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リリース日: 2009年7月17日


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投稿日: 2011年12月31日
It's like any other tower defense title out there, but the graphics are just hideous. Try out the other titles first.

[Rating: 63/100]
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投稿日: 5月2日
I got this game a few years ago when I was on a big tower defense kick. I have to admit it was mistake. The game basically plays itself, the graphics are terrible and the experiance is just no fun. Do not waste your time or money on this game.
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投稿日: 2012年11月25日
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投稿日: 2011年12月1日
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投稿日: 2011年11月27日
This game isn't very good for a tower defence game. The scoring is very easily abused.

I let the final boss eat the children, because they are only worth 100 points. But selling all my buildings is worth tens of thousands of points. Sorry kids, but you are monster food.
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