In GamersGoMakers, you found a little company creating the first video games in history. Create your first game with only basic sound and simple graphics available in the year 1980. You´re one of the pioneers entering the rising global market for computer games.
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Release Date: Aug 8, 2014

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"A must have for hardcore gamers. Has tons of jokes and references. Although the imagery isn't great."
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September 29


Despite much effort and resources put fourth into folding GGM and Marco (The Developer) into my Studio in order to bring back the piss and vinegar of the community and get this and many other titles back on track, I must bring bad news in that we have been unable to come to an equitable agreement.

Plans in place such as releasing for free, a GGM 1.5 version complete overhaul to previous owners of GGM, whilst making the game as it stands as a freebie 'Beta Demo' AND starting production on proper patches with two planned and separate affordable FULL fledged expansion packs (No stupid 'horse armor' BS!) , all the while working towards a sequel to take the business simulation game to the next level; is all officially kaput at this time.

While I take on the challenge of restructuring my plan and diverting resources in order to bring fourth in-house products of my own Studio, I can't rightly speak for the Developer for GamersGoMakers as an admin anymore as it would be a conflict of interest and not fair to Marco in whatever direction he decides to take. We are still friends and things have ended amicably.

I wish him all the best on his own.

We tried our best to get this off the ground again, but sad to say, my group's involvement in GGM is non-existent at this point, indefinitely. As a gamer and businessman, my company and resources will not be assisting with this project anymore.

To avoid a conflict of interest, all I can say is keep your eyes peeled for some top notch simulation games soon to come!

It's been a pleasure to meet and to know many of you and try to help as an admin as best as I can. Thank you so much! And to Marco for allowing me to come in and try to handle things that were proving difficult at the time.

And as always, don’t hesitate to add me as a Friend in order to ask personal questions. I’ll do my best to answer fully and honestly as usual, however my involvement with GGM is no longer in place. Cheers Mates! (And Lasses!)

Sadly and Sincerely,
Harken XXI

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About This Game

In GamersGoMakers, you found a little company creating the first video games in history. Create your first game with only basic sound and simple graphics available in the year 1980. You´re one of the pioneers entering the rising global market for computer games. At the beginning, there are only few genres you can pick for a game to create, later you have plenty of options for more genres and sub-genres.

You start in 1980 creating one of the first computer games in history
Go your own way: Be a developer, designer, producer, artist or composer
Choose your starting location. Each starting location has its own characteristics, which may give you a benefit of some kind in play.
Optional start in 1990 or 2000, choose from 3 difficulty levels
31 genres of games to choose from
Real influence on creating games (find the genre matching game parts out of 15x4 options)
Intelligent game reviews give you hints about what to improve for next game in same genre
Sales are influenced by trends, platform market share, competitor´s performance and many more
You can create patches, addons, sequels or a new edition for a different platform
Hire up to 26 employees with specialisations in genre and/or platform
Rich role playing elements: level up your character and employees in 21 different skills
Learning by doing: Your employees gain levels in skills by takig part in projects
Improve your employees skills additionally by trainings, education programs and specializations
Employees will ask for more loan, holiday, trainings or they get sick, maybe even quit for a better job at a rival´s company
Become a specialized company of high renown in a certain genre, e.g. the global number 1 in Shooter games
Research new gaming technologies
Expand your business, rent or buy a bigger office
Equip 16 different rooms like studios for sound and motioncapture, labs and marketing office
Upgrade your rooms several times as time advances
Compete within a global simulated games market - hundreds of simulated competitors release games
Win awards for game of the month/game of the year
Consoles and platforms retire from the market...except you create a game hit extending the platform´s lifetime
Buy out your rival competitors: Let them work for you or destroy them
Win achievements and beat the global highscore
Become a publisher
Visit conventions or create your own convention
Pimp your games with "real" actors for voice acting, soundtracks and motion capturing!
Pay up to 30% tax per annum
...and many more features for a very deep gaming experience!

If you are not sure whether you can run the game or not or you want to try out the game before buying it; there is a free downloadable demo available on the website here.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: 2 GHz dual core
    • Memory: 1000 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Min screen resolution: 1280x768
    • OS: Win 7
    • Memory: 2000 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Min screen resolution: 1280x768
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3.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 24
It's seriously a bug fest. Half of the time I don't get paid by publishers, the other half my game projects simply stop at 100% and I can't release and have to quit the project and lose money. Can't make it past 4 years due to all the bugs.

Seems like it's a "done" product as well so no more patches.

Don't buy.
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5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
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24.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 23
Every time I exit this game, the words "Units sold" is copied to my clipboard.
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Posted: May 10
GamersGoMakers Review:

This game might not have the best graphics, but that doesn't matter as there is so much more in the game than just graphics. However, this game only gets a low score of 5/10 since they are quite wierd (looks like they just used Clip Art for this game). The rooms look cool (and change over different time periods), the attention to detail is very high and it's clear how much time the spent re-making different cosoles, game ect.

You can customize a ton of different things in this game from the games packaging to different buildings. The game packages are terrible, they have just searched through Google Images or Clip Art for some pictures that feel just 'crammed' into the game. But apart from that, I'll give this topic a high score of 8/10. The only downside is that it's quite hard to get 100% on any game as you usually can't remember what skills your team is good at, so you might pick extra points for what skills your squad is good at which will give you a lower score. But you can change tons of things in your game such as Graphics, Gameplay, UI, AI, Level design, World design and much, much more. You can also choose what rooms in your building have what purpose, such as making a Research lab. After you progressed enough into the game, you can make your own Game engines, they will help make your games better and speed the entire game making process up, however you'll need to make new ones every 2-10 ingame years to keep up with the latest technology.

You can create games, make Game engines, make consoles, basically you can make a lot of stuff. Your team will upgrade over their time in game developement, as will you, however it gets a little bit slower at the endgame section of GGM. You have rival companies and you have to either buy them out (only available after the year 2000) or be bought out! If you're a newcomer, it is frustrating to see your rivals getting high scores of 75% or more, while you are getting 60% at most on your games. Another problem is going bakrupt after only a few years (especially if you start in the year 2000). Other than that, it's a very fun game with lots of jokes and references.

Pros VS Cons
Customization is very nice
One game lasts a long time
Lots of jokes
You can do a lot of things
Cheap game
More features than Game Dev Tycoon (a very similar game)

Graphics are not good at all
The game case creator is just... a big no.

Is it worth the money?
This is a hard question as it's not for everyone. However is you are a hardcore gamer, this game is a straight up yes, especially since it has so much jokes.

***This review was written using a key provided by the Developer for review purposes***
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29.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 25
The game is a direct ripoff of Game Dev Tycoon. The developer is apparently MIA and no updates have been done since November. The developer (and/or moderator) doesn't allow any constructive criticism of the game on the boards. I, like others, were permantently banned in the early goings of the game for bringing bugs to the attention of the developer. This is the only forum I've had a moderated message on, much less been banned. Even so, had these issues been fixed, I wouldn't have a negative review. But they haven't.

If you like these types of games, give Mad Games Tycoon a try. The developer constantly updates the game (it's early access, but updates average about one every four to five days).
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1.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 12, 2014
I bought GamersGoMakers based on reviews stating that it is a more complex Game Dev Tycoon.

In my experience, the only added complexity is in the reviewable detail like spreadsheets showing current trends and company history.

Everything else, however, feels less polished than Game Dev Tycoon (which I also found to be a far from ideal game).

First, the user interface is sometimes confusing. Does that green checkmark mean I need to click it to activate it? Or does that mean it is activated? Oh, okay, that means it *is* activated. On other dialogues and interfaces -- oops, wait, come back! I didn't mean to skip that question or step! You're also forced into full-screen. For casual simulation games like this, I'd prefer to use a small window while I do other things. With GamersGoMakers, you can have full-screen or windowed mode. Both will take up your entire screen (in my case, on a 2560x1600 screen). Yes, there is a lot of information in the interface, but there are far more complex data-driven presentation games out there that I can play at something other than full screen, if I wish.

Second, the game play itself is essentially the same as every other iteration of this genre. Research tech, train skills, name a game, select genre and focuses for game, click button and watch while the money rolls in (or doesn't). Repeat and rinse until you're bankrupt (no way to take bank or private loans or anything else - when you go negative for a year, you're toast) or until you have enough money to invest in a bigger building and more employees and advertising campaigns.

Third, and what kind of drove me nuts over everything else, are the incoherencies. The game starts in 1980 and can be started in the 80s, 90s, or 00s, if you prefer. In the beginning, the only graphical technology which exists is "text based". You'll see something like the current 1980 trend being "race simulators". So, you might create a race simulator using the currently available technology. The game will bomb -- probably because you didn't invest enough focus in graphics (as per the game reviews for your product). You know, those sexy text based graphics that really drive racing simulators of 1980.

If you play through production of a few games (which feels like it is always based around entirely random generation of events and desires, no matter how senseless) you'll reach the point where an ESRB-style ratings board appears. Only, not so much like the ESRB, because while the ESRB has no legal authority and are a voluntary industry ratings system, the ratings service in the game apparently has the capability to legally ban a game in America, for "excessive language".

That's right. A game developed in the US for a US market is banned in the US by a ratings service for its language. For those unfamiliar with the first amendment and repeated court decisions over the decades upholding it, let's put this into context: Only two games have ever been "banned" in the US. Ever. One was an adult title in 2005 which, due to an under age (17yrs) model being revealed, was taken off the market and the other was an arcade game which was "banned" due to defective peripheral parts which were potentially dangers and therefore recalled for safety issues. In other words, neither was technically "banned" and certainly no game has ever been banned due to language or violence or legal representations of sexual situations. While this may seem like a small thing, it's an annoyance and representative of countless incoherencies in a title which otherwise asserts itself to be an engaging simulation of an industry, sectioned into characteristic decades.

Over all, it is not a terrible game. I just can not suggest it over Game Dev Tycoon at a full $10. Frankly, I can't suggest Game Dev Tycoon at its full price, either. Both are very lack-luster games; GamersGoMakers more so. I would really like to see someone put in the work to produce a high quality game of this genre and subject, with the depth and complexity and coherence that it really deserves. As it is, every one of these that I've encountered are little more than a cheap mobile phone quality distraction.
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