Take one of the most modern, fun and engaging board games created in recent years. Match it with cutting-edge technology. Add a ridiculously well-crafted art style and a ton of extra content. This is the recipe to one of the most thrilling, charming and captivating strategy games you will ever find.
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Release Date: Oct 1, 2015

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August 30

21st Panzer Division is out!

The hit Heroes of Normandie gets richer with the release of its latest DLC, 21st Panzer Division.

This expansion adds 20 new units, a new hero, several new unit abilities, new mechanics such as the firing arc, and more, all for the mighty Wehrmacht!

Heroes of Normandie is an extremely fun game, a digital adaptation by the popular boardgame with the same name by Devil Pig Games. The developers Cat Rabbit are working hard to constantly improve the game and add more features: 21st Panzer Division is yet another step in that direction.

The expansion is now out on Steam!


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August 25

A new DLC for Heroes of Normandie: the 21st Panzer Division is coming!

There had been rumours circulating (well, it was even in the patch notes!): yes, a new DLC for Heroes of Normandie is coming, and yes, it’s going to be amazing.

Starting from August 30th you’ll be able to lead the fearsome 21st Panzer Division and throw those yankees back into the sea from where they came. The expansion comes with 20 new units, a new hero, several new unit abilities, and much more!

It will be released on August 30th on PC and iOS.

Visit the product page for a more detailed list of features!

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“This game is an interesting take on a well worn piece of history, making it relatable to a wide audience”
75 – Game Watcher

Just Updated

Try the new expansion, 21st Panzer Division! Many new units and features, so many that they will bring out the inner blitzkrieg in you.


About This Game

Take one of the most modern, fun and engaging board games created in recent years. Match it with cutting-edge technology. Add a ridiculously well-crafted art style and a ton of extra content. This is the recipe to one of the most thrilling, charming and captivating strategy games you will ever find.

Heroes of Normandie is fast-paced. You are placed in command of small squads in scenarios of varying sizes, in the middle of the D-Day campaign. In the spirit of the original board game, the game is bombastic and humorous yet full of subtle tactical decisions and features a vast array of unique units, equipment and abilities.

Plenty of ways to play: complete the three full-fledged campaigns, engage in a quick skirmish, survive through the rogue like mini campaign or challenge a friend in multiplayer.

This game is chock full of content and as this is a game system more than a single game, expect tons of features to expand the experience in the near future.

  • Three different armies (plus the French resistance) and three campaigns available from the get-go.
  • Hordes of unique units, equipment and abilities for each nation.
  • Idyllic countryside, rivers, bridges, buildings, sandbags, pillboxes wheat fields and boccage are all included in the core game: Normandie is brought to life.
  • Quick battle mode with lots of pre-designed maps and pre-crafted armies to get you right into the action.
  • Quick battles can be played in single or multiplayer mode.
  • Innovative and light-hearted approach to strategy: action is fast paced but decisions are still interesting and meaningful.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® Vista/7/8/10
    • Processor: Pentium 4 or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 Mb DirectX 9 video card with shader model 2.0
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 3
I have to say that right up front that this is a very faithful representation of the board game. Many of the early complaints about missing features seems to have been resolved. For example, there were many complaints that the action cards were not included in the game in October, but they are there now.

So, on the positive side, if you like the board game, this is a faithful digital representation of it.

However, on the negative side:
- The game is expensive for what you get. At the time of this writing it is around US$30. For what you get, that's really expensive and far more than what this game is worth. This game would be better priced around the $15-20 price point.

- The game seriously lacks polish. For a $30 game, I expect words to be spelled correctly, there to be a semblence of grammar adhered to, and the UI to not glitch so easily.

For example, the title screen messes up where the logos of the publisher and developer in the lower right. They move about the screen as you resize it. This is a really minor thing, but leaves an impression of lack of quality and inattention to detail. If they can't get their own logos right, what else is wrong?

Same thing with the horrible grammar and spelling. "Good guys always win, or die trying. Which one will be your case". Your case? I understand it is a language port from French, but if I'm paying $30 for it, they should pay for a decent translation.

- Holding the ALT key on Windows brings up Unity's mobile/iOS/Android pinch simulator. Seriously guys? Seriously?

The game might be absolutely fine, but the clumsiness of its implementation and the lack of attention to detail has made me question its overall quality.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
215 of 298 people (72%) found this review helpful
13 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
11.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 3, 2015
This game is NOT what is advertised. You see large maps, with lots of units, lots of battle, and very cool units with complicated game mechanics. And yeah, this game is pretty well programmed and pretty well put together, but that is NOT what this game is.

This game is a puzzle game. The maps are small, you only have ~5 turns to complete the game, and you can only move 2-3 units per turn. So, in total you normally can make 10 - 15 moves and then the game is over. Did you complete the objective in 10 moves? yay you win. Go to the next game.

Additionally, each map is very carefully constructed (very well so) to fit perfectly with the deployed pieces. There is ALWAYS a hedgerow perfectly positioned to cut off line-of-sight or to hide in. There is ALWAYS a stretch of open area that is just barely too long to run accross in 1 turn. While there is nothing wrong with this, it further pushes you toward the puzzle aspect. There is a right way to solve each game.

Combined with this is the dreaded dice rolls. Have an 83% chance to hit.. nah you miss. I swear that comes up way too often. Enemy tank comes rolling up and runs over your men (which does no damage), then shoots at you point-blank range. No worries. They miss... wait, what?

Typically each stage is played like this: Start a game. Play around while watching what the enemy does. Restart. Position your troops to counter the computer's move (because it almost always does the same thing). Repeat for 3 rounds. If you get unlucky with the dice, just repeat the exact same moves until you win. And since each stage is so short, it doesn't take too long to do.

Also, not only is each stage short, the entire campaign (including all 3 factions) is short. With luck, you could complete the entire game in a few hours. But, since the dice are what they are, this gets artifically elongated to about 6ish hours. Maybe multiplayer is much better, I didn't try it out. But $30 for 6 hours of gameplay? You should pass.

This game needs to be more expansive. MUCH more so. Larger maps, more units, unlimited turns.

Also make sure you get it on sale. The devs did some good work, but it definitely is not worth the price they're asking.
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81 of 100 people (81%) found this review helpful
24 people found this review funny
7.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 1, 2015
Ever played a board game where a bad dice roll made you flip the table? Well, don't worry, Cat Rabbit adapted one of the best table flipping board games into a masterfully crafted "Computer Monitor out the window" Simulator. Trust me, even praying to Nuffle will not save you against the unforgiving dice gods of Heroes of Normandie. Semi-serious joking aside, this is a great board game adaptation that has beautifully crafted maps with simplistic yet effective animations to simulate the movements and attacks of your units. It's insanely satisfying to hit an enemy halftrack with a cannon and watch that little tile smash into a dozen pieces, yet it's equally disheartening to watch your tank crumble under the assault of a lucky roll of 6. There is also a ton of content/scenarios to be found here, with head-to-head multiplayer included as well as a campaign mode that features several campaigns for the 3 factions featured in the game. You also see the humour of the boardgame translated perfectly into dialogue boxes throughout the various campaigns.

For those of you who are unfamiliar to the basics of the game, you are placed in timed (generally) scenarios with a select number of units and you're expected to accomplish both a Primary Objective and a Secondary Objective (2ndary being optional yet provides lootz and bonuses). As a board game, it is turn-based, with one player (whoever has initiative) picking which units he wants to give orders to. Essentially, you can have 6 units but you can only give orders to 3 with one unit being a bluff (your opponent has to guess which unit isn't actually going to move). This requires a lot of tactical thinking, should I move my tank and blast away his fire squad or should I move my greyhound away from his PShreck squad? Each unit also goes into battle with different weapons, and each weapon is good at a specific thing and has specific values as shown on the weapon card. Basically, a rifle is far less effective at bringing down a halftrack as a 76mm cannon on a sherman tank. Simple stuff.

With that said, the tutorial could be a little more... exploratory, I suppose is the word. Trust me, you learn more through trial and error and I imagine it was intended that way. The tutorial literally explains the bare-bones of how to play the game. This is mildly disappointing because the game is hard as nails and the AI does not go easy on you.

All in all, this game is actually really fun and has a ton of replayability. Personally, I hope the devs stick with it and provide additional content to elaborate on the already existing content. This most certainly gets my seal of approval.

Gameplay Footage and Terrible Walkthrough:
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46 of 56 people (82%) found this review helpful
6.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 1, 2015
Great board game, but this implementation has some issues. Still worthwhile.
The tutorial doesn't do a good job for those new to the game. It assumes you know the board game and shows how those things are done in the computer version. The vagueness and oddities of the tutorial may be difficult for newcomers to grasp exactly what their choices really are in the game.
For those experienced with the board game, there are a few issues too. The great terrain graphic system which let you look at the map and know what the terrain effects are have been removed! Now you have to right click on terrain to see an explanation. Poor design decision. And some of the wording displayed is very odd ("Fire Move" in the Supply Phase?), has typos, or gives a feeling of lack of attention to detail.
Also, there are things missing. No cards in this version of the game. Cards are one of the things that really make the board game "like in the movies." And although units have all their board game symbols, some, like Transport on light vehicles, don't seem to actually be implemented so they're not explained nor do they work.
I have also had the game crash on me once in the first hour during the third mission. It's also a bit counter-intuitive that after a unit has taken its turn, you have to click anywhere on the map in order to get the Proceed button to show up. Just lots of odds and ends that seem half done.
I love Heroes of Normandie, but I get the feeling that this computer version was rushed or poorly developed and tested. It needs another 6-12 months and some updating before it will rival the beautiful board game.
In the mean time, it's still the only way to play this great game online. The fact that it allows asynchronous multiplayer, like Battle Academy, is great!
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52 of 71 people (73%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
12.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 4, 2015
This game is exactly what is advertised: A strategy games that use the boardgame metaphore; and a very precise one, that of Heroes Of Normandie, DevilPig masterpiece.

First of all the game has 36 missions organized in three different campaigns. Every mission is carefully designed and balanced to provide both challenge and fun. Some feel like a puzzle, other feel like more like a show in which you have more freedom in creating your strategy.
So if you are into single player modes this is perfect as the campaigns introduce you slowly to the rules of the game and keep on introducing new units and abilities.

Second you have skirmish. These seem to me more like a training center in which you can experiment with different armies in different scenarios.

Third you have multiplayer. Here there are few maps, one of the few problems of the game, just 4 maps. Devs are saying they are providing more, let's hope they do.

Fourth: Rogue player. This is hard as nails. You have two small campaigns in which difficulty is incredibly high and you have to choose a persistent army that get carried over (and added with new units you can buy) on the following of the campaign.

The game is solid and I really don't understand all the fuss about the RNG. Devs are being attacked because people get bad rolls... But they say dice are not rigged. Why devs would weight dices against players??? Sometimes you get bad rolls some other times you get good ones. Man up and endure the bad luck! Guys that attack the devs for this are just sore losers that could not play a boardgame with other people, they would throw the table after a couple of ones!

Also others say (or even the same ones) that people could complete the game in few hours. Really? 36 missions plus 12 rogues and around other 12 for skirmish? And multiplayer added? Just gratuitous hate here too.

Last note: if you really want to get into the forums and read the discussions there look at the devs answering. They are everywhere and seem to answer to everybody, listening a lot and getting patches out like crazy. These are the devs we need and all this hate and unjustified attacking (90% of which is on dice rolls!) could drive them off the industry... Which is very sad... :(

My hint: Watch a youtube video of this game and decide yourself if the game is something you may like, don't believe the haters here (they are few anyway).
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23 of 26 people (88%) found this review helpful
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 4
As a fan of the original board game version, I did not recommend Heroes of Normandi on Steam at first. The reason being two major features completely absent from this version of the game; namely the scenario creator and the action cards.

The action cards were especially puzzling to not find in the game, because they offset the luck-factor from the dice. You can re-roll your own dice, force your enemy to re-roll theirs, cancel an attack or cause an attack to be lethal instead of just damaging. The cards are a crucial part of the game, so the absence of these simply broke the game for anyone wanting more than quick casual "fun" without any sort of depth.

For literally half a year, the cards remained absent, despite the promises of the devs to bring them in. Well, I'm glad to say they're finally released (and the scenario creator was released a few months ago), so now I no longer have any issue with recommending this really fun, relatively light tactical game that has a surprising amount of depth as well (with the newly implemented action cards that is).
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24 of 30 people (80%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
5.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 1, 2015
Well, I love the game. Nice art straight from the wonderful boardgame, deep mechanics, Hollywood flavor and ton of contents.
Multiplayer is also well done as the usual clunky PBEM is spiced up by the possibility of playing many matches and switching back and forth between them.

If you want a quick fix of fast strategy in 10-15 minutes matches this game is what you're looking for.
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30 of 43 people (70%) found this review helpful
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13.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 3, 2015
A very nice adaptation of the Heroes of Normandie bordgame.

Gameplay (4/5)
- Mechanics are simple, yet there is room for tactics. Being a boardgame adaptation, everything is quite transparent and clear, and the interface does a good job of explaining all the different modifiers and special rules.
- Battles are quite quick, playing a scenario will take around 15 - 20 minutes. This is ideal for people who don't have much time to play.
- The game relies a lot on dice rolling. Of course part of the fun is tipping the odds to your favor, but there is the occasional strike of good or bad luck. Anyway, good tactics almost always trump luck (don't listen to the whiners :D ).
- Some board game mechanics have not been implemented the game. Cards are missing, and some unit special abilities, though still shown on the counters in the game, apparently are not implemented.
- Content is plenty: 6 story campaigns (one is a tutorial), 2 hardcore-mode campaigns, skirmish scenarios, and multiplayer.

Technical aspects (3/5)
- Technically speaking the game is not top notch, but the graphics and sound are pleasant.
- I have had an occasional crash, and the interface is sometimes slightly glitchy.

Art (3/5)
- The art of the game is quite pretty, taken directly from the board game.
- The atmosphere is slightly humorous, and doesn't take itself too seriously.
- Sound and graphic effects are quite simple, but they do their job.
- The music is a bit generic.

If you like light wargames and boardgames, definitely consider playing Heroes of Normandie.
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28 of 40 people (70%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
238.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 1, 2015
The awesome "Heroes of Normandie" released today. Beautiful artwork, exquisite nail biting gameplay. I highly recommend playing this boardgame brought to life with friends. This boardgame has a HUGE amount of add ons, so we can expect some pretty awesome DLC to accompany the game in the future. Plus you get to play as the French Resistance, the French Resistance!

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22 of 32 people (69%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
42.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 3, 2015
A pretty good adaptation of hte board game. It is still missing card play and the editor but those have been confirmed as on the way within the month.

Gameplay is pretty tight and there are enough units and builds to keep things interesting until the expanded content starts to appear.

Definitely recommended to fans of the boardgame or anyone looking for a light WW2 skirmish level game.
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Recently Posted
8.4 hrs
Posted: August 26
Somehow i expected more. As it stands now this is a good casual game, not really a full blown strategy game. Depth isn't very remarkable although not entirely shallow. The current pricetag of 28$ is certainly too high.
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121.1 hrs
Posted: August 18
Faithfull adaptation of the original board game! Super polished interface and gives at a glance all the info you need to know in an excellent layout! When you aim a the enemy all dice modifiers are clearly stated. This is how a board game conversion into board game should be done!
They added a very nice campaign where you cant loose otherwise you always come back at starting scenario and it becomes extremely addictive! The mission editor is extremely well done as well!
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19.0 hrs
Posted: August 8
This is a digital boardgame, so don't expect flashy graphics and mindblowing effects. It plays very similar to the actual board game, so if that's not your cup of tea you may want to give this a pass. The boardgame is actually a gaming system with a lot of extra expansions. I hope that he digital edition follows that model (with reasonable prices of course). If that happens, then I'll buy all of the extra DLCs.

Basically, ask yourself a few questions:

1) Do you like board games?
2) Do you like tabletop war games?
3) Do you have a sense of humor?
4) Do you enjoy movies like The DIrty Dozen, Kelly's Heroes, and Force 10 from Navarone?
5) Do you prefer gameplay to graphics?

If you answered yes to these, then you will enjoy this game.
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99.7 hrs
Posted: August 7
I love this game. On PC, iOS, or Cardboard its just so much fun. I can't wait till they churn out more content. All the campaigns are really well done. Hopefully soon they will enable the transports to actually transport. Purchasing this for my father later this month. Such a blast!
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[OCD] Mbutu Otutu
1.3 hrs
Posted: August 6
It might work in its original form, but the latest patch doesn't work on the PC. I've waited as long as 5 minutes before it allowed me to interact with anything. I did NOT have this problem with an earlier version. I've enjoyed a LOT of
Slitherine products, so with any luck they'll fix this. So I do NOT reccomend version 1.50
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2.3 hrs
Posted: August 4
I do want to like this game, but the killer for me is the interface. Can't seem to get the buttons to work sometimes (they aren't clickable). And can't get the orders activated correctly. Click on the '2' orders, and instead it selects the '3' orders. Intensely frustrating. will try on home computer to see if its a hardware issue on my end, and update.

3 week later update: button issues resolved using different screen resolution settings, so playability much better now. Fairly enjoyable little game with a tactical board game type feel.
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15.6 hrs
Posted: July 2
Recommend this game to anyone that wants board gaming on a computer to play with distant friends, it has easy to understand rules and enough depth to make each session different. The graphics are acceptable for a light hearted game and the pieces are identical to the board game so it adds to the experience if you have the board game already.

There is a dice system for combat so be wary of this if you don't like dice gaming, luck is definetly helpful. But as a warhammer gamer i know that you always must pile on as much benefits on the dice as possible. And this game does deliever a great mechanic to influence dice rolls. You can add benefical items like ammo or veteran tokens to units, giving them one use things that boost dice hit chance or gives you full rerolls.

There is also now action cards, you draw four of them and they can be really helpful. I can't find anyway to customise my own deck in the game though, a feature you have in the board game. Among the modes that i found extra fun was the rogue like mission mode, where you pick a nation and then build your own army using gold. After each battle you would gain more gold based on performance and you can keep building your army. Keep in mind that any losses are permanent in this mode, and if you lose the map you have to start over. Just wish there was one for the commonwealth as well.

The game system is suprisingly deep, despite looking rather simple. Each unit in the game have values against three different kinds of units, infantry, light vehicle and heavy vehicles. Giving each unit clear advantage against one or the other is a really simple way to make the different variation of units have meaning. But it also feels great when you aim a heavy machine gun at an exposed infantry and get a guaranteed hit chance. Tanks have unique damage systems and different armor values, simply hitting a tank is usually not enough to destroy it in one go. On top of all this there is cover that influence defence and line of sight is really important to be able to do anything.

I'm eagerly awaiting the next DLC that brings more units and new mechanics to the mix.

Very happy with my purchase all in all.
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61.1 hrs
Posted: June 20
Simple fun game. Not a hardcore wargame. I like the ladder and player advancement. The cards were a very fun addition. Unfortunately it's difficult to find players who follow through on a head to head game. Fun game with a frustrating population of players.
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1.8 hrs
Posted: June 14
I really wanted to LOVE this game. It looks great, based on a board game that I like by a publisher that makes superb games but I just didnt get on with it. It all feels a little clunky and restrictive and constantly nags at you for making little mistakes. Shame really. It just didnt do it for me in the end due to the interface feeling too touch screen in the end and Im trying to play a PC game
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