It is 1965 and the US ground war in Vietnam is in full swing. As a US Army commander, wage a counter-insurgency (COIN) war to secure the Ia Drang valley, on the border with Cambodia.
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Release Date: Mar 5, 2015

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April 20

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We firmly believe in its mission and we are honoured to have the chance of lending our hand. As such Operation Supply Drop will distribute many copies of Vietnam ’65 for free!

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“On PC, I can’t name a single recent game that’s attacked this subject, and achieved its objectives so well.”
80 – PCGamesN

“I got a coherent, original game system that reflects a certain understanding of the Vietnam War with mechanics that fit together as a whole yet are evocative in their own right.”
100 – Quarter to Three

“Ultimately Vietnam ’65 is a fun and engrossing wargame with good re-playability and a high return on investment for your gaming dollar.”
85 – Armchair General

About This Game

It is 1965 and the US ground war in Vietnam is in full swing. As a US Army commander, wage a counter-insurgency (COIN) war to secure the Ia Drang valley, on the border with Cambodia.

In order to win the Hearts and Minds of the local population you will need to search for and destroy the Vietcong (VC) insurgents, who infiltrate from the Ho Chi Minh trail and destabilize the province by intimidating the locals, laying mines and ambushing your forces.

The insurgents also have a bigger brother, the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). This well trained, conventional army have much wider ambitions than the VC, they want to take total control of the valley, a stepping stone to unifying North Vietnam with the South under communist rule.

The NVA conducts operations from across the border, primarily aimed at supporting the insurgency and launching offensives when the time is right.
To carry out your COIN mission, co-ordination of ground troops, special forces, artillery, mechanized units, training of local forces (ARVN) and airmobile assets is essential, but of greater consequence is winning the support of the local population. With greater co-operation from the local inhabitants comes the reward of intelligence, a key factor in COIN warfare.

The war is not fought in isolation, so as the commander of the US forces, you will have the added complexity of managing the support for the war back home, should you the lose the Hearts and Minds of the American people, the war will also be surely lost.
This is a game that captures the true essence of the Vietnam War, where airmobile operations are paramount, fire support bases play a critical role and air strikes can save the day.

Rise through the ranks and watch your personalized uniform transform from a junior Lieutenant to General as you relive the Vietnam War.

  • Hearts and Minds victory conditions
  • Political support model
  • Full range of US units including transport helicopters, APC’s, armor, Gunships, Engineers etc
  • Firebases and artillery support
  • Special Forces operations (Green Berets)
  • Operational intelligence map
  • Training of South Vietnamese Army (ARVN)
  • Napalm strikes
  • Medevacs and in field repairs
  • Minesweeping and ambushes
  • Full logistical model
  • Road and base construction
  • NVA offensives

System Requirements

    • OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card (Shader Model 2+)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Customer reviews
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Very Positive (142 reviews)
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26.7 hrs
Posted: August 12
I like how you have to keep a eye out for the VC or the NVA and the supply of your troops but I wish threr was a multieplayer
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16.0 hrs
Posted: July 14
Got this during the Summer Sale and found it fairly fun once I got the gameplay basics down.
Good for getting a quick Turn Based Strategy fix and runs somewhat like a mix of Civ 5 and Advance Wars. The points and currency system (Hearts and Minds and Political Support, respectively) make for a very simplified but well made take on counter insurgency warfare in my opinion.

The cons are like others have said, repetitive setting of just one map and not very diverse unit choice and early 2000's graphics but as Im a fan of both the setting and genre, Im not really offput by those negatives. My only big gripe is with the user interface which is a little clunky. So get it on sale and you'll have a decent time.

TLDR: C+, its decent but not full price decent.
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29.6 hrs
Posted: June 28
Only one randomized map, only a handfull of units and simple game mechanics. Dispite that its fun and fairly deep.

If you like games like panzer corps give it try. I also like this game because you can finish a game in one sitting (takes 2-3 hours). Even tho there is only one map, with the amount of customization there is quite some variation of difficulty and layouts possible (ranging from light to dense jungle, from sunny skies to torrential rain etc.).

All units have a specific purpose and it's for you to find out how to best utilize them. You really need to think about a good strategy to get a desisive victory on harder difficulty.

I give this game fun/10
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8.0 hrs
Posted: June 28
It's well designed, turn based game that depicts modern, asymmetrical militarny conflict. It's small game, yet thanks to neat game mechanics it gives you good feel of Vietnam War.
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Scott Mac
17.5 hrs
Posted: June 26
Bought it on special. It's different but very narrow focused with a only a small selection of unit types, one map, no campaign, no replay value. The only incentive to play again or keep playing is to fill out the 'uniform' which is a nice way of displaying your achievements in the game.
Average graphics with no extra effects such as muzzle blast from howitzers, interface is clunky. It's just drab.
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5.5 hrs
Posted: June 25
This game gave me a Vietnam Flashback.
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30.5 hrs
Posted: June 19
Looks horrible, but actually quite engaging and complex.
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38.1 hrs
Posted: May 24
Great little bundle of fun.

Fly your hueys around looking for the enemy, get huey blown up, go buy yourself APC go out again looking for bad guys, again get attack by RPG, try drive back base hit land mine.

Drop team of special forces in find there base finally got something blow it up, on way to base get ambushed, more mines, my troops spending more time dead or medi vac.

It real fun trying to get the enemy gives you slight idea how hard must been for real life troops their. I recommend it as it a great little game and as war game looks at war in new way. I rate game at its price as 9/10
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8.7 hrs
Posted: May 24
Nice and with simple rules wargame.

When I got this game I didn't like it at first. Don't know why, but something wasn't right:
Not so many units, have to visit 7-8 'Nam villages and that's it, more felt like Red Cross simulator(wouldn't mind btw).

But then - BAM! This train breaks loose. Tons of gooks ambush your choppers and infantry, placing booby trap even under your chair while you sit and think -"Where shoud this Huey drop supply to?", terrorizing your FOBs and doing other 'Nam fun stuff.

Basically after 5-8 turns all of this begins:
Your logistic start working on the limit trying to supply all of your units spread alll over these jungles searching for ambushers and trying to win hearts & minds here in Vietnam and back home.
Any victory provide you with gov. support but any lost fight or ambushed chopper or starved to death recon on the edge of the map penalize you with huge amount of points you need so much.
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8.9 hrs
Posted: May 6
It said Vietnam, i had to buy it.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
126 of 157 people (80%) found this review helpful
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48.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 5, 2015
4 out of 6 stars.

Overall recommended. The game tries to depict a complex conflict in a very simple way and is not unsuccessful.


- Despite its simplicity, it managed to capture a few basic tenants of COIN warfare, such as “Partisans win just by surviving and remaining active”.
- The game is constituted of 3 different factors: local sentiments, military situation and the opinion of your higher-ups in Washington. All 3 influence one another in a way that is more subtle than it seems.
- The “search” part of COIN warfare is there and it is most often more important and more difficult than the "destroy" part.
- The unit list is limited, but each one has its specific purpose.
- Maps are randomly generated, and this really does increase replay ability, even in some basic strategic choices remain the same.
- You win by influencing the local population, rather than through controlling territory.
- Overall the game is engaging and invites the player to think a few moves ahead. The basic design means that there is always a level of uncertainty of what the enemy is up to.


- The game is a "Top-down design" and quite abstracted. The combat mechanics are simple (think old Panzer General). This is not necessarily bad in itself, but people who expected combat complexity on the level of "The Operational Art of War III" will certainly be disappointed. More depth when it comes to actual combat and units could enhance the game and this is where there is room for improvement.
- Each unit is about the size of a platoon and your entire force will be max about the size of a regiment. You fight to control one valley, not a whole province. As such, there is no finer elements of politics and historical events, such as South Vietnamese coups, attacks on provincial capitals etc.
- While the Political-Military-Local sentiments score is not a bad idea, it leaves some elements to be counterintuitive or unrealistic (why does NVA deathtoll increase local support for example?)
- You can play only as the US, no possibility to play as the communist side. So far no multiplayer
- The NVA AI may decide to send in some PT-76 tanks, which is ahistorical
as far as 1965 is concerned.
- The randomized map while helping with replay value, does not offer any historical background.
- The sounds are generic ad there is no period music in the game. I ended up turning sounds of and playing Vietnam-era American music mixes from YouTube. This is a strategy game, so its not a major issue but still I'd like to point this out.
- Its a game designed for mobile devices and it shows on the PC.

Final verdict: The game succedes in simulating the basic tenants of COIN operations quite well, which is not something most wargames do. It could use more depth as far as unit types, public relations, historical events or civil aid programs are concerned. This is a game with Panzer General (or even below given limited unit variety) -level combat complexity and if you are willing to treat it as such, the game can be rewarding and fun.

More in-depth description of some core gameplay mechanics.

Higher relations with the locals will allow you to detect the ennemy more easily, which in turn will allow you to detroy them getting positive political clout in washington. On the other hand, losing units will cost you political clout and allowing VC to run around villages will lower the opinions of the locals - which in turn makes it harder to spot saidVC, which in turn makes it harder to prevent them from lowering the local sentiments even more.

The partisans can win just by not losing, the COIN force needs to actively win in order not to lose. This game really depicts this well. A lack of sucess mans that you can end up in a spiral of dropping political support and local opinions, which in turn make military victories harder and harder.

The map is randomly generated each game, which helps the replay factor more than it seems. The game is low-scale though, so you will not get any game changing hstorical events.

Engineers are an important part of the game and your strategy will certainly include building new firebases, clearng jungle and building roads.
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Not Recommended
3.4 hrs on record
Posted: March 5, 2015
Full disclosure: review copy provided by developer/publisher!

Boy, how do I put this?

Vietnam '65 is a lot like the divisive conflict it depicts: muddy, ugly, and seemingly nonsensical.

It's 1965 and war is in the air. For the last decade America has been ratcheting up her presence in the troubled region while France and Japan watch on knowingly, having tried to woo Vietnam with guerrilla warfare and baguettes in the past. And while America too would become weary and stop her particular explod-y romancing, 1965 was just the beginning of serious courtship. But enough with this weird sexy subtext history lesson, how's the game?

The game starts off giving you an overview map of the (procedurally generated) Ia Drang Valley. You have a base on one end of the map, and the rest of the map is populated with little villages and forests full of Charlie. From that base you deploy infantry, army engineers, helicopters, tanks... pretty much anything and everything to change the tide, and move them across the hex grid. You build roads and tear down forest to better navigate, you search for mines and set up ambushes, you build forward and fire bases, and you resupply your units in the field. All the while you have to juggle political capital to keep the war going, and that capital is affected by how successful your efforts are in putting down NVA, Vietcong, and turning the local populace to your cause. Some very cool ideas happening here, including the political capital, “hearts and minds” thing, the fact that your military accomplishments and achievements are displayed on a uniform, and the fact that you have to build equal parts to explode.


But. These things happen seemingly arbitrarily (seemingly, anyway. Apparently troop levels, American and communist, influence sympathies). Some villages raised American flags in support while others chose the communist North, for reasons not entirely clear initially. Enemies pop in and out of nowhere (an interesting way to depict the guerrilla warfare that marked the conflict, but it just looks lazy and rushed. The developer has told me they appear on the Ho Chi Minh trail so it isn't at random per se, but they still will just materialize as if out of nothing). And the resupplying gets real old real fast, flying choppers sometimes every three turns to feed your hungry units in the field. It's boring, monotonous, repetitive, and tiresome. You play the game once, you've played it a dozen times.

Vietnam '65 is a lot like something you download from the App Store, play in the airport while you wait for a flight, and promptly delete after a game or two – all the while muttering how you need to manage your money better, how eight dollars here and eight dollars there add up eventually, how you could have read a book and bettered yourself. Maybe you start crying and people start recording you on their phones and you're a reluctant viral sensation – I've lost my train of thought again.

The game doesn't just FEEL like a tired App Store game, it looks the part too. Sharp, PS1 textures and models, awkward, janky movements, bad tutorial, poorly explained mechanics, one game type, an options menu that allows you to change the volume and admire the developer credits. It's just lame, it's pathetic, and in a market full of classic and brave new strategy games, why bother with this drek? Even for you history buffs out there, this isn't the Vietnam War game that breaks the crappy mold.

Avoid this one. When there's literally dozens of amazing strategy games out there right now for the taking, why bother with bad, lazy iPad ports?
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72 of 96 people (75%) found this review helpful
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20.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 7, 2015
When I was put in charge of the US forces stationed in Vietnam I wasn't expecting an easy fight. The war for hearts and minds had to be won. When I saw the battlefield my heart sank. My only advantage lay in five villages near my HQ along a dirt-track road. If I could control this line of villages, I could secure the Northern half of the territory. However, almost 2/5 of the map cut off from my influence by a meandering river. Four cities lay on the other side. Cities I needed to take.

And so I created a forward base along the track and began recruiting a flurry of new conscripts. We'd win this war by placing a permenant garrison in every single town.

Ambitious? Hell yeah.
Successful? Hell yeah!

Our operation kicked off to a major success, the five villages near me were within the influence of the pro-US AVRN. A great start! One village even gave information leading to our first successful firefight against the VC. Support for the war was increasing at home!

For thirty turns I drastically expanded the size of my airforce, hiring hueys and a chinook to ferry supplies to my vast army. Firebases were established to ease the burden of supplying my troops that my brave pilots faced. The occassional helicopter took an RPG hit, but we hadn't yet lost any. It was now turn 36 and support was running at 71 for the US government. Every village in the map had been brought under our influence. Minefields were routinely being located and destroyed, villages gave up VC rebels which we made short work of with our fighter-jets.

Why on Earth did I ever think this war would be difficult?

Then my engineers hit a minefield. No big deal, I can ferry them back to HQ next-


An RPG hits the Chinook heading over to rescue them.


A second RPG hits my already damaged huey sending it spiralling out of control and crashing into the ground.

Waves of Viet Cong guerillas ambush and wound two of my squads, putting extra pressure on my choppers to ferry them back before body bags start heading to the US mainland.

A couple of turns more and disaster continues to ramp up. The North Vietnamese Army joins the fight en masse, swarming over the border.

It's turn 42 now; APC's and waves of infantry have broken my hold on the three Westernmost towns. My popularity in the opinion polls is barely scraping 70 again. Almost every soldier on the front line is badly wounded and I'm continuing to expose my remaining choppers to greater and greater risks to ferry back the wounded to my command station.

I debate abandoning the four most Western towns and one of my fire bases, just so I can redraw a more firm defence line a few clicks back.


A wounded squad manages to take out the North Vietnamese Army's APC, only to be overrun seconds later by two squads of Vietnamese soldiers. At least they stunted the brunt of the attack.

And then it happened. Turn 45.

The war was over. Things almost fell apart towards the end, but I had been rewarded, the 'man in every village' plan had worked in stopping the VC. My brave recruits, combined with the AVRN's that my Green Beret's trained managed to hold every village for almost the whole game, with only a single APC for armoured support.

9/10 would Decisive Victory again!
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72 of 108 people (67%) found this review helpful
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3.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 5, 2015
Very simple turn based strategy, much less complex than most Slitherine games. Interface is incredibly straightforward, but game mechanics and AI can be slightly annoying, especially the spawning of enemies. Probably more suited to mobile, but still good fun at this price.
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46 of 66 people (70%) found this review helpful
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3.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 6, 2015
My Forward Base near the other edge of the map was the site of an epic struggle. It sustained numerous attacks from VC and NVA (including tanks). Whatever I put there, SF, INF, ARVN would take casualties. So there is a constant ferrying of troops in and out of the area via Huey and M113. The helicopters occasionally get damaged as well by RPG attacks. I placed an arty there but being so far from the Main Base means it takes a lot of time for it receive ammo. So it was quite useless at times especially during the intense attacks. When I finally got a tank and sent it there, time ran out for it to see some real action. I won the campaign (normal difficulty) anyway with 60+ "hearts and minds".

This game captures the feel of 'Nam nicely. And there is a big emphasis on logistics. Don't be fooled by the price. I wouldn't consider this as a casual game.
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52.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 6, 2015

This game is really getting me!

I really enjoy it, Just a quick easy strategy game without to much stuff into micromanagement.

Vietnam is a quite Epic battle and we did not see many games with this Topic.
The first game i played with this Topic was Conflict in Vietnam in 1986.
Now Finally we can play a other good game with this Epic Topic.

If you look for a game with High Tech stuff and many micro management well Pass it.
But if you Like a Good Honest and fun Strategy Game and simply to learn well than Grab it.

What really is good are the maps,You get every new game a new Map awesome.
So you do not know what you get where to place your fire base and how to start with spending your points.
Lot of jungle around your HQ or villages will make it hard to go in with example Tanks,so you need to think twice about the choices you make,To spend your Points.
The Map generator make this Game not Boring at all.

The Achievements simple i like them.

Guerrilla warfare from the enemy is cool and challenges you.
The points you get is good, Too to many troops loose will give you minus Points so do take care of your troops.
1VC base will cost you 250 points,And if the VC can manage 3 or more bases it will cost you 750 points or more every round, Till you find them and manage to destroy them.
If not you will simply loose so many points,And than its hard to win.
The green berets,you need them they are your eyes in the field they will win this war for you to Spot the VC.
Find the enemies and than destroy them before they are gone in the Jungle.

Every Single Soldier: you guys did a awesome JOB!
I am a really addict after a few tours in NAM!

I really hope that you guys will come with a DLC so we can play the other side of this Conflict.

GG Every Single Soldier and thanks for the Fun you have given me!
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Not Recommended
8.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 8, 2015
I decided to change my Yes to a No to a Yes to a No, as while the developer was quick to reply and is considering requests, they did not add the undo option requested by so many players. I hope others will weigh in and this will turn into a really fun game. Currently, I see little replay value.

Review after 8 hours. I played the tutorial and three missions on easy mode.

You fight one tactical scenario/battle after another, each is generated predurally and game play does not vary, so limited replay. If you like turn based tactical battles, this has potential but needs further development.

- good graphics
- easy UI (except at times the popup radial menu hides hexes you are trying to click on)
- good AI (I am playing on easiest level and did not win the tutorial the first time, so tactics will take time to learn)
- turned based strategy (gotta love it)
- I am a supporter of war games and of Slitherine, the Lords, Matrix Games, and other small, independent development teams making war games, so please help support them. Keep up the good works guys!
- no bugs.

- No Undo button. It is such a pain to fight a battle for an hour and then due to a misclick get screwed because you can't undo an errant click that had no affect on anything. If they add an Undo button, or an alert to warn you not to run out of fuel with the helecopters that solves most of this issue..
- For example, it is too easy to click on a helocopter that is low on fuel and accidentally move it too far and it runs out of fuel and crashes the next turn. Seriously, how often did a fleet of helocopters run out of fuel and crash? Never. This needs to be fixed with some sort of warning.
- Your experienced troops do stay with you and roll over to the next scenario. I don't think there is a campaign, jut the same battle over and over? So lacking in any RPG feature.
- The constant requirement to keep resupplying units, while I understand is integral to the game, is a bit harsh if you forget to resupply a unit, it is totally lost. I think it would be better if the unit could not move until resupplied and if attacked suffered total loss, or maybe just suffered a 50% hit like in combat.
- Not much diversity in troops, having more diversity would be fun, e.g., Marines, Riverboats, Paratroopers, Napalm flights, but this is due to my love of tactical level and this is more operational level and I believe modeled after a specific piece of geography and unit history (i.e., not in the Delta).
- Seeing faint hex grid would be nice so can count artillery distance before building a fire base.
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23.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 7, 2015
Great little Gem of a game!!!
Very playable ( and re-playable too). Games last just a couple hours for me. It offers player with many critical decisions also on some tactical level, beside a good logistical handling. It's very balanced and run very smootly on my not gaming laptop.

It is an operational level game loosely based on the Ia Drang Campaign by the USA 1st Airmobile Division in 65. This game reminds me a lot of "1st Team Vietnam" a boardgame published in the 80's on "The Wargamer" No. 56" (look it out on the Boardgamegeek website for pics, description and reviews).

I higly reccomend this game if you are in historical conflict simulations, as it system very well and elegantly abstracts the complex nature of anti guerilla warfare constraints, That is, western democratic countries although enjoying a huge military superiority over third world countries (where since after the Korean War most conflicts has happened), they are unable to afford sacrificing both their own soldiers and committing to big war budgets.

This game system has a huge potential for simulating the many "modern" conflicts like Afganistan, etc.. beside other Vietnam campaigns too (Tet, Khe Sahn) and even on larger scales too.
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Not Recommended
2.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 22, 2015
Mildly entertaining for a very short time but has no real replayability or depth.

Originally a mobile/tablet game and it shows.

Below this line is a reply to the developer (steam limits comments to 1000 characters).

I'll start this by saying the review was actually based on my experiences a while back and it seems a fairly major patch has arrived since then. This seems to have, among other things, added some options to tweak the game settings on a new game and therefore probably helped with variation.

My major complaint is a lack of replayability. The new patch will likely help with that but, for the price, it still leaves only a single scenario. If you wanted to improve that the best method would be a simple campaign or two and really that isn't a huge amount of work. Essentially you'd just need to have a pre-made map/pre-placed units and certain restrictions/changes for each faction or in the weather etc for each mission (you could, in fact, just set the map generation options and unit-type limits for each mission and still have it semi-randomised). Throw a little piece of text (no voice acting required) to lead into the mission and you're done. You could do everything from time-limited standard operations, defence missions and even pitched battles. While, on paper, it looks the same as just having the user generate their own scenario it really helps give the game some length.

The second real issue (and what makes it only mildly entertaining) is the seemingly arbitrary nature of some of the gameplay. From what I've read it appears that everything is actually happening for a solid reason but this reason is almost completely behind the scenes. A slight increase in feedback about why certain things are happening would help.

Otherwise there isn't anything hugely wrong with the game. The units are a little unbalanced (from what I remember APCs weren't great while tanks and particularly helicopter gunships were too effective). Infantry are actually the biggest annoyance due to their constant resupply needs and slow movement etc. These points are again based on an older version of the game and might have been due to a lucky map.

Adding scenarios with changing limits would help here too as it allows you to limit access to certain units or toy with their effectiveness.

Finally larger maps to allow for longer games would be nice though that might require some changes to the cost/upkeep of units and limits on their price increases. The current size of maps doesn't help the general impression of a tablet game ported directly to the PC.
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20.6 hrs on record
Posted: February 24
Vietnam ‘65 Review
First I love Strategy games and I love historical war games. I'm going to give a quick review and get right to the points. Now I'm getting a start to this review since I only made it through the first tutorial because I played it out to the end which is 45 turns. I was thinking there would be some achievement but there wasn't one I also noticed that there was no progression after the tutorial. So it's not worth playing it tout to the end. this is for all the achievment hunter save some time

Pro's and con's (After playing just the tutorial)
The game really puts you in command of an Area of operation. The down fall is that the Controls will frustrate you. Example Click a Huey send it to a base to refuel well if it still able to move after reaching the base it will remain active. So when you go to click on another unit that Huey will move out of position and it runs out of fuel the next turn it will crash. This applies to all units.

Now there is no economy to worry about, You buy troops with political favor, the more units you have the less favor you carry. Now for every unit or base you kill you gain political favor and support with the locals. every unit you lose, lowers your favor and can slow your progress.

Ok Nothing below was explained or was really light on detail
You have 3 types of bases
Your Command center has four functions
  • Allows you to heal ground troops and provides you the supplies for all troops.
  • Allows Helicopters to refuel.
  • Allows you the buy/create new troops.
  • Allows you to set up artillery
Your fire base (is your 2nd main base)
  • Provides you the supplies for all Infanty and Engineer's.
  • Provides a place for Helicopters to refuel.
  • Provides you a location to set up artillery
Outposts have 2 functions
  • Allows you to set up artillery
  • Allows your Green berets to train Arvn forces.
This caused me to lose more troops during the tutorial then anything.

Supply line management
Planning your distance will greatly help your supply lines, rotate troops off the front lines.
But also your artillary can only be set up at bases and they provide your troops fire support support.

So far its not that bad of a game but there is a good learning curve, while some might get it quicker then others. by all means this shouldn't scare you away from a small little game. It's not fancy in the graphics department, but it really tries to capture the Essence of what it was like for are troops fighting over in Vietnam. You'll have no clue who or where the enemy is an at the beginning of every turn you Intel of potential enemy activity that shows up on the map. Guess what they could be there or not, this bring another depth of realism because your intel could be good or bad, hell you could even be ambushed, hit a mine field in an area you already cleared. Even how the enemy forces fight NVA will always stand and fight while the VC will hit and run, or you just might have a squad or rpg that shoot at your helocopters then disapear. The enemy can pop up anywhere no matter what you control or cleared on the map.
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