The latest iteration of the 10th anniversary "SAMURAI WARRIORS" series is here at last! Naomasa Ii appears as a playable character for the first time, and the various personalities of the age are explored in more depth in "Story Mode", which is now focused on individual characters.
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Release Date: Sep 29, 2015

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About This Game

The last title released for the tenth anniversary of the "SAMURAI WARRIORS" series, "SAMURAI WARRIORS 4-II", is here at last!
Naomasa Ii appears as a playable character for the first time, and the various personalities of the age are explored in more depth in "Story Mode", which is now focused on individual characters.
Series favorite "Survival Mode" returns as well, powered up from its previous iterations.
The most well-received elements of "SAMURAI WARRIORS 4" are carried over, while the action balance, cut-scenes and character development systems have all been significantly upgraded. Explore the world of "SAMURAI WARRIORS 4" anew, in this whole new take on the title!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1
    • Processor: Core2 DUO 2.4GHz or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 640*480 pixel over, High Color
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 11 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c over
    • OS: Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1
    • Processor: Core i7 860 better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1280*720 pixel over, True Color
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 11 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c over
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Mostly Positive (18 reviews)
Mostly Positive (536 reviews)
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19.1 hrs
Posted: August 24
Nobunaga-sama, what is best in life?
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11.0 hrs
Posted: August 21
This game is really good, I enjoyed some of the campagins. Bummed out that you have to buy the rest though, but Koei is doing good with these imports of these games onto the PC. Now, to complete my hack and slash games, I would need Sengoku Basara 4....oh CAPCOM!!!!
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0.3 hrs
Posted: August 21
Samurai Warriors 4-II (PC-Steam) : released February 11, 2015

Graphics : 2/10 Yes, it's a Samurai/dynasti game but this time they've really blew it with this port.
Portability and gameplay : Feels like a PS2 Arcade game, char selections feels like playing tekken 2

Gamepad Support: Several issues, like Fighting buttons not mapped and such.

Pros: Co-op availability, Allied officers actually attack sometimes.

Cons: everything compared to a 2011 game. including but not limited to (graphics, story, gameplay, controls, portability, innovation (lol)

If you are a dedicated Dynasty/Samurai/orochi fan Do not even consider this game. My mistake was not playing the game as soon as i bought it so i can refund it but let it sit on my library till i installed a New HDD, and by then it was too late.

Warriors Orochi 3 (Xbox one) : Released December 22, 2011
Graphics : 8/10, i think this one is by far the best looking Dynasti/samurai game to date even runs 10x better than a Steam port.
Story : 7/10 (I liked the orochi 1 or Samurai 2 story better) but still a good story for a game like this.
innovation: New weapon mods, new characters, prestige system, maps.

Games i played:
Dynasty warriors 5-6-7-8(all include extreme + empires version)
Samurai Warriors 1-2-3-4
warriors Orochi 1-2-3

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25.9 hrs
Posted: August 18
I enjoyed the dynamic story Koei did with SamuraiWarriors 4-II. The scene of each character are all unique and at best "tried to put you" on foot of what had happen during the time of the Sengoku Era. As we know all Koei "Samurai Warrior + Dynasty Warrior Games" It is fast and entertaining + hack and slash game with character development into weapons and other interesting gameplay that will make it fun. I highly enjoy the historical story of the Era. If I would go back to school I would certaintly learn more about this specific Era. I am both fascinated by both Dynasty and Samurai warrior genre games. MyRate- 8.5-10
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pony karna
22.2 hrs
Posted: August 14
its worth every cent @3@
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1.8 hrs
Posted: August 6
I swear to Christ, I'm not a weeb.
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11.3 hrs
Posted: August 6
this game is a.s.s, im not an a.s.s person...
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44.2 hrs
Posted: August 3
The character availibility and customisation was great.
But the biggest downer for me was how bland the story mode fealt, it was just an excessive washout of consistant attempts at pulling at the heart strings about -friends becoming enemies- YAwwwwwwwwwwwwwn
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100.7 hrs
Posted: August 2
I hope you like repetition... because I do. I hope you like repetition... because I do.
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19.7 hrs
Posted: July 27
An enjoyable hack and slash game that anyone can pick up and play. (Gets boring after a little while..)
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100.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 2
I hope you like repetition... because I do. I hope you like repetition... because I do.
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Not Recommended
44.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 3
The character availibility and customisation was great.
But the biggest downer for me was how bland the story mode fealt, it was just an excessive washout of consistant attempts at pulling at the heart strings about -friends becoming enemies- YAwwwwwwwwwwwwwn
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6.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 29, 2015
ps4 character models
Online multiplayer
Japanese audio
1080p 60fps
Works with x360 and ps4 Controller
Good set of Graphics options
Create your own Character

Overpriced DLC
Keyboard button prompts when using a controller
PS3 Textures
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33.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 29, 2015
Not a bad port for a Warriors game.

- It's fun and more fun with a friend.
- It doing it's job as a Warriors Game.
- Soundtrack is badass as usual.
- Good characters, good story.
- It works well with old PC's, like mine.
- Create a Warrior
- Gamepad is nicely configured...

- Overpriced DLC, please Koei learn the PC market is different from the console market.
- You don't play a Warriors game for graphics, eh?
- Where the hell is Chronicles mode from the 4 and why the hell we can't play Survival mode in coop?
- One more time, overpriced DLC. Because they don't want to learn.
- ... but you have to learn the buttons by yourself.

3 more years and Koei will learn to port a game at 100%, I think.
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26.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 29, 2015
Hey Guys i came from the Old Samurai Warriors 3 Wii Edition and Samurai Warriors 2 PC Edition if you all remember them Classic. At Least 300 Hours per Game with maximum Level unlocks !

This brings back great memories if you happen to be returning you wont be disappointed !
If people can see the changes in the franchise on the main historical base involving into a more anime base concept game like the costume packs and changes to mordern interpertation of the historical period is perfectly fine. The games overall downgrade from story base to charaters gameplay focuses so you cant expect much towards the original samurai warriors 4 console against this so i recommend this only if you havent touched the samurai warriors 4 !

-Uses PS4 Modelling with minimal PS3 Texture ( Looks way better the DW8 )
-Get to create your own custom character
-Low demand for system requirements
-2 Character Switch / Saves you time Roaming
-Online Multiplayer Feature
-Controller Support for Windows
-Intorducing New Characters
-Return of Old Classic Survival Mode
-For Shogun 2 Fans its the time era we all wanted !
-Awesome Japanese Voice Pack Feature
-New custom features for returning SW Fans
- Guys Dont worry its not like a PS3 Port its far more superior then the console versions
-1080p No problem with the best graphics you can get
-Gameplay mechanics have been changed from Past SW3

Cons - Overpriced DLC packs like in DW8XLC
9/10 Including the DLC We got from pre-order ( Recommended Come Grab it )
( Don't Purchase any $100 Worth of DLCs content ,)

Personally i perfer this over Dynasty Warriors 8 for multiple reasons if your considering which one to get ! As in my last Dynasty Warriors review i did mention how great it would be to have Samurai Warriors and infact its now on steam Good Job Koei !

Comment below if you have any Questions and Check out my other Reviews ...Thank You All and Leave a Thumbs up !
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88.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 4
This more of a mixed review its hard to say if I recommend this game or not.

-Soundtrack is awesome.
-Great story and plot.
-Best hack and slash mechanics I seen so far in 2015-2016.
-Best Warrior title on Steam.
-Good for any pc platform you don’t have to worry about pc specs.

-Over priced dlc,its not really needed but sucks nonetheless.
-Fps drops happen from time to time.
-PS3 port but PS4 Models.
-Co-op crashes constantly.

I'll be lenient and give this game a 6.5/7 The game is great but the PC port leaves things to be desired,buy it with a grain of salt on sale.
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63.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 2, 2015
KT's Warriors games are something of a guilty pleasure for me. They're constantly getting trashed by the likes of IGN, and yet the games continue to get made, and their fanbase continues to grow. I don't know what it is, but there's just something about plowing through entire armies in the flashiest way possible.

Warriors fans demand a few simple things from their games. Larger numbers of guys on screen, more characters to play as, and more creative movesets. And to that end, SW-II delivers perfectly. On top of that, the game introduces a tag in system where you can play as a second character in a completely different part of the battlefield. It's great for not only battlefield control, but for leveling up multiple characters.

...That being said, SW-II, especially our PC port has a few shortcomings. Not necessarily deal breakers, but noteworthy shortcomings I hope get improved in the next game.

While it's sort of awesome that we get to create our own characters, the feature is very limited. And with Chronicles mode from SW4 being taken out in SW4-II, I found myself not caring. In the original Samurai Warriors game, you had a campaign mode for your character where you got to pick which side you played, with future battles depending on said choices previously. If they're going to take the create a character route in the next game, I'd like to see something like this return. Otherwise, why bother?

Ah, the mighty gods SEIYUU. Mythical beings said to be able to bring fictional characters to life with the power of their holy voices, while making unworthy plebians quake in awe. Real talk: I've never understood their appeal, but forcing the game into SEIYUU mode makes it somewhat difficult to follow what's happening on the battlefield without contantly checking the subtitles-when our eyes should still be on the man-hacking....

OK, so I know that the "日本の優れたコンソール" is, and always will be KT's most comfortable platform, but christ almighty the frankenporting has got to stop. If the PS4 can handle a fully worked game, there's a good to fair chance some of our master race machines can handle the load. Hopefully KT will port us a proper current gen game. Hopefully.....

FInally, let's talk DLC. Not only is it overpriced - as is the case with most KT games, most of it adds nothing of value to the core game. If KT were to release costumes from previous SW titles, I might have bitten(alot of the character designs in SW3 were far better than SW4). As it stands now, I don't care about any of what's on offer here.

...But, like I said before: They're shortcomings, but not deal breakers. Gameplay wise, Samurai Warriors is probably KT's best title, matched only Warriors Orochi 3. Which is why despite said shortcomings, I'm still going to recommend a purchase.
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17.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 4
I’ve been a Koei fan since before they merged with Tecmo. To start off, Samurai warriors 4 II runs decently on my pc and considering I don’t have the best rig around that means at the very least the game was optimized decently and has probably gotten patches since it first went up on the steam store. Below is a break down of things you need to know before deciding to buy.

-Samurai Warriors 4 II has less characters than the most recent Dynasty warriors entry. However, each of the 50 something characters feel very unique and there don’t seem to be any cloned move sets. There are just enough characters everyone will be able to pick out a few favorites!

Additionally there’s a pretty nice create a character mode. It seems minimalist on the surface but in fact you can go into greater detail and even make a character who has mismatched colored eyes. I found overall there were enough choices to make me content. It isn’t as good as the character creator in Saints Row 4 but you’ll still be able to have fun with it!

-The chronicle mode has been replaced by a sort of “castle of doom” mode where you enter Nobunaga’s haunted manor and face steeper challenges the higher up you go. The “challenge portion” has you complete specific challenges to get rewards whereas the “raid mode” version of the castle merely has you fighting increasingly tougher foes.

-The gem system has been replaced by a tome system in which you collect different colored books from fallen officers to unlock the skills and buffs for each character on a hexagonal grid. It’s very similar to the leveling up system in Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge.

-There’s no English voice acting but the written translations of what’s going on seems good enough.

-Even on “easy mode” the game can be pretty challenging on certain maps and enemies seem more prone to block or counter you. The artificial intelligence here seems just a bit more “aware” then it has been in past musou titles.

-The story mode is more character driven here than it was in the original vanilla version of SW4. Believe it or not there are some rather touching moments but when you’re not reaching for a handkerchief you’re having to endure some of the cheesiest camp ever cooked up in the land of the rising sun! However, most musou fans are accustomed to this as these games are very “romanticized” and take their liberties with history. SW4 II is a lot like “Game of thrones” only it doesn’t take itself quite so seriously! Sure, people die and hearts are broken but there’s a distinct lack of blood, gore, incest, and ♥♥♥♥. Then again, depending on who you are that might be a good thing! Grim-dark realism isn’t always “better”.

-Weapons are now upgraded in shops by fusing them together. Fusing weapons of a similar type is the best way to get results but it’s not necessary. Those of you familiar with the Orochi series will adapt to this type of upgrading right away. It’s pretty much the exact same system.

-Combat in SW4 II is distinctly “faster” than in other musou titles. You can literally dash around at lightning speeds while knocking enemies together into the air as if they are a demented Katamari ball of human meat! “Team combos” make a return too as when you’re close to your partner you can combine your might for some screen filling spectacles. Of course every character has their own signature attacks as well.

-There are at least a few memorable emotion inducing soundtracks that really stand out and the music overall fits the theme of the game nicely.

-On the battle field you can now switch between two characters with the mere press of a button. Believe me, this comes in handy!

-Controller support included!

Overall I “do” recommend SW4 II BUT I have a few caveats. One is that none of the characters gradually get new alternative outfits as they are leveled up. (Like in Warriors Orichi 2-3) Sure, you can get a “bathing towel” for two female characters but that’s it. Prey your pockets are steep cuz it’s time to make way for DLC! Want extra levels? Want some sexy eye candy? Want some nice audio tracks from previous games? You can certainly have it but you’re gonna have to sell your organs or newborn child to be able to afford it all.

It was nice how in past musou games there were more unlockables but it feels as if SW4 II was a bit “gutted” to string us along with multiple paid transactions.

You mad? Yeah, I don’t blame you and I even understand why people might sit out on this title because of the dlc shenanigans. Sure, musou games have had dlc for awhile now but the prices seem to be getting higher and the amount of “in game content” to unlock is shrinking. SW 4 II makes that more painfully obvious than any warriors title before it.

I love Koei/Tecmo but it’s my humble opinion they should treat their fans better. When the bulk of dlc content equates to over $100.00 (More than the game itself) it’s time to reprioritize the current business model!
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38.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 3, 2015
Samurai Warriors, or Sengoku Musou as it's known in Japan is an established series of 'hack and slash' games by Koei which are based in the Sengoku era of Japan. If you've ever played a Dynasty Warriors game you know what to expect as the two are almost identical with the exception of the cast and the locations (DW is in China, SW is Japan). Both are by Koei Tecmo and seem to use very similar engines.

The game recreates a turbulent period of history in Japan now known as the Warring States period. Battles raged all over Japan to try and unify the land and Samurai Warriors 4-II lets you take part in many of the decisive battles, using many different factions. Each mission has a primary objective (usually defeat an enemy commander or reach an escape point) with several other objectives that can happen during the mission. It can be frantic at times, especially when multiple objectives appear within a short space of time and some of them are timed meaning you have to act fast.

The maps are laid out well but do get a little repetitive (as many of the battles were fought in the same locations). Each character has a variety of different attacks effective against different kinds of enemies, as well as having a 'Rage' system (which makes you do more damage for a short period of time) and a character specific 'Musou' attack, which is effectively a super and should be very familiar to anyone who has played Dynasty Warriors.

The game is split into a few different modes: Story Mode (clear a few missions with specific characters as their story unfolds), Free Mode (use any character on any unlocked mission), Survival Mode (ascend an endless tower that gets progressively harder) and it also has a Dojo where you can do several things like create custom characters, listen to music tracks or even read the biographies of the real-life Sengoku era warriors. The only criticism I have of Story Mode is that only a handful of characters have a story mode that involves them to any real extent so some people might be disappointed that their favourite character isn't represented much.

There is also two-player functionality, both local and co-op online. I've tested the online with a friend on the other side of the world with both of us taking turns to host and it's been flawless. No connection issues and no noticable lag whatsoever. Brilliant fun to play with a friend online; I can't comment on the split-screen as I haven't tried it.

Ultimately the game has a very simple premise; kill hundreds (or thousands) of generic grunt enemies, bring down every warlord, daimyo or rebellion you come across and try to unify Japan under your banner, whoever's that may be. As mindless as it can be sometimes, it's still a very fun game and some missions do require you to do more than just mow everything down.

I definitely recommend the game itself; the DLC however is ridiculously expensive for what it is. Unless you're desperate to see the female cast in nurse outfits, swimsuits and the like, wait until a sale to pick the DLC up. The game itself is still worth the purchase.
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223.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 18, 2015
Bought it because I've played Samurai Warriors 2 and loved every single character that was in the game. Since I don't own a Wii/PS3/PS4 this is my only option to play the latest installment. It attracted me since we can now change the weapon into something you really want, much easier than it was in Samurai Warriors 2. Which means I can optimised the characters I enjoy using to the fullest.

Storyline: 4/10
Every installment of Samurai Warriors, new characters are added and developed on the storyline. Being a 10th anniversary game, I hope that they added story mode for all characters. Didn't really bother me even if the older characters had PS2 graphics for their scenarios as I viewed it as a collector's item being the 1st Samurai Warriors game on PC. But they didn't. Story wise, I've predicted it weak as the characters featured didn't really play a major role in Sengoku era. I could accept that.

Characters: 5/10
What I couldn't accept is how the new character personality turn out. Head of the Il clan, apologising to every living creature on the planet in every sentence of her dialogue? Descendant of the Uesugi speaking one liners while Kanetsugu does all the talking? An Afro hair girl in netty outfit fighting with a piece of cloth? A be-spectacled guy fighting using a shield emitting laser beams? If you could accept all that, then buy the game or like me avoid using them. KT is clearly running out of personalities to create for Samurais especially with close to 60 in the roster.
Thankfully KT have been kind to still place the older characters in, which are my favourite since Samurai Warriors 2 with superior movesets making the gameplay fun.

Difficulty: 7/10
The game has 4 difficulty mode, Easy to Nightmare. Hard is like normal in previous games, while nightmare mode is a huge jump in difficulty. Unless you are using Hisahide with the only infinite combo in the game, I don't see how you can attempt nightmare mode at the start.

Combat: 11/10 (means it exceeded my expectation)
The combat is a major improvement, loads of new moves, attacks chain better, hyper attacks to reduce monotony of killing 1000 soldiers. Instead of spamming same attacks there is now a counter/parry system to retaliate by pressing button shown on screen. Some of the new features are overpowered- a single move killing 5 generals at the cost of spirit gauge and 1 musou gauge.

Controls: 8/10
The horse control went down the drain, as calling it usually ends up with a horse running in zigzag refusing to pick you up unless you stand still or beside corners of a wall.

BGM: 7/10
Fits the theme. However not my liking. The best BGM from Warriors game is in One Piece Pirate Warriors.

Online play: 6/10
The co-op is not stable at the moment this review is written, I could play with someone far from Asia but it crashes when I play with someone in Asia. Weird indeed.

Most of the game hours I have was either from falling asleep due to hectic schedule or testing game mechanics for writting guides. I don't aim to 100% everything for the reason of new abyssmal characters. I do know it will take close to a 100hrs to collect most of the weapons and max every character to optimum. I am 3/4 thru, left the characters I loath using and perhaps time to put an end to the game.

Overall it is a fun experience, a definite improvement in combat/ loot customization. Even though some say it looks like PS2 graphic, I still love it because it looks like a PS3 port to me. The DLC isn't worth collecting, not my type of weapons, the mounts aren't the strongest and the stages are just reskinned, inverted images of the storyline stages with no cutscene or dialogue. They are finally working harder to make their games gain more reception by targetting a different group of gamers.

I would give it 7/10 overall. I don't rate a game by graphics since it is acceptable and low in my priority. Quite sick of nice looking games with boring gameplay like alot of recent HD console games Squeenix is making.
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