Into Blue Valley is a first-person exploration game drawing upon themes of mystery and curiosity. It is presented as a 'found footage' game with the player's view resembling a camcorder recording showing a glipmse into the subdued environment that is being explored.
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Release Date: Dec 24, 2014

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About This Game

Into Blue Valley is a first-person exploration game drawing upon themes of mystery and curiosity. It is presented as a 'found footage' game with the player's view resembling a camcorder recording showing a glimpse into the subdued environment that is being explored.

As the footage unfolds, it soon becomes clear that the bittersweet majesty of Blue Valley offers more than a forgotten tale of abandonment and that the person recording this footage is not alone in their journey.

Successfully Greenlit by the wonderful Steam community in just three weeks, Into Blue Valley is the first major release from Kuchalu - an indie development team based in the UK, founded by two brothers in 2014.

Key Features:

- A pure exploration experience at heart.
- Oculus Rift Support to fully immerse the player in an epic and awe-inspiring VR experience.
- Complete Original Soundtrack to complement the feel of wonder during exploration.


WASD to move.
Mouse for camera input.
Mouse drag up and down to move certain UI elements (Oculus Rift).

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.80GHz Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Video Card with 2GB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Not Recommended
0.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 26, 2014
Date: 12/26/2014

In this game's current state, and for the price ($9-$10), I cannot recommend it.

However, that being said I don't think this game is horrible.

First I want to start with the good things:

- It was very pretty
- Interesting idea to do a game in a "found footage" format
- Music was relaxing and interesting in the situation
- It was creepy, but not scary. Never tired to scare you to try and add "shock value"

Now I want to point out some of the issues I saw:

- Some trees not fully placed into the ground, they kinda float above it, this is actually visible on the path you are supposed to walk on. This applies to other objects in game as well such as tables. Go over the level with a fine toothed comb if you know what I mean.

- Some objects were missing collision models, allowing me to walk into them. (tables, trees, signs etc.)

- Audio transitions could be a bit smoother. Lower the wind volume in that blacksmith's house, it was killing my headphones.

- Knowing you used Unity, did you happen to use a "capsule" or "pill" collision for your player? If so then you may need to look into that, because I found myself slipping down stairs when standing still. That was my first clue to this. Try to not use Unity's default anything for your production games. They tend to not hold up well.

- Don't settle for "good enough" or "yeah they can get through that," really think like a brand new player who's never seen your game! They don't know that a little rock might stop them from walking forward and they need to finagle their way around it. Try and fix all the things that stop you from walking forward, even if it only clips you for a moment, make it smooth.

- Double check your invisible walls in between some of the fences on the path, because one I could walk right past and walk vertically almost to the top of the cliff face, broke the illusion for me.

- Try not to guide the player so much with the narration, nice idea to have people "watching" the player, but having them reveal things like where obtainable objects are takes the game out of the game for me.

- I could sort of figure out the story, but things felt a bit too scattered to really understand what's going on. Most of the time I just walked blindly until I found an item or something to read.

- I can clearly see trees and other items "pop" into existence due to the way Unity handles view distance, I'd look into this, it broke the immersion of the game a huge amount for me.

These are just things I would fix if I were on the development team for this game. I'm giving this review mostly to help out the developers, seeing as this is their first title I'm impressed with it. If you were to patch up the few issues listed above, I think I could recommend it to a few friends.
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Not Recommended
1.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 26, 2014
This game is what some have called a "walking simulator", but you don't even really get to do that without the game guiding your hand with voiceless narration from two dudes watching the "found footage". The game lasts 30 minutes tops, and tells a very short story with no beginining, no middle, but just a short build up to the end, with no conclusion.

If The Blair Witch Project, a broken graphics card, Outlast and a Skyrim had a love child that lost all it's gameplay limbs and just laid around and recited poetry, this would be it.

Watch a full playthrough with my thoughts below.
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28 of 31 people (90%) found this review helpful
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1.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 18, 2015
I'd like to start by pointing out that the official game description is entirely honest and clear, you know. This game actually is a game that entirely focuses on the themes of mystery and curiosity. And it does them if not perfect justice, at least a great service. The audio, the visuals, the presentation are impeccable and are exactly what I'd want from such a game. But here's the thing, I love the genre of mystery and those themes and so for me it was something I've long yearned for. Something that focuses specifically on evoking the sense of mystery. There's no real horror here, there's no real investigation either. There is no grand story either (as far as I'm aware), true to its theme the game gives you a very much intentionally vague and 'unfinished' narrative. If you come expecting any of those things, or indeed any other things you're likely to be disappointed. Heck, you might be disappointed even if you come expecting a great mystery game. It's not the best mystery game possible. But it's pretty damn pleasant. And considering I can't even think of any single game that gives mystery the first priority to this extent on Steam, heck yes, I can recommend this to anybody else who values the feeling of mystery. It's a very pleasant very short very focused very atmospheric experience. If all that is worth the price or not is obviously up to you.
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0.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 24, 2014
Have been long anticipating this release as I do know personally the small team that has been behind it's development. First of all can I say a big well done on coming this far and persevering with this project, it's always refreshing to see new ideas come to the table and indie developers giving their spin on story telling or just pure gameplay at its core.

Into Blue Valley shows off one hell of a creative landscape and perspective which will have you building up your own suspense and in some cases have your eyes playing tricks on you. The atmoshpere is completely hammered home through its fantastic soundtrack to really give that lost wanderer feel.

The story is text based so prepare to read a little but manages to cover different styles of writing that you'd probaly find lying around... It is not a film award winning script but manages to do the job.

Honestly don't expect the longest amount of gameplay from Into Blue Valley however do keep in mind that this is a first for the developer (that consists of one coder might I add!) and that the magic is really in taking it in a slow pace allowing yourself to immerse a little! This immersion will be pushed a little further by an Occulus Rift version (free of charge) which is a bonus that I'd be willing to try out and does help to justify the game's price. I really will be trying this to see if my eyes end up tricking me even more.

Overall a good effort and would be interested in seeing where the developers go in the future.
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1.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 24, 2014
Simply putt he game is a relaxing and at times creepy piece of work.

Although short I enjoyed it very much and especially around this time of year it really feels nice just to walk around the beautifull snow enviroments acompanied by some very beautifull music.

The vage story intrigued me quite a lot and it was fun to find out about what was going on.

It still is as many people would call it a walking simulator similar to Dear esther.
If you enjoy those kinds of games go for it, if you're neutral on te subject wait for a sale and if you hate them as games don't bother.
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Not Recommended
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 17, 2015
A poor attempt at an atmospheric walking simulator. It feels half finished and unpolished .

The Oculus Rift experience was very poor mostly due to the game failing to achieve 75fps even on low quality settings (with a GTX780).

Not worth it.
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0.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 7, 2015
Well, this one in a long line of "Walking Simulators" available on Steam. I enjoy the genre here and there so I thought I would check it out.

Visually, it's pretty cool. The soft shades and blue tint make for an interesting and compelling visual adventure. The "found footage" motif, if you will, was decent, although I did find the camera rolls to be unnecessary. I feel there are better ways to accomplish film degradation as a visual technique in a game. It just is sort of annoying and mildly dizzying, and so not really effective.

The music is pretty nice. Works to push forward the atmosphere of the game, which is desolation ond mystery.

The story itself is sparse told via notes found along the way while the people who now have the tape also comment from time to time. I found those comments to be sort of immersion breaking. They dont really add to the experience and are kind of distracting. They also seem a bit childish in a way, which also takes away from the intended experience IMO.

Also, the ending really didnt make much sense at all to me, even having read the notes. I'm not sure exactly what was really going on there. I could guess and say that sacrifice would save the town, but I dont really know since there is no real conclusion other than the fact that somebody from the town passed the tape along to the kids watching and commenting on it.

Anyway, the actual journey is cool enough. It looks and sounds good with a decent if sparse story.

Technically, it has definite clipping issues. At one point I even got stuck on a stairwell and had to leave the game and come back. Fortunately, the save system is user controlled, and so I was able to re-enter the game at the same point, but without being stuck.

For a buck or two, I would say it is worth checking out. It only took me 31 minutes to play through though, so YMMV. I'm going to give this a positive rating, but only by the slimmest of margins. My rating for this would be about 5.25 out of 10. The visual and audio experience pushes this into positive territory for me, but the rest of the game is sub par at best. Check it out, but dont pay too much for it.
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24 of 34 people (71%) found this review helpful
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 25, 2014
Title: Into Blue Valley
Developer: Kuchalu
Category: Walk-em-Up
Rating: NA (Not Rated)
Price: $10

Into Blue Valley is a First Person Walk-em-Up shown through the eyes of a video camera. The whole idea behind this is you controlling video footage; and this works well (most of the time), to
give a exotic game which shows that not all games need to be fast paced action or a gigantic world and can just be something to relax to but at the same time be creeped out.

As the whole world is seen through a video camera and this is sent in somewhat olden times this game tries to make it as realistic as possible. And does it well. The world is a blue-ish feel of
a 70's camera. That means it does take some getting used to with movement but once you do get used to it you get a real feel of the environment. Now the actual gameplay as stated by the genre
is mainly walking. Don't expect any action sequences or choices. Just plain walking. The main objective of this game is to walk around and collect these magical objects scattered around this world.
Luckily this world looks beautiful, not beautiful as in graphics but how much this world captures the feel of the game. Relaxing yet creepy. I love the world and as this is a
walk-em-up it has to have a good world. And it does. The magical objects are found either outside in its beautiful environment or in houses which you can only enter a few ones chosen by the game.
I found this dissapointing as these houses were small and generic and had no use except for keeping the objects and these notes which were nothing to ride home about. Even with this setback the
gameplay was what a normal walk-em-up is: collecting stuff in its world. Luckily the world is wonderfully crafted so I had no problem doing that.

Controls & Smoothness:
The controls are simple but what I found was the camera was a little sensitive but there was no option to change this! Actually, there were not alot of options; other than changing graphic
settings, controls and resolution there was nothing else you could costumise. Which I think will be dissapointing to anybody who played differently (such as inverted mouse; etc). Luckily I
got used to the camera. I which I could say the same about the smoothness though, most parts were fine though some bumpy parts which you had to walk on were glitchy invisible walls to stop
from walking. I found this annoying as it stopped the feel of a game that your meant to walk in! Some of the invisible walls were so bad that I had to restart the game cause I just got stuck.
My advice would be to stick to the paths.

Music & Sound:
The music is your generic mysterious music with the piano and occasional guitar strums. But what I liked the most were the sound effects. They were generic also but input very well so
it made the game more creepy.

The story (without recking anything) is as follows: These two friends, brothers, I don't know watch some type one of them has found. He plays it so he can show his friend, brother,
I don't know. Anyway as you play the game these people talk and their talk is quite helpful and tells you when your on track or not which is good and can stop the walking around not
knowing what to do frustration which can happen alot in walk-em-ups. But it doesn't stop it completely (trust me, I've been there). While the talk is great it is text. I would've loved them
actually talking.

This game tries to set out and do something different (like lots of Indie games do). Luckily, this one worked in the most part and made a solid game. This game is about an hour which
when I first saw this thought this was really bad as I payed $10 and has no replay value. But, if they had kept it going any longer it would have gotten repetitive so the 1 hour length
was perfect. This game is great.

The Good:

+ Something Different
+ Gives a Great Atmosphere
+ A Great World to Explore
+ Good Narration

The Bad:
- Generic Houses
- Not Much Options
- Invisible Walls & and Some Glitchy Walking
- Generic Music & Sound
- No Replay Value

8.8/10 (Great)

Rating Scale: (Must get a 6.5 or above to be recommended)
0-0.9: The Worst Piece of ♥♥♥♥ Ever
1-1.9: Absolutely Terrible
2-2.9: ♥♥♥♥
3-3.9: Poor
4-4.9: Bad
5-5.9: Meh
6-6.9: Okay
7-7.9: Good
8-8.9: Great
9-9.9: Excellent
10: Masterpiece

Like this for more!
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13 of 16 people (81%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 14, 2015
I knew that this is very short and that it will be nothing special at all, but also in technical matters this game is very flawed.

1. In this short play time I accidentally clipped through objects and got stuck several times.
2. The camera is moving up and down all the time if there are just tiny stones on the ground. This made me feel sick and it seemed laggy although it wasn't.
3. Rocks are slightly transparent.
4. Heavy performance drop in a scene shortly before the end
5.Also, I might be picky, but the wells are just placed flat on the ground so there is no actual deep hole to see.

One good thing is, it didn't crash.

Apart from that I had problems with the controller support, but that's just a usual Unity thing and I knew how tro fix that.
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1.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 31, 2014
Into the Blue is a short story game but sets itself apart from the others Ive played before. As in most short story games, you are brought into the game not really knowing whats going on or where you are and you must begin exploring the area to unfold the story. The perspective and role you play in the game is from the past. It is found footage that two people have found and are watching. You get to take first person control of the character/camera and explore Blue Valley. Now the two people watching will sometimes speak and offer up suggestions on what you should do(because one of them has watched it before) or criticize what you're doing with simple humor. There is no voice acting though which dissapointed me a little since it doesn't really seem like that would have been very hard to add seeing how its a short story game and doesn't really last very long, but it was still a great addition to the gameplay.
As far as the story goes... I won't give out any spoilers... but It was confusing for me the first time I played it. I was just as lost at the end of the game as I was at the beginning. I just played the objective and made it through so it is very easy to just walk right through the game without really knowing whats going on. The objectives you must find and notes to read are all highlighted which makes them very easy to find as long as you are good at exploring everything. I would have made this a little more difficult by not highlighting the main objectives and just the notes maybe. Now Blue Valley is an old abandoned town with silhouettes that dissapear in front of you but other than just a creepy feeling throughout the town and the game, there wasn't really any jump scare moments like it makes there seem there will be. The camera does do weird things once in a while since its an old video and I really liked that effect.
When it comes to the graphics I think it looked pretty good. The game runs on unity and they make the most of it. The enviroment is very nice and I didnt really see anything that was off other than maybe a tree that wasnt fully connected to a hill but nothing game breaking. The colors are all pretty much blue and white. Since you are located in the mountains it seems and in a snowy area, there isnt much color variance and the old camera effect even adds to it making the white/bloom very bright at times. I ran the game at ultra setting and had no issues with frame drop and I didn't experience any crashes either. All in all I really enjoyed it after the second playthrough as I made sure to pay attention to the story that time. If you're into Short Story, Walking Simulator Games(As some people refer to them) then I'd definitely check it out. If this isn't your thing you probably should just pass on it.
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Recently Posted
1.4 hrs
Posted: May 20
Into Blue Valley gives a nice and interesting concept with mystery and horror themes
but it is really short and has a little bug like getting struck,game crash etc.
Not recommmend buying it on full prices. Wait for sale.


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1.0 hrs
Posted: May 3
Pretty good walking simulator. I will be more open to these types of games in the future.
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0.7 hrs
Posted: May 3
I wanted so badly to recommend this game. It's got a really cool concept and set up, the world design and music are fantastic, but there's a few significant drawbacks:

- Really limited interface and front-end options - no option to adjust mouse sensitivity or reverse y-axis
- Movement feels like it's frequently having trouble getting around terrain, even if you don't get completely stuck
- Very short (play through for me was 25 minutes, and I took my time)

Devs, if you're listening, the reviews are full of (mostly) wonderful advice to improve this game. With a little more polish and a lower price, this would be recommended for sure. Please keep creating because you're so close to making a hit!
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0.6 hrs
Posted: February 26
It was presumably aiming to raise questions, but thanks to its half-hearted presentation and sparse narrative, the only question it raises is, “How do I get out of Blue Valley?”

Full review:
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0.5 hrs
Posted: January 30
What is Into Blue Valley?

Genre: first person exploration with mystery and horror elements (kind of)
Setting: abandoned winter village hiding a secret
Difficulty: 1/10 --> walk and collect items. nothing challenging at all
Length: 20 to 60 minutes for a single playthrough
Mode: singleplayer campaign

The positive aspects:

- graphics are nice (freezing camera lens) and strenghten ...
- ... the game's atmosphere which is generally creepy
- beautiful soundtrack

The negative aspects:

- flat story. At the end, open questions are left unanswered, no explanation why the protagonist is there, does what he does there, is looking for there at all
- very short
- no challenge, which would be ok if you could immerse into the story deeply. but you can't because there is none, so it's a minus

Result (and summary for those who have no time reading):

Into Blue Valley is short, it lacks challenge and content, and there is no deep story. You do not miss anything not buying this game. Maybe worth a tryout at sales time, but not for the regular price.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: January 9
I'll say straight off that I only reccomend this game if you can get it on sale, as you can beat it in 20 minutes, and it's $9.99.

However, it is a beautiful game with a wonderful atmosphere, and if there was more game I would love it.
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1.3 hrs
Posted: December 19, 2015
The simple premise is that a friend of yours has come across an old vhs tape of a person who is exploring a town known as 'Blue Valley' whose town people have mysteriously disappeared. Your friend comments on this tape as you watch it together, a tape which for some reason you can control what it sees? The big mystery of why everyone is dead? Why there is a massive temple hiding an extraterrestrial tree? Why do vanishing people want the camera man dead? And why a cam corder seems to have infinite power on zero battery life is never really explained? Hence the whole walking around adventure seems rather pointless at the end. Nothing is answered.

The even bigger mystery which this game offers which I would really like solved is this ... Why is there even ONE positive review to this game when there clearly should be NONE whatsoever??? Why do you ask? Well lets start with the fact that the programming is so bad you can walk off cliffs, get stuck in stair wells, see through boulders, become one with a picket fence and have the game have a psychotic crash causing reboot for absolutely no reason. Should I continue???

The whole cheap gimmick of 'found footage' does not work. You NEVER really feel that your a part of anything. Why? Because your brain should have enough common sense to tell you that you should not be able to control VHS footage found. On top of this the developer have sacrificed voice acting for flashing written messages on screen like cheaply done subtitles which just ruins any moment of realism.

The object of just walking around a town to discover how many bugs you can find does not make good entertainment. The only puzzle in the game is to find eight objects which the word 'obtain' visually placed over the top of them which again ruins any feeling of realism and place them on the eight podiums in the temple. A secret stairwell will appear which sends you to a ice dungeon which houses a gigantic tree which has a stairwell/ portal which leads beyond. It's not hard to find 8 objects which have big words 'obtain' over them, but still you will somehow probably more likely find bugs before you find the objects in question.

Game is done by these people (any relation to a russian developer of 'One Night'?).

I really don't get it? Are we that starved for good games that we will now give a thumbs up if a developer at least gets one thing right? While the musical score is good, it sadly gets drummed out by the snow storm? Likewise while the graphics are topnotch, they're effect has little positive impact since your experience will be constantly jarred by bugs and badly developed game play.

How can one admire a flower in a paddock of muck and mire???

Seriously the game is so pointless since it doesn't answer a damn thing and is so badly ochestrated in game design that I wouldn't even recommend it even if it was free. Just watch the walk through on you tube and be thankful you did not waste any money...

Sadly something that could have been promising, but severely rushed in development and the opportunity of something great here seems wasted...
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Grips Mango
0.5 hrs
Posted: October 10, 2015
I guardedly recommend this game; the visuals, presentation, and central conceit of it are excellent and engaging, but it's extremely brief.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: September 29, 2015
A few little bugs like getting stuck in walls or trapped behind something that you just can't get free from. Also the trailers look way better than the real game. I don't think that the story of watching events through a vhs video camera lends itself to a graphically good game, it becomes a boring eyestrain after a while. I love walking type simulators but this just doesn't look nice or play well.
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