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Releasedatum: 3 mrt 2010

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Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing kopen

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Sonic Hits Collection kopen

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Over dit spel

Verken verbazingwekkende nieuwe circuits zoals Sonic Seaside Hill, Curien Mansion en Blizzard Castle terwijl je langs middeleeuwse vestingmuren glipt, onder weelderige regenwoudluifels slingert en door drukke stadlandschappen scheurt in een krankzinnige race naar de finish. Race tegen een selectie van 20 uitdagers met onder andere Super Monkey Balls Ai Ai, Amigo van Samba en de kwaadaardige Dr. Eggman in je unieke karaktervoertuig. Blijf de rest voor door vallen te ontwijken en extravagante karakterbewegingen te gebruiken zoals de onkwetsbare Super Sonic, Banana Blitz bestorming van monkey balls of Tails’ wilde Tornado, die elk voertuig de lucht in gooit! Maar zelfs als je geslagen, geklopt en gebroken bent, is het nog niet over! Laad je voertuig op met power-ups om terug in de race te komen en wees op je hoede voor de geheime sluiproutes die je dat kleine zetje geven op weg naar de overwinning.
  • Partyracinglol - Vecht het uit in singleplayer en daag je vrienden uit in een splitscreenrace voor 4 spelers voor de ultieme raceconfrontatie.
  • Al je favoriete racers - Kies van 20 verschillende personages van het Sonic en SEGA-universum zoals Sonic, Tails, Aiai en Amigo.
  • Snelle voertuigen - Elk personage racet in zijn eigen unieke voertuig waaronder sportauto’s, motorfietsen, vliegtuigen en zelfs een grote banaan om bijzondere manoeuvres uit te voeren.
  • All-Starbewegingen - Moet je langs een tegenstander komen? Kan je een racer niet inhalen? Schakel ze dan uit met een opgepikt wapen (raketten, mijnen en andere obstakels) of een van de 20 unieke karakterbewegingen die de ontvanger precies laten weten we ze geraakt heeft.
  • Verbazingwekkende visuals - Race over middeleeuwse kasteelmuren, onder weelderige regenwoudluifels door drukke stadlandschappen terwijl je door de 27 uitdagende parkoersen van het Sonic en SEGA-universum racet.


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista. (if running Windows Vista SP1 is recommended)
    • Processor: 3.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4/Athlon 64 3000+ or equivalent processor
    • Memory: 1GB RAM (2GB on Vista)
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 256 MB RAM (NVIDIA 7600 or better, ATI X1300 or better)
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB Hard Drive Space
    • Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4Ghz or Athlon 64 X2 4200+ or better
    • Memory: 1.5GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon HD 3800 series with 512 MB of VRAM or better
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB Hard Drive Space
    • Sound: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Sound Card
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13.7 uur in totaal
Good, is fun would reccomend.
Geplaatst: 15 oktober
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54.8 uur in totaal
I accidentally bought this after having tried Transformed. I prefer the latter, but my kids like this one better; it doesn't make them try to fly. Both games include the "catch up" feature that gives more boosts and All-Star moves to players doing significantly worse than the computer; my five-year-old in particular loves going all-star.

Beyond that, it's a typical kart racing game, with weapons, drifting, obstacles, characters from other games, and a nice variety of tracks. Casual fun for the whole family, with a few Missions and Challenges (achievements) for the completionist.

The split-screen mode supports up to four players, which would be perfect for our family if we had that many controllers. (Like other Steam games, it seems to assume XBox 360 controllers, which means my PS-compatible controller doesn't really count.) The Missions are only available in single-player mode, but most of the extra characters and tracks seem to be unlockable with "Sega Miles" that are racked up by simply playing nearly anything.
Geplaatst: 10 oktober
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0.2 uur in totaal
I immediately regret buying this game for $10.

My wife and I have put over 60 hours into the sequel, All-Star Racing Transformed. And even though the sequel has glitches, this game... everything is just terrible and generic. The announcer's voice is something out of America's Funniest Home Videos and yet less interesting. The controls are kludgey. The experience system is poor compared to the sequel. Everything feels fuzzy and hard to see... like you're playing it on a Dreamcast over composite video on a piece of junk television from the 80's.

After playing the sequel first and just "wishing for more levels" I thought this would at least be close. No... apparently they got really good with that sequel because this version sucks.

And they get absolutely zero respect from me for automatically crashing on launch if your audio driver is set to anything above 48 KHz. (Welcome to the future.)

I am so glad I tried the sequel first. If I had tried this one first, I would have been so disappointed I never would have given the sequel a chance. Buy that one. Buy it now.
Geplaatst: 24 oktober
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12.0 uur in totaal
While Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has a lot to offer, I felt that this instalment had a little more. It seemed like there were more tracks than in Transformed, which wasted tons of space by making mirror versions of the already existing ones. And because this earlier version had more tracks, you'd get different looks at more than one SEGA franchise, instead of Transformed having only one track for every series except Sonic The Hedgehog. I also preferred the active announcer in this title over the one in Transformed. This one actively says what's going on in the race, and does it with excitement and gusto, whereas the one in Transformed just uninterestingly states short phrases, item names, and achievements. Sure, the graphics and the racing itself may be better in Transformed, but I think its predecessor did a better job at the content and the experience as a whole.
Geplaatst: 29 mei
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3.2 uur in totaal
It's essentially Mario Kart, but it's no Mario Kart. A straight forward party racer dependant mostly on star apperances and that's good enough for me. Love the music and those Sega style graphics. Shame that it's so unfriendly to alternate control schemes and joypads.

Scale: 1=despised 2=negative 3=could go either way 4=acceptable 5=loved
Game design: 4/5 It was only when I played the new Transformed game that I noticed the flaws in this game, but I still think the design suits the game for what it is.
Tone: 4/5 Obnoxiously cut and pasted voice acting makes everything more fun.
Personal skew: 3/5 I'm aware it's a Sega cash grab, and I do enjoy party racing, but the game plays exactly how it's portrayed, and its done it well enough.
Geplaatst: 19 mei
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23.8 uur in totaal
A very under-rated Sonic game! It has some things that it lacks from Transformed, like Online MP and obviously transformations, but I think this game is still worth picking up! I just think things like the music is better here. You can buy multiple music tracks for one racing track which is great.

Worth picking up if it's like 5€ or something. It has pretty good singleplayer, but if you are mainly going to play multiplayer, then transformed is going to be better for you.
Geplaatst: 14 september
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12.9 uur in totaal
You like Mario Kart and Sega? Then buy this game.
Geplaatst: 13 mei
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1.4 uur in totaal
When Sonic racing games started getting good! Sonic R and Sonic Drift were just terrible! The Sonic Riders series was a step in the right direction, but didn't sell to well. Then you have this, Sonic and & SEGA All-Stars Racing. Lemme just say, the fact they had to put Sonic in the title makes me feel like SEGA was trying to money ♥♥♥♥♥ this game. I get that Sonic is popular and all but c'mon now. Anyway let's move on.

I really do recommend this game, but sadly not for the PC.

What is wrong with the PC version:

-No Controller Support
-No Online Play
-Split Screen only
-Somewhat poor optimization

I know SEGA isn't known for making good PC ports, but sheesh this is pretty bad! Now, I'm not saying the keyboard controls are bad on this game infact they're pretty easy to use. Most racing games, however are MUCH EASIER with a controller! I know. I know. There are ways to use a controller on certain PC games, but for me it's kinda a bad thing. I may just be stupid and can't find the option for a controller, but I doubt there is one. If you are wondering, the sequel Sonic and & All-Stars Racing Transformed DOES have controller support which a good thing.

I also know what your thinking: How can you trust me with this Review if I barley played the game?
Simple answer: I've played the hell out of this game on the consoles!

The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and even the Wii got online features and exclusive characters! (PS3 didn't get any exclusive characters.) The Xbox 360 version got Banjo & Kazooie and the Wii got the Mii Characters! The PC version (and the PS3 version) didn't get any kind of cool characters which is pretty disappointing.

I really do recommend this game, but I think it was a lot better back when I played it on my Xbox 360. If you can't get it on your console, the PC version is still ok. The game is a great game overall though!

It has memorable race tracks from different SEGA games, almost all the SEGA characters you know and love are playable characters (except Nights and a few others), kickass soundtrack, great gameplay, fun modes, fun challenges, great multiplayer, and many more!

Definetly recommend this game 9.5/10
Geplaatst: 20 mei
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5.0 uur in totaal
Acceptable port (it even runs on my older low-end PC), however, the removal of the online play feature takes a large amount of replayability out of the game. Also, local multiplayer only seems to recognize one controller for me, (I've been informed that this is possibly due to requiring xinput controllers). The game itself is fun and enjoyable, and it definitely fares very well against similar mascot racers such as the Mario Kart series, but this version is just not as good as the console versions due to cut features. I'm kinda glad I got it cheaper on sale to be honest.
Geplaatst: 16 september
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3.6 uur in totaal
Can only use a controller or the arrow keys to type your name.
Contains plagurized work from deviantart, didn't even bother to patch it out
big the cat
no banjo kazooie for the pc port
Geplaatst: 6 juni
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4.5 uur in totaal
Really really good kart racing, and a great port to PC.
Geplaatst: 16 juni
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0.4 uur in totaal
the options on this game suck. you can't change anything. and good luck figuring out what the 3 other players are going to use to control their cars.
Geplaatst: 19 juli
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0.8 uur in totaal
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing isn't a bad game in its own right. It's a competent enough Mario Kart clone, but there's nothing exceptional about it. The course design is decently pretty, the music is good, the voices and sound effects significantly less so but they're passable. There's a godawful commentator which, thankfully, can be turned off. The problem with All-Stars Racing is that, compared to All-Stars Racing Transformed, it just feels lacking. The controls aren't as tight, the courses aren't as well designed, the character selection isn't as good, the weapon balance is infinitely worse, the AI is substantially less fair. The all-star powerup is absolutely broken, it is absurdly overpowered. Unfortunately Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing copying of Mario Kart extends all the way to including all of Mario Kart's flaws. Where All-Stars Racing Transformed is flawless in almost every possible respect, this game is just decent, and while it's worth throwing a few hours at if you pick it up in the Sonic Hits Collection, I can't recommend it on its own. Also the PC port is fairly poor, with minimal graphics settings including no settings for anti-aliasing and anistropic filtering, and all options that do exist are in a separate program rather than the main game, which is frustrating. Optimization is also fairly poor.
Geplaatst: 8 juli
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1.1 uur in totaal
Aside from having a couple characters that have yet to appear in Transformed (Robo & Mobo, Zobio & Zombiko, Billy Hatcher, etc...), this game is made virtually obsolete by its sequel Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed which has online and considerably more characters.
Geplaatst: 10 juni
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2.3 uur in totaal
This game is to Mario Kart what the original Sonic was to Mario... Nowhere near as good.
Geplaatst: 15 augustus
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6.9 uur in totaal
NL: Tot nu toe vind ik het een supervet spel, kan niet wachten om hem op te nemen voor YouTube!
EN: Untill now i think it's a pretty nice game, i can't wait to let's play it on YouTube!
Geplaatst: 2 juni
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3.4 uur in totaal
If you love racing games, in perticular the mario kart style, then this is perfect for you! I love kart racing games and ive enjoyed this one plenty! easy to play and its quite exilerating as well!! im so happy i bought it!
Geplaatst: 23 juni
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2.5 uur in totaal
A really fun single player racing game. It plays similarly to Mario Kart. However, be warned that there is no multiplayer, online or non. In addition to this, there tend to be haphazard spikes in performance. My computer isn't great, but even at the minimum settings, there are points where the game chugged.
Geplaatst: 9 juni
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15.3 uur in totaal
If you enjoy Mario Kart games, then this game is worth checking out. It has a lot of feel as a Mario Kart game does, and I really enjoy it!
Geplaatst: 15 juli
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0.6 uur in totaal
I would buy this game before "Transformed", i prefer this gameplay and control than the second one but the length is really shorter than "Transformed".

If you are seeking a game to play with some friends and cheaper, this is your game, but if you are seeking a way to enjoy racing games and a hard kart game, your option is the second one.

This one is easy to learn, to play and to enjoy. A good kart game for Sonic and his friends.

No more is needed to say.

Geplaatst: 11 augustus
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