Colonise solar systems and watch them grow. Explore the galaxy to find its strategic choke points. Build up your empire and your fleet and then use the power of the media to prepare your people for the inevitable war. At the same time watch your opponents, keep on an eye on their own media and watch for threats and opportunities.
User reviews:
Mixed (48 reviews) - 52% of the 48 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jun 9, 2015

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“Galactic Inheritors makes the media an important part of warfare”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“If you like 4X you have to try!”
Games Angels

“I therefore invite you to check out this intriguing 4X game”
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About This Game

You have reached to stars to find that the dreams of a new utopia was dead before it began. Ancient technologies spread over the galaxy leave a sword of Damocles hanging over you. Now you must go out into the stars to conquer or perish.

GALACTIC INHERITORS is a new space 4X game from Crispon Games and published by Argonauts Interactive. The game focuses on science fiction, strategy and empire building.


  • Explore the Galaxy, look for the key choke points to guard your empire and cut off your opponents avenues of expansion.
  • Research technologies to gain new ships and solar system improvements.
  • Improve your solar system's infrastructure to take advantage of your investment.
  • Build up your navy, gain experience in ship building and unlock powerful new bonuses for your ship designs and building partners.
  • Use the power of the media to steer your people opinions of your neighbours, but pay attention of what their media say too.
  • Manage your empire bonuses over time to reach your conquest goals.
  • Keep on your toes! The galaxy is treacherous and bad (or good) surprises are waiting for you throughout the game.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7/8
    • Processor: 1.8 GHZ
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GT/s 4xx or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
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Pre-Release Review
Posted: February 27, 2015
Don't Have A Cow Man!

If feels like every time I read a review for a 4X space strategy game, I come across the phrase "Spiritual Successor to MOO", referring to the granddaddy of the 4X space genre "Masters of Orion" released way back 1993.

This is of course nonsense, you know what the spiritual successor to Masters of Orion was?
Masters of Orion II published in 1996, in fact is wasn't just a spiritual successor but an actual, real successor to boot.

There have been plenty of amazing space based 4X titles in the 20+ years following MOO, Imperium Galactica in 1999, Galactic Civilization in 2003, Distant Worlds 2010 and countless others (most of which have spawned expansions and sequels themselves)

So this obsession with MOO is getting a little old, Do we call every new car design the spiritual successor to the Model T?
No, we don't!
So on that note, I want to state that Galactic Inheritors is NOT the spiritual successor to MOO!

4X Inheritors

So what is it?
Galactic Inheritors is a 4X space strategy game currently in development and available as an early access title through Steam.
If you've played any of the games mentioned above the basic concept should be familiar to you.

You'll start with one populated system, you'll need to construct buildings to improve your infrastructure, build ships to explore new star systems and colonise them, conduct research, practice diplomacy with other races and keep a strong military to defend and expand your influence when diplomacy fails.

The Same But Different

Sounds like we're on familiar ground so far, but there are several differences with Galactic Inheritors which sets it apart from the pack.

Building Capacity

In most 4X titles, if you construct a building it will increase production of its associated resource.
When you construct an industrial building you'd expect your industrial output to increase at its location, not so in Galactic Inheritors.
Buildings do not increase output of a resource but instead boost the maximum potential output of a solar system.
Construct an industrial building here and it will increase your production capacity, not your production.
The solar system itself needs to grow to a sufficient level in order for it to gain an advantage from the building.
This is a nice idea which eliminates spamming construction of a certain building type in a system which isn't ready to support the increased output.

Casus Belli

Diplomacy also takes a different tack in Galactic Inheritors.
Media and public perception of the situation is just as important as military prowess in most conflicts and this is something recognised in this title.
You can't just start an unpopular war with an inconveniently placed neighbour on a whim.
You'll need to manipulate the media first, get your populace on the hate bandwagon and then you're war will be seen as justified, giving you free reign to start the extermination process.

Bug Eyed Monsters Eat Babies

Your propaganda machine is all about hate, greed and fear, you'll have a certain amount of points totalled across these three aspects. You can increase these points by adopting a negative stance in your empires media towards the offending alien race.
You will then be able to choose appropriately negative news stories to besmirch the filthy aliens and their alien ways.

The Right Stuff

Whilst your convincing your populace that destroying your alien neighbours would be in their best interests, you'll probably want to consider bolstering your military fleet to ensure you've got the tools to do the job when the time comes.

Rather than building ships through your solar systems, this is done separately via your military industrial complex.
You have access to companies within your empire which will construct the ships you order.
As they build the requested ships their experience will increase, allowing them to improve their designs which will, in turn, allow you to buy upgrades in each respective companies upgrade tree.

In practice this works like a seperate research tree, you'll spend points to unlock improved designs on an upgrade tree.
Each company has their own specialities and it's unlikely that you'll be able to unlock all the upgrades for all the companies, so specialising in a certain area is a strategic decision you might want to make.

Weird Science

Talking of Research Trees, like most 4x games, you'll find the research tree present and correct here, with branches leading to new and improved buildings and ship designs waiting to be unlocked to give an edge of the enemy.

Star Lanes

Galactic Inheritors adopts the star lane approach to travel between systems. At present, these lanes all take just one turn for a ship or fleet to traverse regardless of the distance to the destination, It would be good to see some variation in this, the rush to move fleets to distant hot spots along a lengthy star lane is always fun when you know it's going to take a few turns to arrive.


Exploration is a two stage process and takes a little getting used to. When a scout ship arrives at an uncharted system, you need to instruct it to explore that system for a turn before you know what's there and where the newly discovered star lanes lead off to.
This isn't a bad thing, it adds to the realism, but at first, it's an easy thing to forget to do.

The second stage is scanning for resources. After you explored the system for a turn you will then be able to search for resources which will take another turn before the information comes in.
It's worth noting that there are no individual planets in the game.
At the time of writing, all exploration and colonisation is done at a star system level.

The Art of War

Combat itself is probably the simplest part of the game at the moment.
You move your ships into a system with an enemy fleet and the strongest fleet wins.

Don't go expecting a flashy cut scene or tactical battle decisions here, this is akin to moving counters on a board. It can feel a little unsatisfying and for me is the weakest part of the game in its current state.
Once you've cleared a path to the offending alien system you'll need to bombard the alien colony to dust, then send you own colony ship to claim the system for yourself.
There are no troop or ground combat mechanics here, you don't take over colonies, you destroy them.

Skin Deep

Galactic Inheritors is not going to win any beauty contests with its current looks.
You're going to be spending a lot of time staring at the tried and tested top down map view scattered with stars that I'm sure we're all familiar with.
I appreciate that beauty is only skin deep, especially in 4X titles (I'm a huge Distant Worlds fan and that game is far from good looking) but pretty is always nice and any graphical overhaul during the development process would be more than welcome.

Early Access Inheritors

There are the inevitable early access issues to be found here, musical glitches and errors in the games text pop up quite frequently, the use of "has" instead of "have" is the most frequent offender,
E.G. "I HAS found another text error".
I'm sure these will all be fixed before the games release and they certainly don't detract from the core experience.

Galactic Conclusion

Niggles aside, this is an early access title with some very interesting new ideas.
The core of the game is already in place.
The implementation of propaganda and the military industrial complex mechanic are exciting features and add a new dynamic to the experience.
Although lacking in polish, the game is... (snip!)

( To view the full review (and others) please take the time to visit )
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Early Access Review
Posted: May 21, 2015
Galactic Inheritors. A 4x Space Game.
Name: Galactic Inheritors
Genre: 4x, Strategy
Personal View: All these analogy is making me hungry.

Let us use food to represent the quality and type of space 4x I have played over the years. Sins of A Solar Empire is like a fast food, I eat it quickly since the game only takes 2-3 hours per match and it doesn't leave a mess on the table with bloated save files and such and quite nicely enough it has a wide variety of plate or maps for me to play with. Endless Space is like a fine dish with a good company although it does overstayed its welcome from time to time. Distant World: Universe is like going into a restaurant and having someone pass me the chefs hat and expect me to cook my own food, then again I have a wide variety of options and so on but to get to the dish takes so much time and effort.

Galactic Inheritor is an entree that is a soup, which I am eating without a spoon. Lets break it down shall we?

Now I don't expect much from the graphic department since this is a 4X game where the gameplay carries it to the goalpost but the complete lack of any animation tickles me, in a bad way. Having at least some flourish is good since the graphics won't look dull so quickly.

Turn it off and replace your own, no dynamic tempo or large range of music samples to be found here, its only a few tracks that plays over and over again.

I can forgive the game graphics and music but the gameplay should be the complete focus which parts of it certainly botched up essential 4x mechanics. Lets go over the pro and con 1 by 1.

There's 5 races in the game which is a good thing since more races means more time before things too familiar. What is not awesome is the fact that in every game its the same 5 races, meaning you can't set to have 4 scorpion dudes and 1 frogs. You are forever stuck with 5 of each in every game. And the bonuses you get from choosing the races hardly matters anyways due to the game mechanic itself.

3 galaxy scale which is good but since you can't set your own custom planet amount its frustrating, again especially due to the game mechanic botching things up a bit. 3 standard difficulty level which is standard.

And lets go through on how the game botch things up. First things first the lack of build queue especially in a 4x game such as this one. Remember the galaxy scale thingy? Here's why it sucks to have so much planet, you have 10 planet and 7 are scheduled to finish their improvement in the next turn but since there is no build queue you have to manually go to every single planet and reassign them a new order. Repeat for every single turn where things happen to finish building.

My other major gripe is how there is almost zero flavour texts for the buildings we get to build. What exactly does some of the stuff do in the game is never properly explain instead I find myself tend to rush prioritizing buildings that actually have the +2 economic/technology/commerce instead of building those obscure things. It doesn't matter anyways since building things doesn't use money

The other issue is the diplomacy in this game, you have to border an empire before you can even send them a message. And message are called media in this game and take turn to actually have any effect, and trying to declare war requires several messages of "I hate you." before you can go blast/nuke their planets off. Combat is a simple matter of who has the biggest and most ships in a fight and is often decided in one turn. You can just insta heal in any friendly planet.

And if you focus so much on military you actually have a huge advantage when you blew your foes ships to smitherens. You can't build military ships on planet but instead you have to go to the shipyard menu and assign them to build, granted it is a unique idea to have the shipyard level up and become better at making them but when you can only pump out 3 ships every 5 turn and that battle just blew up 6 of them its easy to snowball your way to victory, especially with how siege is done. Every ships without exception can add bombard and each ships in a fleet add to bombardment strength with siege lasting only a few turns, coupled with slow recovery rate and 1 turn colonizing its easy to see how hard it is for the AI to recover once you took a few of their planets. Overloading your shipyard does nothing but slows down research which isn't a problem when you can just take 2-3 planets to compensate for more ships.

The research screen only has a tiny bar used to scroll and once again the lack of any description text. There is a flavour text but that's just it, flavour.

A very simplified 4x game with several missing important features. Then again the game is decent enough and doesn't run like a blocked sewage pipe and since it is in early access it will probably be added in the future.

Scoring Methology [Courtesy of Meat King]:
- S-Rank: excellent
- A-Rank: very good
- B-Rank: solid
- C-Rank: satisfactory
- D-Rank: inferior

Verdict: C+ Rank

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Original Giveaways Group
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20.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 23, 2015
This is a pretty slick game. It is not as Epic as other space games, but it is fun. Turn based. The game is rather simple on some levels and a little complex on others.

Moving ships is easy - just select the fleet and right click to your destination.

You need to Explore a star system before you can colonize it. Enemy star systems that you conquer you can immediately colonize. To find resources you need to explore a second time, and then activate the resource with an explorer ship which uses up the ship. Once activated resources will increase that area of the star system by one resource.

Battles are hands off. The fleets will 'fight' on the strategic map and you will see the results. There are no graphics for the battles except ship losses.

Handling Colonies and Fleets is really easy because there is a spread sheet type display for both. Also, there is a message sheet every turn. All of these sheets really help the player to handle the Empire.

Diplomacy is simple yet a little involved. First, there is only War and Peace. And why not? Many games have trade and alliances but Galactic Inheritors does not. To declare war you first have to convince your population that the enemy empire is evil. You use Media propoganda to do this over time. It is also possible to stall the other empires this way. So you have to prepare for war as it takes time to move the slider from Peace to War.

Building ships is really neat and novel for this game. You order the ships from one of three military companies that will build them. You can order up to three ships from each company at a time, so a total of nine ships can be building at once. As a company builds ships over time it gains experiance and skill points which can then be spent on improving that company's production. I found this aspect of the game rather neat. (Note: Colony ships and explorers are built at star systems and not by the ship companies.)

Also, there are Empire bonuses you can earn. Net commerce will add funds to the Empire bonus level each turn. Once a new level is reached you can buy an Empire bonus, such as better manuevering ships for the entire Empire. The amount of funds needed to gain a level is based on how many star systems you have.

Ordering ships will lower your net commerce amount. It can go negative with no problems accept = no funds will go toward your Empire bonus level. As a matter of fact the Empire bonus level amount will also go negative and can be 'paid off' once you finish building ships.

Overalll this is a fun game. It is not too in depth and is one of the easier Space 4X games to play. Probably good to pick up on sale. I liked it.

One negative I had was the music would stop playing after a short while. I liked the in game music. So I played a CD instead but had to lower all sound levels in the game or my own music would not repeat. No big deal really.
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1.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 9, 2015
Release Day Review:
So they fixed what was wrong in the early access, which is definitely a good thing. They cleaned up the UI a bit and fixed a plethora of bugs and glitches. However, there still just isn't enough here to justify 20 dollars. When I first joined early access with this game, I was expecting something much... more. The 2 things that make this game stand out is the Military Industrial Complex (which is how you build your military ships) and the media-focused Diplomacy system (essentially by using the media, you control how your population views another faction) which again are both really cool features. Everything else is kind of watered down as far as 4X Turn-based strategy games go. I still recommend the game for people unfamiliar with the genre because it's very easy to pick up but for anyone who has played SotS, GalCiv, or Sins, then you've pretty much tread this territory before.
Early Access Review:
"The usual 4X Strategy game. Similar to GalCiv or MOO yet with less personality. However, what it lacks in aesthetic, it makes up for in functionality and straightforwardness. For example, it ignores the technobabble of say... Sword of the Stars and tells you exactly what building something does. The Military Industrial Complex is a cool idea too... but you know what the best part is? Space Frogs. You can play as Space Frogs. The universe is my pond and my enemies are but flies!"
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2.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 23, 2015
Take to the stars as one of five different races as you try to conquer the galaxy. You will be able to do so through diplomacy, conquest, research, and more. Will you be the last race standing or will you pay the ultimate price and see your race wiped from existence.

Galactic Inheritors is a 4X strategy game by Crispon Games and Argonauts Interactive. The races you will get to choose from all have their advantages and disadvantages, but if you learn how to master them you can definitely put yourself in the lead for how you want to play the game.

I'm going to be honest with you, I've been putting this review off for a while, and the reason is that there's some much to this game, but for some reason there are parts that just don't translate to me. Here's the deal, if you are going to pick up this game you HAVE TO go through ALL the tutorials, if you do not you will not be able to do almost anything but the very basic stuff in the game and you will see your empire destroyed not too far into the game.

The amazing thing about this game is that it has a lot of depth and modifiers that can change the game for you or against you, the problem is that for some reason for all of this amazing backbone, the actual gameplay grated on me. I felt like I was playing a intricate board game on the PC that didn't really get much polish. The reason I say this is that the combat in the game, the movement in the game, and just the overall feel is very underwhelming.

When you move your ship from galaxy to galaxy it just poofs from the start point and then appears at the next point. When you attack, which by the way there's some crazy intense diplomacy that you have to get through before you can do so, the battles are very lackluster. The same goes for when you are attacking a colony, which in a very interesting decision apparently there's only one suitable planet in each galaxy which I personally would have liked a bit of a choice for each.

Now I mentioned diplomacy, and this is one of the things YOU HAVE TO do the tutorial on, it is not easy, and if you try to just do a trial and error approach you're going to get yourself even further lost, believe me, that's what happened.

Space exploration is another thing that I still can't understand, so you take a scout ship to a new location, it explores the system and then it reveals that there's a planet and the paths to other systems. The next turn you will have to look at the system again to reveal what the planet has for bonuses. There's also a finite distance you can go with your ships, which I still can't figure out, but I'm sure that it was told in one of the tutorials that I must have missed.

Speaking of ships, this is both an interesting move and a frustrating one. Outside of scouts and colony ships your race doesn't actually manufacture the ships that you'll be using in the game, thanks to a tutorial I found out that you have to basically out source to one of three vendors to create ships, but in an interesting twist, you have to research the technology to open up more ship options. So the vendors are as advanced as you are. This of course is really odd because other opponents could be contracting them for much bigger and better ships at the same time. Now I will tell you this, once you decide on a vendor stick with them, you gain points that you can then use to customize your ship.

Alright so in conclusion this game definitely is a unique experience that if you are willing to really dive in and learn through MANY mistakes your going to find a game that is different and stands apart from the rest. For me personally I think that it stands a bit too far away from the rest, and there are definitely quite a few things to the game that just didn't wow me at all. So if you are looking for a different 4X game check this game out, otherwise there's other 4X games out there to enjoy. This game, for me, gets a 6.1 out of 10.
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Early Access Review
Posted: April 26, 2015
Galactic Inheritors is exactly what the game summary says it is. So if you like that summary and you do not apply your own ideas of what else it might be, implied or otherwise, then this game will suit you and I recommend the game for you.
If you are invisioning great dynasties and story side events to occur similar to CK2 or EU then although that may be the inferal you are most likely to take from the dev shop, it is not what they are drawing on for this game and in that you will be dissappointed. Like CK2 and EU you must work to gain the option / ability to declar war. From that stand point it is a nice turn to space based 4x games. It also means there are no suprises out there. No enemy bound, determined and soon to spring upon you without warning. There is always a lead up and you have some time to prepare.
Many will like this aspect I think.
The expansion, the tech tree and the ship management are all pretty simple and work for achieving the stated goals of the game description. There are not bad systems to colonize, only those that will be less good than others. With no penalty for colonizing even systems with only a 1 of 4 or so starting value in each of 3 catagories (commerce ($), production and research this is reduced to colonize each system as fast as you can with the exception of find your choke points to nearby races quickly and colonize them and thus prevent them from colonizing or moving even further into your space.
The most developed and it seems the focus of the game is the media. It is the mechanic most unique to the game and displaces diplomacy. In this game much like in the minds of many European states today conflict is purely a response driven by the media. Convince your audience the enemy is bad and preventing you from your greatness and you can get the populace opinion poll to get you enough over to the fear, hate, greed scale of your enemy is bad that you can declare war and war you shall have until it swings enough to the other side that peace may be signed. This is a war of attrition to an extent.
There are many wish to expand, build and reach the end of the tech tree and for whom combat and war are bothersome and when they can come at a moments notice seem unfair. For those in particular this game I recommend this game.
As for those who look for satisfaction in quickly balancing the factors of income, expansion and military might to overwhelm and achieve victory I think you will be less than satisfied.
If you are expecting some of the witty, interesting and twists from CK that keep that game well above watching paint, that ingredient is missing.

I enjoy CK but to be fair it is the dynastics, the awarding of titles, and the pop up events (not necessarily because they are historical) that keep the game from being very dry. The same applies to EU series though its potential for dry and mechanical even more relies on the events (for me.) This game is like them in that it is based more on an overlay of a database and mechanics that allow for challenges from the AI as the paths for behavior are more stringent. A game does not have to have great or even good graphics to be a good and challenging game.

I can not in fairness not recommend this game as it does exactly what the description says, not a whole lot more but does it well and there are many who play 4x games who will like this direction. So I can recommend it for that crowd.
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Posted: November 16, 2015
Galactic Inheritors:

With all its splendour, the galaxy is full stars, planets with exquisite resources and fives species including my favourite one the “Ribetars “(Amphibian, frogs like species. We are everywhere, cousins!) who will go head to head for galactic supremacy in this 4X space game.

At first, you will have to setup a game by choosing which race you will be playing (rebit..rebit..are), what map size which includes small, medium and large. The smallest map will have 50 solar systems and the largest one 100 planets. Regardless of which difficulty you will choose, I strongly suggest to go through all tutorials.

Whichever race (each with its different strengths and weaknesses) you choose, you will start with one main solar system and an exploration ship which you will be sending to explore planets and their resources. As you explore and colonize planets, you get additional research and commerce points. The more points you get, the faster you will learn a new technology (research) and you will be able to buy further ships for your fleets. Also, by adding specific buildings, and as your species grows, research, commerce and production will increase per planet. As your species progresses, you will be awarded Empire bonuses which is basically an upgrade.

I really like the game interface; you have the Military industrial tab where you can order your ships and add upgrade to them. It will also show you how large your fleet is as well as the other species. There is a research tab with good descriptions. The message tab tells you what had happened in the previous turn. There are fleet overview and solar system tabs, too. Diplomacy wise, you will have quite a few options and it can be tricky at times. Galactic Inheritors has really good and comprehensive depth.

One tip, if you decide to go to war with one race, make sure you have a good armada because you will need it!

Graphics could have been better in my opinion and the audio is turning itself off after a while and you are left with the same sound effect (a ship throttle) through the rest of the game.


- 5 Species to choose from (rebit..rebit)
- Good interface with good depth
- Challenging
- Good tutorials
- Trading cards


- Graphics could have been better
- Really short audio

Galactic Inheritor has great depth and is really challenging. Veterans of this genre of games will really like it.


Key provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own!


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Early Access Review
Posted: February 11, 2015
A great game for any 4X player.
You can feel the developers understand intimately and passionately the genre.
The AI is very well made and mounts a formidable challenge.
A few 'early access' bugs like background music starts a few minutes in, but nothing to spoil the very enjoyable experience.
I would love to see more immersive artwork added.
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Early Access Review
Posted: April 23, 2015
More reviews @

In the mood for a 4X space sim? CrisPon Games & Argonauts Interactive are putting their hat into the ring with Galactic Inheritors. It’s got multiple races, large maps (if you want them) and tons of things to research and build. Oh, did I mention that there are space frogs? That’s kind of hilarious… and yes I’m playing them now.

Seriously though, my only gripe for Galactic Inheritors is found in the research screen. I love all the options you’ve got and there are different branching paths, but there are two somethings it doesn’t have. The first is dummy-talk. Sure I can build a hyper-space-modular-flux-capacitor on a planet… but what the crap does it do for my anything numerically or descriptively. I can gain some semblance of the idea by the paragraph, but a lot of the time I was clicking it because it was in the research tree and I wanted that stuff done sooner so I could have meaner ships faster than the other guys. The second this is that you can’t just click anywhere on it, you have to click on the scroll-bar at the bottom of the screen. Yeh yeh it’s a small gripe, but you know, when the rest of the game has the ability to click anywhere and drag around, why can’t I do that here. It just breaks the mood of a sleeping dragon ready to pounce on the rest of the galaxy… dressed as a frog.

While the races are varied, there doesn’t seem to be an overabundance of them. There are five races to choose from: the Cawlar (who I dubbed the Crawlers since I read it wrong the first time), Melowars (or the Furbies), Ribetars (the frog-people… my people), Humans (meh, but there’s a hot chick soooo…), and the Xylenth (who look like a race of warrior ant/man/crabs but aren’t warrior focused). I’m not the biggest fan of diplomacy and all that stuff so for the most part I just play the peace card while I amass my army and systematically take everyone out. It’s simple and more fun for myself. They don’t unfortunately have a race that is straight brute-force focused so I had to settle. However, thanks to a review on Steam that mentioned the space-frog race Ribetars and comparing the universe to a pond and the other races as flies to consume, the choice wasn’t too difficult for me. (You had me at consume!)

There’s not too much different when comparing Galactic Inheritors to other 4X space sims available now except with how you handle the politics and building your army. You can make peace with everyone, but you don’t just start killing them when you’re done using them for your purposes by simply attacking. You use positive and negative media to spread propaganda and eventually you can declare war. That is a drastically over-simplified description of the system that’s in place currently, but like I said, I like to kick the door in rather than find the key. This system does allow me to make peace easier and that’s nice. So the game does offer me a nice, cushy build-window where I won’t get attacked too quickly. Granted, if I played on the Hard setting, they would probably just gun for me like they do in Fire Emblem.

The last thing I want to bring up (because some people are giving it crap) is the aesthetics of the game. It’s super simplified right now and for some people that bothers the junk out of them. I’m sure, since it’s currently in Steam Early Access, that they will probably give it a revamp later on. That’s how some developers do this thing. You don’t necessarily start with photo-realistic super-complex models, you use placeholders. On the other hand, if they didn’t ever switch the models or planets to make it “look like a AAA game”, I’d be 100% fine with it. Like I mentioned with Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, it works well enough on my netbook and loads super quick when you compare it to other 4X space sims. I love that. There’s a lot of games that I cannot play on the go with my netbook, Galactic Inheritors isn’t one of them.

Score: Support This Title!

I do dig 4X space sims. I like systematically taking over the galaxy and while there may be more than one of these games out there right now, it’s nice to have variety. If it’s been a while since you’ve played one, Galactic Inheritors is totally worth supporting. If you’ve been playing some others in the genre, the Military Industrial Complex and the Media campaigns are interesting enough to come on board and try out this new approach. I’m having fun in this game and that’s really what gaming is all about… that and space frogs.
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 10, 2015
I bought this half on nostalgy of MOO and also because I had the chance to meet Chris at Paradox and enjoy his game designs.

I could only devote a few hours of play here (and that's a shame, but looks like the way life is now regarding our passion for games, we need ones with good concepts, easy handling, simple learning curve).

Well, I am pleasantly surprised. Sure, it's a slow begining (but like all 4X almost) and the graphical elements have much room for improvement (but if I can tell from the screenies around, it's upcoming)... but the most interesting thing is the key concepts in the game, that are a welcome change for once.

No need to worry like crazy about war and early aggression (although 'Si vis Pacem, Para Bellum' ) but better build a few warships, and the interesting idea of the private enterprises in the military industrial complex doing that task for you (yes, I am the kind who hates design every single part of spaceships). But the most curious, and quite interesting, is the media thing.

I have only play 200 turns right now, but I am keen on seeing a game where I may win (hoepfully) without behving like a space version of the Scourge of God...

I tried the humans for start (I know, not original) and I like the faces of the other races...especially the frogs (hope they can win, unless the Crispon hold a grunge against batracians)...

I'll keep on playing and, if i may, input some ideas and suggestions. There is a jewel here...

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**Death Row**
7.4 hrs
Posted: October 15
If you wanna enjoy the game YOU MUST watch the tutorials.
Good gameplay
Awesome Graphics
Fitted soundtracks
Just that the price is quite high.. so try to get it on sale.
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0.6 hrs
Posted: June 25
The game is hard to play, and is very similar to flash games you can get for free.
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4.2 hrs
Posted: June 23
Too simple compare to similar games on the market
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0.5 hrs
Posted: May 11
Yes, it took me less than 30 minutes to solve this game problem and delete it. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.


1 - The visual is horrible. It does look even worse than what you may expect from the screenshots. Animation are almost inexistant.

2 - The HUD is totally dysfunctional. Nothing closes or open alone and you have to navigate to the ''exit button'' at every action you will do. Navigation through all the menus is tricky, long and of course, more ugly than you can ever imagine. That bright blue color is gonna give you a headache and may even make your nose bleed.

3 - I stopped playing at tutorial part 4. Its bugged, I lost the sound and tough I made what was written it never ended.

4 - I have no physical copy of the game I could burn and torture (or use as combustible during cold winter days).


1 - The absence of any aesthetic/visual/animation is perfect for epileptic users. You will be able to play long hours without any crisis.

2 - This game is probably playable on win 3.1. If you are from a third world country and cannot afford a modern computer I guess a recycled/scrap-built pentium 166 with 64Mo RAM is more than enough to run this BS.

3 - Masochists should buy it right now for the sores, buboes and maybe herpies it will gives you through the touch of your keyboard. Instant pain guarantee. You will also feel pain for any cent you invested in this game.

4 - Time travel for free. You get get right back in 1996. Its a direct competitor of Master of orion 1 but badly executed. BUY MASTER OF ORION 1 or 2 and go to TOTALL RECALL to get rid of any memories of this game or it will haunt your nightmares.

5 - You will not get worse in your life. Every other bad game you will buy will seems to be a masterpiece in comparison to this. Its the the paragon of mediocrity - The long seeked ''absolute Zero'' of talent and fun.

REALLY.. I never played a SOOOO bad 4x game in my whole 39 long life (and I played A LOT of them).
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17.7 hrs
Posted: March 26
There are so many things I like about Galactic Inheritors. New/revived ideas differentiate this game from the hoardes of other space 4X wannabes. I think the two aspects that stood out the most were the forced used of propaganda to persuade the public before being able to declare war, and outsourcing of warships. The latter needs some work, but the game had enough positives for me to spend almost 18 hours on it.

Unfortunately, the devs lazied out on controls, and that's what killed the game for me. 470 turns of left clicking to select, command, confirm, move map, queue, cancel, attack, colonize.... it's totally insane.

Did you understand that last sentence?

Left click is ALL you have. No right click, no enter, no escape, no shift key to queue duplicates. Well, you can use the mouse wheel to zoom. And that's it. The rest of the game is ALL left click. Halfway through the game, I realized I did't need to put my left hand on my keyboard, because left clicking was ALL I was doing.

I'm really not one to complain about controls.. Really, I'm pretty tolerant about a lot of things if the core game is good. But this.... this is too much. It's utterly stupid and outright unforgiveable. I don't know if the devs were planning to make a touchscreen port for phones, but that is no excuse. 10,000 left clicks to beat the map once is not something you force on your player. It's just not fun any more. So yeah, one 470-turn game is more than enough. I'll be deleting this game in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
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2.0 hrs
Posted: March 22
This game is very stable and easy to learn and play. Unfortunately it's also very simple. There just isn't much to do in the game. After nearly 2 hours of playing I think I've seen everything the game has to offer. Turn 54 looks just like turn 5. It's just boring.

BUT if you are looking for a very casual board game and it's on sale for 80% off it might be worth giving it a try.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: March 7
This game isn't worth 20 Euros.
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5.3 hrs
Posted: February 27
I want to like this, but I can't bring myself to say that I do. The interface is horribly clunky, taking too many clicks to do simple things. For instance, if you have a production queue, you should be able to rearrange the queue instead of deleting items (and clicking confirmation) and then readding. Also, AI heaps a zillion ships everywhere and no way to make borders safe because fleet size is very limited (reminds me of Endless Space), while AI seems able to put its entire fleet on your border.

Also, turns take too long. I don't want to sit and watch every ship movement be resolved.

Some innovative ideas with this one, but it fell WELL short of my hopes. Sadly, this one is yet another 4x game should be passed over.
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1.1 hrs
Posted: January 25
As a 4x veteran, I do like games that try to do something different in the genre, so was intigued by this games 'media manipulation' aspect.

Sadly, the game that has been pasted on to that idea isn't very good. It's an extremely light Galactic Civilizations clone, and isn't all that interesting for it.

Worth picking up for peanuts, but nothing more.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: January 23
While Galactic Inheritors has a solid foundation, it feels incomplete, and has quirks that could use some adressing.
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