'The Terminal 2' game is a realistic airport management game. Land, park, unload, load, fuel and take off your fleet. The better you play the more planes you get every game-day. Expand your airport with more jetways, runways and terminal buildings. Connect the local transportation to get more passengers to your Terminal complex.
User reviews:
Mostly Negative (131 reviews) - 25% of the 131 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Aug 8, 2014

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About This Game

The Game:
'The Terminal 2' game is an airport management game. Land, park, unload, load, fuel and take off your fleet. The better you play the more planes you get every game-day. Expand your airport with more jetways, runways and terminal buildings. Connect the local transportation to get more passengers to your Terminal complex. Find all these in your in-game Store for more. This is a fun airport simulator, manage your airport and fly your planes to the selected destinations. Be a real game tycoon and develop your airport and your aircraft fleet size as many of eight flights.

Main Features:
  • build terminal facilities, ground transportation, parking, hangars and runways
  • select from many aircraft types and send them to various destinations
  • many weather conditions: snow, rain, fog, sunshine
  • refuel, repair , unload , board airplanes to earc money and xp points,
  • handle emergency situations
  • sim and tycoon like of game style,
  • unlock many achievements
  • plane disasters may happen
  • addictive game play
  • please note that only one helicopter can be built in this version

  • Be a super airport management game player,
  • Expand your airplane fleet, your airport size, your passenger numbers by connecting new transportation options,
  • Work as an airport manager, clear runways, take off planes, land your fleet,
  • Build new airplanes, create large airports, start new airplane routes, express yourself in the aviation market,
  • Enjoy the airport tycoon game experience,
  • Select from many aircraft types and earn more money and xp points by sending them to various locations,
  • Learn more about aviation tycoon games,

Please find some important tutorials in the game settings menu.

Game Development History:
I always loved "Flight games" but always I was missing some more realistic graphics. So in October 2012, I decided to create a game for myself and also for the masses of You. Hope you will enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed creating it...

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel core 2 Duo (2Ghz) or faster
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with at least 512Mb
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 150 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with at least 1024 Mb
    • Storage: 150 MB available space
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Posted: August 8, 2014
I'm in two minds about this game... Ok, I've not played it very long, but I thought I'd write this review to tell others before they buy it. It needs A LOT more work.

Firstly, the blurb is quite misleading - It's not a tycoon/sim style game.

It feels like a port from a tablet game. There is an element of planning when it comes to controlling where and when your aircrafts go, but a major downside is when you want to build a new building, the game has already told you where it's going to be built.

The tutorial is poorly done. It gives no indication of how to play the game, no tutorial text, it just runs like the regular game with a hand now and then that pops up on screen.

- The price is right (£2.50 in UK)
- The Jetway is a nice touch (also would have been nice if you'd mentioned it was manual)
- The maps and how you can see your plane's position over the US/EU
- Has potential

- No real freedom, everything is pre-built
- Very bad tutorial
- Very repetative
- No real indication of how to play the game
- Passengers don't scream when a plane crashes
- The sound effects are horrible, and some are REALLY LOUD like the plane taking off and the emergency services

I would recommend this game IF - and ONLY IF - you are a fan of what I've written above, or you just need a new game to pass a couple of hours.
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1.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 10, 2014
Let me start by saying this game is not fun. It is tedious, arbirary, and full of bugs.

I'm a huge fan of Aeronbiz Supersonic, the airline business game for SNES. There has never been a better airline industry sim since. Aerobiz Supersonic was not a fancy game and it had all the right elements - race against competitors, market based demand for passengers, global event causing growth and decline to markets, choice of hubs and growth of hubs, and management of your fleet.

Terminal 2 does none of these. You are in charge of an airport in Seattle (why would you hub in Seattle!?). You main job is to move the aircraft around on the tarmac and make sure they don't run into each other. In other words, this game is tedious and boring. It also doesn't make any sense. You get $$ and xp for completing flights, but the $$ and xp you get do not relate to the distance or number of passengers. For example, I saved up to buy a A340 so I could fly to Europe instead of domestic routes thinking these inter-continental routes would be worth more. Strangely, it was equally rewarding to fly from Seattle to Chicago and Seattle to Paris - Huh!? Games should be fun by giving the player rewards and allowing them to explore new levels of play. Terminal 2 is cheap and indie, so my expectation were not high, yet it still failed to even be amusing. This game rather focuses on - micro-managing movement of aircraft in real time - mkae a mistake, an aircraft (or two) explode, but without any major consequences than lost revenue from that plane. In fact the game tallies you crashes in a sick sadistic way. This is not only boring, but not challenging unless the game throws unrealistic obsticles in the way, like it the runway gets covered with snow after you clear a plane to land on what was then a clear runway (no aborting either). Throw in some bugs, like an aircraft getting stuck in a hanger so that aircraft and hanger and useless and you get the picture. Terminal 2 takes all the tedious aspects of the airport business and simlulates them in an incomplete and buggy system. Avoid!
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Posted: August 8, 2014
I really want to like this game. Literally everything I want in a transport management game, but it really suffers from the technical aspect. First off the game feels like it was designed to be played on a tablet, only offering windowed and full screen options, and that's it. You're also constantly dealing with multiple currencies (Fuel, XP and Money), but seeing as how the game is only $4 I can forgive those minor issues. Other issues however include that the game looks really rough, everything just feels unfinished, and lacks polish. The UI also looks quite rough and in need of a coat of paint, and some tweeks in funcionality. Navigating a plane from the gate to the runway takes a few too many clicks in different locations for my taste. Same goes for navigating a plane from the runway to the gate. Why do I have to load the plane with passengers prior to sending it to the hanger for repairs? I doubt the passengers want to sit on the plane while it's being repaired.

The tutorials suck as explaining the game to you, you're better off just going with Trial and Error. Danger symbols aren't explained until you figure out what they are, which probably means your plane will explode before you figure out why it exploded. There is also very little incentive to fly anywhere other than Miami, as it gives you a bunch of XP and Money.

I really want to like this game since I have always wanted to have a good airport management sim, this game lays the foundation, but needs work technically and design wise. If the developer is able to clean up the graphical issues, and smooth over the learning curve there might actually be an excellent game here. However for now, it still needs a lot of work.
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Posted: August 8, 2014
I know I don't have many hours on the game, to be honest it's not something you can play for hours. At least in my opinion, the game does get a bit frustrating at times and I'll explain why.

So essentially you own one airport. You buy the aircraft using money and XP (virtual, of course). You go through a process of clicking, allowing it to forward between taxiways to the gate. You have to do a sequence of unloading, choosing new destination, refueling, boarding and then more clicks to get it to the runway, it takes off and you don't see it until it returns to land in which you need to clear it and again start the process of guiding it to the gate.

Now, it's not too bad. Although the clicking process becomes tedious; when you have 3 aircraft on the ground you'll appreciate it better (you don't want aircraft crossing paths and crashing on the ground).

You build upon your airport by buying additional features, ie an extra gate, ways of increasing passenger numbers (you'll need to do this as I found out when you have a lot of aircraft frequently attending; you can't make an aircraft leave until it's full it seems).

It's an okay game for what it is and at £2.51 you can hardly grumble. Essentially this is a game you'll expect to play on an iPad (or of course, other tablet system on the market). The large buttons and clicking really gives it that impression it's ported from a tablet.

- Cheap, good for a bit of time wasting
- Easy to play once you get the general idea of it
- It is interestingly challenging when you have many aircraft to juggle all trying to land, take off at once

- Aircraft crash too much (i'll explain below)
- Not enough money made to make reasonable progression.
- Low resolution (yep, it's a tablet game for sure)

So to explain the cons..

Aircraft will crash. Some can be avoided, some can't. The obvious is making sure they're fueled up before they leave. Don't send the smaller aircraft on too much of a long haul as I found out. However, the frustrating part, essentially what has made me stop playing it, is the fact that your aircraft crashes and it's lost. All but one of my aircraft crashed within 5 flights and I went through about 8 or 9. This means they never make their money back and eventually you run out of money and have no planes to fly; game over. Likewise with lack of XP. There are events that can crash your aircraft. For example, an icey runway you have to deice before a plane lands on it. Also windy conditions will crash a plane everytime. The ice is easily avoidable hower the wind appears random to me and on the occasion the wind randomly kicks in as I've authroised a plane to land.. causing it to crash. Overall I think it's a massive overkill for the amount of times aircraft crash, you just cannot progress as this happens. As your plane is flying over the Alantic, you hear a crash terrain alarm and that's it; you're powerless to do anything and it's gone.

I was expecting a bit more control over what happens, everything is very linear. For example plane servicing. I thought maybe more plane servicing would prevent crashes, however you cannot service a plane until it's 'due' a service when the light flashes.

Bugs? Yeah there's a few. Only one I can really highlight as an issue however.. To progress an aircraft you have to click on it, which will pop up yellow buttons to guide the plane to taxiways, hangar etc. I noticed a few times you need to click the plane a few times before they appear. No biggie, however still contributes to the frustration.

If you have a few £ spare and want to waste a few hours, have a bit of patience and you might enjoy this.. until your last plane crashes then you can only really start again.
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Posted: August 12, 2014
Pretty simple game - build an aircraft, board aircraft, fly routes. Could benefit from some tweaking: Auto routes would be helpful; passenger demand for destinations should be indicated; greater preventative controls. Most glaring bug that I noticed is that if you order an aircraft to do a command (i.e. take off, land, taxi) and a warning comes up afterward, your ship is sunk as there's no way to cancel commands or make emergency changes.
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