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Où se trouve la frontière entre la vie et la mort ? Jusqu'où la science pourra aller pour répondre à cette question ? Embarquez dans la grande bataille pour sauver l'humanité et découvrir ce qu'il se passe en ce moment ! La race humaine est à nouveau en danger.
Date de parution: 29 déc 2007
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À propos du jeu

Où se trouve la frontière entre la vie et la mort ? Jusqu'où la science pourra aller pour répondre à cette question ?
Embarquez dans la grande bataille pour sauver l'humanité et découvrir ce qu'il se passe en ce moment ! La race humaine est à nouveau en danger. Cette fois-ci les scientifiques n'ont pas pu faire face à la menace imminente et sont devenus des monstres. Des hordes de zombie sont présents dans toute la base secrète de recherche. Cette épouvantable infection risque de se répandre partout sur Terre. Saisissez la dernière chance de sauver l'humanité d'une disparition totale !
Trouvez la réponse à la grande question - qui est à l'origine de cette catastrophe ? Qui sait, il se peut que vers la fin vous découvriez quelque chose de terrible...
Essayez vos techniques de combats contre les monstres dans deux modes de jeu additionnels - Survie et Stand de tir. Seuls ces modes pourront vous montrer à quel point vous vous êtes amélioré.
  • Frayez vous un chemin à travers des hordes de monstres contaminés
  • Utilisez 10 types d'armes
  • Améliorez les capacités de votre personnage
  • Améliorez les armes disponibles avec l'argent gagné
  • Environ 1000 monstres sur chaque carte, avec un maximum de 100 affichés simultanément sur l'écran du joueur.
  • 3 modes de jeu : Campagne, Survie et Stand de tir
  • Choix du personnage de jeu : homme ou femme
  • Une fonction d'amélioration du joueur
  • 9 armes de destruction massive pouvant être améliorées
  • Choix de la couleur du sang : Rouge ou Vert
  • Une sélection de zombies conçus avec beaucoup d'imagination
  • Une musique qui s'adapte au jeu, vous permettant ainsi d'être à la tête de l'action
  • Des gadgets utiles - lampes torches, kits de soin, drones de combats, et un radar.

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
    • Processeur : 400 MHz
    • Mémoire Vive : 128 Mo
    • Carte Graphique : Carte Graphique 3D compatible Direct3D et comportant au moins 32 Mo de RAM
    • DirectX® : 8.1
    • Espace disque : 50 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte Son : Carte son compatible DirectSound
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perso j'aime bien comme petit jeu
Posté le : 29 avril
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Guns, Countless Bullets and an almost endless wave of Zombies.

There is something strangely satisfying about playing this game with your favourite playlist playing in the background. That feeling of leaning back in your comfy chair and unleashing a wave of molten metal justice into the unsuspecting horde of zombies. I'm not usually one for such mindless carnage (although now I think about it I enjoyed the hell out of Carmageddon all those years ago). Yet, I found myself turning to this game when I had no idea what else to play.

I'm not going to sugar coat the game at all, it 'says what it is on the tin' to be fair to the developers - It's Zombie Shooter. That's all there is to it, yet there feels like there's more.
It has a Campaign and a Survival Mode, both of which are pretty fun, although I did find myself enjoying the Survival Mode more. In Survival Mode you have survive as many Zombie Waves as you can in a small confined area. There are a selection of maps (each with their own unique element), a wide range of guns and a collection of power ups to use as you see fit. Interestingly there's a perk system too, which allows you to customise your character as you level up from killing the Zombies and surviving the waves.

Campaign mode was OK for what it is, a isometric 'corridor' shooter, and doesn't really try to be anything else. However, it does suffer from some environmental clipping, which is perhaps the most danger you'll find yourself in as it's easy to become trapped/stuck (forcing you to restart the level).
Much like the Survival mode you can upgrade your character, but you have to find the guns to unlock them (rather than the guns falling off of Zombies and into your lap).
I think what I really liked about the Campaign was that there wasn't a half-arsed story tacked onto it to try and justify the mindless onslaught against the Zombie Hoard. It just plonked you into the game and allowed you to go. It makes me realise that I'd actually like to see a Zombie Movie based on that idea - no poorly written story with terrible actors, just a person or two killing endless zombies before the zombies kill them.

The controls are basic and use as WSAD approach with Mouse aiming, sadly no gamepad support (that I could find). There are no real options to customise resolution or graphics, so you'll have to make do with what they offer. The sound is OK, but not amazing. I do feel as though this game is missing out on a killer soundtrack to support the carnage.


If you have low expectations, and are perhaps just looking for something to sit back and waste a few hours on this game is ideal - it might even surprise you.
Posté le : 4 juillet
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Sometimes, you want to play a complex game with a rich storyline and well-written dialogues. But sometimes, you just want some brutal, old-fashioned violence. And this is when you want to play games like Zombie Shooter. It's not a ground-breaking game with advanced gameplay feature, no Sir. This is a game where you shoot zombies. Everything is in the title, and this is everything you'll do all along the game.

Is this repetitive? Maybe, but this is an arcade game. You will play it when you want to vent your violence on a good old game, or when you want to beat your friend's highscore. Is it worth the 15€ price for the entire pack ? Maybe, but it'd be better to get it cheaper if you're not sure you'll like it.

TL;DR - this is a cool little arcade game you'll play between two other games. Not the best one ever, but is well enough sufficient as a pastime.
Posté le : 31 juillet
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A bland, simplistic and repetitive action game in which you, as the player, shoot your way trhough an horde of zombies just because.

It has smallish RPG elements (As you get points to increase stats that affects in the amount of ammo you can carry, how good you aim, etc), you can upgrade your weapons... and nothing more. Its just bang bang bang until you get to the slightly interesting final boss battle and the end. Not to mention the horrible collision detection and the awfuls (even for a Zombie Game) A.I.

Unless you are looking for some brain-dead (pun intended) fun, Zombie Shooter will be a waste of time and (looking at its current price tag) of money. If you are looking for some shooting, maybe this could be your game. Maybe not.

Got to say that I played the sequel some time ago and kinda of enjoyed it, even though it was the same, just a bit better.
Posté le : 26 mai
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This is a mindless awesome shoot-a-thon with tons of weapons, upgrades, character leveling, power-ups and alot more. Three game modes (campaign, survival & timed arenas) provide a small diversion from the obvious repetitive nature of gameplay.

Though dont expect anything but graphics that were acceptable in the 80s. There are no achievements & no multiplayer to keep you playing this. However the game does have a certain base charm. If mowing down hordes with a shed load of weapons while never really getting challenged then this is a decent cheap game. Just dont expect anything too much.
Posté le : 2 mai
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