A post-apocalyptic adventure game set in a world where the player must search for food, water and essential supplies to survive. Discover a world filled with colourful NPCs, quests and secrets.
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Release Date: May 18, 2015

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“Dustbowl excels at crafting feelings of isolation and capturing survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The animations are solid, combat is tense and staying alive is challenging. More point and click adventure games like this need to come out”
8 – Retro Nuke

About This Game

You are just another face trying to survive the aftermath of a terrible event which shook the world. With your father you have made the Hub your home, an underground shelter that protects what's left of civilization from the horrors that roam the ruins above. Soon you will be tested, soon you will have to leave your home and enter the wastes!

Key Features

  • Random encounters, from combat, points of interest, wandering NPCs and Easter Eggs.
  • Follow quests that push you deeper into the unknown with colorful dialogue for every character.
  • A simple crafting system, turn your junk into life saving tools.
  • A massive world with over 50 locations to explore and loot.


    • Get hungry, get thirsty, get sick, stay alive relying on your wits and skill!
    • A huge main quest line that takes the player across the blistering wastelands.
    • Each NPC has a unique, detailed character portrait bringing the world around you to life.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or higher
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 64 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 640x400, 32-bit colour: 700 Mhz system minimum
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Sound Card: All DirectX-compatible sound cards
    • OS: Windows XP or higher
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 640x400, 32-bit colour: 700 Mhz system minimum
    • Sound Card: All DirectX-compatible sound cards
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.:[T.B.E]:. Jack
7.1 hrs
Posted: July 11
Dustbowl? There is no safe way there!

Dustbowl is a rogue-lite RPG game, set on a post-apocalyptic world. How it got the way it is? Welp, that's the most interesting thing: not in a cliched way (not to me at least).

The game have a very unique combat system (to which some might say lazy). You basically need to hit a bar on the right spot and get the most damage done on your turn. The only problem is: its a little laggy. Yes, lagged. You press for it to stop, it won't for another milisecond. And that's what throws your whole damage into the dirt.

The movement is the same on a point'n click game, you click, the character moves. You will spend a good ammount of time clicking to move your character (you can set the Character Speed for that in the options menu, thank you game devs!). And there is a sort of "survival" thing going on, but later on it just because tiresome instead of "The Sims" like.

Unfortunately, the story-telling is a bit weird. Im 6 hours into the game, have done a TON of quests, and still I don't have a clear answer about the world, only what I read online and got from enemies. Like it is shy to place an NPC with tons of info about the amazing world Dustbowl is set. The writing isn't something amazing either, every character line sounding like they have a maximum of 40 characters on a crazy-Twitter.

The lack of a map also drives me crazy. It can be a poor one like Neo-Scavenger (or a GREATER ONE like Fallout 1-2), just give me something to use! Most of my frustration in this game is due to my incompetence of not being able to go back to where the hell X or Y place were in that world (which is not huge, but the random encounters makes it much more harder to find).

Should you buy this game?
Yes. Yes, you should. If still in doubt, wait for a promo! If you like games such as Kingdom, Fallout 1-2, Neo-Scavenger or look-alikes, this one is for you. The story is interesting enough, the quests are quite interesting (although you do get bombarded with them), and you just want to see what else the game holds.

Im disappointed at how this game isn't well-known. This is a good game, makes me almost nostalgic.
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0.9 hrs
Posted: July 10
Love the art style, the vibe, and the overall feel of things. Still getting into the groove of the early game, but I definitely recommend this if you're into post-apocalyptic games, RPGs, and adventure games. Great retro style!
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24.9 hrs
Posted: July 6
GET THIS GAME! I cant wait till the next one comes out! (I WANT MORE DUSTBOWL). I'm a huge post-apocalyptic enthusiast, this game was so refreshing. but this little gem this made the start of my summer so amazing.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: June 24
It's a roguelike game trying to be like fallout with an adventure game UI.

I love the retro graphics and the 80s adventure game UI. However, the controls are atrocious, movement is awkward, the writing bland, combat is poor and within the first 5 minutes of gameplay I'm hit with a plethora of mundane side quests which I have no desire of doing. Sorry, but no. I rarely give up on games so fast, but... spend your 5 dollars on something better, like Fallout New Vegas.
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1.1 hrs
Posted: March 25
I have over 600 games in my Steam account, and the vast majority of them are still unplayed. So now I'm dedicating an hour to each of these games and writing a series of One Hour Reviews. An hour isn't very long to judge a game on, so think of this as more of a first impression, and take this review in the spirit in which it's given. Be sure to read other reviews from players who have spent more time in the game.

One Hour Reviews #53 - Dustbowl

Dustbowl is an interesting mix of a point-and-click adventure game and an old-school RPG. I spent my first few minutes exploring my room and picking up various items left lying around. But the game quickly introduces it's first RPG elements as I encounter people and having conversations. Conversations are your classic multiple choice, without any fancy branching dialog options that I saw. It seems like most folks are there to hand out quests, so early on I ended up with quite a few tasks to help out with, on top of the main questline.

The graphics are very retro, which for the most part works just fine. But you may be disappointed by the complete lack of graphics options, as you are forced to play in a window at a locked resolution. That didn't really both me, but my main complaint is some of the fonts used in the game are pretty small and hard to read at times. Thankfully the small font isn't used in conversations, so it's not something you have to deal with frequently.

The interface is fairly basic. The screen is split into 2 major areas, with the top area rendering your character and surroundings. In the bottom area, you have 3 tabs that you can switch between your inventory, your characer status, and your list of jobs. It feels a little clunky but it works. Sometimes things aren't entirely intuitive. For instance, I tried to use a medpack by clicking on it, and then clicking on my character. That didn't work, and I figured out later I had to click on the hand icon to use it. It may take you a bit to pick up on how to do things. Also little things you might expect like hitting Escape to bring up the options menu don't work. Instead you have to click an icon at the top right that doesn't really look like something you'd expect to open a menu.

Combat is turn-based, but rather than using random numbers to determine if you hit or not, instead it plays out as a mini game. You have 3 zones representing a miss, a hit, or a critical hit. Depending on the timing of your click, your shot will end up in one of these 3 areas and do damage accordingly.

I wouldn't call the difficulty punishing, but Dustbowl does not do any hand holding for you either. You have 3 bars that you have to manage, one for health, one for food, and one for drink. You start out pretty much broke, so it's up to you to scavenge and manage your inventory well. Also, you don't automatically heal when you aren't in combat. You do get some health back after sleeping (once you are tired; it doesn't let you just randomly take a nap), but mostly you are relying on items to heal yourself. When you die, your only option is to reload your last save, which thankfully Dustbowl lets you save pretty much anytime.

I spent most of my first hour running around the starting area before I ended up outside for the first time. At this point I was presented with an overland map that felt right out of the original Wasteland game. So I spent the last little bit of my playthrough exploring the surrounding area and getting into a few random encounters (which aren't always fights).

I had fun with Dustbowl and like it for what it is. Some folks may be turned off by the old school gameplay, but I found it enjoyable and worth the price.
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Beretta [Nuclear Winter Gaming]
4.3 hrs
Posted: March 6
Dustbowl is a fantastic game and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is,The storyline and to some extent the gameplay is as good as Fallout 1 or 2,
considering this is a indie title I feel that's a good sign straight way (if you liked the older Fallout titles which most people do). I cut the review into segments so you can easily find the information you need.


The story is a straightforward one but it's well written and you get multiple dialogue choices with the many unique characters you meet.

The game features a good amount of main and side content, locations to explore, and some of the side quests are so well made they almost feel like
the main storyline.


The game uses an older pixel style graphics than Fallout or some other indie games, The games interface and pixel style remind me of Maniac mansion or other point and click games of that era (although the interface in Dustbowl is easier to navigate).

Characters have well-drawn avatars and their pixel versions have mouths that open and shut (manic mansion style). I didn't like the Overland maps laggy style of movement but I understand why its done like that (most older games were this way like the older Ultimas).


The sound effects are made to sound similar to games from that time so they aren't the best but they get the job done and you begin to not really notice anything wrong with them.


Unfortunately character customization at the start of the game is virtually nonexistant, but you can select from pre-made avatars.

There is a large assortment of dangers, other than monsters, ghouls and other creepy enemies, such as starvations, dehydration and radiation poisoning.

If you are attacked by certain enemies you get a bleeding status effect that requires bandages otherwise you slowly lose health until you die.

There is a large assortment of weapons and equipment, from melee to ranged weaponry. Quests are here in a large abundance, both main and secondary.

Dustbowl is a fantastic game and has a friendly, dedicated developer that hasn't stopped releasing fixes and updates since release in May 2015, and at £5.99, $7.99 (roughly) you couldn't find a game with more content for such a low price, do yourself a favor and buy this now, you won't be disappointed.



+ Good graphics
+ Fantasic Story line
+ Unique characters
+ Well-written dialogue
+ Frequently updated
+ Mild survival mechanics
+ Large assortment of quests
+ Dedicated developer
+ Cheap price


+/- Not much character customization
+/- Lag on Overland map (personal preference)
+/- Older, unique art style may not appeal to some gamers
+/- Small learning curve


- Combat system can be difficult to fully learn until later in the game (after much practice)

Overall score: 9/10
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3.6 hrs
Posted: March 4
I really recommend this game. If you are tight on budget, but you are still looking for a good old-school RPG fix, DustBowl is for you. This wasteland is huge, you will lose yourself out there. As a streamer, I have to say, it is also an awesome indie game to stream as you will have a lot of fun scavenging the wastes with your viewers. Here is a little funny moment that actually happened on stream. http://www.twitch.tv/ricgod2068/v/52344060
This game is a real challenge. Ultimately, if you think you are up for it, you can even try the Perma-Death mode.
I'm not done yet, but the storyline seems strong for now. I will update this review as soon as I have more completed.
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Ron Johnson
5.6 hrs
Posted: February 24
Its a great game except when i take my bandit armor off any where even inside the starter base i get randomly irradiated and i cant fix it so i hope you fix that bug soon but all in all great game so far
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NOOT NOOT. JR. ︻┳テ=一
5.6 hrs
Posted: February 15
I recommend this game to people wanting to feel a 90s nostalgia game it's not one of course but the way it's like a classic fallout but pixelated is great.

Things good about this game:

1. It is a pixel game

2. Even though people say the survival is not skill. I think it's based off risks and knowledge because you need to now where food and other stuff is to survive

3: no wifi, this is an on the go game

4:As I said a nostalgia game with a nice storyline and nice relaxing(ocd relaxing)pixel art.


1. The combat is too simple and if you keep getting into combat(their is no choice if you get into combat or not) you will die.

2.not multiplayer

That's it for my review overall I really enjoy this game and would playoff hours straight. Have a nice day hope this review was helpful
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3.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 18, 2015
When the dust falls, great stories are told...

Dustbowl appeared silently on Steam a few days ago. No fanfare, no publicity, one moment silence and the next. *poof* It's here. A little slice of retro-apocalypse goodness. The brainchild of two developers, Dustbowl is set after the visitations of an alien race who covered the land in a biochemical dust that quite literally rendered the surface of the planet unlivable. A toxic, barren wasteland (drawing inspiration from the UFO afterlight storyline) where what remains of humanity gathers together in small underground shelters, away from danger, away from the light.

Technology has fallen apart, and humanity lives precariously on the cusp of extinction, this is very much the death throes of society, with people still struggling to come to terms with what has happened. Worse, your shelter seems to be suffering a major case of the shakes, prompting the leader of the shelter to call two of the most experienced surface scavengers to a meeting, and to plea to them for assistance. One, your father, reluctantly volunteers to see what is causing the tremors, leaving you alone in the shelter to find your way, and find answers.

Great Storytelling and an Intricate World...

The world of dustbowl is consistent, and very quickly shows itself to be deep, full of characters suffering and broken by the very events that have driven them underground, the survivors in the HUB feel just like that, survivors by necessity. Some showing clear signs of depression, others panicking and more concerned about their own skin, others yet just getting slam drunk because "who cares, the world is going to hell"

And this is just the first area, once you get out into the game overworld, it's not going to get any more cute and cuddly either, I can assure you of that much. The game overworld is meaty, sporting multiple locations that will require you to either talk, shoot or puzzle your way through them. The game falls somewhere between a Role Playing Game and a point and click adventure, and even borrows some elements from survival sandbox games with thirst, hunger and tiredness being perennial beasts that stalk you every step of the way. In case you're feeling particularly masochistic, the developers even put in a hardcore mode, which yes, will delete your save file when you die. You will die. This game does not pull punches.

The ambition of the game fights against the engine, which creaks at times...

If there is one criticism I could, and should level at this game, it's that the game engine (Adventure Game Maker) is almost certainly running at the absolute roof of it's capability here. The developer has crafted a masterpiece in Dustbowl, but make no mistake, AGM is bursting at the seams to contain this world, every trick and optimisation to cram the content in has been done, and you can almost hear the engine screaming in agony in the background as it works tirelessly to make this thing happen.

In a sense this would be akin to the times when games like Driller came out on the spectrum. Yes, you could push polygons and 3D rendering out on a computer with 128K of memory, but the poor thing creaked, and you could -hear- it creaking. People have asked if more content will be added, it might happen, but the engine is really being pushed here, so it'll be a case of hammering it in with a wedge in small chunks at a time I think.

This game almost certainly deserves to be a success beyond the developers most optimistic expectations, such that a sequel can happen, but it needs to happen in the same style, just in an engine that won't beg for mercy when they create this wonderful, vast canvas.

A fine time to run out of ammo...

The combat deserves specific mention. I always felt games like Fallout 3 strayed too far towards "real time" combat, Dustbowl strikes a brilliant balance by being turn based with a reaction-ish based timing sequence for determining if you hit, crit, or miss. Weapons have their own distinct damage ranges, and your power in the game is strictly gear dependent (which means that progressing through the story will directly improve your ability to fight and also to defend yourself against the horrible nasty mutant things). The range of weapons is diverse, even at the early stages you'll find a goodly selection of pistols and assorted BB based weaponry, I can only assume it will escalate from there.

A fine time to bleed pixels...

The art style is -very- retro. Going right back to VGA style RPG's of yore, but it works, evoking memories of Wasteland (the original, not even the remade original) and of similar games in that era. It's a very consistent art style, and the eye to design has been thoughtful and considered. The Subway (your first 'dungeon' area) is dingy and foreboding, and even though it's never explicitly threatening, there's always that nasty feeling you may be going a little too far from safety.

Final Thoughts...

Dustbowl came literally out of nowhere, and it's possibly been the most pleasant surprise this year to date. It's had no press, and no hype, and that's one of the greatest injustices I could possibly think of, because this is a terrible disservice to what is possibly one of the best RPG's outside of the AAA releases.

Verdict : Essential.
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5.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 18, 2015
A very cool little indie game which revealed a sprawling world once reaching the wastelands.

Its actually a lot more indepth than the visuals suggest, with a questing system and fairly elaborate range of items to loot.

A must for fans of the old school. Quite challenging but thats the way they used to make them!

Three mutant thumbs up!
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 18, 2015
This is a first impression. I'll update it as I get further into the game.

The game is a weird mixture of King's Quest, Wasteland (bit of Fallout in there too), Metro, etc but does a good job of being its own thing.

Combat is simple but works well and actually involves a sense of timing. You can target different parts of the body but unfortunately unlike Fallout you cannot kick a rat in the groin. There's a somewhat Stalker-esque feel to scavenging. There's even a decent crafting system. I don't know what the depth of it is yet but I was able to make some extra survival gear pretty early on.

Playing with permadeath on i made it almost an hour in and was killed by a beetle in a subway office complex. I should have turned back but decided to press on knowing what the consequences could be. The game is not easy and so far seems to make you think about what supplies you have and how far you can go with them.

There's nothing I haven't seen before, but it's not about the ingredients, it's how you put them together. So far i definitely like the recipe.
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10.9 hrs on record
Posted: February 15
I have a weak spot for new released games that try to look like our beloved classic games. Dustbowl feels like one of those games you can say "I played this a lot when I was a kid". It's like a great 90th game that was never released up until now. Sure some might not enjoy the minimalistic art, animation, combat and survival mechanic, but I did. The story is nice and interesting, it makes you want to play the game until the end. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=624269345 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=621801521 Unlocked all achievements!
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19 of 21 people (90%) found this review helpful
8.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 18, 2015
If you enjoy old school adventure games I think you can get behind this title. I myself enjoy the retro visual style and throwback interface to older adventure games. The story and writing are ok, nothing spectacular but it’s far from dreadful. The post-apocalyptic setting and story are interesting and different enough from the rest to keep me intrigued on what happens next. The game world and quests are fairly large and so far I have had an abundance of objectives and missions to keep me busy.

My biggest complaint is how combat works and plays out. Most if not all encounters are random and combat is turn based. When you enter combat, it randomly (?) decides who has initiative, to attack you simply hit your attack button, a bar will fly across a multicolored slider bar, and you hit the attack button again to stop it. Based on where it stops and lands, it calculates the damage. It’s not horrible, but more often than not it just feels cheap and cheated.

Despite the combat, this game offers a fairly rich and expansive adventure for the low cost of $9 usd. The old school interface, vfx and pacing will turn off some, but for those who grew up or enjoy that era of gaming, you will love this. You can tell the developers put their heart and soul into it and are influenced by many awesome games and movies like Fallout, Mad Max, Metro 2033, Stalker, Defiance, A Roadside Picnic.....the list goes on and on. I highly recommend it, easily one of my favorite indie titles of this year to date.
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26.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 22, 2015
Short version:
I got my time and entertainment out of this game. I liked the story, I liked the combat system well enough: simple, not hard to understand, functional, and I even got very skilled at timing my critical hits. I recommend it for what it is, an enjoyable few hours of story for what I paid ($8.00 if that matters).

Long version:
I've beaten the game and I can say that I enjoyed the story and the exploration. I do however feel the need to make some things clear. If they can be fixed I think that it will help in the long run.

Very minor spoiler chances.
  • Typos- Gonna start small here and, while it may seem petty to point them out, I was very impressed with how few misspellings I found. The only glaring ones were Captain Moore's dialogue. A misspelled 'usually' in the beginning and a 'theres' that should have been a 'there's'.

  • "I have already backache."- This is the message you see when you open a chest that contains items your character will automatically pick up. Typically you open a box and see what's inside and can take what you want (anything you don't take is lost. You cannot store things other than in your sleeping quarter's storage chest, nor can you even reopen a box if you've closed it.) In the case of certain containers, such as ones with new guns and ammo, if your encumbrance is high and it would overload you, you do not pick the items up and some of them may be lost. Obviously it should be, "I already have a backache."

  • Quests: All the quests seem to work and I was only unable to complete one, the Blood quest. While it's possible I just never encountered any more, I have never found a single Blood Bag in an location or container other than in the Blood Bank at the hospital where the quest tells you to go. The problem is that you likely find the hospital well before the quest-giver and have already looted the Blood Bags. Since encumbrance is a huge part of the game and storage space is at a premium, it's likely that a player (like myself) will have used the Blood Bags to make Med-kits and find themselves unable to ever complete the quest, at least during that run. (I will restart a game and take care of that for the achievement.)

  • Phantom NPCs- Many NPCs can be spotted if you mouse over a location where they either were or will be. Two examples: The Engineer in front of the subway train, who can be spoken to and even given Machine Tools to complete his section of the Subway quest, even before placing the Automated Weapons Platform into position. Also, Gordie and Rocksteady at the Gas Station. They both can be spoken to even after freeing Luke and being constantly asked to pay a toll to pass even after doing so can be annoying.

  • Graphic Glitches- Only a few places had glaring problems. The hospital reception at St. Eligius, where the reception desk refuses to move above the avatar (also it's one of the first 'labeled' doors that doesn't actually go to another room, which was also confusing at first. On the upper floor of the hospital, returning to the elevator the avatar refuses to move anywhere in the room (though clicking the elevator allows acces so it isn't game-breaking.)

    The other glitch was in the Epicenter of the Dustbowl in one of the Straights rooms. If you encounter an enemy there (a Hanging Cirrus in both cases for me where I encountered the glitch) you avatar ends up under the room and the enemy above. The fight proceeds as normal and you can move on after winning, which shouldn't be that tough be the time you're that far in the game.

  • Merchants-This game features a vendor system that randomizes item prices for merchants. Unfortunately this system is of little value to the game. Say you want to buy a Canteen of Water. The vendor wants 50 dollars, Exit, re-click the vendor, now she wants 52. Exit, re-click, now she wants 45. Items seem to have an 8 to 10 dollar variance range. Not much when they're asking 150 for a Med-kit but very noticable when you're buying Ball Bearing for ammo and one second they cost 1 dollar and then next they cost 8 dollars. It need to either be fixed at flat rates universally or have the prices set for some amount of time (even then I would just Save and Reload before checking vendor). Otherwise I just click and exit until I see the Ball Bearing at 1 dollar before buying them.

  • Item prices-You will find yourself selling a good many items. Typically, when you select an item and hover it over the 'Sell' area of a vendor you will see the item's value. A few items are listed as having an incorrect value, typically in the player's favor. Notable items are: Ball Bearings/Pneumatic Ammo (sell value 2, actual 4), Tourniquet (sell value 1, actual 2), and Crow Feathers (sell value 1, actual 2). Not a huge deal for the most part except see below.

  • Unlimited Money-Woo hoo! Here's the thing, when you combine the fact that you can buy Ball Bearings for 1 dollar easily enough and then sell them for 4 dollars (even though they're listed as selling for 2) then you get unlimited money limited only to how many times you want to click the mouse button. Spend $100 on 100 Bearings, Sell them and have $400, Buy 100 more Bearings, etc. Then buy 5 Multitools with the money and you're all set. (You might need more than 5 for the whole game, but barely and never for more than one outing from the base, so for Encumbrance purposes, 5 is enough.) I went out with 10 myself, but now we both know.

    I think with a patch of a few things, it can be a little better but, in conclusion, this game is simple, it's fun, and the story is done well enough for what it is. Save early, save often and things like random encounters and weird containers shouldn't trouble you overly much.
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22.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 18, 2015
Concept is great, but the encounters in the beginning are far from balanced. Enemies hit with critical hits more than misses, they have armor while you don't, drop almost nothing of use and rob you of more than half your health and with almost no way to heal up. I can understand the prospect of a difficult game, but the risk versus reward for this games combat is awful, and their is almost no chance to avoid or escape it.

Edit: I have complete it, and while the difficulty does go down further on, I would like the option to run from fights. Some battles have no rewards and are just a massive waste of resources.

Storage quickly becomes a problem too, as only 16 slots does not facilitate enough space for everything you may need.

Weight capacity of 35 Kg is not enough if you want a Flamethrower, as .2 Kg of fuel is consumed per use, making both the flamethrower and it's fuel way too heavy for anything practical.

The Maching Parts weight is also too high, being a full Kg, meaning that crafting with them is harder than needs to be.

Basically, there are lots of off balance mechanics that could use tweaking, and make the game a lot more enjoyable, but after the early game hell, the story certianly drew me in, and that was what allowed me to complete the game.

So if your focus is story, then I can recommend this game.
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3.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 7, 2015
Dustbowl is a small yet expansive, 2D open world RPG that has alot to offer.
Dustbowl delivers a massive amount of content and interactivity. It also has a good and compelling story along with memorable characters.

While Dustbowl sometimes has combat that can be a little too challenging, it is incredibly well optimised and will keep you ocuppied for hours on end.

Over all: 8/10 "Oh yay a random encounter. WAIT WHAT THE HELL IS THAT KILL IT WITH FIRE." *dies within 1 minute*
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4.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 20, 2015
Good fun game, I'm enjoying it thus far. Feel very much like an old sierra game - one thing I wish is that your character could get experience and level up, as the only thing making you more powerful is buying or finding ammo for certain guns. Great game.
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10.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 22, 2015
great game hard at the beginig but you figure it out later.. could've added a leveling system....
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