Catacomb Kids is a brutal platformer roguelike that pits you against the deadly Catacombs aided only by magic, steel, and your quick reflexes. Traverse procedurally generated dungeons and hack, slash, burn, and blast your way through hordes of things that want to kill you.
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Feb 20, 2015

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Early Access Game

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Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“After being in development for a few years now, Catacomb Kids has now reached a point where the core of game is fun and playable. From here on out, I want to continue development in an open fashion that allows players to keep up with the game's progress in a way that lets them experience it firsthand.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The game will be in Early Access until it's complete. Until that time comes, Early Access supporters will receive a regular, continuous stream of updates with a new build at least once every month or so. There will also be a website through which everyone can track the game's latest development, and I livestream development regularly at”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The full version will have four primary environments, two major bosses, at least eight mini-bosses, dozens more skills and abilities, and a metric f-ton of secrets.
The finished game will also include various game modes including The Gauntlet, Co-op Mode, and Infinite Mode.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Currently the game is fully playable, with much of the first environment completed and two mini-bosses implemented. Most of the game's systems are in place and functional with the remainder of the work largely consisting of fleshing out and expanding the world with new enemies, traps, environments, etc. Due to the procedural nature of levels, however, there is currently enough game present to keep players well occupied until the new areas become available.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“It will be the same price upon release.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“I host regular, weekly livestreams where players can watch as I work on the latest features and talk with me about the game. In addition, every build release will be followed by an 'open house' Google Hangout where players can come to talk to me directly about the latest build and the game in general. I'll be active on the forums and irc, where players can reach me easily.”
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September 25

New Class - Tinkerer Update!

So, it's been yet another while and a half, and here we are again. I come bearing gifts.

Watch this:

If you don't feel like watching that then read this stuff (it's mostly the same words):

The Tinkerer!
First things first, this update adds a new player class to the game; The Tinkerer. Tinkerers are crafty item-users, planners, and mechanics, and as such they are associated with Intelligence. Their class ability isn't really an ability so much as a companion: All tinkerers have a flying robot buddy that can carry items and fight alongside them.

The Tinker-Bot has four different modes that the player can switch between at will:
  • In Defensive mode, the tinker-bot will only attack enemies that you're already in combat with, but won't fly off and start fights on its own.
  • In Offensive mode, it'll attack any nearby creature regardless of whether they're aware of you or not.
  • In Manual mode, you control the robot directly, letting you move, attack, and pick up items with it, but you lose control of your Kid while doing so.
  • In Idle mode, the tinker-bot enters an inactive standby state: You can use this mode to tell the bot to wait somewhere out of the way while you go do something dangerous. You can also interact with the tinkerbot in this mode to manage its held item or modify its behaviour.

Of course, nothing lives forever, and the tinker-bot will be destroyed if it takes too much damage. When this happens it breaks into three pieces that are scattered around the level, and in order to restore it you'll need to reassemble the parts and then take a moment to power it up again. When you repair your bot this way, you'll become mentally exhausted for a couple floors, during which time if it breaks again, repairing it might result in some...lower quality results - or else come at a high cost.

In addition to their tinker-bot companions, Tinkerers also have a chance to start with items unique to their class, called "Contraptions." There are only two kinds of contraptions so far - Grenades and Wind-up Turtles - but more are planned for future updates.

Those are the essentials of the new Tinkerer class, but there's much more to them that you'll have to discover for yourself. I'm excited to finally have the fourth class implemented and I think they'll find their place alongside the bully, wanderer, and poet as a valued addition to the game.

The next major addition to this update is the introduction of Catacoins. These coins are a kind of currency that you gain over the course of multiple runs by getting far and gaining reputations. Different reputations are worth different amounts of Catacoins based on how difficult they are to get, but even if you don't get any reputations at all, you'll still slowly gain Catacoins over the course of your runs to spend.

As for what you do with these coins, there's only one thing to spend them on so far, but I think it's pretty neat: You can spend coins to customize the otherwise randomly-rolled Kids, tweaking certain starting traits and equipment to create a kid that suits the way you play, but keep in mind that the more specific you are, the pricier the kid becomes. I've also removed the ability to continually re-roll new random kids at no cost: backing out to the menu and going forward again a million times won't get you what you want!

You can choose to spend just a few coins for a simple quality of life improvement, or save them up to roll an expensive all-star suited to your tastes -- but play well, to make sure they survive and make the investment worthwhile.

I've also made some changes to shopkeepers: They're no longer generic sellers-of-all things, but are instead divided into four different shop types: blacksmiths, magic dealers, potion brewers, and clothiers. In addition to each shop type offering different kinds of items, shopkeepers themselves now offers a service unique to their profession.
  • Blacksmiths can improve your weapon's stats and repair damaged equipment.
  • Magic dealers will sell you a single spell that doesn't require learning points to acquire.
  • Potion brewers will identify any potion type, for a price.
  • Clothiers offer enchantments for your armor and shoes.

What's Next?
So, now that this new class is out and the groundwork has been laid for meta progression in the form of Catacoins, my next major goals are the implementation of the third environment, the Deep Dark and the addition of Tier 3 boons, and transitioning development to Game Maker Studio 2. But like, in the reverse order from what I just said. Of course this all will be aalongside the continued fleshing-out of existing systems - adding more meals and meal effects, more things to purchase with catacoins, more spell overloads and trances, etc.

I'm Still Not Dead
Lastly, as I've mentioned before but will continue to mention for as long as it remains true: If you ever think I'm dead or have dropped off the face of the earth (like I know sometimes happens) Check out my on Mondays or Fridays - unless I'm out of town I'll always be dev-streaming from 3-6PM PST. We've also got a relatively active discord channel that y'all're all welcome to party in. But like, not a rowdy party. A really chill low-key one because honestly we're all tired but it's only Monday and we still have to be up tomorrow morning, and it's not even like we don't see each other often anyway, so there's no need to get all wound up when we all know we're just going to be back here again in a couple weeks.

So anyway, sorry this build took such a long time getting out - there were a lot of irritating and common bugs in the last version, and going so long without at least addressing them was pretty unacceptable of me. My bad. I'll try to do better forever. After all, what can we do but strive evermore for betterment - of ourselves, of the world around us - or else be crushed by the sameness and the worseness of all prior existence; softly smothered by the enticing and outstretched arms of the grand beast named Contentment with Mediocrity.

So you strive, stumbling at times, sure, but resisting that beastly embrace. And so shall I strive too - until I am Better. Until I am Best. And even further, until the infinite endeavors which lie beyond.

. . .

Seeing as how this is a pretty big update and this has already been a lot of words, I'll post the patch notes separately.
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September 25


New New Class! The TINKERER! New Items - Grenades Robot Follower Catacoins! Custom Kids! Battle music! AC Forts! Changes Oog now have energy for the void amulet to drain Changed some reputation requirements Large mushrooms are now heavier and bounce away creatures when not upright or when struck Mushrooms are know knocked away by attacks Improved Magic 101's charged tome attack Improved Magical Combat's charged tome attack As a Spellwright, projectiles from tome attacks will auto-aim Undo is now removed from your skill grid when its max charges reach 0 Arrow types can be swapped by holding "Stow", even when having held/stown items Made Anticropolis background details better and more unique Added splash visual effect for entering water Added bubble effect to lava surface Changed explosion visual effect Changed flame wave visual effect Made icy slopes much more slippery Added a V-Sync option in Graphics options for Windows users Setting V-Sync to "ALT" should help WIN 10 users with their black fullscreen issue but may introduce other issues !!-This is only a temporary fix. A true solution is coming soon-!! Added option to disable contextual prompts in Graphics options Some changes to lighting in the Anticropolis Orb of Leveling light now cycles through colors Classing up as a wanderer more dramatically increases farsight distance Improved camera point of interest functionality Doubled charged duration of Soul weapons and added a damage penalty for losing charge Changed behavior of shadow strikers for Soul weapons Stronger enemies generate more shadow strikers when killed with soul weapons Changed the behavior of lanterns to make them more useful Lanterns now remove invisibility from lit enemies Wearing sandals, going barefoot, or being naked in the AC increase heat loss Sandals have less durability... Sandals/bare feet kick faster and increase freerun wall-run speed Boots have higher durability... Boots kick slower, and decrease freerun wall-run speed Heavy weapons and equipment increase freerun startup time Boots reduce damage from ground spikes 1 at the cost of durability Helms and Coifs reduce damage from ceiling spikes by 1 at the cost of durability Slightly reduced input window for heavy lifting creatures Added learned percentage of weapon skill to "Likes [Weapon]" description Increased shop security Shops now come in different types Shopkeepers offer different services based on their store type Added living space to shops Added background details to shops Merchants will buy your items for closer to their actual value with higher LUC Mixed potions now identify if their components are identified after being made Weapons clashing gains the attention of nearby creatures Disarming enemies while you have [Pilfer] now [steals their weapon] Using Grapple on enemies now [disarms them] if you have [Disarm] Made gamepad input for mighty stomp harder to do accidentally Refined Air Dash behaviour Improved input responsiveness for quickly throwing things after taking Trajectory or Deft Throw Changed appearance of Trajectory throws Trajectory now briefly slows time when initiated Deft throw now has a slight auto-aim Weapons thrown with trajectory only bounce once Realized Amulet of the Void now only activates upon stealing energy/magic Reduced Amulet of the Void's range Increased INT requirement for enemy amulet use Can now ride boulders Can now initiate trajectory bow shots downward Crush trap chain reeling sound is now emitted from the crushing head Corpses are no longer valued by name length Humanoid corpses' worth now take into account their equipped items Added ruin structures to Anticropolis Fixes Fixed pools of water spawning incorrectly Fixed amulets de-identifying when INT drops Energy with Void Amulet drains one from max Input icon for class ability doesn't display when using controller Arrows behave a bit better in tight corridors Crash when drinking Potion of Cleansing Flame Icicles are fine in lava Flame pipes add excessive "Charred"s to corpses Teleport traps can spawn on the ghost and other "up-to-interact" features Boulder traps don't trigger over too-short distances Flame Wave, Infernus, and burning enemies don't properly produce light Fixed a bug with disabling out-of-view instances Interactable object title text is drawn in the wrong color Burrah-boi meal doesn't work at all Strange transparency artifacts with alphas while in fullscreen Solidified Lava in reaper room is rendered incorrectly Still climb up and down ladders while tracking/aiming lantern Can heavy lift creatures while already holding an item Heavy lifted creatures can be picked up by humanoids other than the one who initiated the heavy lift Ghost sometimes provides too many, too few, or incorrect trait options All the music was in mono BECAUSE I'M AN IDIOT Crash when ogo slime on feet explodes in a gas trap Crash when losing one's weapon-arm mid-attack while using a bow Potions are overly resource-intensive Firing a bow homes in on switches even when they're behind you Missing particle effect upon level up Breathing Masks don't work NB becomes unresponsive after being blocked or shield parried Using raise dead on a player in co-op doesn't restore their charge stars Dead things gain value as they degrade Near Future TO-DO The Deep Dark Tier 3 Boons More Minibosses
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About This Game

The Origin Of Dungeons

500 Years ago the demon sorceress Abys was sealed away beneath her fortress by 4 legendary heroes and a 5th forgotten one. Over time, no longer held stable by Abys' magic, the fortress sank into the earth, becoming a haven for foul creatures, dark magicks, and the refuse of the Over-World. The fortress, now deep beneath the earth, became known as The Catacombs, and kids from all over found themselves drawn into its shadows - seeking riches, power, knowledge, and escape. Now, coming-of-age ceremonies and criminal sentences alike all revolve around plumbing the depths of The Catacombs, and the legend of Abys has been all but forgotten. Some say she yet sleeps in the dark below, the seals that keep her contained growing ever-weaker.

What Lies Beneath

Catacomb Kids is a procedurally generated platformer, with an equal emphasis on quick reactions, tactical engagement, and strategic character growth. Wield swords, spears, axes, and daggers -- unleash powerful magicks to burn, freeze and poison foes with -- overcome traps and beasts both deadly and unrelenting.

The game is streamlined but not "simple", featuring a system where basic elements interact to create complex outcomes and stories. Lure monsters into combat with one another or take advantage of environmental hazards to trick your foes into their own bloody demise. The world is your crafting space, allowing you to create new items and tools from within the game-space itself, never needing to farm materials or navigate a menu to demonstrate your cleverness.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: 1.2GHz processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • OS: Ubuntu 14 or above
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL-capable graphics card with valid driver
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