Mass Destruction! Use tactical nuclear weapons to level entire city regions. The most realistic weather environments ever created. Changing weather effects including: rain, snow, hail, and wind. Extreme temperatures affect flight performance. Fly it yourself or let the world's most advanced fighter do it for you!
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发行日期: 1999年4月30日


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包含 6 件物品: Armored Fist 3, Comanche 4, F-16 Multirole Fighter, F-22 Lightning 3, MiG-29 Fulcrum, Tachyon: The Fringe

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Mass Destruction! Use tactical nuclear weapons to level entire city regions. The most realistic weather environments ever created. Changing weather effects including: rain, snow, hail, and wind. Extreme temperatures affect flight performance. Fly it yourself or let the world's most advanced fighter do it for you!


  • Extreme temperatures affect flight performance.
  • Changing weather effects including: rain, snow, hail, and wind.
  • Fly it yourself or use the Auto-Options: Auto-landings, Auto-taxi, Auto-takeoff, Auto-shoot list, Auto-formation, Auto-in-flight refueling.
  • The most realistic weather environments ever created.
  • Mass Destruction! Use tactical nuclear weapons to level entire city regions.
  • Voice-Over-Net technology allows players to talk to each other during Novaworld multiplayer combat.


    • OS: Windows 2000, XP
    • Processor: Pentium 266MHz or better
    • Memory: 32MB minimum
    • Graphics: Direct3D compliant
    • Hard Drive: 488MB Free
    • Sound: DirectX compliant
    • DirectX: DirectX version 6.0 or higher (included)
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This game is pretty old but I still play it, no other game has the fine balance between fun and technicality like this one. Amazing game!
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This game is basically a remake of F-22 Lightning 2. It was released in 1999, so the graphics are obviously low quality compared to new titles, but they are on-par with other flight simulation games at that time. As far as flight simulators go, this game is more action oriented than the true-to-life flight dynamics one might find in X-Plane or Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The first several Quick Missions work you through a tutorial on the game basics and the last training mission is a full combat mission test. The Quick Missions also have a large and variable assortment of non-arc combat missions to help hone your skills for campaign mode.

The campaign mode has a large number of single player missions. You work you way through various deployment campaigns and the mission situations build-up to a finale mission for each campaign (typically culminating to a nuclear strike or combination bombing/multiple enemy squadron mission). It also tracks your stats and has a scoring and flight rank promotion system based on your mission performance. Each finished campaign rewards a medal to the pilot as well.

There is multiplayer available, but only through a community-based mod. The game originally shipped with built-in multiplayer, but since this game is nearly 15 years old, the built-in, Novalogic-based multiplayer system no longer functions.

My biggest complaint is the default keyboard map is not very intuitive and the tutorial could be more in-depth. Despite the game's age, my Saitek X-52 joystick and throttle work fine with no modifications (all basic flight controls work, including firing active weapon, rudder, and throttle functionality).

If you are feeling nostalgic and enjoy flight simulators or air combat games, this one still has depth and fun available after 15 years. Despite another reviewer's issues, I have had zero crashes while doing anything in this game and have not had to modify any game files for it to function properly (I'm in 64-bit Windows 7 with a DX11 GPU and Core i7 CPU).
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Always Loved Novalogics fighter games. It does seem a shame that games like this are not being made anymore. The worst example is as a Star Wars fan I loved the X-Wing series, XWA was made over a decade ago now and no signs of another fighter sim to come. Seems the same with novalogic and jet fighter games too :(
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Please Tag as: Novalogic / Novaworld
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this is a great game although there are room for improvmentents
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Game will not work Win8;.1 64bit
Don't bother
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The Novalogic series of flight sims, on release, was hated by flight sim grogards for their utter simplicity, blandness, and repetitiveness. That was over 14 years ago.

Now, they're old and broken on top of that.

If you really want to fly the F22, track down TAW 2.0. It's old, but considerably less broken.
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i can't change the video resolutions, it freezes!!! this is wack!!
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Ancient game, max res 1024x780, defaults to 3dfx (!), and on my system crashes as soon as I try to change any setting.

Refund time. A rip-off at any price.

Edit: If you manually hack the .ini file, it seems to run. It is incredibly pathetic that these people didn't even bother to generate a decent default .ini file - defaulting to 640x480 3dfx? Really?

HW3D_DLL_FILENAME "Hw_d3d.dll"

It still crashes whenever you exit or apply the settings screen, so good luck modifying the controls! Setting MENU_FULLSCREEN to 0 doesn't help. Neither does disabling 3D accel.
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Much like the F-16 Multirole Fighter, F-22 Lightning 3 puts me off in the graphical department. The controls aren't intuitive as much as F-16. No tutorial / training mode can be found in the game! Like F-16, this game do support the XBOX 360 gamepad to a point but you would be better of playing this game with Keyboard though. The gameplay is slow and bland/boring. The audio (sound/music) aren't that great either. Also, don't seek out this game for the multiplayer as it is quite dead! Maybe you could play in LAN but I haven't nor I am willing to give it a shot! Did this game improved at all from F-16 Multirole Fighter? Barely! The visuals are a tad better but that would be all.

+Works on modern computers (although it kept crashing until I ran the game in Windows XP compatibility). Also, XBOX 360 gamepad is supported, but barely, like F-16.
+Improved visuals from F-16.
+Simulation seems adequate from what I played, cockpit is well modelized.

-Dated visuals, graphics compared to modern gaming.
-Game doesn't completely support full screen as you see the window.
-Controls aren't very intuitive. Same controls as F-16.
-No tutorial / training mode so you are left out figuring the controls for yourself.
-Boring gameplay.
-Poor audio (sounds and music).
-While in-game, can't access the options menu nor view/edit the controls which that is quite unacceptable in my book.
-Dead Multiplayer (to be expected though).

Well, barely any improvement from F-16 and well, I would only advise you modern games instead. I'm not sure how this game did back in 1999 but now in 2014, I prefer investing time on more modern games, as should you!

I would recommend F-22 Lightning 3 to flight simulation purists and gamers that dig old school gaming only. But in my book, you should stay away and look into modern games instead!

Also, since you cannot buy a single Novalogic classic and "forced" to buy the Novalogic Classics Volume One: Machines of War package, you better think twice before investing in this as I only found one game worth of purchase, Commanche 4. If you can find this package on a very good and drastic deal, give it a shot. Better, look somewhere else if you can buy a single game at a time.

3.0 / 10
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Old times... One of the best combat flight simulation game.
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