Be prepared for high-speed races against challenging AI pilots on huge, futuristic race tracks. Destroy your opponents with mounted cannons and special pick-up weapons, upgrade and fly different racers in a vast and spectacular environment on earth and in space.
User reviews:
Mixed (107 reviews) - 58% of the 107 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Dec 4, 2014

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“Even though the game is still in early access and is only single player, it is worth buying even if you are only slightly interested because of how little it costs.”
Should You Play This Game?

“I spent some time playing the game over the weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit. While it doesn't quite reach the bar set by games like WipEout, it's still a fun little racer and works well enough to scratch that anti-gravity racing itch.”

“Quantum Rush fills the WipEout craving you didn’t know you had”

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About This Game

Quantum Rush: Champions is an action-packed, futuristic racing game for PC. This special genre had been neglected for far too long. Now, Quantum Rush takes over!

Be prepared for high-speed races against challenging AI pilots on huge race tracks on earth and in space, fight your opponents with mounted cannons and special pick-up weapons, use an extensive system for modifying and upgrading racers and fly many different racers with manufacturer-dependent perks!


  • Carreer Mode
  • 3 independent campaings with various challenges
  • 8 different challenge types (race modes)
  • 21 hard bosses
  • 14 race tracks
  • 21 racers with countless upgrades
  • Arcade Mode
  • freely configurable challenges going beyond campaign presets
  • complex artificial intelligence
  • comprehensive personal statistics

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System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel or AMD 2.0-3.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 mb, Directx 9.0c SM 3.0
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Gamepad recommended
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel/AMD 3.0+ GHz Quad Core or Greater
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB Nvidia GT/GTS or ATI Radeon HD
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Gamepad recommended
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61 of 78 people (78%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
9.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 5, 2014
I don't understand how, but they somehow managed to turn a rather good game ( Quantum Rush Online ) into a boring and flawed single player game. After playing QR online for some time, I immediately bought QR Champions in early access tu support the devs. And as usual, I regret having bought an EA game... Here are some of the obvious flaws I've encountered, I've already listed that on the forum, and other players complained about them too, but it seems that the devs just don't give a damn about user feedback :

- the menus with a gamepad don't work really well, it's OK sometimes, and other times it's a chore, almost impossible to navigate

- the mouse cursor doesn't disappear when using a gamepad

- there is absolutely no damage feedback, most of the time your shield and armor just suddenly disappear and you don't even know who or what hit you

- primary weapon is useless, most if the time you just shoot the ground because the tracks aren't made to use this kind of weapon. Also you have to push the button each time you want to shoot... when it's supposed to be a rapid fire weapon.

- "collisions" problems. And by collision I mean the hit detection of boosters and items. Sometimes you will take a booster even if you miss it by 2 meters, and sometimes you will be exactly on the booster but you're ship doesn't accelerate. Same for the pick-ups, I even saw an enemy behind me get the item I was going to take

- there is absolutely no way to know what an item does, most of the time the icon sucks, and even when you use the item, you don't really know what it did

- there is "that guy". You know "that guy" ? Almost every racing game has it, it's the nearly unbeatable ennemy that is always first, way ahead of the others for no reason because he is supposed to have the same ship, and seems completely cheated. Even when you get ahead of him, he manages to save and use all his energy at the end of the race to overtake you.

- they removed the cash. In QR online, even when you lose a race, you earn some cash, so you didn't play for nothing. It's not the case here, and the game is so difficult that you'll have to restart again, and again, and agin, the exact same race, earning nothing, just to beat "that guy". The game becomes a useless grind really fast, except that there is nothing to grind...

- stupid game modes. For example there is a mode where you have to grab packages on the track. Thing is, the AI doesn't seem programmed to do the same, so they just run a regular race, shooting each others and trying to reach the line first. And, as YOU have to kinda explore the track to find the packages, you will spend the entire race alone. It would be nearly impossible to grab the packages with the other guys around anyway...

- death race sucks. Yup, generally death races in racing games are fun, really fun. Mario Kart, F-Zero, Gas Guzzlers Extreme, it's fun. Not here. Here it's a chore, too. First, for the reasons I already mentionned : primary weapon shooting straight into the ground, bad hitbox on items icons making you miss them all the time, weapons that do nobody-knows-what, and generally useless... you got the picture. But there are even more flaws I didn't talk about. For example I noticied that ennemies don't give a damn about their energy, they generally don't use the blue tracks to regenerate it, but still they manage to be hard to kill. Also, you never know your position during a race like that : are you first with the most kills ? Where are you on the track compared to others ? Are you far behind and you have to boost to join them ? Generally, the AI manages to go really fast, using their boost like they don't have any energy limit, while happily shooting at each other to have a max of kills, and leting you far behind. They also take almost ALL the items, leaving you with nothing but useless ones, when you are already struggling to keep up with them. This makes the game absolutely not enjoyable, I re-started a death race like 10 times and the best I could do was 7th with 3 kills... IF you manage to got a good weapon that does some damage, it's generally not enough to kill a guy, you will just damage him enough to allow another ennemy to kill him...

- the upgrades we win makes no sense : why do they seem weaker than the base equipement ?

- most of the musics really suck, I deactivated it after 2 or 3 races. But the game is even more boring without it... I have nothing against electro, it's generally the norm for futuristic racing games, but those ones just suck.

Well I could go on and on listing everything wrong with the game, but it takes time and I have better games to play. I've waited for months for them to correct the flaws of early access, and they kinda did nothing ( well at least they corrected the menus with the pads... ). Too bad, QR Online really seemed to have the potential to bring back the old F-Zero and Extreme-G feeling. Seems like we're not gonna play a good like like these on PC for a long time...
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29 of 31 people (94%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 9, 2015
A futuristic racing game that's inspired by Wipeout\F-zero games. My initial impressions with this game were high but quickly sank soon after as I became bored and frustrated as a result of the game's odd design decisions.

- Beautiful game
- Runs smoothly
- Music is good I guess (nothing for or against it)
- Normal race event is fun

- No Dpad support is a huge oversight. Using RS for the menus is annoying and slow and using it for the hex grid in-game race menu up is a g0ddamn nightmare
- Unskippable race intros, if you have to repeat a race get ready to re-watch the intros for the umpteenth time.
- Unenjoyable and frustrating race events.
- Extremely obtuse item pick ups. Whenever you pick-up an item you'll be left with this exact thought "What did that do?"
- Collision detection feels off at times, I missed quiet a few pick-ups, bumped into walls while on the ceiling exiting a tunnel which reduces your speed and in one event causes your boost timer to restart.
- Boss battles are garbage, boss gets a 3+ second lead and you have to drive through certain rings to send shock blasts until you catch up as pick-up are restricted for bosses.
- Game lacks attention to details making the races feel rather dull. During some races you drive over water or sand and there's not even a particle of water or dust kicking up or spreading out from the base of your vehicle. You might as well be driving over metal.
- AI is the perfect cheater, it takes corners at full speed disregarding the brakes entirely without even bumping into the walls. They sometimes however crash into walls so I don't know.

This game needed more time and play testing to figure out the quirks. Now before anyone says you're only judging it so harshly because you played WipeOut. Let me say this, I never played a Wipeout or F-zero game. The only futuristic racing game I played and loved was Roll Cage, Roll Cage: Stage 2. Those games were the sh!t and this game lacks everything that made those games fun. If you can deal with all the cons then get it, if not then forget it look somewhere else.
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39 of 48 people (81%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 9, 2015
This game is really hard to recommend as it stands.

To sum up this game simply, it's basically a Wipeout clone. For those unfamiliar, Wipeout is a game originally released for Playstation systems. It's a "futuristic" racer that excelled with strong AI and great mechanics. This game wants to be a spiritual succesor on the PC, but it doesn't quite get there.

That's not to say it's entirely awful. It looks very good. While the tracks lack oomph or big moments, they're fine and the art designers should be proud of the work they did on this game. There's one track that goes into an underwater tunnel and I liked the way the tube was designed. Things like sound effects and music, while not spectacular, do the job and do not take away from the experience. I also liked the weight that the vehicles seemed to feel. Turning was not cumbersome and for the most part bar one key gripe, "driving" was well done.

Where this game truly suffers is in races, which for a racer is obviously a really big problem. AI is bland and the lack of depth really hurts the game. I found myself bored quickly, and considering how high I hold the aforementioned Wipeout, this really sapped my interest in Quantum Rush. The lack of a multiplayer mode hurts replayability as single player races, despite varying modes (i.e. Death Match/Courier/Career etc) just don't feel fleshed out or interesting at all. Another aspect I found really tough to adjust to was I never felt the speed. The odometer reads over 800 km/h and it just doesn't seem like you're going that fast. There's a variety of different weapons you pickup over a course, but they lack any pizazz or help keep the race interesting. It would have also been nice to have an intro/tutorial immediately upon starting the game, but this gripe would've been overlooked if the final product itself was better.

All in all I cannot recommend Quantum Rush for a purchase. If you find it as a part of a bundle, I'd say to go ahead and give it a whirl, but the lack of depth really makes me doubt I'll bother with it ever again.
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4.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 20, 2014
Fun anti-gravity combat racing with a great soundtrack.

Looks good, runs well and has a fair amount of content for Early Access.

There's a good variety of tracks, you can customize your vehicle and there are quite a few event types.

I recommend this game if you're a fan of the genre, especially for such a reasonable price.
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17 of 21 people (81%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
17.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 17, 2015
While by no means a Future Racing pro, I at least hold my own in the majority of Future Racers, good or bad. Quantum Rush Champions, at first, seemed promising, a spiritual successor to Wipeout, on the PC, with some cool ideas. But the game does not want me to like it. It actively resists such attempts.

A heavy chicane series in the third track. Until engines and boosters are upgraded, races are a tedious slog to, at best, a silver. Weapon pickups have a hitbox a third the size of the boost pads, and the same goes for the packages of Courier mode. Weapons, for the most part, rely on either perfect straights, or getting close to other racers (Which is somewhat difficult when said racers have upgrades you do not. Like engines and boosters.) What is worse still, my upgrades in one tier count for... Nothing beyond being able to beat *that* Tier, of *that* campaign, with *that* craft. And Time Trial times require not only those upgrades, but a flawless line.

I want to like Quantum Rush Champions. But it doesn't let me. Needing multiple attempts and specific unlocks to achieve even a silver medal is not fun. Needing to do it every racing class is not fun. In short, though I had high hopes for this game since Quantum Rush Online... This game has too high a difficulty curve, with too much grind, for it to be fun. Which is a shame.
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15 of 18 people (83%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
7.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 13, 2014
A good futuristic racer needs to be fast. No disappointments here! During my first play I was blown away by how fast the gameplay moves. It took me a good two hours to place in the top 3 on the first campaign race. This racer will not hold your hand--it is meant to be hard and doesn't seem to be geared towards casual players!

I recommend this racer to enthusiasts, anyone that loves futuristic racers, and combat racing fans.

Getting a few good shots on the racer in front of you and watching him explode is a great feeling. This game offers all kinds of powerups to help with that.

Quantum Rush is skill based; there is no auto-aim or instant kill of other racers. You will need to earn your kills. Between aiming your main gun and powerups you will also need to manage heat and energy levels. If your car overheats it explodes. You can shoot your main gun all you want but the heat adds up quickly. Boosting uses up your energy and it seems that once your energy is depleted your racer moves noticeably slower.

The powerups provide a great feeling of satisfaction. The smoke powerup is one of my favorites. In most racers it seems like the vision impairment powerups don’t really impair the other drivers all that much. In this game when a racer uses the smoke powerup you better get out of the way, the smoke is very thick and will has immediate consequences on any unfortunate racer that attempts to drive in the smoke.

As you win races you are awarded with the ability to customize your car. Don’t like the main gun you have? No problem, swap it out for one that is suites your playstyle. Change out all kinds of parts to make the racer fit your play style.

The sound effects are okay but they feel a little bit hollow and more variety is needed. A game like this really needs lots of cool futuristic sound effects that have a lot of oomph, and even some bass, to them. The music tracks are also lacking, they are fairly short and don’t quite fit the tempo of the game. As for animation, some of the animations are a little awkward. Flying off a rock ramp in the desert at high speeds looks a little bit awkward, doesn't feel like gravity is working the way it should yet.

I play using a usb xbox 360 controller. I think controller will stay my preferred method of play, this feels right for a controller.
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13 of 15 people (87%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 15, 2015
Devs do not listen. AI Cheats, difficulty is way to high. Found myself doing the same race over and over again. The graphics and controls are supurb, but that is pointless when you can hardly win. Most players aren't getting much past tier 2.

This is an example of a game that could be very good, but because devs choose not to listen (just look at the forums), its a flop. All this game has going for it right now is pretty visuals. If the devs fix things my opinion may change, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Save your money.
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9 of 9 people (100%) found this review helpful
1.7 hrs on record
Posted: May 21
Product received for free
Provided by Giveaways Reborn !

Portable Description
Quantum Rush Champions is an anti-gravity single-player racing game. Boasting a Career Mode with 9 different challenge (race mode) types, 21 Bosses and 14 racing tracks, a considerable amount of time will be required to see everything this game has to offer.

Career Mode
Career mode starts with choosing one of three racer Manufacturers. Ion Energy Systems specializes in racers with extraordinary shields. Nitroid Racing focuses on improving their racers' boosters while Nanofabric Motorworks aims to produce the most balanced and steady racers. After choosing a Tier (racer), 6+ different Challenge types must be completed in order to progress. Each subsequent Tier (7 Tiers for each manufacturer) is unlocked by achieving a required number of medals and defeating the Tier's Boss. These medals are received upon fulfilling certain challenge requirements. The following 9 challenge types are listed below.

Challenge Types:
  • Against the Clock: Every few seconds, the last-placed player will be eliminated
  • Courier: Collect as many packages as possible
  • Damage Control: Don't take any damage in order to increase top speed
  • Deathmatch: Eliminate as many enemies as possible
  • Defeat the Enemy: Destroy target enemy as fast as possible
  • Hit the Target: Pass through rings and finish as fast as possible
  • Single Race: Fight for the best placement
  • Time Trial: Beat the best time
  • Boss Race (Career Mode only)

Throughout the race, an on-board weapon can be used to shoot enemies down. These weapons are part of random awards received at the end of each successful challenge. Some of the weapons include pulse-fire shooters or lasers. Due to the curvature of the track and the weapons' inability to lock-on, it can be very difficult to effectively utilize them. To supplement this, pickup items at designated locations are also provided for support. Three items can be carried at once and toggled for situational use. Unfortunately, these items can not be fired backwards (excluding mines). Some of the items include: armor, shields, lock-on rockets, AOE fire and straight-fire rockets. Although using these items are crucial to success, the hitbox for the pickup items are rather small. Even though they are presented as holographic squares that are the size of an average racer, a direct collision through the center of the item is required for it to register as received.

Arcade Mode
Arcade mode provides freely configurable challenges to allow customized races. Every challenge type is available for modification with the exception of boss races. The race parameters that can be altered are listed below.

Arcade Settings:
  • Race Track
  • Direction: Forwards or Backwards
  • Number of AI Opponents
  • AI Difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, Nightmare
  • Number of User Respawns
  • Number of AI Respawns
  • Challenge Specific Settings: Boost Time, Elimination Time, Packages etc.

The graphics and aesthetics for QRC is very similar to other high octane/anti-gravity racers. A futuristic feel is generated with the use of the darker spectrum of the color palette and many vertical lines, imitating a sense of traveling through tubes, tunnels or wires. The tight level design helps create a sense of speed. QRC is a far cry from the common indie graphics seen in many shovelware that utilize the most basic native engine assets.

The HUD presents three different meters located at each corner of the screen (Energy, Speed, Heat) and an armor meter with 3 item pickup icons located at the top. Due to the nature of the high speed racing and intense action, it can be very difficult to look away from the center of the screen to observe the various meters. A more centralized location with the 3 meters in a condensed form would allow for more effictive utilization.

Controller Support
Although QRC has full controller support, this game should have went through more QA testing to fix all of the minor grievances observed while playing with a controller. One such grievance is the fact that the controller does not work on the title menu. Continuing with the troubles, the item toggle button is mapped to a very difficult to reach location and re-mapping it causes the "Summary/Detail/Custom" options to be unusable with any other mapped button. Also, the Alt-Tab feature has caused the game to freeze multiple times.

Racer Handling
Even with these minor annoyances, the handling of the racers during gameplay is fairly fluid. The racer is responsive enough to the analog control and the two airbrakes sufficiently allow for fine turning around sharp corners.

Current State of the Game
The current state of the game may be a bit troubling to some players. The developers seemed to have moved on from this game to their other IPs. It's been exactly one year from this review's posting since an official update was published; Steam News announcements involve GameArt's newer titles. A quick look through the Steam Discussions will reveal a lack of developer-authored posts. What the game has to offer in this state is essentially its "complete" form.

With everything taken into consideration, Quantum Rush Champions is only recommended to those that are fans of anti-gravity single-player racers. The minor bugs and problematic UI navigation can be forgiven, but the lack of online multiplayer/local coop and continued updates will be difficult for many veteran gamers to accept.

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8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
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96.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 23, 2015
As a fan of Magforce Racing (The game that no one has heard of) I can say that this game is a very good alternative to other futuristic racing games, also this game is for those who seek for a good futuristic racing game to play on PC, not on consoles.

1. Nice visual style
2. Good atmosphere and music
3. Challenging races
4. Huge variety of racetracks

1. A few balance issues
2. System requirements are high
3. "Full controller support" has some serious issues (+no support for D-pad)


This game is recommended for hardcore futuristic racing fans.
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10 of 12 people (83%) found this review helpful
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30.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 5, 2014
Really a great game, especially for the small price. A lot of the negative reviews seem to spawn from having Wipeout-like expectations towards a 10-euro-game. That´s just unrealistic. For its price, the game is really good.
The feeling of speed is great, and while some things tend to be a bit annoying, it makes them feel extra rewarding when you finally manage to win. This would be different if you´d be penaltied for things you have no influence on, but especially boss levels that feel unbeatable and unfair at first become very easy once you figure out the best strategy. For example, if a boss has strong forward-directed weapons, it might best to stay close behind him and overtake him just before the finish line. Or, on tight, twisting tracks, you might be able to get an advantage by using all your boost immediately so you are always one turn ahead and lock-on weapons or straight missiles can´t hit you.
The only thing the game really lacks is motion blur. But that may still come in a future update.
Overall, I´d definitely recommend this game if you look for a rather cheap, fun, futuristic racing game.
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Recently Posted
I drink my poison with two hands
34.2 hrs
Posted: September 15
Late review.
What happened to the multiplayer? The beta was perfect, I was hoping for a multiplayer in the final version.
But I guess not. Thanks devs.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: September 5
horrible interface, bad controller support, but the gameplay is good. A pity
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1.6 hrs
Posted: August 22
I love anti-grav racing games, and this has everything right. Everything, except two problems. One, you're flying planes, not anti-grav racecars, but that's nothing compared to how impossible it is to win anything in this. Not "oh I just need to try harder," difficult, but "okay I did that track perfectly and I'm still ten seconds off the silver medal..."
It's too difficult to be fun, and right from the start too. You can't get more than bronze in anything.
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0.7 hrs
Posted: July 10
this game is a surprise

i got this game even tho the ratings were mixed as i love wipe3out style games ..

and i really do like this ..
the controlls need too be set up correctly on a gamepad as there not really right from the start
and you really need too buy the dlc too make the game better

the graphics are really nice
the sound is nice
the game feels lovely too drive and has lots of feel too it
and the enviroments are ok ..

it is tough tho .. i will warn you this is NO pick up and play when your bored
it requires some skill too be learned and some thought too beat it ..

i have not played much at the time of writing this so i will come back too it when i have played it some more
but for the moment i reccomend it its not a bad game at all
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4.8 hrs
Posted: May 22
Product received for free
Bad racing game but it has steam trading cards.
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11.1 hrs
Posted: April 25
fun but sadly doesnt have multiplayer
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4.1 hrs
Posted: April 20
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26.0 hrs
Posted: April 8
Simple racing but with space planes, not carts! Future of racing. Very fun game and designs look good, customising your space plane is great. I enjoyed racing in this.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.2 hrs
Posted: February 27
I've only played a couple of races with this game but it was pretty frustrating. Maybe I'm not used to these type of controls, but having to accelerate with A (instead of the right trigger) got me a bit confused at first, but then I just didn't understand what was happening. It was all a bit confusing, opponents are really small, everything goes very fast but you have very few clues as to where to go next (no minimap, few track indications), what weapons do, etc. I'm sorry I can't recommend it.
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