A brain-racking game about bathroom breaks, screwdrivers and nuclear explosions.
User reviews:
Very Positive (150 reviews) - 83% of the 150 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Very Positive (1,344 reviews) - 83% of the 1,344 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Mar 26, 2015

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May 28

Linux + SteamOS version now live!

Please, Don't Touch Anything is now compatible with Linux & SteamOS!

To thank Linux owners for their infinite patience, the game is 50% OFF until Monday 30 May!

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March 18

Please, Don't Touch Anything coming to the Oculus Rift + Gear VR

Who would have imagined that NOT pressing buttons could be this exciting? We're psyched to announce that Please, Don't Touch Anything is coming to the Oculus Rift and Gear VR real soon.

Feast your eyes on the announcement trailer:https://youtu.be/fiBPGxoki2A

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“At a time when I'm feeling a bit exhausted by half-finished behemoths, all with tangled lists of planned features, unfolding Please, Don't Touch Anything's little machine was pleasantly isolating and captivating.”
7/10 – PC Gamer

“I originally decided to give this game a quick look before bedtime and ended up 2 hours later hunched over the computer in dim lamp light surrounded by hastily scribbled out math.”
8/10 – TechRaptor

“Only once in a blue moon do the stars align to bring us a game as well-crafted and meaningful as Please, Don't Touch Anything.”
8.5/10 – GameGrin

About This Game

Please, Don’t Touch Anything is a cryptic, brain-racking button-pushing simulation.

Covering for a colleague who is taking a bathroom break, you find yourself in front of a mysterious panel which only component is a red button. And since you’ve clearly been instructed not to touch anything, the only thing you want to do now is push that damn button.

Push it and expect to be held liable for any unintended aftermath. And there will be many.


  • 25 devious enigmas
  • Singular pixel art
  • Atmospheric chiptune soundtrack
  • Steam Cards
  • Achievements

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: Any processor with at least 1.0GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Any card with at least 128MB
    • Storage: 50 MB available space
    • OS: OS X Mountain Lion
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Integrated Graphics (256MB)
    • Storage: 50 MB available space
Customer reviews
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Very Positive (150 reviews)
Very Positive (1,344 reviews)
Recently Posted
Talon One
( 2.8 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
This is great. A point and click game that is confined to just one screen but still fun.

Some of the puzzles require veeery out-of-the-box thinking, though.
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( 5.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
Several hours of puzzle enjoyment, obviously spend only a few bucks on this one. Graphics are very simple, and the layout is very basic (I mean, how hard can it be to not touch anything?) There's more to this than first meets the eye.
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Milan Stanojevic
( 4.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
Im really good at puzzle games but THIS THIS is not puzzle game, I have passed only few (two or three levels by my self) SO SAVE YOUR TIME AND MANY FOR SOME OTHER GAMES. Really I love Paper Please but in this game PLEASE DONT TOUCH IT!
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Emily the Strange
( 0.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
1/10 I honestly cannot stand this game. It is the bane of my gaming existence. I even tried to return it, but Steam wouldn't allow me to. The flashes alone in this are enough to trigger migraines and epilepsy in anyone, so be warned. I got a horrifying migraine minutes into playing this it was so bad. Nothing makes much sense, and it's quite honestly extremely boring. There isn't much to do. No walking around. Nothing. Just staring at one pixelated screen. Clicking. Clicking. Clicking. Finally finding another way to blow something up while your migraine steadily becomes unbearable. I frickin' loathe this game.
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( 2.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
1. Well, it's a baffling riddle game for sure. It's like A Fool's Journey, except way shorter and more... compact in presentation.
2. The music is nice enough to listen to for the two to three hours you'll be spending playing the thing.

1. One serious issue is that you have to push a button like a thousand times to get all the endings, or maybe around 1500 times if you miss your first chance at one of the endings accessible through doing that. Why can't I just hold the button down to advance the counter??
2. At times the compact presentation causes problems because it's hard to tell what hints correspond to what parts of the machine, and it's hard to even tell if something is a hint, sometimes. This was probably part of the design, but I still don't like it.
3. One of the puzzles depends on your system clock. That's not cool.

All in all I'd recommend this only if it's on sale.
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( 1.7 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
Please Don’t Touch anything is a minimalist puzzle game where you are left alone in a room by your buddy and instructed not to touch a button. Naturally, you do, unlocking more and more panels and secrets, with possibly dire consequences for the city on the view screen.

This was a cute idea for a game and they did a surprisingly large amount of stuff with it; there's a lot of puzzles in this game, and some of them are fairly nifty.

Unfortunately, other puzzles are very obscure, and if you miss a few hints, you're likely to be very frustrated, as some of the endings are pretty well hidden and it is not at all obvious what you are supposed to do. In particular, it is easy to miss some of the codes for the ten digit panel and never realize it, because, hey, you've already done that, right? Some of the panels are used time and again, while others only matter for a very small number of things.

In the end, I got it for under a dollar, making it hard to complain too loudly. That being said, I have to admit I got kind of bored after messing around with it for about a half hour or so, beyond which point finding the rest of the endings felt like a tedious process of elimination. In the end, I was forced to go to an endings guide because I just couldn't figure out a few things, and I don’t think I ever would have, either.

All in all, I think that if you like obscure puzzle games - that is to say, a puzzle game which obscures its puzzles heavily - i think this might be the game for you, as this is all about obscure puzzles in a very limited (one screen) environment.

On the other hand, if examining every single freaking detail (and trying to figure out which ones matter and which don't) doesn't appeal to you, you might find this frustrating, and not in a good way. There's nothing really here beyond the puzzles - the gameplay is very simplistic and there's no deeper mesage to any of it. It is just "solve these puzzles and get a little silly animation".
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-{ Remy }-
( 12.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 25
2 good 5 me :^)

no but seriously this game is amazing.. I had SO much fun completing the puzzles by yourself and not looking at guides is very satisfying! So yeah definetly but it and if you get stuck in a puzzle: keep trying! Be patient and dont give up! You will find the answer eventually, its a lot more fun if you dont get help from guides or similar sites.. >.>
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( 5.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 25
I was heavily and pleasantly surprised with this game. I can't say for sure what I was expecting, but, well, it wasn't that.

Which is a good thing! The element of surprise works wonderfully with the game, that always creates new and interesting things to do in the room you're in. I really liked how all the elements of the interface in the game are utilized - you have to pay attention to the smallest clues and details, and this investigation was very rewarding.

The puzzles are very interesting and challenging, and I loved the meta-like style - using paper, taking notes, making calculations and logic deductions, the game has kept me engaged throughout with a diverse set of actions. It was challenging and ultimately, a excellent experience.

I think the only problem I have is that there could've been... more. Not in content or in lenght, but some semblance of narrative or a bigger theme, which some similar games have. As it is, the game is more like a puzzle box, a way to explore a single environment. It's great at that, mind you, but there could be more to make the experience more fullfiling and memorable.

Still, extremely recommended, even more so if you can grab it on sale.
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( 1.2 hrs on record )
Posted: June 25
There are some Guide Dang It moments but overall this is pretty damn fun and worth the low cost.
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( 3.8 hrs on record )
Posted: June 25
ส์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์ส์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ัส์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์็์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์่์ํ์ั์ํ์๋์ํ์ั์ํ์ Of Course it's a good game !
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Posted: May 29
I touched everything
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Posted: May 29
I've only just got this... and now I'm baffled, confused, scared, and angry? Unsure of my own existence and possibly in need of a hug.

♥ Love it! ♥

- I have no idea what's going on, but I like it.
- There’s some insane stuff to 'find'.
- I can’t wait to explore this game, it’s genuinely intriguing... and fun.

- I now feel I've gotten into something which may destroy or affirm my place in humanity.
- I can already foresee that once I’ve “completed” this game, I’m going to feel like there’s something missing in life.

► Note: I might come back and edit this once I've had a good thrashing at the game, but honestly I can already tell I'm going to enjoy my time with this one!
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Posted: June 24

The game is SO good, has a lot of HAAAARD! nice puzzles.

Well actually... Just touch everything and pay attention to... ALL the things in the desk.

Good luck and be patience!


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Posted: June 24

~Fair Value
~Steam Trading Cards
~Steam Achievements
~8/10 for puzzle genre

--------------------------This is a page-break xD---------------------------

You will not know what to do in this game until you get frustrated and start doing strange things - or read a guide, of which there are plenty available.

Once you start to understand some of the early learning (basic unlock codes, for example), playing with the various levers and buttons that can be found, and looking for secret hints that lead to questions you've not yet encountered that lead to still more puzzles to be discovered becomes an involved pursuit.

If you like puzzle games and enjoy the click-interface (as opposed to precision pixel-placement or rotating puzzles to see where pieces fit, for example), then this game may suit you.

$5 is about the highest I'd go for this one and that's a bit high in my opinion, but if you can catch it on sale (right now it's $.99) it's a great evening's worth of entertainment that you can enjoy with one hand on your mouse, and the other on your soda/beer/cat/other.

Very nice work, Four Quarters & BulkyPix.
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Posted: May 29
Well, I really love the sound track - good music. If you do as you are supposed to do - do not touch anything - the music just loops and it makes a nice background as you play other games. Or, you could buy the OST and just listen to all the songs like that. Good tunes. I bought it to support the musician.
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Posted: May 30
Off the top, thanks for the Linux support!

Fantastic puzzle game that is not your typical puzzle game. Starting out is slow but once you figure out how the game gives you hints you'll be well on your way. There is a fantastic sound and music asthetic that adds greatly to the tone and feel of “what the hell am I doing?!”
Can't say much more without spoiling much but also there is a sense of humor in some of the puzzles that will either make you giggle like a mad man or start angrily yelling at this plain control panel with a red button, which by the way you shouldn't touch.
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Posted: June 8
The way it breaks the 4th wall
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Posted: June 5
Okay I got this game in a sale and it was crazy cheap (like a dollar or so). After playing it, I'm sure i'd pay full price for it. It's not a tradicional game as in you do the thing you're told to do and you get something in return. It's different. Really different. And it's good. Very good. I'd say the best thing you can do is just go into the game blindly. Don't watch gameplays, don't read about it, just play it. Overall, if you liked Papers, Please, you'll like this. Be mindful that you won't get hundreds of hours of gameplay. It's short. But fun. Like a good indie movie. It's got a special place in my heart.
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Posted: May 28
Short but good, puzzles are challenging but not unreasonable. Worth it even when not on sale.
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Posted: May 29
fun little strange game .
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