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    最低需求:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP,128 MB RAM,500MHz 或更快,DirectX 7.0
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欸欸 你有沒有玩過一個遊戲 一直養一堆魚 然後還可以打怪欸
wat 我昨天才養到了nuts鑽石魚
欸欸你知道 第五章的關卡有多難嗎 手都按到快爛掉了nuts

如果有人跟你說 " 我養到了彩虹魚喔>:) "
那--- 他肯定是 沒朋友 想交朋友來搭訕你們然後掰話題(NO才不是wat
就算如此 你還是可以很認真的跟他聊 也算是多交一個朋友:3

以上為個人經驗罷了 lolz (後面來亂的
你如果沒聽過這些話 代表你年紀比我小lol (x


然後小心各種奇怪的alien 把你食量超大的魚吃光光
再來就是蒐集各式各樣的海底生物 幫忙經營你的水族箱

當然還有 限時 跟 挑戰模式 ,also custom 模式

後者就是輕鬆玩 蒐集一些怪奇顏色fish的快樂時光

遊戲看似 休閒 簡單 不認真動個頭腦 還是會讓你殘念的喔:3

像是第五章 (舉例 想讓你的手不要有疾病風險的話

不要忘了 遊戲還要打怪物
當你撿錢撿得很開心 或是很累的時候
WAT---- BOSS出現了,你該怎麼辦勒


總而言之,價錢方面 因人而異
對我來說 小時候玩的時候 就算破得要命,換個電腦 或是大爆炸 wat 全沒了

出在steam上反而讓人有衝動想買 即使你根本不會去碰它www

有空再玩 可能還會再加一些東西 感謝收看:3
張貼於:10 月 11 日
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5.2 記錄時數
If you ever wanted to keep fish but were worried about how to deal with the inevitable alien tank invasions which would occur multiple times a day, this game will be perfect practice for you!
張貼於:06 月 20 日
27 人之中有 20 人(74%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
5.3 記錄時數
Quite possibly the best game ever created.

The level of strategy required to play this game is nearly incomprehensible; I found myself having to have a piece of paper nearby just to draw out budget plans, and that's not even touching the complex combat system. When combat occurs, there's a sharp balance you have to hold between managing aggression and doing damage; less attacks per second to keep an important character safe, or more to finish him off but maybe propel the alien into your school? It's very difficult to the point that survival horror comes to mind as a genre.

The budgeting system is intense. Allocating funds between fish and weapons borders on art instead of strategy. Don't walk into this game expecting a casual experience. Without spoiling too much, I'll say that the upgrade mechanics are also amazing. While it's usually linear improvement, expect stellar new graphics and sounds along with your stat buffs. There are upgrades for fish, weapons, food, and more that I won't mention.

The soundtrack in this game is absolutely killer. Seriously. It's amazing. You could sleep to the calm tracks, but I can personally vouch that when PopCap wants to build suspense, they build it. They then deliver. Hard. The enemies you'll be fighting in this game are, as previously mentioned, no joke. Those linear upgrades I mentioned are less upgrades and more a scrabble to keep up with the standard of ten steps behind the enemy. Good luck accomplishing even that. And believe me. You'll be pounded with sick beats the whole time.

The cast in this game is great. Deep, dark, thoughtful lines and lovable characters, models, and animations make this game truly beautiful and unforgettable. Every death is truly a tragedy. The end credits are mostly comic relief (literally the first you'll see in the entire game), so they lack a bit in the way of factual information. Through my own research, I've found a few of the character actors:
1. The dolphin's sounds were ripped directly from a Soviet nuclear submarine.
2. One of the "hidden" special characters' grunts are from Sylvester Stallone's first role ever. I'm not sure they attained the proper licensing, but it looks like the beginnings of the lawsuit were swept under the rug.
3. The guppies sound like a plethora of different actors, but is actually just Bill Murray pretending to be hundreds of other actors.
4. The final boss is voiced by Bill Murray acting as himself.
5. The last one I could figure out was the carnivores' bite sounds are the exact same sound as the dog bites in CoD: Ghosts. I'm not sure how that happened, but I promise that if you compare them they're exactly the same.

The last thing I'd like to touch on is the amazing graphical expertise that the art department at PopCap has. Genuinely soothing and peaceful graphics put you into a calm state right along with the soundtrack; that is, until and alien shows up and the advanced gore engine tosses guppy shreds all over your tank. The shading effects are also amazing. Shadows are affected by laser blasts and temporal warp shifts (TWSs as known ingame), and you can almost see the reflection in a guppy's eye as her beloved little sister is strewn halfway across the tank by the razor-sharp teeth of an extraterrestrial. When it needs to build suspense, it acknowledges the hardware shortcomings of the time and leaves a lot to the imagination; however, I promise you that when that suspense finally culminates, you'll wish they'd left a little more to be imagined.

This game definitely isn't for casuals or noobs. I'm not trying to be offensive, but I promise that it'll stomp you into the ground over and over, and its version of a reprieve is stepping back long enough to pull on a pair of steel-toes. The only tip I can give is to avoid indecision because I promise that if you falter for even a second, it'll destroy your guppies so fast that your economy will be irreparably tanked. And if you ever try to turn tail and run, you shouldn't be surprised to find some boot laces dangling from your nose. At least you can take comfort in the fact that the biggest inconvenience you gave the AI was having to dislodge its heel from your colon.
張貼於:06 月 22 日
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2.1 記錄時數
I always wanted this game since a kid ! Got it in the Steam Summer Sale 2014 and I'm loving it !

It's very fun and have a good replay value.
The only problem that I would say is that you can't run it in very high resolution (It's old, give it a chance :P) and have no real graphical and gameplay option in the menu.

I am runing it on windows 8.1 and dont seem to have any problem ..
Just run the game windowed while doing something and have fun !

P.S. .There's also a screensaver option but I never used it !
張貼於:06 月 22 日
10 人之中有 9 人(90%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
2.5 記錄時數
Finally, I can play this again.
張貼於:06 月 22 日