Take the role of Captain in this Space Survival Simulation as you explore a massive star system in search of a new home for humanity. Outfit your ship, hand pick your crew and set off on a journey through an open-world where you must scavenge resources, shelter civilians and outrun a hostile alien force.
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Release Date: Mar 4, 2016

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June 9

Localization Update - 1.21

Hey all,

We've received some feedback regarding the quality of our localization effort, particularly the German translations, and we wanted to do something about it. Our translation company agreed to completely redo their German localization and we've compiled that work into a small update that just went live.

It also addresses the broken items in the Combat HUD (a bug was preventing their translation) and fixes several text overlap issues. Some small issues may still be present, but we addressed the most glaring problems.

Update 1.21 Notes:

  • Complete overhaul of German localization
  • Addressed broken items in Combat HUD
  • Text overlap fixes


Thanks as always for your support,

- The Fugitive Team

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May 16

Update 1.2 is Live - Week long Sale @ 40% Off!

Hey all,

We've just put a small update live with gameplay tuning based on your feedback and fixes for a few issues, mostly with Saved Games. Here are the details:


  • Adjusted timing for Shield Deflection charge
  • Increased Skorn tracking in early sectors (Raises chances of early combat)
  • Reduced chance for module reward discovery
  • Adjusted combat ratios in Yellow and Orange Alert (2 enemy fights now possible in Yellow – Even more so in Orange)
  • Adjusted tuning for enemy weapon charging based on enemy ship count
  • Slowed alien ship travel in each sector
  • Increased chance for item drop post-Shuttle Mission

  • Corrected issue in saved games where 2 crew members were in Sick Bay causing stacking on game load
  • Save & Exit cleanup (process now checks for completion, preventing hangs on slower systems)
  • Cleaned up “Wild Beast” mission results where negative outcome fired on the wrong selection

The game will be 40% Off this week, so it's a great time to take it off your Wishlist and start your journey Into the Stars, as this represents our deepest discount to date!

In other news, we're still waiting on the improved German localization to come back from our publisher, but expect that any day and will deploy it at the earliest opportunity. Progress with the Mac port is inching along and we'll post relevant details when we have anything to report.

Crash on Startup
We're still getting sporadic reports of this occurring, but of those who contact us most of their issues are solved by simply grabbing ALL available Windows updates. This may sound crazy, but our UI is very fragile and relies on a number of dll files spread across these updates, so please be sure and give that a go if you encounter any issues starting the game.

- The Fugitive Team

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“If you enjoyed FTL, but wished it didn't emphasize combat above all else, you will love Into the Stars.”
80 – The Escapist

“I’m genuinely impressed by Into the Stars. It’s a fun game that’s easy to control and learn.”
91 – Gaming Age

“Into the Stars is a Flashier FTL”
PC Gamer

About This Game

We’ve been under attack for 10 years now. Every 6 months the Skorn arrive, set on destroying our planet, and now few of us remain to defend what’s left. The massive Ark ships we’ve built in hopes of escaping them have all gone, save one. You must take the role of Captain of our final vessel, the Ark 13, and guide a hand-picked, but inexperienced crew on a journey fraught with intrigue and danger. The fate of the Endurance Coalition is uncertain and you could well be our last hope. How will you fare once you set out Into the Stars?

Into the Stars is an open-world Space Survival Simulation built in Unreal Engine 4, featuring an original score from Jack Wall.

Take the role of Captain as you explore a massive star system in search of a new home for humanity. Outfit your ship, hand pick your crew and set off on a journey where you must scavenge resources, shelter civilians and either outrun, or outgun a hostile alien force, in order to survive.

Key Features

  • Complete Control: Take command of your hand-picked, but inexperienced crew, and guide them through a star system packed with mystery and danger. Difficulty Settings allow you to tune the intensity of the enemy threat and the pace of your journey.
  • Explore a Massive Star System: You have the freedom to set your course for salvation, but no approach is free from peril. Each of the 90 zones in this system present unique opportunities, along with challenges, and only you can find the path to success.
  • Challenging volley-based Combat: A number of foes, who are unwilling to negotiate, await you on this voyage. That's why your ship is equipped with weapon systems that speak for the human race, in a language everyone can understand. Choose your target points, battle stations and crew wisely, if you want to survive numerous alien encounters.
  • Music by Jack Wall: Driven by an original score from the legendary composer behind the music for Mass Effect, Call of Duty and Lost Planet.
  • Replayability: Every decision you make as Captain, and every randomly generated obstacle the crew encounters, can affect the outcome of a mission, creating a different experience, every time you play.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz or faster Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Only Standard 16:10 & 16:9 Screen Resolutions are supported at this time.
    • OS: Windows 8.1
    • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX11 Compatible Video Card
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Only Standard 16:10 & 16:9 Screen Resolutions are supported at this time.
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1.0 hrs
Posted: September 14
Beautiful, but gameplay don't work.
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Captain Camper LP
1.5 hrs
Posted: September 10
A dream of optical quality. I do not like the gameplay, if it's turned into a space exploration game it will be great. Do not buy it yet.
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2.2 hrs
Posted: September 9
If you are a survival buff this game may be for you. if not i would strongly stay away from this game.
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6.6 hrs
Posted: July 26
Unfortunately i cant recomend this until the crash after the intro is fixed. I played for a while on my other computer which has since bitten the dust, and as such i can no longer play due to the crash after the intro on my new cpu. Ive searched for fixes and tried many, but none seem to work. Until then it will be just a waste of space on my hard drive.
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3.7 hrs
Posted: July 25
What is it?
Into the Stars is a game in which you command a city sized spacecraft from one end of a galaxy to the other, carrying the last of the human race to their new home.

The most important task in this game is to manage your resources. Depending on the modules you select for your ship, you will need Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide and other elements to power your shuttles, life support and more.

Depending on the difficulty you choose, you could face enemy AI in combat anywhere from one or two times to practically constant battles at the higher setting.

How is it?
The mechanics are well balanced and fun. The game has an old school PC game feel that is very enjoyable and addicting. The balance involved in managing the civilians on board the Ark, stopping at planets to acquire resources and maintaining vital systems is well done. The combat is similar to an old SNES RPG where everything depends on using the right ability at the right time. Every action has a cooldown timer that changes depending on your crew and equipment.

I have mentioned old school PC and SNES games when describing this game. The majority of this game involves completely 2D GUI assets. The combat is done in 3D, but in a way that absolutely feels two dimensional. You spend 90% of your time viewing these GUI assets which are reminiscent of a high quality board game. Playing Into the Stars actually felt very much like playing Pandemic the board game for me. Flying the Ark through space is the only truly 3D part of this game and this is done very well with incredible visuals. The mining mechanics, while not unenjoyable are basically a mini game that is very much like a cell phone app. You control a falling drill through what looks like the periodic table of elements and make sure it crashes into the right squares.

The comic relief in this game is somewhat painful at times. It's not easy to find the right balance of serious gritty gameplay and humor. At times, this game gets it wrong and feels like it's making a joke of the whole idea. Paradoxically, this enhances the old school PC game feeling that I mentioned previously. Which for me is why I am recommending this game. If you like Space Quest, Wing Commander, Pandemic, or just want a game that does something different, unique and fun, this is a great game.

What is wrong with it?
Into The Stars did crash twice while playing. Both times required me to start a command prompt and kill any unresponsive tasks using taskkill. The task manager could not even be accessed during these crashes. If that is a deal breaker for you, do not get this game. I also experienced a bug at one point that left me stranded in space spinning in circles. I had to kill the task and restart at my latest save. Another problem is that you cannot "save and continue". You can only "save and quit". Which means you have to exit to the menu every time you want to save and load the save you just created.

The game has it's faults visually as well. On the bridge of the ship, there are three animated crew members who are all identical. You will be staring at these three crew members the entire game, knowing that they are cloned meshes that do not represent your actual crew members you have selected. You will notice the one closest to you typing on a keyboard. the animation of the hands is strange and the fingers bend and move awkwardly in unnatural directions. There is also a short clip that plays when you land your mining rig that is not the highest quality and looks like an animation from an old Space Quest game. Markers that track NPC ships will always display in the background, showing through whatever GUI is currently open such as the mining mini game or the mining rig landing sequence.

If you've been playing SciFi PC games since the 80s, Add Into the Stars to your wishlist and get it when it goes on sale. Into the Stars brings back something I didn't realize was missing until now and does so with a next gen 3D galaxy in the background. This game is a lot of fun, however, paying $20.00 may leave you dissapointed since the game is prone to crashes and has compatibility issues for some players. This is why I recommend to wait for a sale. I paid $8.99 for this game and certainly got my money's worth.
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1.8 hrs
Posted: July 24
Unfortunately, while this game had me excited by their premise of being inspired by FTL, it simply isn't much fun.

The volley-based combat has so few things going on that rather than feeling like FTL, it feels like a twitch game where you are just hoping to press the button in time. FTL never felt like you weren't clicking fast enough or at the wrong time -- it felt like you were thinking of the *tactics* of each scenario.

This game just doesn't live up to the premise.
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2.1 hrs
Posted: July 19
A game with a lot of potential but needs some serious updating.

-intro movie starts in a window but after that the game starts in fullscreen? what? why is the intro movie the trailer thats on its Steam page the intro for the game?
-not much in the way of tutorials though it can be picked up easy. combat is utterly confusing without watching a youtube video though
-way, way too many alerts. they happen every few minutes.
-i don't know if this is a bug or intended but when interacting with a friendly ship i had all control taken away and auto pilot was engaged, BUT as I couldn't do anything, not even pause the game i was stuck looking at the screen for 5 minutes while my ship slowly turned, all the while enemy ships were closing in, and even after 5 minutes the ship still hadn't finished the sequence. I turned it off after that.
-UI can be very confusing, not relaying much info to the player. What resource powers what? What the hell does MNG mean?

I really want to play and like the game but its just not ready yet. I hope the developers are still working on this.

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5.3 hrs
Posted: July 12
Wanna try yourself as captain-mayor of the spaceship/city that carries the remains of the humanity to a new home?
This is the game! Travel spacesim-like from planet to planet, collect the resources, improve the ship's systems, manage and improve the city, deal with civilian issues, command your officers, battle the evil aliens.
The game itself is not "heavy", and is mainly about the resource and people management. Six officers are chosen once for the whole game, but they gain experience with tasks and battles.
The battles are real-time, but are not very high-paced and pretty straight-forward (shoot, evade, set shields). Moreover, you can pause anytime you want.
Graphics and sound are really good, the space atmosphere is 100%. Though the distances between space objects are absolutely non-realistic, everything is too close.
Downsides: a bit odd controls for the spaceship that cannot be re-assigned, and no "Quit" button, I had to Alt-F4 every time I leave the game.
But if you can live with that - everything else makes this game quite good and interesting.
Gameplay video review is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEkOQeA9hXo
[English subs]
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0.4 hrs
Posted: June 10
This one disappointed me, and it may be purely personal so take from it what you will.

What i thought we were gonna get was something like FTL via Battlestar Galactica: You'd jump into a system collect what resources you can, deal with what events transpire and then jump out, hopefully before your pursuers jump in. Unfortunately what we get instead is really just this one huge system where you're traveling from place to place (world/asteroid) to world/asteroid) all in what seems to be sublight speeds.

I don't get the time scale of this game, it seems to take no time at all to travel anywhere and yet your resources just boil away into nothing constantly. I could accept it if i was jumping from one system to another that such a thing would come at a cost and a time scale but when you're traveling between locations in (what seems to you to be) real-time and everything just vanishes on you you get a sense of disconnect from your input the game's mechanics. Simply sitting still seems to allow days to vanish in the blink of an eye, and it makes me feel like the timescale has been ramped up just to far in an obvious attempt to make the game more difficult.

Tbh the difficulty i encountered from this game only came from the time and resource management aspect, the enounters are pretty easily handled and when the only challenge comes from a constant time pressure i very quickly found myself not enjoying the experience.

I know i haven't clocked in too much time into this game, but that is representive of how long it took for me to make an assessment of all the game had to offer (excluding any endgame qualities it may have been holding back till later) and decide that i was not enjoying myself.
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Not Recommended
0.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 22
Shallow, but also a pain to work with. The UI is bad and feels randomly unresponsive, there are pauses that waste your time for no apparent reason, unskippable cutscenes that are repeated every few minutes... just a shallow game that apparently no one tested from a player perspective.
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Not Recommended
8.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 5
As a backer for this game on Kickstarter, I feel quite disappointed.
This game looks and sounds great, most of it at least, but all the other parts of the game aren't fleshed out as they should be ,and convey a feeling like this game is still Early Access - therefore i cannot recommend it.

- The game With UnrealEngine 4 looks great, provides great detail and adds to the atmosphere of a true space exploration game.
- Sountrack is top notch.
- Combat improved significantly from early access, quite an interesting combat system (Basically color matching, or mismatching).
- After recent patches the game throws at you more events in an attempt to draw your attention, but this is nothing more than annoying - since you have to assign a crew member to handle the event every single time....
- I want to like this game! (But although patched, and is less difficult than at the early access launch, I don't).

- No Tutorials, (this game's notion of tutorials is flawed at best) the hint system implemented is nothing more than a general explanation at specific points of the game (in the city screen it's missing, i guess because this is a new feature) AND THE FONT IS TINY!!!
- Video cutscenes in certain scenarios look ridiculous (Mining Rig landing is quite horrendous).
- No rebindable keys (!!!) - bothered me from early access and still not addressed, even after all the patches.
- Story feels tacked on, and the fact that the plot is pasted as a poster next to the main menu looks bad, just bad...
- UI isn't intuative, some buttons onscreen are barely visible sometimes - only after a game or two you start to get the hang of it.
- I got bored when out of combat, exploration is boring in this game.
- The map is utterly useless since it's a 2D grid map in a 3D game....your waypoints stay on the map...

- Glitches:
1. I flew too close to a star and got stuck on it, got loose after a couple of seconds. (Only happened once, probably fixed).
2. While escaping the Skorn i flew into a new sector for a couple of minutes - only to understand that there is no "game sector" there /: ...
3. Found a hidden container that taught me that apparently, in this game, containers have gravitational force, since i automatically docked once i was near it, and every time i tried to fly away it redocked the ship(!!!), then the Skorn came.....

**Reinstalled the game to check out what changed, game launched in windowed mode, and after finally convinced to go fullscreen, it froze for a few seconds....|:


This game needs more time in the oven, get it on a sale at your own risk.
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57.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 12, 2015
#Edited for the first launch day#

Having played this game for 50+ hours under different conditions, difficulties and scenarious, along with getting the very first A+ score, I can safely say the following: get it. It is a 3D Faster Than Light + a few more games mixed in it (most notably Star Trek Bridge Commander) + Ironman experience. It is there to test the fans of the rogue-like hardcore genre who do not complain about losing stuff or people, getting destroyed, then learning and adapting as a result. There is no save and load function. You roll the roulette and you live with what you've gotten in a beautiful 3d FTL-Star Trek format.

If someone says that the game has no replay value, they have played it way too little. Look at my play time. I rarely did the same run twice, unless trying to beat my previous score or testing new stuff.

The game is out of early access as of today, the 04.03.2015. Sadly, it already received a number of negative reviews during the years of development, so you will be looking at mixed reviews for a while. Most of it was because the devs were trying to find the reasons for the game not launching for a number of people, and those were readily cranking out the negative reviews. FYI, before I start with the good and the bad.

As usual, I will start with the good and the bad.

The absolute BEST:

The game generates meaningful stories through its gameplay, the type that make you take to the forums and share, be it for a win or a loss. How you had a great playthrough until everything started falling apart, people started dying, enemies were swarming you in throves and eventually destroyed you. Or how everything was so bleak, you were out of resources but managed to find a solitary planet where you safely did 6+ probe runs, restocked like crazy and won the game? Or how you went all out berserk and punched your way through the enemy lines like a boss? Or how a single rash decision on an away mission lost you two of your most valuable crew members and it all went downhill OR you still won nevertheless? Yep, all of this is possible. I absolutely love this about a game.

The Good:
1. Beautiful backdrops - the space, the planets and the suns look beautiful. The space must be black by default, but you are playing a game right?
2. The ship is also a looker. I personally love the way it appears on my screen with all of its flashing blue red and metal stuff. Once you start building structures, they will also appear inside it, which adds a new level of immersion.
3. Resource Management - picking what you want, what you need, when you need it might be the difference between defeat and a victory. Shortages really punish you, and even if you win, it affects your score big time.
4. You get to pick your ship parts - this allows for huge customization. You may pick a nimble ship with fewer systems but tons of cargo space, or you can make yourself a juggernaut. with less storage space and better weapons, absorption, shuttle missions, etc. All up to you.
5. Last ditch effort - this type of play really reels you in as you see the last 10 000 people of the human race die from lack of food, oxygen, killed by enemies and random events. Speaking about random events...
6. Random events are either detrimental (e.g. Alien Flu) or beneficial (Training for crewmembers). This forces you to deal with situations even more strategically, because while fighting, people still die.
7. Ironman - no going back. I love this type of play for certain games and this one is certainly worth it, just like FTL.
8. You have a decent grid size and you need to pick your way through it till you reach the end goal, dealing with hostile encounters, resource shortages, planet and object exploration, etc.
9. The combat - in FTL the combat was minimalistic. Shoot something and it will either hit or miss. Here, you need to think on your feet, use different coloured weapons and shield harmonics, defend and fire when necessary, evade shots, pause, think, and do your best. If you wish you can opt to play completely without pausing - that makes the combat extremely dynamic, but you will most likely suffer way more hits.
10. Strategy wins the game - trust me, I felt that. Making rash decisions isn't the best thing. You really need to accept the position you are in and adapt to it. Playing to the strengths of your ship and crew is key.
11. Renaming crewmembers - are you a Star Trek, Star Wars, Farscape or another franchise's fan? Or you like to use the names of your closest friends or family members? You can!
12. Like FTL, there are multiple ways to victory - at present, I would split them into sneaky, semi-sneaky, bold and reckless types of wins.
13. The game lets you do stuff on the fly. You just need to learn the mechanics. I am not going to spoil those for you.
14. Runs vary. A faster engine will get you to the end goal quicker, but a battle-hardened combat crew getting you trough 1 vs 3 encounters is a joy to behold.
15. Flying through gorgeous space. If you dont like it, it is simply not your jam.
16. Play-throughs take about 2 hours, which I find good for these types of games.
17. Scoring system that allows you to check how well you did in comparison to the others.
18. Many new features added since EA - 3 difficulty settings, ship setups, civilian management, more away missions, etc.
19. Replayability has been improved a lot since alpha, so you will be looking at a lot of different runs. While the end goal is the same, just like FTL, nobody forces you to reach it - a full exploration run (mine was the first full exploration run to date) takes about 8 hours.

Ok. Here's THE BAD.


You will ragequit if you hate games that punish you. Many a time. Get used to it, or don't buy the game.

To continue...

1. Steep learning curve - you need to play with ship setups for a while, learn how they work, what resources to pick at start, how long to stay at a planet, which awaymissions are easier and which ones harder, and so on.
2. NO multiplayer, like FTL. Can't be fixed.
3. Some bugs are still present, but the devs are all over the community forum, listening to the people and taking notes. Always good to see.
4. Combat - while I praised it, one can still find it minimalistic.
5. Punishing away missions since alpha. While the death to success ratio has been curbed a bit, and more choices given to the player, one should still exercise extreme caution when taking on away missions..
6. Some players still can't launch the game. Best check the forums before buying this game. The devs are hard at work at it.


The game is quite the looker, and has this FTL last ditch type of feeling. Up until now, the devs have been on the money with the updates, consistently adding more content - with the last patch enabling us to manage the civilian population by adding more buildings, with the option to upgrade them in the future to avoid the constant civilian problems. Whoever says this game is short... is right, but it can also be played is a plethora of ways, adding replayability. Fastest way to goal, explore the whole quadrant, go left side, go right side, be sneaky, fight a lot, try not to fight at all. Or plain handicap yourself if U R A PRO. Just try it! I know I did, with runs with as low as 575 credits. To me, this game is one huge sandbox - I get to pick my difficulty (and by that I don't mean the pre-set ones), my setup, my way to play the game and try to win. It is fun - whether you should choose to challenge yourself or just explore the vast quardant of space and enjoy the extremely atmospheric Into the Stars.
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3.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 4
So close to Battlestar Galactica, and yet so far. Oh devs, one day you will listen to the Tiger, damn you...

So. Into The Stars, basically, Battlestar Galactica, you are humanities last hope. A colony ship which moves at best at the speed of a flying space turtle on tranquilisers, moving across a fairly hostile chunk of galaxy in the hope of making it to a habitable planet (Titus Nova). The ship's warp core is more or less dead, you're running on limited resources, everything is going to break slowly, and you're fighting progressively worse situations as you go. It's a bit like a lot of games that involve such mechanics (think FTL and its' ilk).

Now, disclaimer, I kickstarted this game, and I wanted to get involved early because I saw the potential in this to be the big BSG experience that everyone was aiming for. It had the team behind it, it had (and has) the graphics behind it, it has the -music- damn it. What it needed was people who could be dedicated playtesters who could shape the game into something great. People with a lot of experience in the gaming arena who know what works and what doesn't. People who understand the limitations of dev time and therefore could have got the ideas in early so they wouldn't have been going down the wrong track on things like combat and so on.

Problem, the dev team was probably the least communicative that I've ever seen during the KS phase post campaign. It was definitely the least involved KS post release I've been. So I decided to stay well back and wait for the early access release, in the vague hope that hey, these guys looked professional, they'd get this right. I was partially correct.

The problem of developers who cling too tightly to their children.

Into The Stars should be seen as an exercise in why if you have a bad idea, you should discard it as quick as you can, rather than double down on it in an attempt to patch it up and make it playable. The big bugbear in this case was combat. Combat here uses a colour frequency system to determine if a shot gets past your (or your opponents shields) or not.

This is not good gameplay, because it offers no reward to the player, if they do stuff right, they're basically getting the damage from the weapon that they're supposed to get in the first place (presuming it even hits), and if they do stuff right defensively, then their shields function as advertised (yes, it's possible to hit "deflect" and it do -nothing- if your frequency is the wrong colour).

Right from the get go I voiced my criticsm about this system, because I could see this being a major issue with the game, it didn't reward the player, and simply punished the player for lapsing in concentration. It was busywork, and busywork without benefit. Instead of seeing this and discarding the colour frequency idea as one that promoted poor design choices, the team instead decided to try to create workarounds such as the "evade" button (which ironically allows you to dodge fire regardless of frequency) and ways of forcing the opponent to flip their frequency to allow you to line up deflections and attacks easier. In effect, sticking to their original idea in the hope they could make it workable. It's STILL bad, when you've multiple foes to fight and you've got this mess of colours going on, it's chaotic, and it's not entertaining, it's annoying.

The issues didn't stop there.

The civillian city, created to give the events that pop up some meaning and context, was another idea that didn't promote good gameplay, largely because it lacked thematic background and narrative to tie it in to the game proper. It was bolted on as a means to add work and to try and force you to care about the civillians, except in this case it didn't make a great deal of sense, why were you building these extra modules, why did they need arbitrary numbers of minerals, why did the city appear to be entirely divorced from the ship itself?

Had the city mimicked the layout of the ARK, and perhaps had you been building additional modules INTO the available cargo space (or indeed, demolishing habitable space to make room for cargo at the cost of civillian homes), THAT would have made more sense narratively, and could have opened up a lot of interesting decisions. As it stands, it feels like a stub that lacks a real sense of place.

Then there's the mess that is the stat layout and where said stats are used, Engineering being too heavily relied upon with Toughness being a dump stat that seems to have little bearing on much of anything. Again, a matter that was raised before the launch of the game, but not addressed at launch (I fired up the game and to my dismay, you still need engineering for the bulk of your operations, half of your combat duties are reliant on Engineering), my proposal was to slim down the stats from six to five and to more evenly distribute the "workload" of the stats to ensure that each role had a more valid use in the game.


There's the soul of a good game in here...

And it pains me to say, that I think the devs know there's a good game in here too, but in this case they went down some decisions early on and decided to stick to them too rigidly, rather than fail fast and recover faster. The launch version is polished, but the design issues STILL plague the game.

Had they listened to the posts I made far earlier (as far back as 0.2 even), and changed course, this might be a very different game, and this might be a very different review. For the better or worse? Who knows. I can't claim to have all the answers, but I know that -these- choices didn't end up making sense, when you added them all together. Perhaps with more iteration and patching, this game will be worthy of recommendation, but for now, I can only very cautiously recommend it to people who have a major BSG itch to scratch.

Verdict : Very cautious one thumb up, for Battlestar Galactica types. Otherwise, wait for a sale, and then take a look.
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Not Recommended
1.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 5
One thing before I start: If I could give this game a "maybe" instead of a straight yes or no, I would. I don't dislike this game. I enjoyed my time with it, I just felt like there wan't enough there.

As a Star Trek fan, this game immediatly caught my eye because of the whole "being the captain on the bridge" thing. Comparisons to FTL sold it and, in fact, I'm going to compare it to FTL a few times in this review.

The foundation of the game is solid. You attempt to get from A to B, starting with limited resources and scouring planets to replenish your supplies while evading an alien in race in pursuit of you. You pick a crew at the beginning of the game and level them up as they perform various tasks, such as away missions or dealing with civilian unrest.

The problem I began to encounter very early on is that the potential of this game isn't fully realized. Let me explain: You're given this fairly large space in which to traverse, yet it feels very empty. You'll encounter the Skorn (the alien race chasing you) fairly often, but the only interactions you ever have with other races out in space, as far as I could tell, is limited to trading resources. Contrast this to FTL, where encounters in space can come with any number of outcomes that could end up fundamentally altering how you handle that run. At the very least, something interesting happens. In Into the Stars, you can encounter some aliens when you reach planets and they reward you with stuff, but I quickly found the rewards pretty boring. For example, one event awarded me with a better life support system. This was USEFUL, but it didn't make anything more interesting. Again, compair this to FTL, where getting ship modules and new weapons can greatly alter the way the game plays. Next, the combat. For me, combat quickly became trivial (I'll note here that I was playing on normal difficulty). It was very Trek like, which I appreciated, but I found it to be very easy. Even when I fought two ships at once, after the first encounter even that was lacking in difficulty. I say this not because I need the game to be as brutal as FTL can be, but because I soon found myself completely ignoring the threat level of sectors. The Skorn just weren't a threat, and that's a shame. Lastly (and this may be sort of a nitpick), I thought the game was to short. At the beginning, it seems like you're really in it for the long hall. As you move along, your time is measure in days. But in actual playtime, it actually goes by really fast. I got to the end in maybe an hour and a half.

I want to like this game. I want to LOVE this game. It has so much potential, but there just isn't enough there. I'd love to see some kind of expansion that adds more content. Until then, I don't see myself playing this again.
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Not Recommended
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Early Access Review
Posted: September 15, 2015
**early access review**

Can't recommend at this time, although it will be interesting to see how it develops.
The soul of this game is great, which is what you hope for from an early access title. However, I would not recommend it in its current state. I it has been improving over time!

Overall it is an okay game. Falls short in most categories and it doesn't seem to be any one aspect (other than graphics) that really nails it.

Civilian management system- Adds a bit more depth, looking forward to seeing how this feature is developed.

Balance- More combat balancing is still needed. The addition of an "evade" option was helpful.

Combat- Game over if you face more than two enemy ships at once. Equipment and crew choices impact how your ship preforms, but poor combat balancing still makes for a frustrating experience. I'm not a fan of the combat mechanic as it feels like a game you would play on a mobile device (match the colors!) However, resource use and management is on track. Assigning crew and the leveling system add flavor.

Graphics- Great! You will very much enjoy looking out the window, but don't expect the same level of refinement with combat graphics.

Controls- Need to make the controls able to be modified by user. I'm (still) left handed. Come on now. (This is early access, hope this is one of the first things changed). Need to be able to save without quitting.

Gameplay- Good pacing, keeps you making quick decisions.

Storyline- Would like a bit more depth, and for the enemy to be less one-sided. (Are these guys Cylons or what?)

Map- How about a proceeduraly generated map instead of the same map every time? maybe in a future update....

Other- the enemy no longer "finds" you far too quickly, just fast enough to keep you running for your life. Major improvements in this area. Perhaps they can still add a feature for stelth (running engines at half speed would make you less detectable for example, but you would take longer moving and use more resources)
**Will edit as game updates**
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Not Recommended
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Posted: March 7
Wow. I didn't expect this game to be this dissapointing. When you look at the screenshots and videos on the store page, the game looks like a high quality indie game, but actually it is a very very poor quality game. The only high quality thing is when you fly around in space, but even that gets old really fast.

The menus are a complete joke. Is it that hard to make good looking menus? They look extremely amateurish. And that is a big problem, because a huge of part of this game is doing things in menus. That's right. This game is almost a text adventure. But the presentation of that text is extremely boring and dull. A game which does this much much better is FTL. The presentation in that game is so much better even though that is a 2D game and there is also a lot of text based things.
The events you encounter on planets are extremel dull and boring, you don't even need to read the text really. The background pictures for the events are terrible. But the thing is also from a gameplay perspective they are all boring as hell, because there are no interesting rewards.
Getting new modules doesn't really feel like a reward, because you never get to see those modules anyway. The modules are also just texts in menus and better modules don't really have better effects. In FTL on the other you can see your entire ship. When you get a new system you can see how it is installed in a room and you can tell a crew member to man that system. Also when you upgrade the modules it gets new or better abilites. And FTL has tons of modules, it is impossible to have every module in the game in one ship. There are lots of decisions involved what module to choose and what module to upgrade. Into the stars has NOTHING of that.
The ship management is a complete joke. Well there isn't any ship management, you have city management, which is extremely weird. The proportions of the ship feel really weird. Apparently you have 10.000 people in that tiny space back in the ship, which IS tiny, if you compare it to how big the cockpit is.
The city management feels completely unneccessary and feels like they just added it to hide the fact that this game lacks any depths, so they just throw more stuff in it. But the city management itself is also extremely dull and annoying.
The game has lots of small annoying things, like how you always have to wait for that stupid animation when you switch to cockpit view, or how you sometimes have to press the button for free camera multiple times.
The mining mini game is another thing which just feels completely unneccessary.
The combat is the biggest joke of this game however. This is probably the most dull combat system I have ever seen in my life. Their poor attempt to give the combat depth with those weird frequency things is laughable. You just look at your enemy, choose a different color than his shield. That's it. You look at the enemy attack's color, choose the same color for your shields, that's it. Doesn't help that the animations are TERRIBLE, the evade animation made me laugh loudly in my room. And while the design of the player ship is really cool, the enemy ships look really bad and uncreative.

Man there is much about this game I don't like I probably even forgot half of it, and that is a big shame, because from the screenshots and videos this seemed like a really cool game, like a 3D FTL, but FTL is a billion times better. Don't compare this to FTL, just don't. All this game achieved is make me want to play FTL again.

The worst thing is I can't get a refund because I bought this from a third party website, even though this is probably the game that deserves to be refunded the most from all the games I refunded so far.
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Early Access Review
Posted: July 9, 2015
Into the Stars is essentially a bridge simulation, with the ever present threat of an alien race nipping at your heels to force you to keep moving. It's all about time management and hard decisions, such as working out how long you dare stay at one planet mining for essential resources without risking a fatal Threat Level Red battle encounter.

The chase across space is what makes this game feel exciting, despite the restriction of feeling confined to the captain's chair. Cutting about the galaxy at top speed, wondering if you dare veer off to explore that red planet that'll take you further from your ultimate goal (but may also stop you all starving to death), this is the good stuff.

Into the Stars gameplay video:

There are other more obvious decisions the game throws at you - dialogue boxes that ask you if you want to investigate one of three points of interest on an away mission for potential reward or disaster - but it's the ongoing supply management issues that bring the game to life.

There's also a surprising 2D action mini-game to play - the further you drill into the planet, the more supplies you get to bring back to your ship.

Combat is straightforward - you can face up to 3 ships at once. One is trivial, two require careful use of shielding and three require a nerve of steel! There's no tutorial in the release I played but once you figure out that red shields protect against red weapons, yellow shields protect against yellow weapons etc, you feel a lot more in control of the encounters and feel like losing was because you made bad decisions under stress (or kept clicking the wrong damn thing!) rather than the game being unfair.

I really look forward to seeing how this game develops in early access - it's a tough game as it stands and it should stay tough, but giving the player a little more leeway for exploration of this huge world to go along with the thrill of the chase would be brilliant.

This review is of the pre-release of the early access version.
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Early Access Review
Posted: July 27, 2015
I was reluctant to purchase this game because of all the negative reviews I have seen posted, but decided to give it a try after looking at some of the discussions listing the many problems, and I am glad I purchased this game.

I launched the game without having to make any changes to my configuration. No problems. I have played several hours of the game with few hitches. The few I have seen, actually only one so far, is right after the game launches a box appears with nothing in it until I move the mouse. So far that is it.

The developers are still working on this and continue to listen to input, and make changes as they go.

This is a strategy and a simulation game. If your looking for a first person shooter, you should look somewhere else.

I consider this a thinking mans game. Is it the best out there? No, but it is not bad at all for the price.

My rig is more of a middle of the road machine. I am able to play this game at high settings with no issues.

As long as the developers continue improving the game I believe I will get many more hours of enjoyment out of it.
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Not Recommended
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Posted: March 8
The whole game is a mess. The game starts it's intro windowed to switch then to fullscreen (which I prefer), this is real annoying. The intro video is very loud and ignores the settings you set in the game, which is also annoying. You can't skip the intro before it starts to blast your ears away. Then the game starts in german and the localization is a mess. The translation isn't good and all UI interfaces are fixed size and set up for english. The text gets written over the borders of buttons and other UI elements. This is true for german, polish and russian at least and you CAN'T switch the language as the game looks up the language of your windows installation. Statement of the devs: "switch the locale of your windows". Well, this is not possible for Windows XP and not for Windows 10 as the MUI Packs aren't free on these OSes, but the devs don't care. There are also other problems you can lookup on the steam forum, I didn't even get that far as the pile of S the german translation is already did it for me and as Windows 10 user I can't switch the whole windows language setup. Taking money for something like this as a finished product is an insult.
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