Enemies lurk in locations around the globe, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. As part of Delta Force, the U.S. Army's most secretive and highly trained unit, you have the skills and the firepower to hunt them down and take them out.
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发行日期: 2009年6月2日


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Enemies lurk in locations around the globe, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. As part of Delta Force, the U.S. Army's most secretive and highly trained unit, you have the skills and the firepower to hunt them down and take them out. Get ready to insert yourself into critical situations by air, land and sea, and show you have the courage to take the fight to the enemy and overcome overwhelming odds to achieve victory.

In Delta Force: Xtreme 2, you'll take control of Delta Force, employing the most dangerous and effective commando tactics and state-of-the-art weaponry at your disposal to defeat the enemy. Track enemies across a variety of expansive landscapes scattered across the globe in 10 single-player scenarios, and take them down with more than 20 real-world weapons. Insert into danger zones using dangerous HALO jumps, and use choppers, tanks and high-speed watercraft to roar into the midst of the action. Create your own exciting custom levels with the Battle Editor tool, and battle players from all over in five challenging online multiplayer game types.


  • Command the secretive, highly trained Delta Force and use commando tactics and state-of-the-art weapons to take out dangerous enemies
  • Insert yourself into the action by land, air and sea using choppers, tanks and high-speed watercraft
  • Experience realistic, accurate and deadly shooting via enhanced ballistics
  • Employ the powerful and easy-to-use MED level editor to create custom levels or recreate historical fights
  • Customize urban, jungle and mountain environments using 10 new and 20 classic highly detailed terrains
  • Add dynamic weather effects and real-time lighting as well as thousands of objects and buildings to create a realistic environment
  • Up to 64 players may battle online in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Team King of the Hill and Flagball multiplayer games
  • Experience a fair fight every time using the game's anticheat technology, and see how you measure up with persistent stats that track your performance
  • Assemble an impressive squad and manage it via the new NovaWorld Community


    • OS: Windows XP, VISTA (32 & 64)
    • Processor: Pentium 4 Minimum CPU Required
    • Memory: 1 GB or greater required
    • Graphics: Direct3D video card with 64 MB or greater required
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c or greater required
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available
    • Sound: Windows compatible sound card
    • Internet: Internet connection required, broadband recommended
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osama bin laden's hot pc shooter of choice. no, really: http://www.dni.gov/index.php/resources/bin-laden-bookshelf?start=11
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为什么一直卡在LOGGING IN?
撸完这个评测我还是卡在LOGGING IN
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第一次测评心情好激动啊……话说我觉得应该没有多少人会来买这个游戏了,因为这游戏……特么的是09年的……作为一个DFer,居然发现NOVA在09年出的游戏居然是这种水平……伤我们心么……算了,直接说游戏吧,这一代三角洲更倾向于早期的三角洲和极限版(废话!本身就是炒冷饭……),我在没入坑之前一直很期待这个游戏的联机,因为使命召唤和战爹神马的,都没有那种黑枪的快感。而三角洲的早期作品虽然有,但是现在玩的人……和没差不多,所以我一直想入这代的正版去和更多人玩……可是我错了……高延迟我能扔,游戏质量问题我也看惯了,VPN我也可以挂……可是你这不超过20的在线是闹那样?真正的黑枪世界了?你逗我啊……我就说IGN其中的一条:“如果这游戏人多的话,还是很有趣” 中“如果“是想说啥了!你一部09年的作品,居然鬼服了!还是大名鼎鼎的三角洲系列!而且你还敢卖这么贵!我也没看N网有多大的运行压力!节操直追TX……最后想说一句:AF你特么内测有3年了吧?
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This is the last game from Novalogic and it's not the best, but for fans of the Delta Force series who wan't a SOMEWHAT updated game with the same feeling as the original, this will suffice. Plenty of custom maps and some still very hardcore dedicated players online at all times.

Compared to other games released in 2009, this is just extremely outdated. But compared to the expectations of fans of the series, it's good enough. I would stay away from it if you haven't played any Delta Force games ever, but if you are a fan of the series it's worth picking up for $5-10 (Amazon has it for sale as Steam doesnt seem to anymore)
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