N2O: Nitrous Oxide's gameplay is pure shooter, reminiscent of the arcade classic TEMPEST. You're stuck on the perimeter of a tube and you job is to shoot at everything in your way.
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Release Date: Jun 29, 2015

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N2O: Nitrous Oxide's gameplay is pure shooter, reminiscent of the arcade classic TEMPEST. You're stuck on the perimeter of a tube and you job is to shoot at everything in your way. If things get too hectic, you can slam on the brakes, which stops your forward movement for a few seconds and gives you time to change your direction or clear a path. Once you've destroyed all the level's eggs, your next task is to take on the game's huge bosses. Graphically, the game is very bright and colorful and definitely exhibits a techno influence. The soundtrack is done by the techno group Crystal Method, who supply some remixes as well as older tracks, which helps put you in the groove.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or newer
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated Video Graphics
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
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37 of 40 people (93%) found this review helpful
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Posted: June 29, 2015
this game is an emulated PS1 version ( even the buttons resembles the PS1 layout and it even saves to PS1 memory card) with added steam achievements, steam trading cards and many controllers support (xbox 360, xbox 1, PS3 controller and of course keyboard too) the emulation works great without any problems.

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20 of 22 people (91%) found this review helpful
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Posted: June 29, 2015
Nice to see this on Steam. 8/10

PSX port; this is not a remake, ...it's classic.
This is the original Nitrous Oxide featuring
The Crystal Method
with additional features and support.

Blast you're way through the wormhole just as the Ancient Astronauts did and
encouter another world in another time with the power of their source....
the Crystal....Do not fail us
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15 of 17 people (88%) found this review helpful
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Posted: June 29, 2015
This is an emulated 'port' of the ps1 version of the game under some new 'Console Classics' branding/publisher. (while troubleshooting, Steam even claimed that I was playing 'Ten Pin Alley' so perhaps that's a hint at their future intentions with said branding)

The music, thankfully, seems fully intact but the aspect ratio is set to 16:9 in fullscreen and thus stretched if you aren't playing windowed. All of the buttons use the original PlayStation icons and it wouldn't surpise me to find that the save files are compatible with existing ps1 emulators. (or can be converted)

The resolution options are extremely limited: 320p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

At this price I'd still recommend the game but just know that it's a very obvious ps1 port, needs some serious patching, and that you'd probably be better served by just emulating it or purchasing it on PSN for the PS3.

*Updated to reflect that 1080p now works.
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15 of 18 people (83%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
3.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 5, 2015
EDIT: I no longer support buying this release of the game as it is locked down by online-only DRM. You cannot play the game in offline mode. Note that the game has no vital online functionality to warrant this.

One of my favorite games on the PS1, and probably the best tube shooter on the system, period. This port could use some graphics enhancements--it runs in an emulator and it would be nice to see some of the features you'd see in common PC emulators, which this game will look much better on, if you increase the resolution and add some smoothing. So all in all I would not say this is a definitive port of the game but it does at least have support for ps3 controllers. Some Vsync/triple buffering control would be the least I would ask for as well. I bought it anyway because it's a great game, but great 3D games of this era typically have actually really nice graphics hidden under the PS1's poor standard resolution. This is a really trippy game and it runs pretty fast so you won't really notice the graphical jags in the environment but you won't be able to see the detail on all the insects either.
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Posted: June 29, 2015
I'm hooked to Tempest 2000. I would prefer a Tempest 3000.
But I will not pollute my living room with a Jaguar-Console or a Nuon-compatible DVD player...
Now I have this! (again)
It even comes with original PSX feel. Same buttons, same copyright disclaimer...
Well, its just a emulation, as it seems. It even asks if I want to use the Memory Card in slot1.

But it lets me play N2O again. <3
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Posted: June 29, 2015
While everyone naturally draws comparisons to Tempest I've always found this to be quite a different experience. To me Tempest can be a stressful game where as I have always found N2O to be an amazingly relaxing game, maybe it's the soundtrack, maybe it's the awesome psx visuals or it could just be that the whole package is a sweet sweet ride. A+ gme and fingers crossed this pushes through some more excellent psx era ports to steam.
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Posted: September 8, 2015
THE MEMORIES. I loved this game when I got it for playstation. Such psychadelic worlds and awesome buggy bad guys. Not to mention a huge Crystal Method fan, that's what made me explore the game in 98. Worth it worth it worth it worth it worth it worth it worth it!
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 19, 2015
I have loved this game since Floyd hit Eastern North Carolina (I know, odd relation but thats when I was introduced to it). I've been waiting and hoping they would release it for ps4 or at least make it compatible. But VOILA! Steam got it first and I couldn't be happier. Crystal Method will have you rocking out and the psychadelic tunnels will have you completely zoned into the game. Absolutely recommend!!
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4.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 23, 2015
Hell yeah! As awesome as I remember it. Fly down looping tubes and shoot bugs. Great soundtrack. There are a lot more special subweapons than I remember and the scoring system is absolutely clever. It rewards passing enemies in the tube and letting them swap colors and power up and then chaining together enemy kills that share colors. unlike most shooters your score is actually used for something. After each level you use the credits you have accumulated to buy screen clearing bombs or more points, which is like buying more lives. So there is a tension between how much do you think you are going to want to sweep the screen and how much you think you are going to die. There are a lot of little bonuses in each level that can only be earned with specific methods, shooting things in certain orders etc.

The only negative thing I can say about it is the draw distance is abysmally short. This is usually hidden by the bending in the tubes so enemies can creep right up on you. But that is a function of the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ps1 hardware the original developers had to work with and it doesn't detract from the game too much.
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Posted: September 10, 2015
Ahh, what a classic! N2O is a game that takes space invaders, and puts it on a three dimensional acid trip, where you shoot bugs and jam out to some fantastic music. N2O was originally released on PS1 and got rereleased to PC by Console classics, who will be releasing 32 more PS1 games over to Steam. The game is fun, It's soundtrack is literally the album Vegas by The Crystal Method. Now as a game, I would recommend it in a heartbeat (I still have a hard copy of this game from back in the day). The port is nice too, but my only real complaint about it, is that Steam Overlay doesn't appear in fullscreen. So if you want to see your achievments, you're going to have to play in windowed, until they update it for the overlay to work (if they decide to update it).
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Recently Posted
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Posted: August 6
N2O: Nitrous Oxide was one of my favorite games on the PlayStation system. With graphics that are highly saturated, and trippy, with its high velocity game play, and an experience that is enhanced by the electronica band The Crystal Method cut into the mix, it's a concoction that might not fare well with those prone to epilepsy or motion-sickness, but for those of us who can stomach it, it is an absolute thrill ride.

The game mechanics are simple enough. You pilot a perpetually moving ship through a tunnel and shoot at everything in 360 degree movement. Shoot bugs to explode them and collect coins. If you shoot at the coins their color changes as their value goes up. You run them over to collect them. You can grab power-ups such as extra temporary cool weapons or shields. Shoot the mushrooms enough times to gain admission to bonus levels. The more insects you shoot the faster you travel through the tunnel.

The levels amp up difficulty in a way that isn't jarring or shocking to your system, however, if you're anything like me, this doesn't deter from frequent long strings of obscenities due to stress reactions. If I could describe this game in one word I'd have to say this game is smooth. Smooth, as a jet rocket in a wind tunnel, smooth.

This might sound basic but it is a game that is just simple, straight-forward stuff (excuse the alliteration) with some twists. Nowadays, games are so overly weighed down it's nice to go back to basic. Having said that, it would be interesting to see what this game would look like on today's game engines...

(I would recommend playing this game on a controller as it's kinda painful to play on keyboard. Don't forget to fiddle around with the Settings and Controls before starting a game, like I did, because initial setup is wonky.)
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Dr. Radical
3.4 hrs
Posted: February 20
I played this game since before I could read, and I had to memorize what each button did in each menu. Its amazing to be able to experience what introduced me to gaming once again. The emulation works great, I havent seen any problems. People say its cheaper to just buy something to emulate the actual ps1 disc on your pc, but this works just fine and for 5 dollars I dont mind experiencing my childhood again. If youre reading this and unsure if you want to buy it, just do yourself a favor and purchase this gem.
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Casual Mess
0.1 hrs
Posted: September 27, 2015
This is quite plainly a, by definition, half-♥♥♥♥♥ PlayStation1 Emulator; so weak is the port that the on-screen indicators are PSX icons and annoying to navigate. It offers no audio or visual improvements at all, running at a painfully dated VGA resolution (320x240x256c). It doesn't even seem to run at 60-fps on a desktop gaming tower. You don't even get the benefit of a copy of 'Vegas' on CD and, for that matter, a way to play another CD in-line.

Do yourself a favor: find a copy of the PlayStation CD-ROM, get an accelerated PSX emulator (some of them are free) or even just a used PS1. Honestly! This class of shovelware is overpriced at a dollar..
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The Big $teamy One
0.2 hrs
Posted: September 11, 2015
I didn't realize this was an old Playstation game
It's a good buy if you don't know how to properly set up emulators otherwise the game is
relatively easy to find elsewhere.

I snagged this on sale for a little over one dollar and if you're not emulator-savvy, the $6 is worth it
for the Chem Bros soundtrack
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2.7 hrs
Posted: September 6, 2015
So...let me get this straight...a game, named after one of my favorite things...that plays like you're ON it...that I found on sale? It's fast becoming my new best friend! Finding this only affirms how great a year it's becoming! lol Seriously, some great fun to be had here! :)
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3.4 hrs
Posted: September 6, 2015
Very fast paced and unique arcade shooter. It kind of works like tempest but with full 3D levels and models. You kill bugs and collect money/upgrades. There is also a really awesome 90s techno OST blasting out of the headphones while playing.
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Infernal Monkey
6.0 hrs
Posted: September 6, 2015
It was fun trying to figure out how they'd mapped the keyboard controls. Great game, even better soundtrack!
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