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Stained takes the player (who looks much like Death) through a seemingly abandoned castle and kingdom. As you work through the levels, the story unfolds, and you learn more about what brought ruin to the once-thriving fortress.
Release Date: Aug 29, 2014
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Stained is a side-scrolling, platforming and combat action game set in an ancient, mysterious castle featuring detailed 3D environments with a continually changing game world. Events in Stained are triggered by breaking objects placed in and around the castle, and outcomes are determined by the combination of glass pieces that litter the ground, leading to a variety of experiences. Novel ways to break objects have to be thought of at times, which will keep the player guessing what the next puzzle will be. In any fight in the game victory is usually temporary, as defeated foes may form again, or reassemble to form entirely new ones. The gameplay is fully interactive and physics based – each character’s uncanny abilities have to be kept in mind to think of innovative ways to proceed through the game!
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Although I do recommend this title for those who are into action platformers, there are a few things that bug me. The Control scheme for Keyboard is wonky, and I feel that shatter would be better placed on either Z or C by deafault. However, the soundtrack for the demo is nice, and the environments are gorgeous.
Posted: September 3
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Very glitchy. when exiting inventory it goes to blank screen until you press esc. Couldnt even get past first part of game there was nothing telling me how to get the chandelier out of the way. Graphics were not that impressive either.
Posted: September 3
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I can't get past the first puzzle on the demo, as the pieces are all missing! It's difficult to recommend something that only lasts 20 seconds before breaking. :(
Posted: September 5
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Like others I can't get past the first puzzle as there doesn't seem like there is enough information in order to complete. Maybe the game is over my head.
Posted: September 10
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As a platformer it's a little clunky, both in the stained glass puzzles in the Inventory and in its jumping (lots of buttons to take into consideration and they're all in weird spots) and none of the controls for the keyboard are very intuitive. Additionally, it would really solve a lot of problems if the demo mentioned that the button for Shatter (the key to even starting the first puzzle) was Ctrl, as it's not exactly a button I'd think of using in this sort of game. Finally, the last demo level glitched on my first run through--not allowing me to get the final glass piece and not allowing me out the final door.

The soundtrack is excellent, the journal entries are both helpful and intriguing, and the visual are gorgeous. Death himself isn't much to look at, but the stained glass monsters are almost a shame to break. Also, the combat itself is a bit of a puzzle since Death doesn't start with enough health to just hack and slash without thinking. Over all, I think that the pros outweigh the cons, and I'll probably buy the full game soon.
Posted: September 8
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