Navy Field 2 is the follow up to Navy Field, the original pioneer of Massively Multiplayer Strategic Online Naval Warfare. Cooperate with your team to maximize the potential of your vessel as you face off in large-scale naval battles. Challenge yourself to become the ultimate captain!
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Release Date: Mar 5, 2015

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May 11

[05/11] Maintenance Notice 11PM - 11:59 PST

Dear NF2 Captains,

The NF2 server is scheduled to go down tonight for routine maintenance (from 11PM -12 AM PST).

There are two server patches tonight:

1) Random draw bug at the end of battle has been fixed.

2) Due to the recent problems (server bug and server crash issue), there will be a double reward event during this weekend.

Thank you for your continued support,

-NF2 Team

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“This Game Is AWESOME!!”

“The gameplay is easily accessible, and players can quickly learn the ropes and dive right in.”

About This Game

Building upon a foundation of epic naval battles set to historically accurate backdrops, Navy Field 2 provides intense real-time strategic combat, genuine historical details, and an ever expanding sea of content for seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

Several nations with rich naval histories are presented for the creation of your ship’s crew; these include, the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and more to follow. Each nation offers a unique set of ship strengths and attributes for further strategic development. Crews are customized to reflect your style of play through an in-depth RPG-style sailor leveling system.

A fleet of fully customizable WWI and WWII era naval vessels from various nations are at your command in Navy Field 2. Each ship, from the lowly frigate to the massive battleship is painstakingly modeled in accordance to historical detail. Modify your ship’s decks, shell types, guns, engines, sonar, and more to suit your play style. Experience a whole new perspective through the variety of vessels at your disposal including: frigates, destroyers, light-cruisers, heavy-cruisers, submarines, aircraft carriers, and battle ships.

Form a fleet of friends or quickly engage in massive real-time naval battles through a quick auto-matching system. Develop your skills through use of various tactics depending on ship type and role. For example, you can delve into the heat of battle with the quick maneuverability of the smaller frigate and destroyer class ships, use a submarine to sneak into enemy territory for a surprise torpedo attack, sit back and carefully plan fighter and bomber squadron flights from the deck of your aircraft carrier, or carefully aim immensely destructive long-range salvos from a battleship!

Join us on the field of Navy Field 2

Features Include

  • Immediate real-time large scale PvP online naval battle engagements
  • Richly detailed 3D ship models, immersive sound effects, and adaptive music
  • Thoughtfully balanced fleet of authentic WWI and WWII era naval vessels, each with unique abilities, and roles to play
  • Intuitive automatic and manual controls with fully customizable hot-keys for personalization
  • Represented nations include the United States, Great Britain, Japan, and Germany
  • Selections of battle modes promote cooperative, strategic, and skillful gameplay
  • Fleet and platoon support to drive community interaction
  • Additional nations, ships, maps, and features planned for the future

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Onboard
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Discrete
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
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Mixed (1,204 reviews)
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7.9 hrs
Posted: August 19
♥♥♥♥ Matchmaking, ♥♥♥♥ Quest, Brain ♥♥♥♥ Mate Playing
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SantA ClauS
0.9 hrs
Posted: July 17
Although the game have good graphic and somewhat nice gameplay, the server connection are terribly bad as hell.
Small ship be like drift all day though
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31.6 hrs
Posted: July 12
This is quite a game suitable for almost all computers and players, not much violence, just blasting the crap out of ships, with no blood just explosions, so it's not that violent for younger kids to play.
This game is free, so people with financial problems can still play,
You don't need alot of performance, the people with financial problems might have a poor performance laptop or computer, but this game doesn't really need much disk space or performance to run smoothly
This game is so fun, it is really fun for everyone,
Graphics not the best ( Well that's good for people with poor PCs)
Notes: So this game is really fun as I mentioned, You just pick your country, buy ships, pick lines, unlock and it gets really interesting and addicting.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: July 12
na not for me;( 5/10
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6.5 hrs
Posted: July 9
Awesome game before then but lacks the historical evaluation. I'd say for those who wants to have fun rather than evaluating history itself, this is the perfect game for you. (except for the bots ofc)
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0.4 hrs
Posted: June 8
I can't seem to log in. It always gives me an error code,Is there anyway to fix this?
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49.0 hrs
Posted: June 3
I am king cnut
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1.8 hrs
Posted: May 22
After first playing, Error 209 occures.
Noch chance 2 find out, what that is.
No verification eMail was send, nor 2 my outlook-acount!

game deleted
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538.6 hrs
Posted: May 16
Game was mostly getting farmed by high level P2W Platoons of uberships. If you can enjoy this for 2000 hours you can buy your own uber ship and farm low level players yourself. Great concept and idea i wish more people would have enjoyed this game and the toxic community. 2/10
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43.7 hrs
Posted: May 16
I planned to return this 2016, but reviews got it all summed down so maybe no, i was struggling before because of waiting time and being mixed into matches with ships where i shouldn't be, being sucked up in high tiers. I say events must be held, where historically accurate battles be held in NF2, see ya back in NF1 caps!
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Not Recommended
26.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 21, 2015
Well, I will start with the good things first. This game is fun, its very easy to pick up and its interface is fairly user friendly. Its tutorial could be a bit more in depth, but all in all if your looking to enjoy a game for a few hours and it is free this is a good way to go. I say a few hours and I dont recommend this game because thats all it takes to get from tier 1 to 4 in the ships... then at tier 4 is where the problems begin and i mean serious problems. Like world of tanks this game uses a tier system for ships with relatively weak ships at low tier and strong ships at high tier, At tier 4 you will start to see tier 9 to 11 ships, this basically ends the game. These ships have double your hp, do double your damage and have double your view range. Prepare to be destroyed over and over again.

As this game has a small community 95% of games will be like this, every so often you get a rare gem of same tier ships in a game and for me this simple but engaging game is great at times like that. But having to work your way thru game after game of no contest destruction by ships much higher level is tedious at best. This then brings me onto the second problem with this game, and for me the more important issue. The people in the tier 9 to 11 ships, the games veterans. There is two sides to this and I can see both, there appears to be very few people reach these high tiers so without being placed in games against low tiers they would never be able to play these top tier monsters. But this has the knock on affect of no one will reach high tier because of what i said above.

The other side is the attitude of these veterans, they are toxic and rude people. If you dare to point out the inbalance of this matchmaking their attitude is disgusting, and so I am sad to say that for once a game is ruined by the people who play it. They are rude, offer no assistance and generally a nasty group of people. So let them have their high tiers thats fine, and hopefully people will read this and heed my warning to not play this game, so eventually they'll be left with a ghost game and maybe then they'll see the consquences of there actions.

In short a decent fun game thats easy to play. But awful matchmaking and TOXIC COMMUNITY VETERANS.


I unfortunately have not returned to the game in recent months so my review maybe out dated if they have addressed some of the issues. I have added this section to my opinions and will direct people to read your comment and hopefully the game will expand again. Thank you for the update.
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Not Recommended
3.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 21, 2015
Great concept of a game, terrible game company, terrible administration, terrible execution.

No team play, no balance, no end game goals, terrible support, poor game dynamics.

Navyfield was able to run for 10 years, despite their managers (Game Developers and Company Management) doing everything they could in order to make it fail. Up to this day they make the worse decisions ever and out of the blue they are nuking their most loyal players from the game without any sort of explanation.

You just have to check what is going on with Navyfield to get a feeling of what you will go through with Navyfield 2. Players who have purchased subscription and items are being removed from the game without breaking any rules and are losing all what they have invested. This fabulous concept has turned into a scam to lure people into giving money only to be removed from the game days later without any possibility of getting their hard earned money back.

It is a South Korean company run by North Korean mentality. I suggest you stay far far far away from all this. The game is not worth the drama and terrible customer support you will undoubtedly go through while playing with this game company.

Seriously, don't even think about playing this game. NF2 is just a money scam.
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60.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 5, 2015
I have played both Navyfield 1 (started mid 2009) and Navyfield 2 since launch. I have 3 level 50+ captains in NF2 so ignore what steam says about me not playing for very long.

I'll try to be as in-depth but at the same time I'll give you the straight truth on what's going on with this game...

Box art description: Navy Field is a game about WW2 naval battles where you choose a nation, decide which ship line to go down, then play out sea warfare in glorius 2006-era graphics. Where the game lacks in graphics, it makes up for in strategic combat that can actually be quite thrilling if you're into this sort of game.

Now let me get this out of the way first: This will be the make or break the game for most of you out there.

There is a term for what this game puts you through and that term is "Grind". This game will require days of your life in order for you to play ANY ship beyond Tier VII. There are 11 tiers.

The good news is that the first 6 tiers are fairly easy to get to by playing normally without any sort of booster or Premium(More on this later). The better news is you can get to every single ship class by Tier IV so you can try all different playstyles before you uninstall this game because of the crazy grind to Tier X.

All in all, this game is only truly about 20%15% Pay to Win. There are no "Premium Ships" in NF2 (unlike NF1), and there are no Premium Weapons or Premium Planes or anything. Every ship/item in the game must be earned with XP from battles.

The P2W currency in this game is "Gold". With Gold you can buy "Premium", which is like a subscription and does a few 'subscriber'-like things. The main reason anyone would buy premium would be for the Credit and XP boost that comes along with it, a whopping 50% boost. ... Not the most P2W I've ever seen by far but maybe that's why it's so cheap.

I've paid for Premium before, and battles where I'd average 800 xp I'd be getting about 1200 xp so there's a decent boost from it. But the main advantage of Premium is that it unlocks extra officer slots you wouldn't normally have. This is a huge advantage and if you want to take advantage of this you could pay for a single day of Premium and this permanently unlocks the slots. EDIT: After further review, it appears as though these slots are unlocked by default. Which means I would change the amount of P2W this game is down to about 15% from 20%.

But either way, that's the most pay to win aspect of this game. There are a few other things, such as items for your ship you can buy that will give you a 15% boost to your engine recharge speed or for 1000 gold (roughly $10) you can straight up buy 100,000 credits from the store. But the truth is without the EXP you gain from battles, you can't even unlock anything worth buying.

So the grind they've implemented actually cuts their P2W factor down by quite a lot. Whether this is a good thing or not is up to you.


If you've gotten to this point and are still on board, congratulations! You might not hate this game after all! I mean, I do. But I still play it. It's a love-hate relationship. Anyway, I'll actually outline some game details so you can know what to expect.

First, each nation has it's own advantages and disadvantages. For example, Japanese torpedos do WAY more damage than UK torpedos. But UK's armor on their ships can take IJN cannons all day.

The different ship lines are: DD (Destroyer), CL (Light Cruiser), CA (Heavy Cruiser), BB (Battleship), CV (Aircraft Carrier), and SS (Submarine). They're each good at different things, and to win you must play on your strengths as a team of different ships.

When you first choose your capatin, you'll enter into the harbor to inspect your ship and enlist crewmen. There are 4 types of crewmen: Weapons Officers, Support Officers, Engineering Officers and Aviation Officers. Each one has 3 different stats you can put points into as they level up along with your captain, who has his/her own 5 stats you can level up. All of these stats change the way your crew works. For example, if you have Weapons Officers that are high in Reload but low in Accuracy, then you'll pump out the shells but they'll spray everywhere at longer distances.

Finding a battle is easy enough: Click the "Battle" button. They have a "Platoon" system in place that will allow you and 2 friends to enter in the same battle. If you have a larger group however just have everyone hit "Battle" and you'll find each other :)

During battle, the goal is to be the best (insert ship class) you can be by racking up damage points and capturing objectives. If you are sunk during a battle, you can wait until the end of the battle to receive a larger EXP and Credit bonus towards your ship and crew.

I would recommend this game to anybody looking for something different and interesting to play. I mean, ♥♥♥♥... it's free. What's the worst that could happen? You actually like it?

Ask questions. People will answer.
Give your torps at least 1 second to arm.
If you're a DD and there's a sub around, use your damn sonar.
'Gradual' firing mode is good for learning how the shooting mechanics work.
AP ammo removes the armor so HE does full damage.
Think ahead: Put points into your commander as if you were playing the ship you want to play from Day 1. You'll be way better off. Ex: If you're building an aircraft carrier, give your commander aviation points instead of weapons.

Thanks for reading, and I apologize for any misspellings. If you need a friend to roll with, send me a request and I'll support you as best I can. I have one of each ship class and would be happy to help you in any way I could if you need it :)

Just send me a pm or comment and I'll do my best!
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Not Recommended
48.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 5, 2015
I was a fan of Navyfield, i've passed a lot of time on it when i was young.
I hoped that Navyfield 2 could be that cool, but i was wrong.
They basically made navyfield in 3d, and simplify it to the bone.

Progression like world of tank, no more shop with different cannons with different stat, now you progress throught 2-3 cannons that are barely the same.

No more armor add like it was, now you buy the slot in the ship and than you can buy armor buff token that last 7 days.

Pay to win, try to stop a full buff shopper, all the team need to focus him, and he will oneshot everything.

No more officer trading.

Cant name the ship.

They speed up every ship like twice of Navyfield1. Smaller ship are like speedboat that drift throught the ocean, also even the torpedo are twice the speed.

The matchmaking is fu**ed, when i hit tier 4 i faced tier 7 ships in every match.

Sorry nexon, but you made a flop, this game is comparable to a tablet game. All you had to do is to udpate the graphics, not to change it to a super simply pay to win game.
Stick with navyfield 1 guys.
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Not Recommended
452.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 20, 2015
What could have been a good game, has turned into a piece of garbage. It is deffinatly a PAY TO WIN game, that non wallet warriors have little chance of success. It seems like it is following every other cash grab games plan.

The game play is interesting enough, but the science fiction that it incorporates is VERY dissapointing...I still cant get over how games can scew up HISTORY....This one is no different......a few examples.

1. teleporting of ships....REALLY???
2. Desrtoyers (wallet warrior) that can take 8 Long lance torpedo hits (most Destroyers could not survive 1 LOL)
3. Landing Craft that can outrun a Light Cruiser with armor to rival a Cruiser (they look like PT boats they are so fast)

Then we can get into the downtime of the game as of late...not good, with them changing their minds like their underwear on issues they are trying to "fix"....ends up WORSE!

I gave it 3 weeks of play before writing this review to be fair....Just fyi.

I had really hoped for it to be better.
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Not Recommended
4.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 6, 2015
Wasnt sure at first if this would be better than NF1 though I highly doubt it.

Thing is, it just doesnt matter. The game has P2W elements. I dont know why the other reviews say no P2W. (they obviously didn't check the shop/they think no sane person would purchase them when thats not true for people with jobs)

Few examples: %5 less reload time with ingame credits. %10 less reload time with real money. Theirs different types of this like repair rate ect. On top of that they all weigh less on your ship as well. (less decreased speed on gold purchased upgrades) PLUS: They stack up as well on your ship.

Morale boosts with real money so you can make sure you are having close to 100% of your sailor stats or you can easily go negative or just not reach there without a grind of wins.

Also you can get gold officers which start with +31 of a specific stat. Ingame credit officers start with all 1 stats and will most likely cap out without the 31 bonus that gold officers get only.

Theres just no excuse for having this type of monetization. Should of kept it to skins and premium time. Do you really want to support P2W features and have it snowball back to style like in previous Korean games?
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Not Recommended
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: March 5, 2015
If you want good Naval game don't bother with this one. A little history behind this game and mine statement:

I have played this game few years ago when it had been released by Nexon and it was bad. Game was closed after few months because it did not have player base and why? Because it was unbelievable Pay To Win - just few examples: premium captain, premium crew members, premium ships, premium account, premium armour, premium upgrades and what had been the best? Everything had been time limited for 1 week or 1 month EVEN PREMIUM SHIPS!

So as I mentioned it have been closed. But then the original developer of NavyField 1 and Navyfield 2 decided "Hey, it is not so bad, maybe we could get more money of it!" so there were few days long alpha, few days long closed beta, few days long open beta (if I sum up CBT and OBT together it lasted for 12 days) and then they released this piece of crap. And even though that there are weekly updates they have not changed much past 4 months. (I have played from CBT)

Few changed like no premium ships, not limited premium crew members and few more are good changes and I have to say it is much better game than it was but it is pretty much the only thing that this game does well and even though it is still Pay 2 Win.

-There are still premium crew members, there are still some premium upgrades (few more XP, few more Credits ...) which does not look very good but in fact they are difference making.
- Balance - This game does not have balance! You have tier 1 ship? No problem here play against tier 7. And that is pretty much how it does (not) work.
- No Variety - Everything in game is pretty much the same. You wont be able to tell which ship is which, you wont be able to tell which nation is which. This brings me to another -
- Year 2015 - This game is not for this year. It runs on Direct X9 and demands 8GB RAM, wut?! It is not even full 3D, water quality sucks, ships details sucks, animations sucks - the onnly pretty thing is the dock but if we compare it with NavyField 1's dock it sucks.
- Grind - Everything starts great you can get rank 5 in 3-5 hours. But then it comes. 150K XP for one gun upgrade, 150K XP for another gun upgrade, 300K XP for next ship, and then again 200K XP for one gun upgrade (which are btw. almost useless), 300K for another gun upgrade and then WOHO only 4milions XP for next ship. Isnt it amazing? And the best part is that for most of the thing you need twice as much credits as XP so 1st you grind XP and then you grind for money.

I do not recommend this game. If you want decent and good naval game wait for Wargaming's World of Warships. Do not waster your time AND money for this game (yea I know it is Free to Play well guess what? It is not after you get into it).
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17.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 5, 2015
Okay, I thought this game was bad because of steam reviews. But the game isnt bad at all. Sure the graphics are a bit outdated, but graphics dont make the game. And it really is a free to play. I didnt have to go to my wallet for any boosts or buying ships.

The game has factions of WW2: USA, Japan, England, and Germany. It has all kinds of ships. battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, light and heavy cruisers. Even heroic ships, the USS Nevada, Duke of Wellington i think it was, and the legendary Bismark. Now this game is very easy to learn and get into really quickly. You can work your way to your first battleship in less than a hour.

Now the gameplay itself focuses on two sides:alpha and bravo. Each side has a flagship, so losing the flagship is like losing the queen piece in chess. And once you die, you die. So there is a ton of strategy depending on your role.

On the bad side, ugh took too long to make an account, and if you're new, you will die a lot, but least you get good points and xp. And when it rains, totally screws up your LoS sometimes. And the submarines will take sometime to master.

Overall, it's not bad as the people say it was, you should check it out. Good luck and have fun.
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Not Recommended
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 7, 2015
I'll keep this short and simple, this is a game that comes on from a great legacy in Navy Field. Navy Field was a game which rewarded skill and practice, learning angles, timing torpedo runs, hiding from the enemy fleet as a submarine. It was a truly fun if a time consuming game. Each ship had a role and they all worked as a combined unit

Navy field 2 is none of that, its too arcadey. Ships are far too agile with Battleships easily turning and slotting through torpedo runs when turning in them should be a large effort, they act more like Destroyers in Navy Field than Battleships. On top of this you have Carriers, all ways fun in Navy Field as they were strong but any ship which could slip in could kill them easy and submarines were there bane but in this they are pretty much freexp, torpedo planes can drop and arm torpedo's from 2 meters and this makes Dive Bombers pointless and fighters are not worth the time as they cannot kill Torpedo planes before they drop there Torp run.

Overall if you want an Arcade warship game then turn to World of Warships or Battlestations: Pacific, if you want a fun Sim type navy game then try Navy Field but this tries to be both and succeeds at neither
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Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 7, 2015
I really wanted to like this game. I had my own fleet in NF1 and I was really hoping that this would be as good. Sadly it isn't.

It feels clunkier, and manouevrering seems unrealistic.

Increasing the ships' speed is unnaturally fast, I mean if a ship accelerated at this speed, you'd have to scrape the crew from the inside of the stern.

The interface on NF1 was built using sprites but even though this is an outdated way of developing games it somehow worked. The upgrade to the new graphics has done nothing to make the game feel better than previous versions.

Like another reviewer says, I don't want to compare this to WoWS but the developers or NF2 could get a better idea of how to improve this game by looking at one or two things from those games.

I'll try this again in a few months and see if things have improved.
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