You are Sarah, princess of the peaceful realm of Kaleiya. The quiet life of your kingdom was lost the day your father was seduced and then kidnapped by Lilith, a demon mistress. Travel through ice castles, cold dungeons, lava caves and much more! Bring your father and king back home!
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Release Date: Aug 18, 2014

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"A hardcore sidescroller that will make you hate bats. The King has been captured and its up to Princess Sarah to save him."
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January 24

New update is online!

A new update is online, with a lot of tweaks / adjustments:
- Sarah's collision with platform's edge has been adjusted
- Added a couple of new animations to Sarah
- Boss fights are harder
- Torches when destroyed heals many more HP
- Fixed a bug where 2nd boss was unbeatable on few systems
- Sarah now can jump on top of some enemies without suffering damage

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“Loving every minute of it”
4/5 –

“I highly recommend Amazing Princess Sarah and eagerly await the anything else by Haruneko Games.”
4/5 –

“One of the best Castlevania-inspired titles”
7/10 –

About This Game

You are Sarah, princess of the peaceful realm of Kaleiya. The quiet life of your kingdom was lost the day your father was seduced and then kidnapped by Lilith, a demon mistress. Her only desire is to dominate your empire and kill you. Use your powerful sword to kill all Lilith's minions, then quickly throw the dead body on the next enemy to perform amazing combos! Travel through ice castles, cold dungeons, lava caves and much more - straight to the castle where Lilith hides! Bring your father and king back home!

- Highly detailed pixel-art graphics
- Smooth action @60 frame per second
- Lift and throw thousands of enemies!
- 5 castles
- 6 dangerous bosses
- 7 crazy newgame+ modes

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Xp
    • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX 10 compatible graphic card
    • DirectX: Version 10
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Posted: January 23
"Skill why you play that game? Isnt that a gurly game?"

I really liked Akane the Kunoichi and while looking on the store I found Amazing Princess Sarah which was also made by Haruneko Entertainment. So I thought to myself "Lets buy this game dude!". Unlike some other people who have posted bad reviews about this game I quickly switched the default controls into something more realistic because I can honestly say that the default controls were really bad. Best way to play it is to use a Xbax controller anyways.

This game pretty much blew my mind on so many levels of happiness and frustration. The game is surprisingly fun to play and will pretty much kick your ♥♥♥ over and over again. In this sidescroller you play as Princess Sarah and need to save your father(The King) from the demon mistress Lilith.

Sarah's main weapon is a sword. The button can be tapped fast to multiple fast hits. Sarah also has the ability to pick objects and fallen enemies up and throw them.

There are 5 castle levels and each end with a big epic boss fight. The levels contains your standard enemies in the form of skeletons, zombies, flying demon chicks(They are hot), dudes that walk back and forth while dropping bombs, Big dudes that walk really slow unless they see you, flame sprite chicks that throw fire, archer dudes that shot arrows through the walls and ground, ghosts that walk around in armor, some flying ghost thing that you cant hit with your sword and those BATS THAT FLY ALL OVER THE ♥♥♥♥ING PLACE!

The enemy and level layout is planned really well and killing an enemy makes it possible to pick their body up and throw at other enemies. Throwing some enemies like for example the flaming sprite chick will cause a fire attack to hurt the enemies that it hits. There is sort of a rpg element because get xp from killing enemies and you can level up which makes you gain +2 health points to your health bar.

The game reminds me alot of Castlevania: Symphony of the night the way the game pauses for a moment when you level up and the design is simulair. You can also break candles to get hearts out of them to recover your health.

Since my last reviews ive gotten some real constructive critisim that I will take use of now. So I will mention the Pros and Cons ^^.

Female protagonist
Variety in levels
Really epic and fitting music on some levels
Epic boss fights
Great gameplay
Unique gamemodes that you can unlock after you beat the game.

Healthdrops(Hearts) recover 2 hp.
The music fades out to nothing before fading back in.
To short recovery time after being hit.
Some huge objects can be throw far and others not.

I have still not fully beaten the game since when you beat it the first time you unlock a new gamemode and after beating the game on that gamemode you unlock another gamemode and Im on the 5th gamemode so far and there is 2 more that I have yet to unlock so I guess its 7 gamemodes in total. Each of these gamemodes gives you a new challenge by adding a twist to the game. Some of these gamemodes adds a positive twist as well.

Often when I start this game up or simply when im just playing it people ask me "Skill why you play that game? Isnt that a gurly game?" and other times people mention the boob art on the title screen like "Woah Skill its that boobgame!". Please dont base your judgement on names or apperences. Sure there are as a matter of fact boob physics on Sarah and even the enemies in the game. But lets not attract the videogame journalists shall we?

I give this game a 8/10
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Posted: January 28
* The controls are okay, but don't feel "right".
* There seems to be a slight delay between a button press and the action, maybe caused by vsync. But there is no option to disable vsync.
* The jump has a fixed height. You have air control, but the movement feels fast and imprecise. Good luck jumping on moving and disappearing platforms.
* The melee attack has a very short range. Since you move too fast, sometimes it is hard to get close enough to attack without being hit.
* You can jump on top of some enemies, but that just bounces you back up; it does not damage them. However, given how imprecise the controls are, it is very likely you will miss and get hurt.
* You can pick up some objects or dead enemies and throw them. However, the throwing has a fixed angle/distance, you can't throw in any direction. Also, some objects/enemies are heavier (but some stuff that looks large and heavy is not heavy, such as a table, a wardrobe or a clock).
* When there are multiple overlapping objects/enemies to pick up, Sarah never picks up the one that I expected.
* There is a water river in castle 3. The water current will move you, but it won't move any object or dead enemy. That's an arbitrary design decision that makes no sense and breaks the player intuition.
* The water continues to move you sideways even while you are jumping and not touching the water anymore.
* The fire enemy survives water.
* The camera tries to help by moving a bit further while you are moving, but the effect is that the camera looks drunk. Also, there are many traps outside the camera view.
* Unskippable cut-scenes that pause the action for too long with nothing happening. That intro animation before the main menu shows up? Unskippable. That boss animation? Takes a while doing nothing. That Game Over screen? Get used to it, it takes a while to get back to action.
* Cheap traps, such as a dozen moving platforms with random bats moving around and spikes at the bottom.
* Bosses requires too many hits, so that the boss fights become boring.
* Bosses feel unpolished. The lava attack from the flying demon boss destroys any enemies, even those that are safe under the platform. However, in the Cursed mode, bats still spawn behind the lava and you can't see them until they hit you. The head animation from the knight from castle 5 is buggy (it starts flying back even when the player is picking it up, and then it teleports back to the player; a second head drops down even after the boss is defeated if it is defeated while throwing the head).
* Very disappointing true last boss fight.
* Random crashes.

Overall, this game induces rage-quit feelings. It is not complete garbage, but it is not polished enough.

On the bright side, the graphics are good. If this game by just one person alone, congratulations! Making and releasing a game is not easy.
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Posted: December 30, 2014
The controls are sluggish. As a consequence, you keep dying over and over and over again. Not because you suck, but because the Princess doesn't jump when her feet are clearly on the ground, or because she doesn't turn around fast enough to hit that bat that just conveniently appeared right behind you. The difficulty wouldn't be so aggravating if the controls were responsive.

Super Meat Boy this is not.
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Posted: February 3
Haruneko strikes again!!
Just as with Akane the Kunoichi, Amazing Princess Sarah feels and plays like a platformer from the glorious 16bit era from the early 1990s. This means, it keeps its gameplay simple yet challenging and I mean really challenging, hard-unforgiving challenging. Additionally to a handfull of levels ever increasing in difficulty, there are several new game plus modes that alter gameplay in interesting ways and changing up the flow of the game.
It may not be a master piece but it is more that worth its price of admission!
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Posted: April 1
Amazing Princess Sarah is a well made platformer with a pretty good difficulty curve. Sarah fights enemies the Super Mario Bros. 2 way: you mainly kill your enemies by picking up items -- or already slain enemies -- and throwing them at your foes. If you time it well, you can get cascade reactions where you kill multiple foes with a single throw.

The (forgettable) story is told without words through simple cutscenes. The same style is used to introduce the bosses.

Where Sarah is frustrating, is in the level design. Even for a game in the platformer genre, there is a LOT of backtracking here as you mainly fight your way to a switch, flip it, then backtrack to a previously locked wall/passage and continue.
Enemies respawn throughout so you are always in danger, luckily save points occur frequent and are mostly well placed so you don't have to repeat particularly difficult sections too often.
Most annoyingly, flying enemies and enemy projectiles go through walls, and as you'll be spending a lot of time passing through narrow corridors next to other sections you've either already visited or will visit next, there are a lot of cheap hits as a result. Luckily there are also sections where you can just dodge or kill enemies without worrying about cheap hits too much.

Overall the experience is a good one. A well made game and worth the (low) price.
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Posted: February 4
Great fun! Seriously!

I got this for about 1$ (Sale + sold Steam cards) and I have to say the full price would have been worth it as well.
I don't understand what other people are complaining about.

This game is a fairly hard old school Jump'n'Run Game but thanks to a lot of checkpoints totally okay to play, even for casual gamers. The character is based on her ability to pick up and throw knocked out enemies or other items. Similar to Super Mario Bros. 2 on NES.
The thing, depending on what you pick up it has different consequences. Throw an archer and it releases a bunch of arrows that hurt enemies. Throw a fire woman and it spawns a few flames. Throw a so called Fatty and it won't fly as far but it will do a lot of damage.
It's a simple but fun mechanic which makes a very engaging game that you can play casually in a few minutes per session or in big chunks of time.

Really don't understand the hate.
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Posted: January 5
Amazing Princess Sarah is a major technical improvement over Haruneko's first game, Akane the Kunoichi -- but it's not nearly as fun. The biggest problem is that Haruneko spent too much time slicking up their game engine and not nearly enough designing interesting levels for their new product. The stages are generic, overly long, and too claustrophobic for Sarah's genuinely cool throwing attack to shine. Extra emphasis on "generic": without exception, the levels are cramped and twisty pseudo-mazes that vary only in length and color. Thankfully, the short main campaign ended just as boredom began to grip me in earnest. I wasn't about to go for the "true" ending, which requires you to play through the same bland levels about 12 times with the added aggravation of various wacky handicaps (no sword, drunk filter, etc.)

Sarah is not truly bad though, it's simply middle-of-the-road. It's still enjoyable enough to spend a few bucks on if you are a platform-lover (it kept me amused on my stationary bike a good three sessions). I was just really disappointed with this since I loved the mildly glitchy but well-designed Akane. Perhaps Haruneko's next game will be something really special since their engine is all polished up and ready to go.
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Posted: December 27, 2014
Now, let me start off saying that it is no surprise to me that the game, as of this time, is rated with "mixed" feelings, as I, myself, have them about this game. But this game is by no real means a "bad" game, but it's not really a grand game either. It's in that grey zone of "eh, it's not great, it's not bad, it's just....par".

The game gives you two methods of attack, a tiny butter knife called a sword that does barely any damage, and being able to pick up dead foes and random objects for the real attack power. Each foe has special properties to them that makes this title stand out a tad bit, but the same enemies are in every stage, and they don't start doing pallete swaps until stage 3, which makes the previous stage feel a tad dull. On the bright side, though, it enables you to learn and plan use of your foe's corpses.

The game also has a neat handicap mechanic, as I like to refer to it, where you can level up by killing foes for exp. This makes it where every time you die, you retain your gained exp and can take a few more hits and deal some more damage so you can shrug off foes easier, but if you're good at the game, you'll have a harder time because you won't absorb as much exp. Thus why I refer to it as a handicap, and I approve of this.

However, due to the same enemies appearing over and over, and there not really being any sort of mechanics besides "throw foes, hit switches, jump on platforms", this game is pretty dull. But hey, if you're desiring a platformer and have a few bucks, then I guess I can suggest this.

Plus, there are extra game modes once you beat the game once, so there's...I guess replayability. There you have it.
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Posted: December 21, 2014
After reading through negative reviews I came to the conclusion that they didn’t seem all that fair and so I decided to write this review which I will aim to keep reasonable short, concise and fair.

The first thing that I think I should mention is that this game is hard and, at times, extremely frustrating; however please don’t write it off just for this reason. With this being said it’s a game I am yet to just quit and forget about, all the deaths which occur seem fair and I was able to get on with the game even if I muttered a few choice words under my breath.

Let’s start with the controls! The default controls themselves are horrendous, but after I spent some time changing the binds around until I found a control scheme which fit the way I play I was able to play with some modicum of ease. Controllers are also supported however I haven’t played with one and so I can’t say anything regarding this method of input. The game also seems to be really picky about the location which you need to stand in order to pick up bodies and objects; you may first think that to pick up an item you need to stand to the side of it as you would in other games, however in Amazing Princess Sarah you are required to stand in the dead centre, which is either in front of it for a game object or on top of it for a body and if you are off slightly you just won’t pick it up – there is no room for error. This mechanic bugs me a lot. On a certain level you are required to pick up and then throw bodies and objects to defeat a boss whilst being on the run the entire time, if you miss even a couple of bodies you’re going to be out of luck and will have to restart the fight; coupled with this awkward mechanic it took me quite a few attempts and several swears to be victorious.

With regards to the controls again, even after rebinding them to suit my play style I still had a lot of trouble stopping in the right places because Sarah seems to have banana peels for shoes, causing her to slide and have trouble stopping where you want her to as well as accurately performing jumps, however that last one might just be because I’m terrible.

I also noted that a quote from the review by described the game as “One of the best Castlevania-inspired titles”. If they were referring to the awkward controls that these generations of games had then they are dead on, unlike the jumps I attempted to make.

I know what you’re probably thinking now. “Why would I want to spend my time playing a game with bad controls and awkward mechanics? Why should I bother buying this game now?” Well, allow me to continue.

Despite having extremely awkward controls and mechanics the game is very enjoyable and takes absolutely no prisoners regarding the mechanics and enemies. Save points in this game are statues which automatically save the game as soon as you are close enough, however the trouble with this is that the levels are fairly large and the statues scarce. This means you may have to clear a large section of the level to get to a save point and if you die before you manage to reach one you go straight back to your last save point or, if you haven’t reached one on that level yet, back to the start. You have a set amount of health which increases as you level up and as far as I am aware there is no way to restore your health midgame other than getting a Castlevania-style heart to drop from a defeated enemy or a destroyed game object, however this seems a fairly uncommon occurrence and eve then your health isn’t replenished by much. This isn’t too bad as the enemies don’t deal a great amount of damage but the enemies who do can easily be avoided or killed from a safe position, in fact the only way you die instantly is to pitfalls deaths.

The game has a variety of different enemies ranging from zombies and skeletons to demonettes and fire elementals each of which have their own attacking style. When an enemy is killed you have a window of time to pick up the body before it fades away to use it as a weapon, when you want to use it as a weapon you throw it using the key you normally use to attack, when the body collides with a solid instance it actives in a unique way for each enemy. I won’t say anything else regarding this in fear of spoilers and to allow you, a potential player, to find out for yourselves and figure out in what situation a specific body would be beneficial. The final enemy I will mention are the Bats, which are seemingly everywhere. There is what appears to be an infinite number of bats flying about on each level in fixed paths and positions whose sole purpose is to distract and infuriate the player by dealing damage to Sarah and knocking her off the platform she just jumped too all the way down to the bottom, this definitely adds to the difficult and charm as well as adding a Castlevania-style feel to the game. If you don’t spend at least 20 minutes trying to navigate a set of platforms in one particular level then you must have hacked the game.

Sarah’s only weapon is a sword which doesn’t do a great deal of damage but can perform critical hits which make up for this. Environmental objects can also be picked up such as grandfather clocks, tables and chairs which can all be thrown at enemies to deal greater amount of damage as well as being able to perform critical hits which deal a very high amount of damage to all enemies. This mechanic is something very out of place in a game about a Princess but it works and it adds to enjoyment of the player and without it the gameplay itself wouldn’t stand up to much.
Amazing Princess Sarah is a very standard 2D platform game with slight RPG elements. Slight elements being you have health which increases as you level up, you gain XP for defeating enemies and you are able to level up to an infinite level. Your goal is to save your father who was seduced and kidnapped by Lilith and to do this you must fight your way through 5 castles. Why 5 castles? The only reason I can think of as to why the developers would make it castles is due to her being a Princess and her father the King. But why would Sarah need to fight her way through 5 different castles to rescue her father? Doesn’t she know where Lilith’s castle is? No could be an appropriate answer for this question, but the concept itself is fairly weak, flawed and quite standard when it comes to these types of games. However this again adds to the nostalgic feel that you are playing an older game.

The game itself is also quite humorous and got a couple of giggles out of me. For one the characters breasts are animated along with her sprite meaning that they move as you move, this is the same for the other female enemies in the game such as the fire elementals and demonettes who also scream for help when you pick them up to throw them. The bosses are very different to what you might expect and are completely out of place for a Princess game, but that’s what makes this game what it is and that is a fun, challenging, frustrating 2D platform game that you’ll want to continue playing until you complete it.

I would recommend this game if you like 2D platforming games, don’t mind the fact there is no way to change the difficulty which is essentially based on your own skill which builds up as you play, and if you don’t mind the story and enemies which make little to no sense.

If you don’t like difficult and challenging games or 2D sprite based platformer games then this game isn’t for you.
I do believe that anybody can enjoy this game if they are willing to spend time playing it and that if you see it on sale you should definitely pick it up if you’re unsure about it.
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Posted: December 27, 2014
First of all, I'm a platfomer junkie. :)

I loved this game, the price is right and the difficulty well balanced. Sequel. NOW.
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Posted: November 30, 2014
This game is very strange. It can feel very fun and incredibly rewarding. Then in almost an instant, cheap and poorly designed. This game is VERY HARD. It seems to use some old platformer tropes in good ways and bad. Enemies are placed in spots that require platforming and are seemingly random, or there are moments of unavoidable damage as you are swarmed by enemies, or knocked into a pit. It uses a very interesting mechanic that involves throwing items around you (furniture, rocks, statues, ect.) and also fallen enemies that yield different powers. Archers will explode in a hail of arrows, the flame monsters will shoot fire to each side from where they land. This little mechanic can make dealing with a group of monsters feel very rewarding with the right strategy (when the game isnt out right being unfair). The graphics are nothing special. The sprite work is okay, but looks like something out of RPG maker. You arnt playing this game for its stunning visuals. Although, at times it looks and feels like a castlevaina game and clearly pays homage with its gameplay elements and boss design.

It is kinda hard for me to recomend this game. It has made me very frustrated at times, but never felt like there was no way i couldnt beat it without just beating my head over it. It has me coming back though, and after all the complaints, i do enjoy this game. If you find this game on a good sale, or want to feel how difficult and frustrating old platformers could be then check it out.
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Posted: February 19
So if your are an achievement hunter i am not as a rule. But this is a pretty easy 100% you go through the game 7 different times but each time throws a twist at you.

You are drunk one time naked and helpless another time a vampire ect Platforming is done really well in fact you can be on a block while just one little pixel of your foot in touching it. Think of this game like castle vania with rpg elements trhowen in the mix. Each level you gain you gain a small ammount of health.

be warned though this game is actually pretty hard dont get me started on the bosses cant tell you how many times i wanted to throw my controller.

As long as you dont mind a challange you should buy this game.
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Posted: December 27, 2014
This game simply isn't very good. I bought it because the main character was one of those stupid, busty, blonde, brainless little things with my wife's name, and I figured showing her this game would annoy her (like any good husband, I actively look for ways to annoy my wife). I, however, ended up being the one who was annoyed. This game would be ok, except that there is a delay between when I press the jump button and when I actually jump.

This wouldn't be so bad, as I've played plenty of loose platformers before, but jumping is absolutely essential to beating the second castle, and even when I have the delay figured out, one of those stupid bats knocks me over the ledge like I'm playing Castlevania again (and not in a good way).

Let's face it: One dollar was too much to pay for this game. I'll play it until I have all the trading cards, and then I'm done with it.
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Posted: December 30, 2014
It's an adorable little platformer with a macho and beautiful female protagonist. if you have a problem with beauty in a moral-less environment then leave now and take your triggers with you. It plays like castlevainia, in that you go through platforming levels with a melee attack against enemies following the same Japanese flavored art style. You can kill the enemies with a knife or throw objects at them. Not as good as shovel knight but still fun.
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Posted: August 18, 2014
Amazing Princess Sarah takes us back (if only a couple of months) to old school platformers. The goal is simple; save your dad, the King. And to do this you’ll have to get past castle levels with icy floors, spikes and water streams that slow you down, among a bunch of other environmental hazards, and all of this while fighting off enemies.

The thing that makes this platformer stand out from other platformers is the fact that you, besides using a sword to eliminate enemies, can kill enemies by throwing them into one another and that way create combos. But both methods can be used to do this.
The higher the combos the higher the XP you receive. Don’t think this is yet another game with RPG elements in them, because it’s really basic and you could hardly call it an RPG element if you know what it’s precisely used for. You see, the XP you receive will level up your character but instead of gaining extra strength, more stamina or I don’t know what, your character will just gain 2 extra health points every time she levels up. Health is one of the key factors of the game, because there are a lot of enemies and, with a few exceptions, they all have their own moves. So you have to take into consideration that an enemy standing on a platform above you could easily hit you with an arrow or that another creature could send a wave of flames your way while you’re standing on a small ledge. The enemies get tougher as you progress so it’s only natural that you grow ‘stronger’ too. Later on you might think 2 health points is really too little and I’d have to agree with you. It’s practically nothing because all of the enemies inflict more damage than that. Still, things shouldn’t be too simple and replaying certain parts of a level is part of the game’s design. Completing a single level will allow you to level up quite a few times mind you.
There are several checkpoints to be found in every level and you’ll continue the game from the last checkpoint should you choose to quit the game. No need to replay the entire level again, which is a big plus.
But around level 3 or 4 the game will also rely on some trial and error aspects that I’m not a fan of (dropping down and hoping you’ll fall where you’re supposed to go). Thankfully you’re usually near a checkpoint when that happens so it should only take a couple of tries, but it’s a cheap gameplay tactic that this game doesn’t really need.

Amazing Princess Sarah takes a lot of time getting used to control wise. No, the controls aren’t hard at all. But if you’re going to play this with a controller the analog stick is best avoided because it’s highly inaccurate. Instead of using the stick use the D-Pad instead, it works so much better, especially for sections where you have to jump from tiny platform to tiny platform (sometimes even with enemies on them). You wouldn’t believe how many times I fell off or slipped off a ledge because the game didn’t respond to my key presses quickly enough. Rage Quitters, beware.

Graphically it’s nothing amazing. It has pixel graphics which look alright, but I’ve seen many other games with better graphics than this. They do, however, fit the game, like many other games in this genre. Pixel graphics just seem like a popular choice among platform games in general. The bosses, on the other hand, seem to use a different kind of art, and it’s noticeable and even a little bit distracting.
The quality of the sounds is also fairly basic. Your character will make a sound when hit or when she dies and then there’s the game over sound and the sound you make when throwing stuff. That’s about it I think. Then again, this is pretty usual stuff for games with visuals like this.
The music is, unfortunately, also nothing to write home about and feels generic. Well, to me at least.

This is not a big game. It has just 5 levels, each one ends with a boss fights, and each level will take about 30-45 minutes to complete. So in total it has 3-4 hours of playtime. I personally think this is the ideal length for a game like this. Any longer and the game would’ve lost its charm (i.e. the game mechanic of throwing around enemies would’ve worn thin by then).
Fortunately, for those that can’t get enough it the developer has integrated New Game+ into the game which should give you a better ending (that is what’s being implied) while also throwing some new stuff your way, like adding a chasing ghost of Sarah (which you have to avoid) or giving you the ability to double jump, at the cost of having enemies with more health and/or that you can’t use your sword.

The Amazing Princess Sarah doesn’t do anything to reinvigorate the genre, but it’s a fun game nevertheless and short enough so that anyone can pretty much finish it. I enjoyed it for what is was, but just remember to play this with a controller and, most important of all, with the D-Pad. It will save you a lot of frustration, trust me.

[Rating: 71/100]
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Posted: November 8, 2014
First off let's get the obvious out of the way. You look at the title-screen for this game and what do you see? A Princess. That's right, Sarah is a Princess, she's got the tiara, that's her castle in the background, and she's the daughter of a king. Now that we're done establishing the obvious let's talk about the game.

PLOT: The King has been kidnapped by liliths, are you a bad enough princess to save the king?

What makes Sarah so amazing is that she lifts. No really, she can hoist furniture as well as corpses over her head and toss them around. She also has a sword, which is used to make corpses. Depending on the type, enemy corpses have different properties when they're thrown. The most devastating are the liliths, as their bodies are highly volatile and damage everything on-screen. There are five stages, five bosses, a few hundred enemies, a bunch of checkpoints. I did the math and came to the following conclusion: getting through this game should be easy peasy lemon squeezy. Turns out the math was wrong, Amazing Princess Sarah isn't that easy (that didn't sound right).

This isn't Super Meat Boy, let alone I wanna be the Boshy, but the enemies do hit hard, pits are on the prevalent side, and you have to make do with a fairly limited pool of health. Candles hold life-replenishing hearts, but uh...they restore 2 HP. Sarah can also level-up, which adds....2 HP. Seriously though she also gets stronger, allowing her to do more damage with her throws and sword. The first play-through is liable to be a bit of a struggle. Eventually however things start to click. Enemies operate by specific rules. They don't attack unless they're facing you, so you can sneak up behind them with murderous intent. Archers only fire where you're standing, so move an inch and watch that arrow pass you by. You'll even figure out the trick to avoiding the stage 5 boss as he stomps around. Holding onto a corpse for the right situation can also prevent a headache or two.

But that's not enough I'm afraid, you have to play New Game+ if you want to end the lilith menace once and for all. Hey, New Game+, play through the game again with all your level-ups? It's going to be Weekend at Bernie's! Well yeah, it is, except you're Bernie. There are multiple NG+ modes, and they get more difficult as you progress. In the first one, an invincible ghost follows you around. In the second , you're drunk, and it looks like your castle is on a boat in the middle of a storm. The third time around you receive a sweet double-jump, but get slapped with a stringent time-limit. Fourth time around? Your sword is only good for killing bats, and bats are lousy weapons. At this point I'm just doing my best to skip past enemies. I still have a few more play-throughs to go, but they all sound even worse.

Amazing Princess Sarah is a follow-up to Akane the Kunoichi, same engine and everything. In every aspect it's an improvement. The controls are less slick, there's a better sense of challenge, and it's less repetitive. Yes, even though I've played through this game 4.6 times it's less repetitive than a game I played through once*. Some parts of the game can be frustrating, mainly when it involves picking up an object, hurling it, and it collides with a low ceiling instead of a monster. There are a couple other issues, namely crashes (at the 5th boss usually), and the stage 4 music is LOUD.

This is a good game. Just do yourself a favor and look past the fact that she's a princess. Is it really that big a deal?

*If you're going to be that guy and check my Steam achievements, I played through the Xbox Live Indie Games version of Akane the Kunoichi. I even got all of those freakin' kimonos.
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Posted: August 18, 2014
The opinion of a Dad on a budget.

Who here loved Super Mario 2? Did you love playing as Peach?
If you answered yes to those questions then this game is for you. If you have never played those games or if you are too young to know what I am talking about then this game is still for you.

Amazing Princess Sarah is a retro platformer with a modern soundtrack that pays homage to the much underrated Super Mario Brothers 2. The level design is tough but not impossible and the bosses are fun a quirky. There is also a surprising variety of baddies with cool powers.

My criteria for a good budget game is 1 hour of fun for every $1 I paid. This is a $5 game and I am pretty sure I will get at least 10 of fun out of this one. So if you are looking for a super fun game pick this one you will thank me.

Please check out my gameplay video

I cover cheap games on my podcast Steam on the Cheap fell free to subscribe to find out what budget games are worth your time. I waste my money so you don't have to.

Thanks and game on.
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Posted: August 18, 2014
I've played this game for two hours so far and made it to the third of five castles. It's pretty good.
- It's has a simple concept, aside from being able to hurl fallen enemies it's a very basic platformer
- Platforming is challenging, I died a lot, sometimes it was frustrating but it's reasonably fair and it didn't make me want to quit
Aside from throwing bodies you can jump and use a basic sword attack. There is a good variety of enemies from the very beginning and throughout the game. This helped to make it more interesting.
-----Platforming was hard. You have to avoid and deal with various enemies while you are jumping around, which made things complicated. There were several sections which I had difficulty with, at each one I died at at least 10-15 times. In the first castle there is room in which you must scale a series of small moving platforms. I constantly fell off them back to the bottom, just touching the stick on my gamepad slightly would often send my character dashing off these surfaces. This is the reason I say platforming in this game is *reasonably* fair not simply fair. I felt that the in that section the platforms might need to be a little bit bigger. But aside from that, yes I do think the platforming is fair. I enjoyed platforming in later sections more.
-----Okay there is one thing that I think the needs to be changed, the bats. I spent 15 minutes trying to do another one of those moving platform sections and was failing over and over again. The bats that fly at you make it very difficult. Unlike other enemies they continually respawn. They move up and down so it’s really hard to time your attacks to hit them sometimes. It is especially difficult to kill bats when you are standing on a platform. If you turn around to face the right direction you will fall into a pit of spike and have to start the section again. So I think they should at least not respawn.
-----There are checkpoints which are reasonably frequent. You have unlimited lives so you can return to them as many times as you need. Sometimes the game is a bit cruel though. For example I was caught unawares by some bottomless pits at the end of a long section before I reached the checkpoint so I had to start that bit over again. And after another particularly difficult section it is possible to miss the checkpoint at the end if you jump the wrong way. You can't actually see what's at the bottom of some falls. I think I would have cried if I jumped the wrong way after that lol. That definitely would have been unfair!
-----Your character actually earns experience points by killing enemies to gain levels. At higher levels you have more health points and I think you might do more damage. I felt that this balanced out the difficulty because it meant the more you died the stronger you became. This is because during every attempt you make at a section you are killing monsters and leveling up. So each time you level up the game get's a little bit easier. I had trouble surviving sections with 80 health at around level 30. I would have had an extremely hard time if I only had the 20 health you start the game with.
-----Surprisingly the boss battles were actually a relief from the difficulty of the platforming. I fought two of the bosses and I found them quite easy. I only died once at each one and was able to figure out how to beat them quickly. I don't know if they are intentionally easy. But it was a nice change of pace for me.

I liked how the game looked. It reminded of a lot of various old titles, such as Dangerous Dave. It was pretty good nostalgic experience.

I recommend trying this game out. It was fun and challenging. At the rate I was going I think you should be able to get your money's worth out of it in terms of hours of entertainment.

Click here for my YouTube gaming channel
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Posted: August 18, 2014
Amazing princess Sarah is an amazing game especially for the price for the opening week it is £3.39 that is a brilliant price fo this game I ahve beaten the first 3 levels of this so far and am looking forward to the 4th. The game is hard let me tell you that now, you will die but if you like a game that challeneges you then this game is for you. I can't recomend this game enough. BUY IT you will not regret it
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Posted: August 21, 2014
I support this game like Sarah's bra supports her boobs.
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