Welcome to Cataegis - The White Wind: Ziggurat Chapter, a frantic 2D arcade action retro-style game that pays homage to the glory days of 8-bit side scrolling gaming.
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Release Date: Sep 25, 2015

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“[Acido] Cinza seems to have taken from the fluid and frantic motions of anime to make the game fast-paced and exciting.”

“Cataegis has proven to be great so far too, what with its clever set-pieces, lovely cinematics, old fashioned soundtrack, fantastic boss battles, attention to detail and relentless action.”

“In a sea of indie retro homages, Cataegis The White Wind is one I highly recommend. It’s a damn fun action throwback with some stylish pixel art anime visuals, and very enjoyable boss battles. [...] For a kickass 2D experience, the Ziggurat is where it’s at.”

About This Game

Welcome to Cataegis - The White Wind: Ziggurat Chapter, a frantic 2D arcade action retro-style game that pays homage to the glory days of 8-bit side scrolling gaming.

Playing as Cataegis, enforcer for the ‘Order of Caeliger’, take on the self-proclaimed deity ‘Ishtar’ and her followers in war for the future of Earth. With a combination of agile movements and an arsenal of weapons at your disposal (including double jumps, sliding and dual wielding weapons), face your foes toe to toe and battle your way to victory!

Key features:
  • Classic old school side-scrolling gameplay
  • Exciting Retro soundtrack
  • Fast and fluid gameplay with a myriad of techniques and varied weapons;
  • Gorgeous pixel art cinematics
  • Unlock art and background information on the game
  • An engaging storyline
  • Over 20 endings available based on the choices you make in the game

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or above
    • Processor: 1 GHz or Better
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
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Pre-Release Review
Posted: September 25, 2015
These First Impressions were done with a key from the developer

Remember the days of NES Hard? Remember the games that focused on patterns and precise moments like Ninja Gaiden and Strider? That's basically what Cataegis: The White Wind attempts to emulate, and it does it to a reasonable extent. It's hard, but as you learn the patterns you get better, and the mix of contra like weaponry and the slicing and dicing of Ninja Gaiden/Strider is nice on the surface. But if you don't remember those days fondly, or specifically never experienced those days at all: you're in for a world of hurt here. Controller support needs to be added immediately, while it indicates partial support, I never got it working, and this game screams for it due to the precision of movement needed, and the frustration of the dash command (double arrow = sprint seemed to only work once in a while). The challenge can feel unfair as it's sticking strickly to the old material, and that can really lead to some cheap deaths in the end off screen. This is only for the hardcore NES hard fanbase, and those who play it who love those old dayswill get some enjoyment out of it. Just don't expect to get very far until you've had a bit of practice.

Gameplay Footage and Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2Xh6NAFTqY


  • Capturing the old spirit of NES difficult games here. Repetition and pattern memorization are important.
  • Captures the old Ninja Gaiden style cutscenes and presentation well, mixing it with other NES classics. Looks nice for what it is.
  • Different weapons have reasonable differences with a 2 power system for specific situations.
  • Dev is super responsive. Faced problems, was quick to answer, and attempt to get me information. Seems passoniate about fixing problems and project.

  • Don't like being a masochist of sorts? Stay away from this game. The difficulty is brutal beyond belief. Just check the video to see why.
  • Certain enemies needed “tells” to show what they were doing next, as that led to some unfair damage at times.
  • Certain times if you didn't have the right power/were out of charge meter, you'd be forced to take damage because of it.
  • Needs full controller support, or an easier way to get it working, because my Xbox 360 controller could not be used with it (at least in how I attempted to get it working).
  • Resolution support is meh, as it does really keep to that old style.
  • You will get some bugs here and there based on the experience (even after patches).
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Posted: October 2, 2015
This game is absolutely amazing! Lots of fun slicing action, awesome music and nes style art. And so many possible endings as well leading to different upgades that can change the game's play difficulty.

I will admit that I did go through some tough raging at first, but it was a good one cause of the challange of the game. :d
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Posted: March 1
You should definitely get Cataegis if you like retro-styled graphics, sound and gameplay. It's similar to classic games Castlevania, Strider, Ninja Gaiden and other unforgiving 2D sidescrollers. Because the game is so demanding on your mastery, it feels very rewarding to figure reliable boss patterns, clear stages and upgrade your weapons. I strongly advise not to give up front in the intro stage, because once you clear it, more modes become available for your enjoyment! Become the white wind and skillfully slash all your enemies away~
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Posted: March 29
This was a hard one to decide on; on the one hand, it moves slowly and the controls are a little sluggish. On the other hand, the art design and sound is fantastic. Back to the first hand, it feels an awful lot like an NES game I would have spent a lot of time on when I was a kid. On the second hand again, it feels an awful lot like the NES games that seemed unfairly hard.

In the end, though, it's a barely-recommend. It's enjoyable enough and has enough potential to be worth picking up.
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9 of 13 people (69%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
5.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 22
4.9/10 - A "Two-Bit" "8-Bit" Retro Story; With a High Difficulty!

This game was a borderline decision for me; honestly it could have gone either way. I even anticipate some people will really enjoy this. Overall, it was just too difficult and the controls were not fluid enough for me to master or truely enjoy the game. This game offers some really challanging gameplay; love it or hate it... Its definately not worth $10!

The pixelated graphics and old school game feel really do this title justice. I honestly like most things about this gane; but the combat system ultimately proved to be too much! The combat system is straight forward but there are a plethora of different attacks you must utilize to succeed. This isn't always apparent and switching to another attack can prove extremely difficult when in the heat of battle.

Overall, Worth $2.99 Tops and only if you love retro/difficult side scrollers.

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Posted: September 27, 2015
yep its an old school NES/PC engine game alright
with few stuff from sega gen shinobi 3 intros & stage's intro's

in this game you have to memorise whats coming in order to advance
and you need some of those megaman/ninja gaidan/Shadow of the Ninja skills in order to beat the bosses
since they give little room for you to hit them or guessing where to hit them
rushing in the stage blindly is a death sentince since those 3 lives you have can easily be draind
by small enemys.

i did run into some random bugs that gets you killed in the first section
such as enemys & projectiles pops up on you from out of nowhere

the background stage is simple and well done
with the word سوق=shop
it hints you that your playing in arabic country stage

overall i do recomand this game for the old school hardcore retro fans
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Posted: October 13
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Posted: October 19
Good! Love that game
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Posted: October 11

There is no doubt that 'Cataegis' captures the style of old generation platformer games. Despite that accomplishment, the same can't be said about the gameplay.

The player's engagement distance is limited to a small fraction of the screen while all too often enemies have ranged attacks or are placed in positions that all but force the player to take damage in order to get close enough to defeat. Boss patters are simplistic often relying on spamming screen filling attacks to slam the player.

These level design issues leave the player feeling inadequate for the tasks at hand by bringing a cyber sword to a robot gun fight.
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