Choose your giant monster! Destroy cities around the world! Rule the Earth in this light action-strategy game that harkens back to the classic PC monster city-stomping games of yesteryear!
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Release Date: Apr 23, 2015

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March 23

We Stomped Bugs and Put a Monsters In a Bunny Suit in latest update.

Yeah, you read that right.

As we head into the long weekend, we've updated Kaiju-A-GoGo with some notable fixes and just because monsters in costumes are hilarious, we've add a free, holiday-themed skin for Armagordon. Hippty-hop!

  • Healing minions not healing has been fixed.
  • Ginormasaurus' Phase Shift has been fixed.
  • Units will not attack at the start of combat for a short period of time.
  • Enemy kaiju attempting to attack nothing has been fixed.
  • Minions should acquire their targets better.
  • Annihilator Ray changed to acquire more suitable targets.
  • Message Portraits made clickable so that the empty "ghost" messages can be skipped.
  • And just in case you want to dress up a bit this weekend; A new Bunny Gordon Skin for Easter!

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As our way of saying thanks to everyone who supported our crowdfunding efforts, or who are early adopters of the game, we will be adding not one, but TWO additional creatures in the next few months; the Chlorophyll Creeper, Shrubby and the Massive Mutant, Armagordon!

If you have a copy of the game prior to these monstrous additions they will be added to your game automatically as an update. Otherwise, as monsters take care and attention to create, each monster will be reflected by the addition of a mere dollar to the game price - once the third Kaiju is added the game will be at its full price point. So the earlier you jump in and start stomping cities, the better!

And stay tuned for exclusive, alternate monster skins, so you can crush, crumble and vamp!

About This Game

Kaiju-a-gogo is a strategy/action title featuring GIANT MONSTERS. The player takes on the role of a fledgling Mad Scientist who has built the first human-controlled Kaiju in the world. While your rivals race to catch up with your genius and build their own Kaiju to compete with you, you have a five-year-window to use your Kaiju to achieve TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION.

Start off the game Mad Scientist Dr. Norman E. Farious and his Kaiju creation, Ginormasaurus! You will then start play at your Secret Lair, an uncharted island, and launch your first attacks upon the unsuspecting world. As you crush city after city with your magnificent creation, the resistance of the people in that region will weaken, until eventually they bow to the inevitable and admit that you’re in charge. When you have conquered all of the regions on the globe, you win! You are the world’s supreme dictator and number one monkey. Simple as that.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 2 GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB Open GL compatible card
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any Windows compatible sound device
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 2.3 GHz or equivalent
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
Customer reviews
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Mostly Positive (179 reviews)
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( 13.2 hrs on record )
Posted: June 22
I had a lot more fun smashing the city in King of the Monsters, wich is a versus wrestle game with giant monster.
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( 16.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 4
If you're a fan of kaiju movies, this game is a lot of fun. Too many giant monster games focus on fighting other monsters, and not enough on city destruction.
However, this game's management mechanics are a bit obtuse and hard to get around. Upgrading your kaiju becomes a very expensive proposition in the late game, and many of the late game cities are very hard to attack. You get shredded in seconds, and don't really feel like a giant monsters.
Still, up until that point, it's a very fun and rewards experience to slowly whittle a city's morale down until they surrender.
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( 9.5 hrs on record )
Posted: May 1
If you someone who likes Kaijus, Giant monster, and Cities bieng destroyed. this game is for you.
Its fun, amazing, and Injoyable but sometimes it gets difficult,Which I actually like it does make me made sometimes but not always.
Pros: Pick different scientist with differrent Monsters, destroy cities and crush humans under your feet, get destroyed by the army.
cons: We need a place were we can build are own monsters, Flyings Kiaju, Alien Kaiju, Atomic Kaiju, Etc,
I just wish that there was an Option were you can build or create your own kaiju,(from different species) like a Atomic Fire breathing Lizard or Iguiana, Even bieng a Giant Spider or Alien Kaiju.
Please I hate giving Bad Reviews to games.
Do I recommend this to a friend? Yes. Yes I do.
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( 0.1 hrs on record )
Posted: April 12
Not really enough here to bother with. Needs more monsters, more game mechanics, and some more elements to hold one's interest.
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Magnetto Man
( 5.6 hrs on record )
Posted: April 11
I do not recommend this game at all!

The concept of this game is really great , and I got so excited by the demo video that I didn't even bother to check that the game does not support a controller. I would have been a big hint for what I consider to be the game worst problem: the battle system.

The battles are extremely disapointing , as all you do is click on the direction you want your Kaiju to go , and it automatically destroys everything on its path to the way point.

There are ranged skills that you can trigger during the battle , but they are not fun to use either. You get attacked by many different units and have the option to target then so that everytime you hit a the skill button ( they have coldowns and / or consume resources ) it is fired on them. However , small units tend to move fast so whatever you fire goes to the direction the unit WAS and usually misses. Try to reach it with you Kaiju and you might have both trouble clicking on the small enemy moving fast behind high buildings, and have the Kaiju actually reaching it. When it finally does, it will have received serious damage.

Then you return with you damaged or destroyed Kaiju to your base and speed up time until it gets repaired. And you start a new attack on the same city or a another one. It is always the same. Even with upgradeable skills and different scenerios and enemies the dynamic is the very same. Walk a little bit over the city with the monster destroying things automatically and getting damaged by enemies and then leave.

Other than the battles there is a resource management / building part whose interface is not intuitive or easy to use in my opinion. Eventually I gave up with over little 5 hours of gaming,
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Roald the bear.
( 0.3 hrs on record )
Posted: March 28
This is my fastest refund on steam so far,
the concept could have been fun,
but the gameplay is just plain dull, the pathfinding is horrendous, the visibility apalling,
the overall control over your kaiju is close to none, is it pretty much a point and click game,
buy it at -80% maybe it would be worth it, otherwise you are not missing anything if you do not own this game.
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Mecha King Kong
( 42.8 hrs on record )
Posted: March 26
Maybe the best kaiju game ever, Kaiju-A-Go-Go doesn't make things too complicated or too simple, combining city smashing with basic levelling up and base building. Despite the sameness of the gameplay, it doesn't get boring. A challenge on any difficulty.
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Jimerson Airplane
( 3.2 hrs on record )
Posted: March 25
A fun game, takes me back to Rampage in the Arcade.

Only a few hours in, but with my Shubby taking down 3 Cities already, (Although the map does need a legend to help work out cities to attack)

For the price, I highly reccomend this, if you are into this sort of game at all.
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Lizzakat Blades
( 2.3 hrs on record )
Posted: March 25
Dont even know how I got this game, but Im glad i have it....It's like rampage mixed with sim city 8/10!
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7.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 23, 2015
This is a spiritual successor to Crush Crumble & Chomp, and the Epyx Movie Monster Game which you might remember from the C64. Somewhat of an inverse-XCOM because you're the bad guy trying to defeat the world by attacking cities and building your secret island base. You can look all day long for a strategy game where you stomp through a city as a giant monster... I'll wait... right, there aren't any others. So, if that's your thing then this is your game.

It's evident that Canadians made this, because all the N. American cities are the ones with good hockey teams. The soundtrack is fun, and there's no mistaking that it's considerably inspired by Toho's own soundtracks. Buildings burn NICELY, and the fire propagates, so you'll have some pretty epic views of burning cities at night. Multiple tiers of unlockable powers - breath weapons, eye beams, armor, shields, big guns. The game has a single Kaiju in it now, a Mechagodzilla inspired robozilla, and down the road they'll release at least two more - maybe more. Maybe if enough of us chant "Cthulhu" in the comments that can happen. :-)

It works, it's fun, and it's the only game like it... so it's a pretty easy $12ish to spend.
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82.2 hrs on record
Posted: April 23, 2015
OK so if you've always wanted to decimate a city with giant robot monster, this is the game for you.

A few things I didn't expect going in:

1) The level of detail. In terms of managing your secret base, upgrading and repairing your kaiju, there is a lot to do and consider.

2) How much actual fun causing mayhem in a seemingly helpless city is.

3) Level of difficulty. It's not quite as easy as it seems either. Cities will ramp up their efforts to repel you as you tear down more and more of their infrastructure (why are they so hostile?). So expect infantry, combat jeeps, tanks, helicopters and more to try to take a piece out of your precious Kaiju.

Apart from the aforementioned stuff, the art style and attention to detail in the layouts of the cities is very fitting and well-done. Who doesn't like goofy mad scientists bent on world destruction?

To summarize: Get this game if you want a casual, yet deep strategy experience that you can easily play in small bites or marathon sessions. It's strangely addicting. Just don't cackle in glee with your friends or family around. They...probably won't understand... Anyway, just get this game. You won't regret it.

P.S. Did I mention the X-Com like world map and time compression system? I'll do that next time.
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243.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 11, 2015
TLDR: Surprisingly deep game for strategy gamers. Good solid fun for casual gamers, especially ones who love being bad guys.

Having spent so many hours playing this game, I felt like it was about time I wrote a review.

I'm always interested in games which you can play from the 'opposite point of view'. Games like Evil Genius, or Stubbs the Zombie, or Dungeon Keeper, where you can take on the role of the traditional 'bad guy'.

This game lets you take control of a city wrecking Kaiju in your bid to take over the world. Some people have made the comparison to the old school arcade classic Rampage, but this game is so much more intricate and has so much more depth. It's hard to compare it to anything else I can think of. It has base building elements, character development as you power up your Kaiju, strategy at a city level and global level. Resource management. Although you could play it as a casual city stomping experience, if you invest more time and attention in the game, you will come to appreciate the depth here.

At a secret base level, you have to juggle your resources and facilities, making raids to gather all the money and power and organics to maintain your base and build new facilities. You will have a couple of years to build up your base and Kaiju powers before the Kaiju Defence Force (KDF) begin to attack your secret base directly. But when they do, you'd better have some defences in place because even their first attacks can send enough units to wreck your base and overwhelm your Kaiju.

At a global level, there are many cities rated from Tier 1 (weak) to Tier 5 (strong), and spread across 6 global regions. Each attack on a city will raise the alert level of a region, from green to yellow to amber to red. It's much easier to catch a city off guard in a region with a low alert level, and the alert level will drop over time if you don't keep attacking the same region. On the other hand, you can capture cities faster with repeated attacks, but doing so will leave a region on Red Alert level, which I've never seen drop back down to amber, even after several in game months. Attacking cities which are on alert makes your raid much tougher as there will be more units on the map to greet you. Catching a city off guard will give you some time to stomp around without any enemies to oppose you. That can make a big difference.

The only way to force a city to surrender without plunging the whole region to red alert is to hit it when the region is on green alert, completely unprepared, and make it surrender with one attack. That adds a level of strategy. If you have no regions on green alert, do you risk a raid and force that region to an even higher alert level, or take a break, maybe spend some time training new abilities until the regions calm down again? Or do you just attack relentlessly and pay no heed to the alert levels, risking being ambushed when you arrive at a city, or facing a lot of enemy units as soon as you arrive, instead of catching them by surprise and having some time to wreck whatever you wish without having to fight off the defence forces?

At a city level, each city has its own character. The developers have made each city look like it should with the building styles and map layout, and each city has a different selection of units to protect it. Some rely more on helicopters and aircraft, some have more tanks, or hi tech units, some use lighter long ranged units like missile trucks and missile tanks. Each kind of enemy unit requires a different kind of Kaiju power to counter. And with only 6 power slots available, picking the right abilities for each city is important. No point taking normal Eye Beam Lasers when you know you're going to be facing tanks. You'll need Radioactive Death Stare for those. But then again, if you're only going to be facing jeeps and light tanks, normal Eye Beams are much more useful, they cost less power to use, and have a much quicker recharge time. No need for overkill, always picking the most powerful abilities you have.

Also, each city has a different balance of available resources. Some cities might have many colleges and universities, making it a great place to raid for Knowledge. Others might have several banks or large office building areas, great for looting cash. Some have extensive dock and port areas, where you can get plenty of energy. Some cities might not have many buildings where you can get power, so you'll have to make sure you head out with plenty of power already in your Kaijus batteries. Others might have so many power buildings that you can afford to go there running on empty, so you can bring back to base a huge amount of power for building better facilities.

Either way, even though you have a massive monster under your control, you will inevitably be overwhelmed and forced to retreat as the defenders send more and more units against you. So you have to hit a city hard, grab what you need, destroy your chosen targets and get out again safely. Do you want to force the city to surrender and supply you with monthly cash income? Take out their landmarks and stomp on as many civilians as you can. Are you just making a raid for cash, or power, or knowledge? Find the buildings that contain what you need, and smash them to the ground to get at the goodies inside. Banks, Universities, Power Plants, Office Towers... they all give up more loot than simple houses and stores.

You can definitely play this as a casual stress relief kind of game, having fun stomping on fleeing citizens and infantry, swatting helicopters out of the sky and melting tanks with laser beams and plasma breath, but for players who love deeper strategy and unique or unusual gameplay, this game really has a lot to offer.

And with the upcoming release of two more Kaiju, with different abilities and features, it has more to offer in the future. I can understand why some players are disappointed that all three monsters weren't available at launch, but the develpers have been toiling hard behind the scenes, as well as polishing the game as it stands with tweaks, bug hunts and game balancing. Over 200 hours with only one Kaiju, and two more to look forward to. I didn't play Skyrim or Fallout 3 as much as I've played this, and those two games are definitely on my top 5 list of most awesome games.
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5.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 2, 2015

Many of the negative reviews are talking about the launch and people who don't understand the controls. Indeed the game was in a rough shape on the launch, with crashes and bugs, but it's perfectly fine right now and being updated with frequency! The devs are very attentive and quick to act about any problems that show up!

From the creators of a marvelous game that I love too (Swords of the Stars: The Pit), this gem is perfect for those who are fan of kaijus (giant monsters) and strategy games.

In this game, you have to plan how to upgrade your kaiju (it even changes his appearance in some upgrades!) and your secret island, to help your efforts in taking over the world.

Destroy cities and make them surrender their command to you, making them vassal states.

Fight against air, ground, sea military forces and even other kaijus that will try to stop you!
And most important: Have tons of fun doing that.

The game controls can be a bit frustrating in the beginning, and the targeting of some attacks may look confuse, but with a little time and patience, you'll get in to it! Just keep in mind that you're controling a giant monster in a city, and that pesky tank you're trying to hit with your Eye Beam may be behind a building or something, and remember to lock the target on them with the right mouse button! :)

By the time, there's only one kaiju, but there are 2 to be released as dlc (for free for those who buy before their release!) and they plan to release more after the 3 initial ones, and maybe even a expansion!

So what you're waiting for? Buy it and go cause some mayhem!
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185.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 24, 2015
Full Disclosure: I backed the Indiegogo campaign and played the game prior to release!
Edit: Updated after the 1.03 patrol hotfix.

Updated Bit:
- You can now recycle unwanted buildings at your lair, and there are more tooltips for the secret base buildings.
- For those who were worried, volume sliders are in.
- Threatening cities (once you have built a properly dangerous reputation) is in, provided you build the proper base facility.
- Stupid play is still stupid play: Don't expect stomping only small apartment complexes to give you the resources you need. Tactical and strategic city-stomping is rewarded... time is a resource before city defenders show up, so go for the JUICY targets like universities, banks, and power plants.
- Core gameplay is in and solid. Technical issues (slowdown spikes on some rigs, very strong patrols) seem to have been addressed, but this game still has some rough edges. If you require prefect functionality, this game is not for you.
- Still an easy recommend if you are into city-stomping and varied monster training.


- First Kaiju City Stomper/Base Building game in ages (ever?)
- Kaiju is not a static creature, but one the player nurtures and develops through resource gathering and training
- Training does not follow a fixed path! Game has 99+ abilities for the Kaiju, and the player is only expected to unlock around 33 on a normal run. Abilities are unlocked via a web, whereby you can't simply rush to the ability you want. Prereqs must be unlocked too.
- The world is not JUST your punching bag. Each region is building its own unique Kaiju to thwart you! There are six regions, each with a different mix of defense units.
- Resources! 5 you gather (Power, Knowledge, Money, "Organics", and Purpletonium) and one you can only spend- time! After five years of raiding and conquering, the Kaiju Defense Force is coming for you and your secret base.
- Unique city layouts! Each city is different and persistent, so the approach to optimally convert Caracas will be very different to the strategy needed for Seattle. Player decisions and needs matter and the game rewards considered city destruction. (Juicy targets may be mostly hidden behind terrain or skyrises, so there is an element of treasure hunting/Where's Waldo?)
- Base Building: The way you lose is if your secret Lair is destroyed, so you will need to build both defensive and production buildings to properly suceed. I don't have much experience with base defense yet, but you can make walls and at least 3 defensive turret types.
- Made by Kerberos Productions as an Indie! KP has a fantastic track record of support for their indie titles, both tech and free content. (Look at The Pit, their roguelike, which had numerous updates and tweaks in addition to expansions for over two years.)
- You get to stomp cities as a giant monster! Did I mention that? I think I did...

- Some sound effect kinks remain. The sound of tank tracks, for example, can play in the background even when you have left a city you are fighting.
- Kaiju control is very much "go there and bash things," no way to differentiate auto-attacks from just defenders or just buildings. This is a minor quibble though, as the player has pinpoint targeting control of most of the activated abilities you research. Can make the first few cities frustrating.
- Will not cure cancer.

Overall: A polished city-stomper with lots of variety and opportunities for skilled play to matter. All delivered in a quirky B movie style with lots of explosions. If you like this style of game, a wholehearted reccommendation!
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12.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 26, 2015
Kaiju-A-GoGo is a game where you take your Kaiju (Giant Robot Monster) to destroy different cities around the world and take their resources to upgrade your Kaiju/base. I am not going to lie and say that this game is perfect. Actually, it has plenty of problems, but the fun gameplay and the potential Kaiju-A-GoGo has greatly improves this games “awesomeness”. At times Kaiju-A-GoGo is very grindy and the base building has some glaring problems with it, but since it is in Early Access we can tell the developers the problems with it and we should see this game become nearly perfect before the full release. It show great potential and I can’t wait for the future updates and the new Kaiju.

  • Great concept
  • Tons of fun to destroy cities
  • Cool artstyle
  • Plans for more Kaiju
  • Tons of potential
  • Plenty of places to destroy


  • Lacking visual settings
  • Base is missing a lot of features
  • Movement is clunky
  • Very grinding at times
  • Several game crashing bugs


Kaiju-A-GoGo is a game of destruction and resource management. It has its problems, but it is in Early Access and this means that the problems of the game should be fixed before a full release. If you are willing to follow Kaiju-A-GoGo as it evolves into the full release version, it is 100% worth the money and you will get tons of fun out of it.

Video Reivew


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36.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 10, 2015
X-COM like base management, but instead of squads, you send out a giant monster to punch cities in the face in real time.

But don't expect the people of Earth to lay down, as you grow in power, so does their military prowess. So what might have been machine guns and local police, will soon become laser tanks and bombers and even worse.

It's a lot of fun, it's cheap, and there's really no other game like it.
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37.0 hrs on record
Posted: April 26, 2015
Prior to the recent popularity of crowdunded games, this game is what a publisher would call "a loser". Many of us who grew up in the games world of the late 80's and 90's miss the days when a neat concept game would hit the shelves and surprise with something new. For the decade prior, a new game was the latest FPS, RPG or MMO whos distinguishing feature would be how much sharper the graphics are THIS time. Far from perfect, but a lot of fun, Kaiju-A-GoGo is essentially a unique strategy and tactics RPG about destroying cities and conquering the world with a giant robot.

Concept: Rather than state that the game is bad or good because I happen to like it, It would be better to simply describe the product's appeal to me, and let the reader decide if it appeals to him/her as well. The objective is to conquer the world. The game consists of a strategy metagame and of course the tactical destroy-the-city game.

The strategy gameflow is to build up various resources to improve your Kaiju. You only get one. The game has a base building feature to generate resources and train the Kaiju similar to X-com. The Kaiju is improved by adding abilities you research in a tiered structure. Each successive tier features more abilities than the last, causing the player to be more judicious about which abilities he wants to research.

The tactical game consists of ordering the kaiju to move in a certain direction in the city and using the active abilities for certain effects. The objective is to destroy as much as possible, driving the city's morale down and picking up resources to bring back with you. The lower the morale, the higher the chance the city will surrender. Building types will generate certain types of resources and certain cities have more of some resources than others. As the city wears down, the defenders will grow stronger and the player has to consider the endurance of the Kaiju vs. the his ability to escape or cause a surrender. A surrender is the main way to generate the money resource.

I'm a big fan of this type of gameplay, so this is basically my list of pros. The game is a progressive/grind type of metastrategy game, which does not appeal to everyone. Making the Kaiju stronger and destroying a city is great fun for me, and though the mechanics have some problems, the build up is quite satisfying.

Now for the problems:

The Kaiju can be hard to control sometimes and the amount of enemies and congestion makes maneuvering more difficult than it should be. Some common sense changes, such as allowing clicking off map to escape, and scrolling using arrow keys or some alternate method would be helpful. The kaiju also has a tendency to just shoot whatever it wants rather than the intended target. This can be frustrating.

There are some siily bugs, boats on land and at least once, I had an issue where I wouldn't take damage, my shots wouldnt land and the defenders stopped spawning.

Todays gamer needs a much larger amount of handholding than any generation prior, and this game does very little of it. Though the game can be figured out quite easily through trial and error plus deductive reasoning, these players often have youtube accounts with thousands of other easily confused player subscribers. A manual would probably help them enjoy thier game experience better. I don't know, for me the idea that I should look for an escape route for my Kaiju and be prepared to dig through some buildings when I'm at a certain health level...seems common sense to me.

Unfortunately, this small team of developers did not make the game in first person, or use the unreal-whatever engine to generate graphics. If you need these things to enjoy a game I feel sorry for you, maybe there will be an action spin-off rail shooter if this game takes off...just for you. The art style won't appeal to everyone, and sprites are a thing of the past, though for some sad reason, creepy not-really-lifelike awkward 3d models of people are not.

Thousands of people that have wasted their entire lives playing an mmo where you grind, have done a good job of telling the world how bad it is to grind. This game has a grind. If you enjoy the game, it's an enjoyable grind.

tldr: All in all a fantastic example of a decent crowdfunded game. It provides a gameplay concept (destroying cities with a giant robot x-com style) that would never see the light of day in the traditional model. Even though there are hits and misses, this is a great time to be a gamer.
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Not Recommended
38.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 23, 2015
Great potential but the difficulty kills it. For perspective, I beat Xcom Terror from the Deep and that is a challenging, but fun game. I found this game difficulty to be unfair. Examples of this include spawning in cities surrounded by enemies that force me to run immediately or when in the process of running have numerous enemies spawn around me that drop my health to zero quickly. I get that enemies need to spawn in the city but having over a dozen laser tanks suddenly appear in my vicinity when I'm trying to exit the map (which can be hard enough, I'll get to that later) is just waste of time when they suddenly kill me. The controls can be clunky. I understand this isn't an action game but part of the strategy seems to be clearing lanes and staying near the edge of cities. I can click on buildings near the edge to destroy and I constantly get prompts to "Leave city?". That's frustrating enough but when I try to run out of the city and click off the map the monster goes wandering parallel to the edge indefinitely (and dies when the spawns appear out of nowhere).

I am confident I could beat this game, but don't intend to because the randomness/difficulty makes it a grind where I have to return to each city many times to take them. It's not rewarding when I feel like my success/failure is a result of random factors and not skill/strategy. Plus I'm not on the biggest/final tier cities yet so I'm throwing in the towel and not wasting my time. For reference, I lowered the difficulty from "Normal" to "Easy" and using the default Ginormasarus with Tier 5 skills. I guess this game needs a very easy choice or some balance thrown in. It seems that some people like it the way it is, but this review is from someone that put in a lot of time and tried to like it. I would consider changing the review if the difficulty is adjusted but I can't see the average buyer enjoying it in the current state.
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37.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 23, 2015
This game is great fun so far. Can't wait to unlock more advanced abilities. I recommend this game at this price point without reservation.

Although controlling your Kaiju is very simple, the gameplay is pretty deep. You need to carefully choose what to build on your island base, what path you take through a city, WHICH city to attack, which abilities to use etc...

I've just made anchorage surrender with only ONE hitpoint left!?!?! EPIC!
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