Hope has a new name – Space Hack
User reviews: Mixed (528 reviews)
Release Date: Nov 15, 2005

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"Space RPG that's a Diablo-esq type game. Found this little gem a long time ago and was happy to see it available on Steam finally."
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About This Game

The colony ship, Maximus XV was on course. This was supposed to be an uneventful trip. No one on board expected the gravitational entity. It quickly swallowed Maximus XV.

The colony ship and its passengers were trapped but not alone. Ships loaded with creatures of unknown species have been trapped for years. They have learned how to survive by feeding on newcomers.

They quickly attacked Maximus XV, taking over one colony biosphere after another. The passengers were caught unaware and barely put up any resistance against the merciless invaders.

The last biosphere was different. With impromptu weapons colonists managed to fight off the attack, but they were still under siege, surrounded by countless enemies. Now, the only way to get out of this alive is to get to the emergency capsule and use their powerful engines to break free from the Nebula. But the capsule is at the other end of the ship and the path leads through all the biospheres, now colonized by alien creatures.

This is a one person job. Only the best of the best will have any hope. Hope has a new name – Space Hack

  • Over 50 hours of gameplay
  • 45 levels with Earth-like environments, futuristic interiors, post-catastrophic locations, deserts and frozen lands
  • Over 80 different alien creatures from 3 unique breeds
  • 40 different weapons including a variety of melee and shooting weapons
  • 13 hi-tech items including holograms, mind control, teleportation, invisibility...
  • 45 bio-chips allowing you to enhance your hero
  • Diverse paths of character development - smash your way through problems, become quick and elusive or gain advantage with sophisticated technology
  • Real-time 3D graphics with 360 degree panoramic views
  • Atmospheric industrial ambient music and sound effects

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: 1.5 GHz
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible Video Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Windows compatible mouse and keyboard. Be sure to add main.exe to DEP list. If you are experiencing technical difficulties please email support@meridian4.com
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Posted: January 12
Please Note the following: I don’t recommend or discourage playing this game, my opinion falls right in-between the lines on this game, ergo, I could thumbs it up, or thumbs it down. I am thumbing it down because the majority of my friends reading this review probably wouldn’t want to waste time with it.
-Quick Review-
Space Hack is a very old looking Diablo throw back, “Sci-fi, RPG/Action” game. This game simply has the feeling of an “old game”, mostly because of its inspiration from Diablo. This game was released in 2005, so do keep in mind that, that reflects on the controls and the graphics.
-Detailed breakdown review-
Story: Basically you are humanity’s old hope for survival, you start the game standing inside an enclave called a “biosphere”, it’s your job to help these other humans to be able to survive this strange new world. Naturally, in a sci-fi game the enemies you encounter are various form of Alien.

Game Play: You can equip different weapons, and armor, as well as use various other types of items that are pictured up as loot from aliens you kill (or objects you find). This game also utilizes a questing system to help give you tasks and keep you active.
Something should be mentioned about the controls of this game. I have never adjusted the camera angle in a 3D game with my scroll wheel before, additionally there are several other key bindings that confused me, if you intend to try this game out, I highly suggest checking out the bindings BEFORE you jump into the game; Or else you’ll find yourself out of laser charges and franticly trying to find your inventory to equip a baseball bat to murder with.

Achievements: There are no steam achievements for Space Hack.

Price: Space Hack is $0.99, what else is there to say? Usually I say wait for a sale, but this game is already purchasable by shaking down a little kid for his lunch money. No further comments.

Conclusion: This type of game will appeal to a very select “flavor” of gamer, again, the game was released in 2005, the graphics reflect that, I haven’t been able to figure out if the majority of the people who played the original Diablo like or dislike this game, it seems pretty much split even.
To be honest, most people on steam have tons of games in their steam library, most people will probably enjoy playing other games then this one, but if you’re feeling retro, and liked Diablo (or the dungeon crawler genre in general) this might be worth picking up.
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Posted: March 17
Damn I was just curious about this and bought it cause its on sale now i just played it for almost 3 hours straight and I actually enjoyed this...

8/10 worth buying on sales
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Posted: May 17
I just finished the game. I had to watch ending on youtube because after killing final boss and entering last teleport game crashed and all my saves were gone.

Its like diablo 1/2 in space, with bad gameplay, bad controls, terrible camera and sound effects that will make you ears bleed ("pew pew pew"), repetitive enemies (in different colors! yay). Loot is terrible - vendors have better equipment, in games like that it is just unforgivable.
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Posted: April 23
it maybe a RPG game and takes me lots of time to pay for the weapon.
but, after all , it could be a nice game at some aspect like against the alian, chooese the direction you may go .

i think such a game is fit with in the real players who get enormous time or we can enjoy the game when we are free.

it can be improve because the game with total absence of the chance to play with friends.
at last , it won my approval !
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Posted: June 7
This is bad, realy bad, :(, Its not only the age that is showing...
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