Embark on a journey to give his majesty the ride of his afterlife. Guide a chariot containing the King's remains through underground caves using physics-based mechanics such as pushing, pulling, riding and swinging.
User reviews:
Very Positive (126 reviews) - 84% of the 126 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Nov 12, 2014

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We highly recommend playing Chariot with a controller.

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Includes the base game, the Royal Gadget Pack, and the Soundtrack.



“While the gorgeous aesthetics and charming voice acting establish an instant appeal, it’s the originality of this platformer’s core traversal mechanics that live longest in the memory.”
8.5/10 – GameWatcher

“a memorable social experience that just happens to be almost flawless in its execution.”
8.5/10 – Destructoid

“Chariot is what co-op gaming is all about.”
5/5 – Co-Optimus

New DLC Available


Available in solo or co-op, the quirky skeleton merchant comes with his own unique attack move: a bouncing bone projectile. Used in combination with the Royal Arms gadget, the spinning bone becomes a floating platform, allowing the Shopkeeper or his partner to perform otherwise impossible jumps.


Some of them will delight the speedrunning community, while others will make some of the harder levels somewhat easier for less experienced players. For everyone else, it will offer new ways to explore the world’s mysterious caves, collect even more of that sweet loot, and reach the final resting place of the King with added style.

  • Shield Bubble: Protects you from everything - including looters! Hold jump to bounce.
  • Stasis Field: Freezes EVERYTHING in place (except people). Skeletons are people too.
  • Omni Boots: Allows you to walk normally on any surface - ice, quicksand, even lava!
  • Royal Arms: Gives each character their own special attack
  • Warp Beacon: Use to set beacon; use again to warp the Chariot (and any riders).

Straight from the royal engineers' workshop, these gadgets are available at level 1, with 2 upgrade blueprints per gadget hidden in existing levels.


  • That’s the Plan: Find all standard and royal gadget blueprints
  • Off to Adventure and All That: Complete a level with the shopkeeper
  • Unbankable: Reach the exit of the hidden level with every single piece of loot in the Chariot
  • Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be: Go swimming in lava pool and emerge unscathed
  • Break Everything: Finish the Chasm Crossing speed run within 70 seconds
  • Half of Zero is Still Zero: Use the Slowdown while the Statis Field is active
  • All Aboard: Have 20 looters looting the Chariot at the same time
  • Had You Worried There: Warp an off-screen Chariot with less than a second to spare
  • Grounded: Use the Omni Boots to withstand 10 Flipper flips
  • Royal Sampler: Try out all three versions of the Royal Arms

We hope you enjoy this new content. Thank you for playing Chariot!

Update Notes

Philipps Hue Lights support

We've teamed up with Philipps to offer one of the world's first fully immersive living room gaming experiences.
Check out just how immersive your Chariot experience can become when your whole living room lights up to match the game's ambiance: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home/philips-hue-light-bulbs-now-sync-with-video-game-chariot/

• New Japanese localisation and voice over support
• User can now remove controller vibration in the options
• Added flavor quotes for the shopkeeper
• Added King’s congrats quote at the end of a level
• New checkpoints have been added to various levels.
• Other bugs and issues have been corrected

Thank you for playing Chariot!

About This Game

Chariot is a couch co-op platformer that can be played alone or with a friend. Players take the role of the brave Princess or her faithful Fiancé as they maneuver the departed king's coffin-on-wheels through 25 levels set in 5 vibrant underground environments, with his majesty's ghost giving them a piece of his mind every step of the way. Filled to the brim with emergent physics-based gameplay, Chariot offers hours of exciting exploration, fast-paced ride sequences and mountains upon mountains of loot! Notice: We highly recommend playing Chariot with a controller.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4850 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Notice: We highly recommend playing Chariot with a controller.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
Good original mechanics, like Trine meets The Incredible Machine.
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81 of 100 people (81%) found this review helpful
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9.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 12, 2014
Another game that people are probably not going to talk about is Chariot. That’s a pity because this game deserves more attention, from both gamers and press. It’s a cute and sexy physics-based platformer with one goal: fun. And it succeeds splendidly in doing this.

In short Chariot throws you into a world where the King has died and you, as a Princess or her Fiancé, have to ride and pull his coffin (on wheels) towards his final resting place. The King’s spirit will guide you on your way and will let you know what he thinks of the burial places you come across. Correct, you’ll visit several burial places during the entire course of the game, because, you see, the King is hard to satisfy. On your way to these places you’ll also gather loot in the form of diamonds. This loot can later be used to upgrade your gear but more about that in just a minute.
This game is best played with a friend or partner because it really is a co-op experience, even though you can also get through the game by yourself just fine. However, there are a couple of sections that require that second extra player in order to be able to grab all loot, but these are all optional. Still, as someone who likes to explore it’s a bit disappointing.
Loot can be found in the form of diamonds and later on you’ll be able to find bigger diamonds that take a few seconds to get unstuck. All you have to do is keep the chariot close, because the chariot is what collects these diamonds. A few levels in you’ll notice enemies appearing whenever you collect a big diamond. That is because collecting a big one makes noise, and this attracts enemies that will try and take you loot by assaulting the coffin. If you let them stay on it long enough they will carry a piece of loot with them. You then have a few seconds to recollect it before it’s lost forever. Of course, chasing is no choice is you have multiple enemies still assaulting the coffin. And oh, noise is not just made by collecting certain diamonds but also by dropping the coffin, or smashing it into something. You have to carefully drop it if you don’t want to attract any attention to yourself. This isn’t always easy, but it keeps the game a bit more challenging.
So, the game has five different environments spread over 25 levels and each level usually takes 15-45 minutes to complete, depending on how everything goes. There will be a few times where the chariot is too far away from you, and/or that you’re stuck. These moments won’t happen very often and even then you can easily reset the game and return to the last checkpoint by pressing and holding a button. The most important lesson you’ll learn is to keep yourself attached to the coffin, because once it’s on its way you can’t stop it that easily.
The levels branch off sometimes and each one of these levels usually has more than one entrance. These entrances open up once you complete more levels and you can then go back and enter from a different part and continue your quest there. These new entrances usually only give you a couple of minutes of playtime because they can usually be found halfway through the level or near the end. But still, it’s a great idea and one that’s quite original I think.
You’ll be pulling and pushing the coffin in a non-linear way. I don’t mean to say that this is an open world game, because it’s not, but you won’t be going in a straight line is what I actually meant to say.
There are a lot of times where you’ll be pulling up the coffin to higher platforms, dropping it straight down or riding (and jumping !) it forward. In all these cases the physics were realistically mimicked and not once did I think that something wasn’t possible or unrealistic. These physics are what make the platforming fun, because you have no idea how it will all react to, let’s say, snowy and icy segments. There are a few areas that don’t work as well as they should. The trampolines are the perfect example here; these are unreliable and take way too much time to pull off perfectly. In addition to that you also have to be a bit lucky. But thankfully, this is pretty much the only real ‘flaw’ I could find.
In every level there are three silver skulls to be collected. These skulls are hidden throughout the levels and once found will be added to your Vault. They serve no particular purpose as far as I can tell. But there are also blueprints to be found in each level and once you’ve collected enough of these you can upgrade your character’s abilities or coffin with things like pegs (that allow you to attach your rope to a surface) or a light (so that your coffin can ride through dimly-lit environments.
The blueprints can be collected by taking some sort of crate with you. These can be found in certain spots. You just ride under them with your coffin, it will then be loaded onto your coffin and off you go. All you have to do then is find a shredder that ultimately gives you the blueprint. But to do this you have to push and pull it as well. And the thing is, if you can’t keep it straight for a certain period it will be destroyed. So you have to balance it from time to time to prevent this from happening.
By the way, the abilities can be upgraded even further, with longer durations and shorter cooldowns. You just have to find more of them.
But the true and only real goal, of course, still remains to visit the best burial place for the King. This is why you’ll be frequently revisiting previously completed levels in order to find these places. It’s fun to revisit a level and start from a different entrance because there are always some new places to find, including loot and secrets.

And wow, these graphics are just wonderful. They are colorful and even though the game has a bit of a sad vibe to it it’s all shown in a cute and detailed way, where you’ll still frequently see your character(s) smiling. Nothing depressing here; the art style is just amazing with some excellent subtle graphical effects here and there. It’s magical to see flowers pop-up from out of nowhere or to see ice reflect your image. All very cool stuff.
The music has a bit of a medieval vibe to it all and the voice acting is amazing. You won’t hear your characters chatting or anything but the King’s ghost will frequently talk about certain (hazardous) situations and what he thinks of a specific burial place. The vendor also speaks, but he mostly produces one-liners. Unfortunately, these usually aren’t very funny. But they’re still well made nevertheless.
The quality of this game is amazingly high, let me tell you.

I expected to play a fun game here but nothing this fun. Chariot succeeds on many levels and can easily stand on its own between many of the bigger budget platformers out there. It’s a game that I will gladly recommend and I hope enough people will (eventually) agree with me.
This game needs more attention and I hope this review will at least give it a little push towards success. But it still needs all the help it can get, so come on everyone and let’s make this happen.
It’s crystal clear to see how much effort and love was put into it and this is the reason why you should be playing games in the first place.

[Rating: 86/100]
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72 of 95 people (76%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
30.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 6, 2015
When I went into this game, I was initially surprised at the level of polish and style it had. I thought it was going to be another simple yet endearing platformer with straight-forward mechanics and tranquil atmosphere.

Boy was I wrong. The difficulty curve on this game is very steep, and goes near vertical at the end. Never have a played a more unfair, un-fun, absolutely punishing game like this. I made a steadfast attempt to complete this game, but the fact that you are locked out of 100% completion by a controller-throwingly hard hidden level is almost baffling.

I've gone through much of the game in both single player and co-op, and the results are roughly the same. Initial levels are simple, and actually enjoyable. After you leave the starting zone, the game kicks up the difficulty in all the wrong ways. Slippery ledges, timed switches, needless enemies, weird flippy bridges. It makes this game an overall chore to play.

To add insult to injury, some levels are repetitive and excessively long. A couple of the sections are more tedious than difficult, forcing you through five minute platforming ordeals, only for you to slip and fall to some unforeseeable physics glitch or auxiliary mechanic. At which point, you have to pick yourself back up, and do it again a couple more times with similar results. The game goes from enjoyable to unbearable very quickly. You know something is wrong when you greet every checkpoint with a "God, finally".

It strains my brain to think why this was the intended difficulty. Who is the target audience for this game? Is this really supposed to be a casual buddy co-op game? If so, it's far too difficult in its current state.

I can really only recommend this to the most masochistic of co-op players, or perhaps the most suicidal of single-players.
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34 of 43 people (79%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
6.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 21, 2014
Wonderfully fun and cute game with a nice sense of humour. Great for co-op.
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28 of 33 people (85%) found this review helpful
2.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 14, 2014
Chariot is a stylish 2D platformer with physics based gameplay. The king has passed, and your duty as the princess is to deliver him in his coffin to his final resting place. Navigating your way through the catacombs and caves by pushing, pulling and riding his coffin may seem easy at first but the gameplay definitely gets more complicated as you move through the levels. There is a bit of humor in the game as well, the dead king's spirit will speak to you with funny comments and suggestions about what to do at some points. Upon completing levels you can unlock alternate entrances to them along with speedrun availabilty which creates a lot more return playability for levels. Cooperative gameplay is available(Couch Co-op, Not Online), and the other player gets to play as the princess's fiance. Playing cooperatively also changes the gameplay a little making some things easier, and some things a lot harder. There is also areas in the levels designed specifically for 2 players and you will need a partner if you plan on getting some of those gems that require 2 people. If you can get a friend to play this with you, I'd recommend doing so as it really adds more fun to playing. Chariot is also not very compatible with a keyboard and mouse so having a controller is Highly recommended for easier gameplay. Remember people, Xbox controllers are plug and play on PC.
So.... if moving dead bodies is your thing or something your good at for some reason. I won't question why, but I will tell you that youre gonna want to grab this game and convince a friend to get it too!

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32 of 44 people (73%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
15.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 31, 2015
A perfect example of quantity over quality. I was so surprised to see I had only spent 15 hours on this game because it felt like so much more. The levels start long and get longer and longer... By the last level I was praying the level exit would be on the next screen for almost an hour.
1.3% of players have completed Chariot, only 5.1% have completed the second world. The lucky ones got out early.
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17 of 19 people (89%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
8.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 6, 2014
Nobody seems to know about this game. I saw it on the Xbox One in a Giantbomb quick look. I was waiting for it to come to PC, then one day I searched for it and was suprised to learn it had come out with basically no hurrah.

Anyway it is one of the best couch co-op games I have played. I imagine it would be kind of a lonely experience to play alone, but with a friend it is excellent. You pull along a dead king in his Chariot, he comes out as a ghost to berate you for not finding him a good enough resting place so you continue on a journey through underground catacombs.

You need to keep the king's chariot near you most of the time, as you can't pick up gems or collectables on your own. So your two characters "physics puzzle" (best verb) their way through the world with the king in tow. You just need to watch a short video to get a feel for how the game plays but in essence it feels very smooth and manageable to get around. It is surprisingly effortless to get the chariot over bumpy terrain and on and off platforms, though I feel bad for the guy and girl who are doing it.

I thought perhaps having to look after the king might become a burden after a while, like one long escort mission, but because the chariot won't move on its own (unless you leave it on a slope of course) and you have such fine controls to move it around, it hasn't gotten frustrating yet.

The game also looks great, very crisp. If anything lets it down it is these dark levels half way through, they are quite oppressive compared to the earlier game, I am hoping they don't continue like that because it really bums me out when you miss lots of things because you can't see, it forces you to compulsively explore every nook and cranny which isn't really that fun (Edit: Watched a trailer, looks like they don't stay dark, it is just a few levels, so all is well!).

Overall though it is very nice to look at, very enjoyable to play moment to moment and a lot of the puzzles, especially the special gem ones that require two players, can be very challenging. My friend remarked that it kind of feels like a game Nintendo could have made and I can understand that. Nothing that bad every really happens, except now and then a bat might steal some of your loot.

That skeleton needs to shut the ♥♥♥♥ up though seriously skeleton shut the ♥♥♥♥ up.
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24 of 32 people (75%) found this review helpful
9 people found this review funny
5.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 13, 2015
Recommended to play with controller and your fiance/fiancee for a load of epic high fives.
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17 of 21 people (81%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
3.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 7, 2015
Had lots of fun playing this game. It can be challenging at first, but when you learn this game's innovative mechanics, you'll be amazed how much fun you can have, especially in the co-op environment. Beautiful visuals and soundtrack make this piece of entertainment very unique in its genre.

I would recommend controller for this one.

Definitely worth the price. ;)
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14 of 18 people (78%) found this review helpful
67.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 24, 2014
As a platformer fan when I saw this I bought it just on looks alone and this is indeed a very beautifull looking game in every way from the nice lighting effects to the backgrounds to everything. When you I first started this with its soothing music and sound effects I thought I was in for an easy ride how wrong was I in thinking that.

The first level is easy enough breaking you on how the chariot handles but after that it gets harder pretty quick to the point where I nearly gave up and put it in my I can't be bothered anymore this is too hard and frustrating to continue I have lost count the number of time I took my anger out on my controller to the point of smacking it on my desk a few times. BUT I don't know why or what it was I just kept on coming back for more time after time until I got onto the next level and then found myself going back and trying to 100% every level I must of been mad.

Anyways this is a platformer that you have to have in your collection because the satisfaction you get from completing this game is awsome I am now on my second play through I must be crazy but it keeps pulling me back for more.

Thumbs up for the devs and lets hope they do a Chariot 2
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Recently Posted
4.7 hrs
Posted: October 19
My girlfriend and I are really enjoying this game. Those two person obstacles can be a struggle, which are fun figuring out together.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: September 19
It's boring.
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Charming Cthulhu
1.4 hrs
Posted: September 18
"We highly recommend playing Chariot with a controller."
I already see why: Although the game is pretty simple and you don't need many buttons, they are scattered all over the keyboard and you can't even change the bindings. The keyboard controls are completely messed up and the tutorial messages don't even show anything except for the Xbox buttons. Everytime you learn a new action, you have to open the options screen and look up the key you have to press.
I do have a controller and I'm going to continue playing the game with it, but I'm definitely not supporting this.
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4.6 hrs
Posted: September 17
Fun game, clever concept, very interesting at first but a little too repeatitive. It's a maybe buy, your mileage way vary.
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5.5 hrs
Posted: August 21
15$ is alot for this game
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Apparently Kid
18.4 hrs
Posted: August 20
Not bad, although many special areas you can't do without 2 people, which is kind of annoying. Levels in each area all feel the same and there needs to be more checkpoints. Abilities are sectioned off by annoying secrets and should come easier.

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3.9 hrs
Posted: August 6
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Lua㎭ghostie 🎃
5.0 hrs
Posted: July 28
I bought this game during the steam sale just because it looked kinda interesting. It turned out to be really fun to play and had the right amount of challenge (and yelling at your co-op partner when doing the optional tricky treasure hunts). I've only played co-op and I didn't finish the whole game yet so I can't answer for singleplayer, but the gameplay is pretty straightforward. It's a physics puzzle game built around pulling a cart with a rope or two. You can unlock stuff inbetween stages when you find the parts for it in the levels and collect enough treasure. The levels are quite big and the artstyle is cute. Not sure how long the game is but we did everything we could find in each level so far and I think it took about 40 minutes or more per stage. I'm happy I bought it in any case!
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0.3 hrs
Posted: July 21
This is a very entertaining couch co-op game. It's fun alone and even better with a friend. You push and pull a wheeled chariot around levels. It's pretty simple and it keeps introducing fun mechanics into the game. It's a really solid title with great music, options and graphics. This is a no brainer if you like SNES style two player puzzle platform action games.
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