered with skepticism. The game truly runs the emotional gamut. The subject matter is one that is perfect for a game world that all too frequently demonstrates what is occurring in the real world of Africa. It gives everything that much more meaning.

The combat system is a real highlight. On the surface level it appears to be another beat-em ‘up style game but there is a significant amount of strategy to be discovered within the confines of the game. This is due to the fantastic combo and AP system that has been designed for the game. It’s not entirely unique but there is certainly a level of freshness that many games lack. It’s certainly an interesting and valid addition to the genre.

The game is far from perfect but for a first up effort it is certainly an effort that the developers should take enormous pride in. The native language of the game is French and it doesn’t quite translate as well as what most native English speakers will appreciate. That means that there will be time when the translations are certainly not as smooth as what they should be and the meaning conveyed isn’t as strong as what it may be. It leaves room for the intelligent player to search for the deeper meaning that is present. This poor choice of translation extends to the tool tips which aren’t as clear as what they should be – which ultimately may be the biggest weakness that I have diagnosed in the game to date.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan brings the culture, soul and legacy of Africa to Steam and is a must have title for anyone with an interest in African culture and those who enjoy a good old action RPG experience.

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28 of 48 people (58%) found this review helpful
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7.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 14
Good fun, I do recommend it, the price is a right for a nice indie title with this much gameplay and an awesome combat system. Check out my video review below as I go in depth about the title and these new developers out of Cameron, the only game devs from that country.
  • Single player, Massive amounts of content,two modes exploration and combat, combat mode is alot of fun, many many combos and abilities to unlock and learn.
  • Graphics, Impressive graphically, with its design and originiality.
  • Audio , Also very Impressive with design and originiality.
  • Gameplay, A real interesting title, it shines in the gameplay component, massive amounts of content, very interesting combat, fantastic story.

Key Provided by Developer.
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9 of 12 people (75%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
7.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 21
Product received for free
This review is a part of Steamified's Community Reviews program and the credit goes to both Steamified and Kiro'o Games for providing the key for review purposes.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is the Steam debut and a Kickstarter success story from a small Cameroonian-based Kiro'o Games. While most games we see today mostly takes on the European/western mythology, Aurion opts for an African mythology setting and this alone, in my humble opinion, makes this game a must-play title for indie enthusiasts!

The story revolves around the last heir of the Kori-Odan family, Prince Enzo of Zama. On the day of his coronation and marriage to Erine Evou of Soma, the royal palace is attacked by his own brother-in-law Ngarba "Rhino" Evou. Defeated and exiled, Enzo and Erine embarks on a journey of self-improvement, looking for support, training his Legacies and ultimately, carved a path to maturity.

The African culture and influences are prominent from the start as the inspiration comes directly from their music, fashion and myths. Again, this setting is extremely unique and Kiro'o Games did a splendid job in bringing the African cultures to life! From the amazing soundtracks, character designs, depiction of Auriona and even combat stances, Aurion is on-point!

Next, we have the gameplay. The game revolves around two parts, one in Exploratory and the other Combat mode. In Exploration mode, you can move Enzo in 8 directions across the map and allows you to interact with the locals, explore and even do a mild platforming action (climbing walls, for example). However, Enzo will only face 2 direction, i.e. either he's facing right of left, and at some point, this feels really weird. In Combat mode, the stage will center around the traditional 2D setting with some maps allowing you to jump on top of floating platforms for strategic mobility. This is actually the meat of the game because the combat in Aurion is surprisingly deep technical wise! You have the standard normal combo which you can chain after doing a Penetrating hit (think of it like a dash with piercing effect) and you can basically juggle your enemy if you're creative enough. The other main point is the Aurionic system. In battle, Enzo can invoke his Aurionic spirit and proceed to have exceptional abilities with the eventual Ultimate Legacy move. This is simply amazing since not only it's an eye candy to look at but the move itself is powerful enough to sweep the whole battlefield! This comes with a limitation since using any techniques consumes AP and AP are regenerated by focusing in the heat of battle (pressing down in combat). Erine will help in battle by healing Enzo with her spells so careful planning is needed on how you would utilize every abilities that you possess in combat.

Even with all the praises, Aurion does have a few flaws on it's plate. The main thing that bothered me the most with the game is how clunky and floaty the movement sometimes feel. For example, when jumping, Enzo will skyrocket across the map. I know Enzo is very agile but this just feels out of place and to make it worse, if you ran out of stamina before jumping, you have no choice but to float helplessly while the enemy quickly repositioned themselves. The hitbox is also an issue as sometimes during exploring you'll hit an invisible wall, even though the screen only shows it as a small ledge. In combat, the enemy hitbox is, not sure what's the proper word, pretty much inconsistent. The effect on screen clearly shows that it hits the enemy but the hit isn't registered and Enzo will end up hitting air repeatedly like a fool. The game also crashes on me quite a few times. In my small amount of game time with Aurion, I think I've had around 4 or 5 separate crashes in multiple instances.


  • Absolutely gorgeous setting! The game opts for a charming comic book-esque art style and this fits in perfectly with the game.
  • Rich in lore with detailed explanation to various points of interests in the game.
  • The combat system is deep and highly satisfying. There's nothing better than landing a 2-digit combo while juggling your opponent in the air!
  • The game is pretty much linear but the amount of contents are commendable.
  • Steam basic features are all present (including Trading Cards, which they haven't updated the Store page yet) except for Cloud saving.
  • The soundtracks are amazing! It pays to just stand a while and listen to the tunes.


  • The map movement could be a lot better. Navigating with a controller feels too sluggish at times and makes it tedious to study the map.
  • Graphical options are pretty much barebones although it works quite well with how the game is.
  • The game localizes to French and the English translation, while not bad by any means, can lead to some confusing wording.


  • Floaty and clunky movements. This might sound like a small issue but I noticed that it dampened my experience to quite some degree.
  • Inaccurate hitboxes can lead to frustrating combat sequences.
  • I've received several hard crashes in my short period of gameplay.
  • Minor typos here and there.
  • The game can't be Alt+Tab properly as the window cannot be forced to minimized unless closed.

Even with the few technical flaws and clunkiness of it's control, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is truly a unique experience and in my personal view, it deserves a great 4 / 5! With a few polish here and there, I'm confident that Aurion can be a definite gem of 2016.

If you enjoy playing 2D side-scrolling action games with minor platforming thrown in the mix or just looking to try something out of the ordinary, then I have no trouble recommending it, even with the full price tag! Additionally, it's a no-brainer to pick it up if the game ever went below $10.

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Recently Posted
0.8 hrs
Posted: October 24
Being of African descent Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is a game that speaks to me visually. Being tired of movies interrupting my games Aurion is a game that pushes me away with the rejection overt racism. According to my Steam timer I’ve invested 45 minutes in this game, a game purchased almost a year ago. Of this 45 minutes only 20 minutes has been gameplay and of the 20 only 5 or so has been anything more than walking around and talking. The remainder of the games runtime has been filled with heavy a handed narrative surrounding wedding preparations and ascension to kinghood. This story is told by talking to dozens of NPC and simply put it’s a bore. When combat finally kicks in it is frequently interrupted by dialog, cut-scenes and loading screens, with only the cut-scenes being skippable. From a narrative standpoint the game is truly over produced, everyone has something to say little of it meaningful. Perhaps it would’ve been easier to immerse myself in the constant interruptions and extended periods of nothing if the game were prettier. The art isn’t bad per se just poorly rendered. The cut-scenes appear to be standard definition, looking blurring with choppy animations and the in-game assets appear to be 720 upscaled to 1080. As I mentioned before I haven’t gotten very deep into the game as a result of its design choices, those of you who are able to endure frequent interruptions will likely have a better time with the game than I. However, if like myself you want to be immersed in gameplay first and story only when you feel like it Aurion may leave you frustrated. It is highly likely I’ll continue to chip away at this title over the coming years but unless something changes drastically I can’t see myself spending more than 20 minutes at a time with Aurion. Here’s hoping future me has a better time with the game than present me.
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Nathaniel Prime
0.4 hrs
Posted: October 18
An interesting game and an interesting game, but unfortunately quite sloppy. It is a 2-D fighter in the vein of the Tales series, or perhaps Dust or Odin Sphere. But the camera is too close, the cutscenes choppy, the sound effects too quiet, the alt-tab function barely working... in other words, this game feels like a beta. Maybe I'll change my review, once they finish the game for real.
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Deep Seed
26.7 hrs
Posted: September 10
Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is a sidescrolling 2d action rpg. Having completed a full playthrough I can say that this game was excellent, although there were a few minor flaws. Both the gameplay and the story gradually build in complexity as you progress through the game. I especially enjoyed unlocking new fusions, each of which opens up interesting new options in combat.

The difficulty is generally self-adjustable as you can either grind levels to get stronger or purchase more healing items as needed to get through difficult sections. I was able to play through the full game without having to stop and grind levels. I personally tend to have a limited time to play games so I appreciate RPGs that don't require a lot of grinding. Enemies are visible outside of battle so it is possible to skip fights, although the combat is fun enough that you probably won't want to. I would estimate I fought enemies about 80% of the time in my playthrough.

This game does include some light platforming elements but they are probably the weakest aspect of the game, especially the wall-climbing sections. The floatiness and fighting-game physics that work great in combat aren't so good for platforming. Fortunately the wall-climbing sections aren't too frequent and it's relatively easy to brute-force them using health and stamina boosting items when you just need to get through.

I felt like the combination of unique gameplay, art, and setting really made the game stand out in a way that is greater than the sum of its parts. I also cannot end this review without mentioning that the payoff in the final fight cutscene was amazing. They really know how to end the story in a way that feels complete but still leaves you wanting more. I hope there will be a sequel or DLC to continue the story!
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42.8 hrs
Posted: September 5
I finished playing the game just few minutes ago and I LOVED IT! I loved the story, characters, the music and everything about it. This is my second game to play which is based in Africa, the first one was Resident Evil 5. I recommend this game to anyone who love RPG like me to give it a chance and play it. I will definitely buy and play another game made by this developer in the future or even a sequel of this will be great for me. Keep up the good work!
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29.8 hrs
Posted: September 4
I just finished the game and I must say: What a ride my friend!

I could spend a lot of words writing about how the fight gameplay looks simple after the first look but gets really deep, with a very interesting system that allows you to do elaborated combos, but I think that the best that Aurion offers you is its story: The path of Enzo, learning and aceepting who he is, and confronting difficult questions during his pilgrimage alongside his wife Erine.

About the african influences, I really liked it. You can see it clearly in the beautiful level and character design and in the very good soundtrack, that mixed themselves very well, and of course, in the names of almost everything in the game; But I felt that the way that the story was told and the turns that it have taken are where the african influences could be seen at its prime. I won't give many detail, but in my opinion this is why you should play this game and have this unique experience.

It is definitely one of the best games I have played this year. I can't wait for the next one!
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1.8 hrs
Posted: August 27
This game is great! It's really awesome seeing a game with African lore in the storefront.
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11.3 hrs
Posted: August 14
GameEnthus spoke very highly of this game for quite some time. I decided to buy the game to support the developer. It is very well done. The lore established in the game is a strong tenet of the game. The way the fighting powers work is integral to the lore. It's very deep and canonically strong in that fashion.

The combat in the game is superb. It's deep and requires mastery to survive some of the enemies. It's a different type of combo system and should be used moving forward in games of a similar genre.

The platforming is simple but the wall climbing mechanic is fresh. It takes a while to master but is very satisfying.

All in all, a very underrated game and I strongly recommend an animated series out of this story. An anime would be great. This is a very ethno-aware game and any attempts at licensing it should be done with respect and authenticity. I highly recommend this one.
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27.3 hrs
Posted: July 18
Feeling uncomfortable and confused at the outset is important for the game’s overall arc, with the unfortunate side-effect of those feelings being difficult to shake off. Aurion is not overtly appeasing. It’s a presentation, a model of existence, that asks for your attention. Played in small doses, this feeling comes through strong. Self actualization resulting immediately in more confident interpersonal performances is a straightforward concept, but the deabstraction of self-improvement feels incredible to me. Striving to be better is my favored coping response. I cling to life to define and become a better person. Aurion represents and defends that right for everyone. The ideal leader rules in abstract only and makes no demands. They’re defined as someone who inspires others to find themselves, as protectors and examples. Change exists by representing the best, while facing the worst.
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