500 Years is an old school episodic space opera with non-traditional combat controls. The game is an adventure where you explore different star systems and meet the inhabitants, some friendly, and some not so friendly.
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Mostly Negative (18 reviews) - 27% of the 18 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Apr 15, 2015

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About This Game

The Earth was dying and humanity boarded ships to colonize the stars. These ships were named after the wonders of the ancient world: The Giza, The Alexandria, The Rhodes and finally, The Artemis.

The Artemis landed and set up a colony on an Earth-like moon. Then the Ants, an insectoid species, came and enslaved the colony. All hope was lost.

Years later you were born in the Artemis colony and joined the resistance against the Ants.

One day the Ants suddenly left your colony for unknown reasons. The Proctor of your colony tasked you with finding the ancient Artemis colony ship. Among the wreckage you found the captain's yacht; and it still works! You and your crew take to the stars to find the other humans, if they are still out there. 500 years after the destruction of Earth...

500 Years is an old school episodic space opera. The game is an adventure where you explore different star systems and meet the inhabitants, some friendly, and some not so friendly.

  • Story driven space adventure
  • Arcade style combat with non-traditional ship controls
  • Explore solar systems
  • Meet alien races
  • Equip your ship based upon the type of enemy
  • Fight huge bosses

The story will be concluded in Act 2; DLC coming soon.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Graphics: OpenGL Capable graphics card
    • Storage: 170 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Optional XInput compatible gamepad
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13 of 19 people (68%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
4.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 17, 2015
Felt like 500 years though it only took 3 hours.

The graphics are bad. The BGM would have driven me over the edge if the game had been any longer. The sound effects are bad. The story is bad, and old, and so is the game concept, which looks inspired by EGA Trek, which, all things considered, is still the better game. The controls are extra bad: you need to move and rotate, and you do that with either mouse button, which makes good kiting all but impossible; and it only looks right when the ship is center screen, which it often isn't, but the game will still act as if it were. I also tried Xbox controller twin stick controls, couldn't get the hang of them: the ship still seemed to behave erratically. (I wonder what the mobile version controls are: tilt and point?) On every space journey there's what seems a 90% chance of having exactly *one* random encounter, except these get old fast, and you don't profit in any way from the fights: no loot, no XP in any of the game.

The best part is that there's a load-out phase where you can change your ship configuration and trade points for speed, handling, shields, and weapon damage and range, so that when you misjudge, you can try another load-out which may work better on the present enemy encounter - except that from mid-game on, fast engines and long-range missiles pretty much dominate anything again and again and again and again and again, because it's the same few fights over and over, mostly. Mysteriously, the HUD lacks range indicators and cool-down indicators, and you can only fire on the one selected target and only when it is within your firing arc, even when you're using homing missiles -- on the long-range missiles and medium-range beams, this means weaving from side to side, wondering if you missed the heading or if the weapon hasn't cooled down yet. On top of that, damage is random, i.e. a big proportion of hits don't actually do any damage. Miss a missile hit two or three times in a row, and their shield is back up. Oh, and if you're unlucky, your ship spawns outside the screen, and if you're very unlucky you can't fly it back in and have to close the game externally because you can't leave fights.

I've played free flash games that did this better. This game is a slog, not fun.
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5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
4.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 8
Hello. Here is my review all on this game:


`Interesting storyline
`fun battles in space


`Too short a story
`The graphics and sound seem poor to me, but that dosen't bother me, but it may bother other people.
`The game feels like the developer rushed it very fast out of production
`Not worth playing a second time

Honestly, i wanted to like this, but the game is so short, and the developer promised a second act. Where is the second act currently? It would be nice if the developer gave info on the progression of the second act...anyways, i cannot recommend this game in good standing.
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7 of 10 people (70%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
3.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 19, 2015
This game isn't that fun. The story is just lame-ish. The gameplay is repetitive. Now going more into detail. Just a bit.

You are some lad who just got his new rusty super old spaceship and you travel from your human colony in search for help because you are lacking resources. It seems that there is a super high chance of having a battle during every single trip between stars. And exactly one of them. It gets frustrating and it gets so fast.

The combat is horrible. You only attack the target you've selected and switching targets is somewhat of a pain. Oh and turning is the worst thing ever here. You got to face your enemy to shoot them. That's lame. Somewhat understandable, but majorly not.

Lil' Sucky Gameplay to go with the review.
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9 of 14 people (64%) found this review helpful
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3.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 14, 2015
When I was young lad I was introduced to the modern age version of "Gravity Wars" called "Star Control", it was great, the 'campaign' (as limited as it was) was a cross between chess and 1v1 Ateroids (where the ateroid is an unrelenting alien ship firing a full load of plasma torpedoes at your head) It had may ships to choose from, each unique in play style and was generally a very enjoyable game. Flash forward several years "Star Control 2" was released, Bigger, Brighter, higher resolution, and a fully fledged campaign that had one of the best stories - ever.

I bought "500 Years, Act 1" because it looked eerily similar to such a classic franchise (and I like collecting games) and to some extant it did bring give me a certain feeling of nostalgia, the artwork certainly has the '80's / '90's retro look, the gameplay / story is basic yet interesting(ish), as were the sound effects.

Did this game live up my StarCon (1 & 2) inspired hopes, no, not really, no.
In fact definitely not.

Unfortunately the story, which is kind of intersting, is far too short. And then just like my previous sentence, it just ends with the promise of a continued story in the form of DLC to come. Much like the games of the '80's (and even some modern ones) there is no real decision making in upgrades, nothing to spend your non existant monies on you simly get to upgrade your energy levels and place power in systems to improve them - a simple system that works, but is nothing exceptional.

It would be great if the dev's could rub some funk of this game and include resources / money and a larger playing field, in fact there is a lot that *could* be put into this game which would add to the experience .

If you have read down to here (congratulations) you might be thinking I would give this game a terrible review, oddly enough the opposite is true, for all its shortfalls it was an enjoyable game with some good potential, and maybe, just maybe, with some support (and sales) that potential might just be realised.

P.S. As this game stands I have no idea how Valve has put a ~$8 price tag on it, buy it on special $2 - $3 is chump change and almost certainly worth it to try to entice the dev's to add more content.
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5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 26, 2015
Horrible little game... feels like a really bad Amiga game from the 80s.
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8 of 13 people (62%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 22, 2015
EDIT: If you look at all the negative reviews for this game, all of them are less than 50% helpful. Why is this? I suspect it is people involved with the game went through and voted down any negative review. So please keep that in mind when reading through the negative reviews for this game. It's not as though these reviews are fundamentally worse than the few positive reviews, it is more the case where a few people can skew the favorability of reviews they don't like.

This game definitely reminds me of Star Control II. Is it as good? Uh, no. Is it worth $8. Uh, again no. Is it worth $1. Uh, maybe, if you are bored, and want to play a game very reminicent of a classic, though don't get your hopes too high.

Unlike the original, the combat feels very clunky. It sort of has the same rules, where you fire in the direction you are facing. However, in this game, unlike the original, you can only fire if the enemy you are targetting is in front of you. This can be a pain, when you have several enemies zooming around you, and the one in front of you isn't the one you targeting. You can target the closest ship, but by the time you do, it may be too late to get in a shot.

Enemy ships tend to like to zip around you and avoid getting in front of you, while hitting you from behind. At least in the first few battles I played, you spend most of your time just trying to evade them (unti your shields regnerate) and then trying to properly face them and get in a shot, if you are using nuclear weapons the default weapon. The mini gun actually works better since you can get in lots of little shots that end up doing more damage overall given how few nukes you really get a chance to fire.

In the first battle I won, it wasn't because I actually hit the ships much, it was because the first enemies, the Llaxons have a 2% chance of their ships blowing up when firing. I end up having to fight them not once, but three times in a row, since each time you talk with them, you have to repeat the battle. The game doesn't seem to remember you killing them, nor do the Llaxons themselves seem to remember meeting you, since it is always the same conversation.

As for non-combat side of things, you are basically led through a story. All the choices were made for me, which is not how Star Control II worked, where you could make choices that had consequences. This game lacks strategic depth and seems to be a first effort in making a game. The game does have a few good points. The descriptions are colorful, and the story as it is, is cute for the time it lasts.

So final verdict. Only get this game if it's part of a bundle, or on sale, where you pay a $1 at most. I'm not sure it's really worth even that. Overall, while the game has a few good elements in terms of story to the point it goes, the other factors, such as the clunky combat, really detract from being able to really enjoy this game.
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4 of 6 people (67%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 21
One of the ugliest titles on Steam. Its not-so-rpg/choose-dialog-adventure/wtf-am-i-doing-shooter.

+ You can quit and uninstall.

- Everything. Ugly gfx, a soundtrack which sounds like a monkey jumped randomly on a midi-keyboard, gameplay (theres none), story (i have red many better stories written by middle school graduates than this one).

Final verdict:
0/10 (and its not an overreaction, i dont know how this "thing" made its way into Steam).
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5 of 8 people (63%) found this review helpful
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 15
I think the mostly negative reviews are unfair. This is a good game. Harkens back to the days of Starcon.... True space exploriation and interaction with an interesting back story. I actually hope to get to play the second act someday. It was fun and challenging and funny. Probably not worth 8 dollars though. Get it on special-- at about 2-4 dollars I would say its worth it. The biggest drawback is how short it is, and the graphics could use a little punching up. Overall though, I enjoyed it. 7/10
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5 of 8 people (63%) found this review helpful
3.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 8
Fun little game with ugly graphics and moderately fun story. Let's be frank here - this is nothing special, I've played it by picking a random game to play and it was amusing enough to finish it in under 4 hours.

There are some pros and cons, blah, blah, blah... come on, this a game that you can grab in a bundle (like I've got it) in under 2 dollars. It's definitely not worth almost 8E/$, maybe not even 2E/$, but if you get it amongst other games in some bundle OR you can grab it in under 1E/$ then it wouldn't hurt (too much anyway) to play it a bit.

Not worth the cash, nevertheless it was fun to play.

For anyone interested in joining in on completing your own backlog; check it out here - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/completingthebacklog/discussions/5/530645446320364338/
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Not Recommended
7.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 24
I would have said the game could be good... if it wasn't already taken out of Early Access. This game could have been way better had the developer taken more time and not make it look like a rushed project. The only redeeming quality of this game is that it has trading cards.
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Recently Posted
8.2 hrs
Posted: September 18
*Game Beaten in an evening*

This game is half visual novel and half top down space combat.

The visual novel part, which helps advance the story offers only limited dialogue, only one path forward, and the dialogue choices, when they are present, simply are an excuse to divide the dialogue in parts to get more flavor text out of encounters. Dialogue choices are always empty of meaning, and will yield to the same result, always leading to a fight which you cannot avoid. There are about three ennemy race types and about 3 different sizes of ships. You can also upgrade your ship with few upgrade modules which you all find early. You can talk to crew using the menu but they only have one set of dialogue each which does not change to relect current events unfolding in the storyline, and most of the characters have little to nothing even remotely interesting to say. The quality of the writing is overall poor, the galaxy feels somewhat empty, memorable encounters are very few to non-existant. The sound effects are overused and the music is tolerable if rudimentary and cycles quite a bit but without getting on your nerves.

The game can be finished quickly, and by far the most frutrating part of it is the combat, there is only one way to even get the combat mechanics to remotely work given the controls you have, which involves taking slow firing ordinance and high engines and kiting ennemies. There is a skip button that sometimes show up sometimes doesnt after a defeat... using the skip button might be advisable as you do not get any reward for fighting ennemies, however doing so does cut away from the satisfaction of knowing you beat the game so I would only use it sparingly to cut some tedium...

There is an advertised "coming soon" act 2 dlc that is meant to finish the plot of the storyline. I cant say I am very excited to play it, and I doubt it will ever come has this game is not exactly brand new and the dlc should had been out by now. Overall this would had been okay as a free game, and if you are in the mood for mindless clunky space combat, and space exploration for the brain damaged you might find some redeeming qualities here

But this is an overall passable if somewhat negative experience for any gamer. I would not recommend you spend time or money on this. But I think the dev could potentially make something worth playing if they put in some real effort.
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2.3 hrs
Posted: September 4
Horrible, Horrible game. I developed better games as part of university projects. Seriously. What made them put this game up for sale? Got it on a super sale with a badge crafting coupon at 90% a lot of time ago. Was not really worth it. Farmed the trading cards and deleted. I tend buy more indie games than AAA games on steam because as an aspiring game developer my self I want to support indie devs. But only support them when they actually make something worthwhile. With this game it is not the case. Not worth it 90% discount, and definately not worth it at full price.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: July 6
Very bad and extremely overpriced game.
No flying berween stars and planets, all is made by "click where you want to go". No exploring, you cannot fly freely. All you do is clicking through dialogues, sometime fighting. You cannot shoot, all is made automatically. You can just click to rotate your ship and move it.

That "non-traditional combat controls" is really non-traditional. Pretty sucks. That should be "non-traditional combat" without controls because you cannot take controls into consideration here.

"The game is an adventure where you explore different star systems" don't believe the exploring part of this. You just talk with AI characters and sometime get coordinations of new star system, then they appear on your map and you can click on them to fly there. You cannot fly freely and discover planets on your own.
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4.5 hrs
Posted: January 16
you cant complete the game
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0.1 hrs
Posted: December 29, 2015
If you like goats or boys, this is the game for you!!!
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